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This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters are over the age of majority and all sexual acts are completely consensual.




(Bad Boy Motorcycle Club MC Outlaw Biker Romance)




First edition. July 15
, 2016.

Copyright © 2016 Rose Cody





Written By Rose Cody

Chapter 1



“Please give it up one last time for Lily Valentine!” The DJ says over the loudspeaker as she kneels down onto the stage, shaking her ass to the crowd as she bends over and collects the bills that were tossed to her over the course of her set. “She’s back next week, folks! And you can be sure she’ll bring the fire then, too!”


  She wraps her leg around the shining metal pole, spinning one last time before giving the crowd of roaring men a little wave goodbye as she bites on her bottom lip and flips her hair off of her shoulders.


“How’re the dollars tonight, Lil?” A girl asks, looking up from the mirror as she ties the top of her halter bikini around her neck. “Any big tippers I should look out for?”


“I got a twenty from some bald guy on the left, so if I were you, I’d favor over there…” She says, her voice trailing off as she counts her tips. “Not that there were any bad tippers tonight, though…” She smiles as she walks over to her stop in front of the mirror and sits down on the spinning make up chair.


  Lily picks up her bag, pulling out her wallet and stuffing her tips inside before reaching for her make up wipes.


  She wipes the glitter and black line off her face, pulling her false lashes off as she leans into the mirror.


“Maybe I should dye my hair red.” Her friend says, as she back combs the back of her head. “You red heads do nothing but collect.”


“I just wish I worked tomorrow, too.” Lily smiles, glancing over at her friend as she preens before pulling up her own cherry curls into a messy bun on the top of her head and securing them in place with a hair tie. “Mama wants to get herself a trip to Barbados.”


“You gotta save some for the rest of us, you know.” The blonde says as she gets up from her seat, leaning into the mirror one last time to check her make up before spinning around on her tall heels. “How do I look?”


“Whorish.” Lily smirks as she watches the bikini glimmer.


“Perfect!” The blonde says as she walks up the stairs to the stage. “Are you gunna watch my set, Lil?”


“No way.” Lily says shaking her head. “I am getting out of here so I can go home and kick back for the rest of the weekend. I have some frozen yogurt sitting in my freezer and I can hear it calling my name already.”


“Well, your loss!” Her friend says as she hears the DJ call her name. “Wish me luck!”


“Break a leg, Emily.” Lily calls to her as she tosses her make up wipe into the little waste basket under the counter before kicking her heels off her feet and rolling her tired ankles around.


  She never imagined this would be her life, working night after night at night clubs and strip joints, especially not for this long. It’s not any little girl’s dream to dance nearly naked on a stage for horny men. But she had to. It was a matter of survival.


  Her mom died when she was only fifteen years old. Cancer. But it was quick. And with no dad in the picture she had no choice but to go and live with her elderly grandmother. The poor woman did everything she could to take care of her, but she was sick too and about a year and a half after she moved in, her grandma passed as well.


  After that, it was all left up to her. She needed money fast and without an education this was the best way to get it.


  Lily always promised herself that after creating a little nest egg she would get out of the game. Hang her heels up and go back to school to live life on the right path.


  But the money was just too good. Rent paid for a half an hour’s work. She’d have to be stupid to give that up.


  Ten years later, though? Ten years come and gone, hopping from club to club. Life should be better by now. Something else should have come along, but it hasn’t and maybe it never will.


  She gets up from her seat before bending over to pick up her heels. Lily walks them over to the costume box, tossing them inside before wrapping her arms around herself to unhook her sparkling bikini top as she walks back towards her seat.


  She stuffs it into her bag, grabbing her t-shirt from inside the disorganized mess before pulling the thin cotton garment over her head, sticking her arms through the arm holes before wiggling it down her back.


  Lily pulls out a pair of black leggings, scrunching them in her hand before pushing down her glittering bikini bottoms. She hangs them off her foot, lifting her leg up to grab them before quickly stepping into her leggings, pulling the tight polyester up her thighs before snapping the waist band around her waist.


  She shoves the sparkling panties into her bag before zipping it up and heaving it up onto her shoulder before she looks around the room.


“Has anyone seen my shoes?” She asks, ducking to look under the counter.


“Over here!” A dark skinned girl says as she leans over the counter powdering her face. “Antonio moved all the shoes by the door. He’s always touching our shit.” She turns to the large, mustached security guard, placing her hand on the waist of her rhinestoned thong. “Why are you always going through our shit?”


“Someone has to keep it organized in here, girls.” He says, his voice deep and thundering as he shrugs his shoulders. “You’re practically animals. You would be working in your own filth if it wasn’t for me!”


“It’s an organized chaos.” She says, going back to powdering her face. “Not going to stay to get some drinks with us, Lil?”


“Not tonight.” She says, slipping her feet into her canvas flats.


“Well, suit yourself!”


  She waves, smiling softly as she steps out of the back door into the dimly lit alley way, stepping over the puddles as she makes her way around the building and to the sidewalk.


  Lily brushes the palm of her hand over the top of her hair, sighing as she breathes in the thick humidity.


“Hey, you!” She hears a deep male voice say from behind her. “Hey, hey!”


  She stops, taking a deep shaking breath in as she turns around, expecting to see one of her regulars but instead feels her chest tighten as she’s greeted by three large men she doesn’t recognise.


“Hi…” She whispers, lifting her hand slightly at her side to wave to them as they step under the street light towards her.


“What’s a girl like you doing alone so late at night in a neighbourhood like this, huh?” One of them says as she barely makes out his moving lips from his shadowed face.


“Did you need something?” She asks after some hesitation as she slowly takes a step backwards.


“You just get off of work at that club over there?” Another one says as he points towards her joint.


“Yeah and I’m done work for the night, so how about you fuck right off!” Lily says, sighing out as she turns back around to continue on her way home.


“Not so fast…” The first man says, rushing over to her before grabbing her shoulder. “I bet a girl like you makes quite a bit of money, doesn’t she?”


  She gasps, tightening her grip on her bag as she feels him yank on it, trying to pull it away from her.


“No! Stop!” She screams, the other two surrounding her, placing her hands on her to pull her away. “Stop!”


  She falls to the ground, the men scattering and running as the rumbling engine of a motorcycle closes in on them.


“You better fucking run!” She hears over the loud engine’s thunder as she wipes her face before picking up the spilled contents of her bag from all over the wet sidewalk.


  She hides her face from embarrassment, keeping her gaze on the sidewalk as she hears him silence the engine and kick the stand down before getting off of his bike and walking over to her.


“Who the hell were those guys?” He asks, kneeling down in front of her. “Are you okay?”


  She glances up, blushing as her eyes rest a little too long on his sharp, stubble covered jaw before nodding her head up and down as she continues to pick up her items.


“Here.” The strange man says, picking up her wallet from the wet sidewalk, wiping it on the leg of his jeans before handing to her.


“Thanks.” She whispers, taking it from him, her fingers brushing against his rough hand, before she stuffs her wallet back into her bag.


“What fools, huh?” He asks, standing up and reaching his hand out to her.


  She hesitates, looking up at him before she grabs it, letting him help her up from the ground.


“They just came out of nowhere…” She whispers, brushing her dirty hands over the wet backside of her skirt.


  Lily watches as the mystery man quietly turns around before walking back over to his bike. He swings his leg over it, straddling before kicking up the kick stand.


“Lady, I can’t in good conscience let you keep walking all alone in the dark like this.” He says as he looks over to her. “You should let me give you a ride.”


“No, that’s okay…” She says as she pulls her bag up on her shoulder. “I’m not too far from here.”


“Please…” He says, chuckling. “So I don’t have to follow you home to make sure you’re safe. I don’t want to be readin’ about you in the newspaper tomorrow.”


  Lily nods, smiling softly as she walks over to him before lifting her leg, careful not to hike her skirt up too much as she straddles the bike, sliding herself onto the small back seat.


“Just like this?” She asks, holding her bag against her stomach as she, looks around for something to grab onto.


“Ah, so you’ve never been on a bike, huh?” He asks, smirking. “Here…”


  He reaches behind himself, grabbing her hand, before placing it on the side of his waist against his leather jacket.


“You can hold onto me.” He says, winking at her before turning his head back to look forward.


  She reaches up to the other side of him, sliding towards him and squishing her bag in place between them, gasping as she feels the engine rumble under her as he starts the bike.


“Feels great, huh?” He says, calling back to her as he revs.


“Yeah!” She giggles, nodding her head against his back.


“Just wait, you’ll love this…” He says, taking off.

Chapter 2



  She squeezes her eyes shut momentarily as she watches the buildings of downtown wiz past them as the air flows freely through her hair.


“It’s just over here, right?” She hears him call to her as he turns down her street, the motorcycle leaning to the side, making her squeal.


“Over there!” She points, gasping, her grip tightening around his waist as they hit a rough patch on the road.


  He slows down the bike, the rumbling quieting as he pulls his bike into her drive way before turning it off.


“Do you want me to help you down?” He asks, glancing back at her.


“I got it.” She whispers, her legs trembling from the vibrations as she slides herself off the back of his bike.


  She pulls her bag back up on her shoulder before reaching out to grab his arm as he reaches back towards the ignition.


“Wait…” She says as she pulls away from him. “I didn’t even ask for your name.”


“My name?” He asks, smirking at her. “I’m Jason.”


“Jason?” She says, smiling at him as her twinkling green eyes meet his deep brown ones. “I’m Lily.”


“Hi, Lily…” He whispers, his voice deep in the quiet night air.


“I just realized I never actually thanked you for saving me.” She says, chewing on her bottom lip. “How rude of me…”


“Don’t worry about it.” He says, reaching again to turn his key.


“No, wait…” She giggles, stopping him again. “Let me make you a cup of coffee or something…”


“You always make coffee this late?” He ask, raising his eyebrow.


“No…” She says, her cheeks flushing. “Only when I want to thank men for saving my life.”


“Oh, so you get in trouble a lot, huh?” He laughs, trying to keep his voice down to not disturb her neighbours.


“Do you want to come inside or not?” She asks, stepping closer to him as she reaches up to rub her fingers over the collar of his worn leather jacket. “Or are you too eager to go home and get some sleep…”


  He lets out a chuckle before standing up and pulling his leg over his bike.


“Alright, I’ll let you make me some coffee.” He whispers, motioning towards her front door as his lip curls up into a smirk.


  She grabs his hand, pulling him to follow her as she walks up the broken concreate path to her front door before reaching inside of her bag and pulling out her keys.


“If I would have known I was going to be entertaining,” She says as she pushes her front door open. “I would maybe cleaned up the place a little…”


“Don’t even worry about it.” He says, closing and locking the front door behind them as they step into the house. “I’m not afraid of a little mess.”


“Good…” She smirks, kicking off her canvas flats into her front closet.


  She walks onto the carpet, making her way across the living room and over to the kitchen.


“Make yourself comfortable.” She calls out to him, peaking her head out of the doorway as she watches him slip off his boots. “Are you hungry?”


“I’m alright…” He says, sliding his heavy leather jacket down his arms before tossing it on the back of Lily’s couch.


“Okay…” She says, losing her train of thought as she watches him stretch his tanned, un-sleeved arm across his chest, the well-defined muscles contracting as he swings it down before doing the other side, too.


  She flushes as she rushes back into the kitchen, clearing her throat as she pulls the kettle off the stove before walking over to her sink and filling it up with water.


  She places the kettle on the stove, turning on the burner to high before opening the cupboard to pull out two mugs and two instant cappuccino powders.


“This will do.” She whispers to herself as she rips the paper top off one of the sachets before dumping it into the bottom of the pearly white cup and doing the other.


  She jumps as the water whistles before pouring the boiling liquid into the mugs. Lily reaches over to her dish rack, pulling a spoon away from the wire mesh before stirring the water to dissolve the powder.


  She picks up the mugs before walking quickly back over to the doorway, careful not to spill as she steps onto the carpet.


  She pauses, hesitating in the doorway as she gazes over to Jason on the couch, his muscular arm stretched across the upholstered back.


“I made us some coffee.” She says, walking towards him and blushing as he turns towards her.


  She places the drinks on the coffee table in front of the couch before sitting down beside him, her knees turned in towards him as she picks up her mug.


“If it’s too bitter for you, I can get you some sugar.” She says, watching him pick up his cup and take a swig.


“Mmm.” He grunts as he swallows down the cappuccino. “No ma’am, this is perfect.”


  She smiles, nodding her head up and down as she lowers the mug against her lap.


“Again, thank you.” She whispers to him, glancing up at him to watch him take another sip. “I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t come along…”


“Ah…” He sighs, shaking his head from side to side, his wild, semi curly dark brown hair brushing across the top of his forehead. “I’m no hero, but I can’t just watch a pretty girl get mugged like that. I’m sure I’m not the only one.”


“Not many guys would risk it, I don’t think.” She says, shaking her head. “Three against one… that takes some bravery.”


“Hm, or stupidity.” He chuckles, placing his mug down on the coffee table. “I guess I’ve never really been known to calculate the risks before jumping right in…do you?”


  Lily blushes, her heart fluttering in her chest as she watches him bring his rough hand up to her cheek before gently brushing over her skin.


  She bites her bottom lip shyly, licking the very tip of her tongue over it before placing her mug down beside his.


“I like to think I have a good head on my shoulders.” She whispers to him, unable to contain her smile before lifting her head up to look at him. “Why?”


   Jason leans in, lifting up her chin to meet his lips as he presses them against hers.


  She sighs out, slacking her jaw as she feels the tip of his tongue drag across her lower lip before pushing inside of her mouth to explore, his hot muscle engaging hers.


“Wait…” She whispers, pulling away a little as she feels his hand lower down to her thigh and begin to brush up her skirt. “Let’s go to the bedroom…”


  She stands up, grabbing his hand before pulling him off the couch and parading him out of the living room and down the hallway.


  Lily opens her bedroom door, stepping inside, before walking Jason over to her bed and pushing him down to sit on her mattress.


  She watches as he pulls his sleeveless shirt over his head, his muscles contracting as he tosses it across her room.


  She inhales deeply, her eyes gazing up and down his rippling torso as she slowly pushes him onto his back before climbing on top of him and straddling his hips.


  Lily brushes her fingers across his defined pecs and over his shoulders before leaning down and pressing her lips onto his.


  She lets out a gentle moan as he explores her mouth, their tongues wrestling for dominance as he pulls up the back of her t-shirt to her shoulders.


“Here…” She whispers, sitting up and pulling the thin shirt over her head and down her arms before letting it fall where ever it may.


  She bites her bottom lip as she watches him reach up to rest her breasts in his palms as he gently massages them before sliding his hands down the sides of her thin waist.


  He pulls her closer, trailing his hands down her back before reaching down her thighs to lift up the bottom of her skirt.


  Jason drags the fabric up over her bum before massaging her cheeks and spreading them apart.


  He reaches down between her legs from behind, brushing his fingers gently over her wanting sex.


“No panties?” He comments, his voice husk as he brushes over her lower lips.


“I don’t like panties.” She whispers to him, her face flushing as tingles travel up and down her limbs.


  She sits up, her skirt falling back down around her waist as slides off of him, leaning on her elbow beside him.


  Lily unhooks the button from the waist of Jason’s jeans before slowly pulling down the zipper.


  He grunts, growing impatient as he lifts his butt off the mattress and pushes down the waist of his jeans, his boxers going down along with them as his cock falls to rest against his stomach.


  She smiles, her eyes gazing through hooded lids as she slowly wraps her fingers around the shaft of his cock, feeling it twitch in her hand as it stiffens.


  Lily gently drags the palm of her hand up and down his shaft, stopping at the top to swirl it over his sensitive head before squeezing his stiff shaft on the way back down.


  She giggles as he sits up, pushing her onto her back before pushing her skirt up over her waist. 


  Jason pushes her knees apart as he leans forward and brushes his lips against the inside of her thigh before getting between her legs and grabbing her waist, pulling her towards his hips.


  He holds his shaft in his hand, slowly pumping up and down before closing the gap between them, pressing his tip against her.


  Jason rubs his head up and down through her slick lips before resting it against her entrance.


  She gasps, gripping her fingers against the bed spread as she feels him sink himself deeply inside of her before slowly sliding himself out.


  He does it again, sinking inside once more, stretching her a little deeper this time as he lowers himself on top of her, pressing his lips against hers before kissing down her neck, resting his face in the crook of her neck above her shoulder as he begins to rock his hips back and forth.


  Lily moans, feeling Jason’s hot breath on her shoulder as he thrusts his cock in and out of her, the initial roughness subsiding as she gets wetter and wetter.


  She snakes her hand down between them, over her stomach and down between her legs before dipping her fingers between her lips, gently sliding them over the shaft of his cock as she feels her lips grip against it.


  She pulls her soaking fingers back up before swirling her middle finger over her aching pearl, pulling her hood away from it to rub over her most sensitive nerves.


“Oh…” She moans, listening to him grunt and sigh as she feels her body begin to heat up as she moves swirls her finger in time with his thrusts.


  Lily gasps as she feels the electric pleasure course through her, stiffening her body as her flesh squeezes his, spasming around him as she moans out, her hand traveling back up to his back as her fingers dig into his skin.


  Jason grunts as his hips buck wildly as she holds onto him, his cock twitching inside of her as he cums against her still contracting walls.


  She pants, her chest heaving as she watches him sit up between her legs before slowly pulling his throbbing cock out from inside of her.


  He moans, biting his bottom lip as he watches his seed slowly drip out from between her lips before he leans back over her, kissing between her breasts, making his way back up her neck before placing his lips against hers once again.

BOOK: Outlaw | Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Alpha MC Romance
8.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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