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Her brown doe eyes were bright and clear. I could drown in them. Her porcelain skin was silky soft, blemish free,
and kissable. I wanted to run my tongue over every pore, across every curve and dip before capturing her full lips. Fuck, did I want to kiss her.

I wanted to grab
her; I wanted to squeeze every dangerously rounded edge of her body. I would never lack for something to touch on her.

Thick thighs le
d to an overblown hourglass, if a bit bottom heavy, that would have the most married of men drooling. Her hips were the perfect resting place for my hands before I trailed them down to a Kardashian ass the Kardashians would be jealous of. Her curves were dangerous because they were in all the right places, and I knew I’d fight any man who dared to look at them, let alone touch them. Somehow her plush stomach added to her feminine aura. She was a fucking work of art. No wonder her boss flirted hard. I’d envy the man who had this at home. Thank God I planned to make her mine.

pictures Hannah sent didn’t do her justice. Fuck. I wasn’t prepared for this. I wasn’t prepared to want to jump her like a sex-craved maniac.

My cock throbbed, curving firmly upwards as I continued to watch her. I couldn’t stop my mind from going there. I couldn’t stop my heart from falling a little more in love with her.

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, sending my pulse racketing.
Fuck, she was sexy, with just enough innocence to turn a sane man crazy.

“You keep doing that, babe, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to behave.”

She promptly released her lip, now red and swollen from her anxious nibble.

Our breathing fell into rhythm, becoming more labored the longer we stared
into each other. You picture a moment for years, but it never plays out the way you think it will. This was way more intense than I expected. I knew she’d hooked me with her letters, packages and phone calls, with her big heart, effortless charisma and easy conversation, but
I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect her to be all that I didn’t know I wanted and more.

A chill ran down my spine as she pressed a lightly shaking hand against my chest. Her touch singed my flesh beneath my layers. She trailed it downwards, further enticing my raging cock. “I didn’t expect this.” Her voice was shaky, uncertain; I sensed her vulnerability.

I cupped her cheeks and angled her face upwards. “I want this, Kellie. I want you. I didn’t know how bad until you opened that door and everything in my life suddenly aligned.”

Her eyes searched me. She expected doubt, but she wouldn’t find any. “I want this too.” The words were a breathless admission.

I wrapped a demanding arm around her waist and yanked her against me. Her eyes widened and brows lifted as I pressed my erection against her lush stomach.

The soldier in me reveled in her reaction. I had her right where I wanted her, and knew now was the time to make my move.

“I want to make love to you, Kellie. I want to make you scream my name in pleasure repeatedly. I want your sexy curves writhing beneath me, because of me.” I moved my lips near her ear, listening closely to her quick, sharp breaths. “I want to own your body the way you own my heart. Maybe you don’t realize it yet, but you’re mine, sweetie.”

She shuddered. I felt her nipples tighten, poking through her layers against me. The predator in me smiled victoriously. Leaning back, I met her dazed gaze. “Speak now or forever hold your peace, babe.”

Her brows furrowed inwards, causing lines to appear on her forehead. “You really want me.” It was a statement, but I heard the question in her tone.

“Damn right I want you.”

I waited for her to work through it in her mind. I knew the moment she accepted my answer. A broad smile lit up her expression, bringing a novel shimmer to her eyes. “Well, damn right I want you too, Sergeant Daniel Rodriguez.”

“Get your sexy ass over here.” I growled as I finally claimed her lips. And, as cheesy as it sounds, I heard the fucking fireworks.

She tasted like sin, the richest dessert. She felt like heaven; she felt like home. Never had anyone felt so right in my arms.

I plunged my tongue between her surprisingly apt lips. She met my eagerness with eagerness. Without fail, we were always in line with each other, even when there were thousands of miles between us. I doubted I would ever find a more perfect woman, a more perfect moment. I hadn’t realized I’d been waitin
g three anxious years for this.

Three years worth of longing surfaced quick, driving me into a rough frenzy
to claimed her in every way possible, the way she’d laid claim to my heart over the years.



I swore I heard angels singing as he captured my lips, as he finally laid claim to the heart he’d owned for years.

I felt his muscles coil and flex as he wrapped his arms around me.
His hands molded to every curve, traveled up and down my body manhandling every inch of me with perfection.

I grabbed his uniform, bunching the material in my hands as I clung to him.
Appropriately, I wanted to lift a leg and point my curled toes towards the ceiling. He ravished my lips the way every woman I know longs for a man to possess them.

We gasped for air between kisses, between plundering tongues and aggressive hands.

Abruptly, he broke away. Determination was vivid in his expression; desire darkened his eyes; red rouged his well-kissed lips. “Bedroom?”

“Down the hall.”

I shrieked as he hoisted me into his arms, reclaiming my lips. Blindly, faithfully, I allowed him to carry me to my bedroom. I was giddier than a schoolgirl inside, my soul shouting in delight for many reasons.

He set me down beside the bed, pushing the back of my legs against the mattress. Impatiently, he ripped at my clothes between breathless sweeps of his lips across mine.

Just as eager, I jerked his uniform top free of his pants and undid his belt. I’d been stripped down to my bra and panties by that time though.

He stepped out of my reach. His chest rose and fell heavily as I met his heated gaze. His eyes traveled up and down the ample swells of my plus size body. I crossed my arms across my chest, struggling not to fidget.

“You’re so damn beautiful.”

I swiftly met his gaze, my racing heart calming just a bit at the sincerity in his expression, the truth in his tone. Hannah was right. I wasn’t going to believe her until he told me, and I wasn’t going to believe him until he’d said it repeatedly. Somehow, he knew that though. Somehow, he knew what I needed without me saying it.

His attention was locked on me the entire time he removed his uniform. When he stepped back towards me, he was stripped down to his boxers; he’d torn down damn near every last barrier between us.

Just as I’d suspected, he was shredded. His muscles had cuts I’d never seen on a man before. He was strong, self-assured. I knew by the way he gently, yet fiercely embraced me with his bare arms that he would always protect me, that his arms would forever be a safe haven for me.

He slowed down. Gone were the rough caresses and impatient grasps. He took a moment to carefully free my hair, allowing it to cascade down and around my shoulders. He immediately thrust his fingers into it, kissing me with a new, softer passion.

My finger
tips outlined the front of his body, feeling every deep frame of muscle on him. My warm, wet pussy seemed to weep under the new, slow pace he was setting. I sensed his anxiety, yet appreciated him even more for appreciating me.

I slid my hands down the front of him until I brushed his impressive erection. His lips broke from mine, a hiss
passed through clenched teeth. His breathing sped up as I drew my hand up and down his stiff cock.

“Fuck, babe.” The words were a
winded statement.

Before I could process what happened, my bra was off and his hands molded to my sensitive, swollen breasts. His thumbs flicked across my nipples, sending waves of pleasure shooting through me. My pussy pulsated anxiously; my womb tightened in anticipation.

Before long, my breathing matched his labored pants. Touching each other was made all the more intimate as we stared into each other, lost in what we did to one another.

He pursed his lips, his eyes seeming to gloss over a bit. He remained quiet, hauntingly, beautifully
gazing into my depths. I’d never been more naked in front of a man, despite wearing panties. There were no barriers between us. I couldn’t hide from him in this moment, and, based on the strong set of his jaw, I knew he wanted it that way, that he was in some way demanding it and would accept nothing less than complete honesty.

In a split second, I was tossed backwards, landing with my back on the mattress. He immediately covered my body, claiming my lips again as he continued to work my breasts.

Given my new leverage, I found my body arching into his moves, my nails digging into his bulging biceps and my womb heating unbearably, begging for him to take me.

I’d never experienced this sort of connection with anyone. As cheesy as it sounded, I knew in my heart that he was my soul mate. You didn’t feel like this
towards someone you’d just met. You didn’t do this, with this degree of emotion, with a stranger.

But that was it; Daniel was never a stranger to my soul. What he’d written long ago, what he still believed, that everything happens for a reason, is true. I’d written one letter; he’d written one reply, and all of this fell into place. Fate worked her magic to ensure, out of all the soldiers who could have received my general letter that he did. The universe ensured the right soldier, my Mr. Right, received my letter and felt compelled to reply. God works in magical, mysterious ways.

I moaned as Daniel pressed a trail of kisses down the front of my body, over places I was once embarrassed and ashamed of. He hooked his fingers into the lace of my hipster panties. Pressing one final kiss to the material over my pussy, he stripped them from my body, revealing all of me.

I felt myself blush as his gaze traveled up and down my exposed
flesh. “Damn, you’re beautiful.” Daniel said those words more than my boyfriend of two years ever had…in under an hour. He reassured me around every corner. Anytime my confidence wavered, somehow he knew I needed those words again and said them with just as much enthusiasm as the first time.

A shy smile
lifted my lips. “You’re not too bad yourself, soldier.”

A single brow lifted as he considered me. “Not too bad? Sweetie, I’m sexy as hell.”

I broke into laughter. “Wow. You were never that cocky in your letters.”

“That’s because I wasn’t sure you’d accept me.” He slithered up my body, meeting my gaze. “But judging by the honey dripping from your pussy, I know you will.” His voice took on a husky quality. “I know you want me just as bad as I want you.” He dipped a single digit between my slick folds.

I gasped as he brushed my hyper sensitive clit.

He claimed my lips. Suddenly, it wasn’t enough though. It wasn’t enough that he was here, that he was kissing me or touching me. Abruptly, I needed more. I needed all of him. I needed him in me.

“Please, Daniel.” I didn’t care how needy I sounded, that I was begging. I just wanted him. I needed him. I didn’t know until now how much I needed him, how much I relied on him, how much I loved him.

“You never have to beg me, babe.” He sat back and pulled off his boxers, unveiling his large cock, curving slightly as it stood at attention.

I swallowed hard, licking my lips as he gripped himself. A single pearl of pre-cum oozed from the tip, pleading for me to swipe my tongue over it.

“Not now, sweetie. That pretty mouth of yours comes anywhere near
me and I’ll blow like teenager on his first time.”

I chuckled lightly. “We wouldn’t want that.”

“Hell no. I want you screaming with me.”

He held himself over me, taking the weight of himself on his left elbow as he aligned his cock at my entrance.

My heart felt heavy, as if I knew what this moment was about to do to me.

Dropping his weight evenly on his elbows, he curled his hands around my shoulders. I molded my hands to his biceps, staring into his eyes, waiting.

He captured my lips, conveniently capturing my cry as he plunged into me. Pleasure burst through my core, sending tingles of awareness through my entire body. He continued to kiss away my fears, kiss away my nerves, as I lost myself in the pleasure he brought me.

He set a
sluggish, torturous pace that had me crawling from the inside out. His cock expertly hit every nerve, every sensitive swell of my inner walls before kissing my cervix. I scratched at him, clung to him. His mouth swallowed every moan, every groan as he skillfully undid me.

I couldn’t get enough of him. My legs wrapped around him, my hips met every thrust of his own, my hands grabbed at his arms, shoulders and back as my lips begged him for more, yet I knew that more would never be enough. I knew I would never get enough of Sergeant Daniel Rodriguez.


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