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Breaking Through the Waves

BOOK: Breaking Through the Waves
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Through the Waves


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Copyright © 2014 by E. L. Todd

All Rights Reserved

ISBN-13: 978-1495361456


ISBN-10: 1495361454


Breaking Through the Waves


Book Two of the Hawaiian Crush Series


E. L. Todd



Sydney rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “Are you cooking everything in the house?”

Coen smiled at her as he placed the plates on the table. “No. You didn’t have anything so I had to go to the store.”

got closer and looked at the pancakes, eggs, and bacon that littered the table. “Are we having company?”

“No. But you need to eat.”


“You lost weight. I can tell. You’re going to eat.”

“I love eating. That isn’t a problem.”

“Well, then your metabolism went haywire.”

“I was just depressed,” she said sadly.

He pulled out the chair for her and made her sit down. She did as he commanded and plopped down, scooting her chair in. After the hot sun woke them up th
at morning, they went back to bed in her room. When she woke up, he was gone.

“I didn’t
realize you knew how to cook,” she said as she ate her eggs.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.”

“Like what?”

He chewed his food for a moment before he spoke. “I can write upside down and backwards.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Are you left handed?”


“That’s interesting. It explains why you’re good with your hands.”

He laughed. “That’s just from practice.”

“Tell me about your family.”

“My dad is in construction. He’s built a lot of hotels along the coa
st. My mom is a housewife. I have one brother who goes to the university as well.”

“What’s he like?”

“Dumb as shit.”

“Well, you are related,” she teased.

He smiled but didn’t retaliate. “What about you?”

“I have a mom.”

“That’s it?”


“So your mom never remarried?”

This conversation was taking a t
urn in the direction she didn’t want it to take. “Uh, yeah. But we aren’t close.”

He seemed to accept the story. “No siblings?”


“I’m surprised you aren’t a brat if you’re an only child.”

“Wait until you get to know me better.”

He laughed. “You have no flaws,

“I beg to differ.”

He finished his food then pushed the plate away. There were still mounds of food on the table. “You’re going to eat all of that.”

“Maybe in a month,” she said.

“I’m being serious. You need to eat if you want to stay strong.”

“Just shut up already. I don’t eat when I’m depressed.”

“So do you overeat when you’re happy?”

“I guess.”

“Then I’ll have to keep you happy.”

“Consider i
t done,” she said as she wiped her face with a napkin and pushed it away.

He started to wrap up the food and put in the refrigerator. He was wearing an old shirt and running shorts. She wished he would walk around naked but then they would never leave the bedroom. “What do you want to do today?”

“Stay home with you.”

“Sounds good to me.”

She placed her dishes in the sink then walked into the bedroom. He followed her a moment later. She grabbed her phone to see if Henry had called. She wanted to know if he was okay with everything.

Coen read her mind. “Give him space.”

“I just worry,” she said with a sigh.

“Don’t.” He walked over to the nightstand and sorted through all the condoms. There were at least

“Do you think we really need all of those?”

He picked up a red packet. “That depends on how quick you can get on the pill.”

“I’ll go
to the clinic on Monday.”

“Good. You have no idea how good it feels to not wear anything.”

“Well, why don’t we just keep pulling out?”

He shook his head. “I did it one time because I wanted it to be special, intimate. I can’t risk the chance of knocking you up. We both aren’t ready for that.”

“I’ll be the first one in line when they open.”

“Thank you,” he said as he pulled his clothes off.

She marveled at the sight of chiseled physique. He looked like he was sculpted by a renowned artist. His statue could be erected in front of museums. His stern jaw and dark stubble made her squeeze her thighs together. She liked it when he didn’t shave for a few days.


“Sorry. What?”

He smiled. “Zoned out there?”

She rubbed her hands on his chest and stomach. “You’re just so hot. I
kinda forget about everything else.” She kissed the skin over his heart. “And I can’t believe how much I love you.”

“Can I stare at you like that?”

“Sure. It isn’t as wonderful a sight as this though.”

“When you eat again
, it will be.” He pulled off the shirt she was wearing then removed her thong. “I don’t like lying in bed with clothes on.”

“Neither do

He laid
her on the bed then crawled next to her. “So we are going to do this all weekend?”

“Yep,” she said as she cuddled next to him.

“We need to get a TV in here.”

“I have all the entertainment I need.”

He turned on his side and rested his head close to hers. The look in his eyes told Sydney everything she needed to know. That he loved her more than anything. He didn’t need to say it. It was obvious. When she earned a scholarship to come to Hawaii, she was ecstatic to get away from her stepfather, but that joy was nothing compared to this. She loved Coen in a unique way. If he asked her to marry him, she would have a hard time saying no.

“So, we’re good, right?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m the person you trust most in your life.”

“Of course.”

“Can I ask you something?”

She felt her heart accelerate, making her muscles spasm with tension. She knew what he would ask and she didn’t want to discuss it. It had nothing to do with trust. It was just too painful to speak of. All it would do is bring him pain. She couldn’t do that to him.

“Listen to me before you immediately reject me.”

She was surprised he read her mind so quickly.

“I’m your boyfriend—your man. It’s important to me that I know you are always safe and taken care of. I’m perfectly aware of your
strength. I’m not afraid for you to go anywhere by yourself or do anything you want to do. That’s not the issue. What bothers me is something clearly frightens you. You’ve worked with a trainer for two years and you still want to learn more. Whatever made you seek self-defense is obviously serious.” She said nothing and looked away. “The fact that you are scared becomes an issue for me. It’s my job to protect you, emotionally and physically. Please tell me what has you so scared. Please.”

“You told me you wouldn’t as
k again.”

He sighed. “So you still won’t tell me?”


He pressed his forehead against hers, trying to bottle his obvious frustration.
“Why not?”

“It will only
cause you pain.”

True. But I need to know anyway.”

“This isn’t fair. You never would have known anything if you weren’t my trainer. I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t want anyone to know. Please drop it.”

“What about us?”

“I don’t see the relevance.”

“I’m the man you love. I want to know everything about you. The good and the bad.”

She sighed. She understood his concern came from his love for her. She shouldn’t
be mad at him. It was something she would want to know as well. “I’m not in danger anymore so there’s no need to be concerned. That’s all that matters.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me,” he snapped. “I won’t tolerate that shit.”

She flinched at the venom in his voice.

“You would
n’t continue training if you didn’t need it anymore. Don’t disrespect me like that ever again.”

“I’m sorry.”

He said nothing. “I hate to be an asshole, but I’m going to be one for the moment. You will tell me exactly who is scaring you, who gives you nightmares, who makes you seek specialized training so you can actually sleep at night. It will happen.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“That’s beside the point.”

“Please let it go.”

“I can’t.”

“I’ll tell you when I’m ready to.”

He sat up and looked at her. “You promise?”


“When? When we’re eighty?”

Just please drop it.”

“Thank you.” He l
ay back down.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Why did you and Audrey break up?”

“She cheated on me.”


“You sound surprised.”

“I just assumed—”

“I would be the cheater? No. I did everything for that girl. She got drunk and went to a party then fucked some guy.”

“When was this?”

“Seven months ago.”

Her heart stopped beating.
“With who?”

“I never asked. I didn’t want to know.”

“Aaron cheated on me seven months ago. He said he was so drunk he couldn’t even remember it.”

“She had the same story.”

“Do you think?”

“That would be ironic.”

“It disgusts me that Aaron would sleep with her.”

“I couldn’t care less.”


“She wasn’t right for me. If we hadn’t broken up, I wouldn’t have found you.”

She smiled. “That’s true.”

“Maybe they’ll end up together. They are definitely suitable for one another.”

“Yuck,” Sydney said. “I would hate to end up with her.”

“She’s a stupid bitch.”

“Should I be worried about her?”

“What do you mean?”
Coen asked.

“Do you think she’ll bother me?”

“Don’t worry about her. I won’t let her bother you.”

“Has she talked to you lately?”

He was quiet for a moment. “I thought you didn’t want to know about that stuff.”

“Well, we were broken up so—”

“I didn’t touch her,” he said quickly.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“She came to my parents’ house and tried to have dinner with us. When she wouldn’t leave, I left.”

“You introduced her to your parents?”

“Not really. We ran into my family and that’s how they met. I wasn’t planning on introducing her for a long time.”

“How long were you together?”

“Almost a year.”


“What about you and Aaron?”

“About the same.”

“I’ve been happier with you than I ever was with her, even though I’ve been a fucking secret most of the time.”

“I said I was sorry.”

“I know, baby. I won’t bring it up anymore.”

She closed her eyes and
let her hand drift down his chest, feeling the rise of his pecs.

“You look beautiful when you sleep,” he said suddenly.

“I do?”

“I was going to say it when you woke up this morning, but the first thing you did was starting riding me.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Definitely not.
I like pleasing you.”

“I want to be pleased right now.”

“You do?”

She bit her lip as she nodded.

“Your wish is my command.”

She pulled him on top of her and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He pinned her hands against the mattress and started kissing her neck then her chin. “How do you want it?”

“However you want to give it.”

“You want me to make love to you, slow and steady, or do you want me to fuck you, thrusting into you hard?”

“I want to fuck.”

“Will do.” He returned to kissing her neck, sucking the skin until he almost bruised it. His lips trailed to her shoulder, kissing the sensitive area. He wanted to ignite her desire in every way possible. When it came to sex, it was about involving everything from her fingers to her toes.

She tried to move her hands but he kept them pinned to the mattress, not let
ting her touch him. His lips trailed down to her nipples and he kissed each one then sucked hard, making her gasp from both pain and pleasure. When he moved lower down, he kissed her flat stomach. He loved feeling the muscles of her torso. She was strong and hard, not frail like most other girls he’d been with. As he moved further down, her hands started to squeeze his, anticipating his kiss.

BOOK: Breaking Through the Waves
11.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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