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Authors: Trinity Blacio

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Laying Claim to the Soul

BOOK: Laying Claim to the Soul
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Laying Claim to the Soul: Book Two of The Fantasy is Alive Series
© 2015 by Trinity Blacio


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Uppers — powerful families that help control the balance of the universe, planets, and other galaxies.


Zeasters — another name for Uppers.


Celestial Sands — planet where Therbelenth and Trace come from. This is the home of very powerful creatures that were formed to keep order among the upper and lower classes.


Tremzs planet — formed a pact with Erole.




Realm of the Royal Lights



The atmosphere surrounding the individual homes of the Anasazi flashed with colors of red, blue, green, yellow, and purple indicating that they were awake. Birds of their realm squawked, whispers of the Guardians below could be heard by all, and the sour smell of their nervousness filled the air as it always did upon their first awakening.

Wol-itelm paced his home, waiting for word from the other Anasazi. He glanced over at Therbelenth, the Anasazi’s enforcer and all-seeing eye. “Do we know what has caused the disturbance on this planet? I don’t like sitting here waiting when my mates are there.” A distant boom made him turn his head toward the large doors leading outside.

“Cywdyn-qua has awoken and she’s not happy.” He smirked, knowing Cywdyn-qua, one of the few Anasazi females, loved her sleep. The last time someone woke her up, her creative form of punishment had various worlds talking about it for centuries. Wol-itelm cupped his balls at the thought of such torment.

Therbelenth stood and stretched his seven-foot frame. He glanced at Wol-itelm and tilted his head to the side, his long black and red hair covering part of his face. “You know you can’t go to that dirt ball of a planet without a guide, and with the disturbance going on there right now, one is especially important.”

Wol-itelm turned and walked to the door. “I don’t know why I can’t see what’s causing this rift. I should be able to see it, but for some reason I can’t.”

Therbelenth stepped to his side and clapped him on the back. “Garyst is here. Your waiting is over, I believe.”

Panic stabbed Wol-itelm in the heart. 
“I’m coming soon, Tabatha,”
he whispered.

A bright flash of green lit the area, and Garyst moved into the room, his full, green beard and mustache twitching with amusement. Laughing, the bald-headed man held out his hand to Wol-itelm.

Focusing on his companion, Wol-itelm faced Garyst. “Who will be my mentor and guide?”

in a hurry, aren’t you? It seems I will be your mentor. “Garyst turned and nodded to Therbelenth. “But Therbelenth is also going with you. He is to find the source of this disturbance and report back to us.”

“You will go to this sublunary world and investigate.”

He raised his hand, stopping Therbelenth’s protest.

“I know you don’t want to go, but Wol-itelm will be too busy with his mates to be of any help. We’ve learned that the power source is moving closer, moving toward your mates, Wol-itelm. This is one reason why we’re letting you go now without the proper training. However, I must warn you, I’ll be watching every step you take. Well, most of them, anyway.” Garyst put his hands behind his back. “You are a lucky man to find your mates. I can’t wait to meet them. Now, both of you go.”



Chapter One


The blue sun blazed down on the green valley. Animals of many different colors and shapes moved below Tabatha. 
Where the hell am I? This has to be a dream.

“Your body is sleeping, but I’ve called your spirit here. I wanted to see you one more time alone before I join you on your planet.” Wol-itelm’s dragon form stared down at her, and she smiled, remembering the ride he had given her the last time she was with him. The beauty of his homeland and the different animals had given her many pleasant memories.

“You carry my mark now, as does Hoyt, Chax, and many others.” Wol-itelm used one clawed finger to trace the tattoo on Tabatha’s breast. “Lovely.” A small puff of smoke rose up out of his nose, his eyes flashed red, and Wol-itelm’s long, powerful tail swished behind him. His fingertip warmed her skin. “We don’t have much time. Chax and Hoyt have done well to protect you, but I’m afraid others will see your union as a threat.” He raised his mighty head, his eyes glazing over as a small flame escaped his mouth. He dropped his hand to his side.

Tabatha grinned, thinking of the first time she had spoken with Wol-itelm. It all seemed like such a long time ago, when, in reality, it had only been a few months since she’d been introduced to all three of her mates on the same day. She shivered when she visualized the time she’d seen her boss, Kenneth, being hauled away by two demons.

Wol-itelm turned his gaze on her. “What’s wrong?” His warm breath heated her skin and chased the goose bumps away.

“I was just thinking about the first time I met all of you. In a way, I have Kenneth to thank for bringing you into my life. I mean, if he hadn’t used that spell calling Chax, I wouldn’t have met him, and God knows how long Hoyt would have waited to make his move,” Tabatha snarled the last part. “To think all this time he knew he was my mate and did nothing. Maybe all four of us can pay a visit to Hoyt’s club.”

Tabatha leaned closer to him. “From what I hear, there’s a special room there that has all sorts of adult toys we can try out. I would love to strap Hoyt down and have my way with him for all those months I went without having sex before I met him.” She wiggled her eyebrows, trying to get him to smile.

Wol-itelm threw his head back and laughed. “Honey, I don’t need toys to please you. Remember, I’m a god.” He reached down and pinched her nipple. “There are many things I can do to this luscious body, but the thought of Hoyt strapped down does sound interesting.”

Desire spread through Tabatha and settled in her pussy.

She grabbed onto Wol-itelm’s thick scaly skin and shook as a powerful orgasm forced her legs to tremble. “Damn, between Chax’s pierced cock, Hoyt’s long tongue, and your gifts, I’m in real trouble.” Tabatha pushed her hair back, out of her face, and glanced up. Once again Wol-itelm was far away, his gaze fixed on the horizon, but yet he saw nothing.

“What’s wrong?” Tabatha reached up and wrapped her arms around his thick neck, squeezing.

“Lilith is determined to stir up trouble, I’m afraid. She’ll pay you a visit tonight,” he mumbled. “One day we’ll make this world ours. Our children will be a new race, far superior to those of Earth. However, once we are joined, I’m afraid your family will always be hunted.”

“I don’t understand. If we’re such a threat, shouldn’t I just leave? I don’t want to cause my mates or you any pain.” A herd of purple and green buffalo-like creatures moved around them, their size twice that of the ones on her planet.

“You would leave us and your family, to prevent this from happening?” He brought his head around to stare at her as she stepped back and he ran his gaze down her naked body.

She crossed her arms over her breasts. “If it would mean everyone would survive, I would. You know this.” Tabatha kicked at a rock and stubbed her toe. “Damn.” She hopped on one foot, rubbing her toe and glaring at him.

A deep rumbling laugh rose out of the dragon. His voice, deep, hot and sexy, sent a pulse of heat to pussy again.

She stumbled, but Wol-itelm grasped her arm before she could fall. He lowered his mighty head. His nostrils flared, and his long, thick tongue swiped across his mouth. “Your smell entices me like no other’s has in a long time. Go now. I’ve been given permission to go to Earth to be with you, so we’ll be together soon.”

She straightened her shoulders and poked a finger in his face. “Don’t make me wait too long, Christmas is right around the corner and I want all three of you with me.”

“Be careful, Tabatha. There are many who don’t want this union — even some who are close to you.”

His last words echoed in her mind, and the glow of his eyes was the last thing she saw before everything went dark.

What are you doing now? Where are you?

With her questions unanswered, Tabatha sat up in bed and gazed around her. On either side of her body, both her mates still lay asleep. They snored, not moving even when Tabatha slowly pushed their arms off of her. Chax’s tail curled under his legs and rested over hers. Transforming into her wolf form, Tabatha quietly escaped, shifting back to her human shape as she hit the floor.

As she stood, she tried to imagine the pleasures Wol-itelm could give her, carnal delights unknown to anyone on this planet. Desire swirled through her, and Tabatha’s pussy tightened.

On the way out of the bedroom, she grabbed her robe and noticed the dragon tattoo moving. She jumped. “What the hell!” The dragon raised its head and gazed up at her, winking.

She giggled when a small puff of steam rose from her breast. Her nipples hardened, and she moaned. Tabatha had no doubt Wol-itelm would always keep her blood boiling with need. Slipping the robe on, she ignored Wol-itelm and covered the tattoo as she glanced at the clock. It was 1:00 in the morning, but Tabatha would need something stronger then beer to help her sleep tonight. A shot of tequila just might do the trick. Her body was still sore from Chax’s and Hoyt’s love making two hours before.

Making her way down the hall, the memories of her mom and Dad flashed through her head. She loved this house they now lived in and wondered if Wol-itelm could move a house.

It was nice and quiet and the hard wood floors were cool to her feet. She pushed open the kitchen door. The smell of steak, her favorite meal, still lingered from their earlier dinner. From a cupboard, she grabbed a glass and the bottle of tequila, and then poured herself a shot all the while gazing at the new snow that had fallen outside. Cold tequila ran over her hand, jarring her attention back to her mundane task.

“Bottoms up.” Tabatha’s throat burned, and her stomached warmed as the fiery liquid entered her system. She held the empty shot glass as she admired the snow sparkling like a swath of diamonds in the moonlight.

“Good evening, Tabatha,” an unfamiliar female voice spoke behind her.

The shot glass dropped into the sink, clattering and clinking loudly. Tabatha spun around to come face to face with what appeared to be a human female with rotten teeth. The smell that radiated from her made Tabatha’s stomach pitch up and down. Even her eyes watered from the stench filling the room, one like a shit house on a humid summer day.

“This is Lilith, Chax’s mother, whom I told you about earlier,”
explained Wol-itelm’s voice in her head.

Tabatha growled and stood ready to fight, the warmth from the tequila long forgotten. She had to be certain Wol-itelm was correct about Lilith. “Who are you and why are you in my home?”

“I’m Lilith, Chax’s mother. I’ve come to give you a chance to back away without getting hurt. You must refuse my son as your mate.” Lilith moved around the kitchen table. Her skin stretched, bones crunched, and her clothes changed from human garb to what looked like a dress of crap. Black-and-green horns protruded from her head. Her eyes, the pupils black with dark-red irises, stared hard at Tabatha. Filthy green bows hung throughout her greasy, knotted hair. The stench of dung and decay grew stronger, and Tabatha’s stomach threatened to rebel.

BOOK: Laying Claim to the Soul
11.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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