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Extreme book 1


Sam Crescent

Copyright © 2014


Chapter One



Ryan Carter stood in the control room watching all the
activity going on inside his club. Extreme pulsed with fresh blood or more
importantly, fresh customers. He checked the figures and sure enough for the
tenth week running every single room he owned was filled with people ready to
explore the BDSM lifestyle. During the day the club organized classes for
couples wanting to delve into the Dom/sub lifestyle. By night,
and subs could converge together in a controlled
environment. He checked each monitor from the dungeon below to the private
rooms before settling onto the one for the main dance club.

The main dance club was where the liquor was sold and no one
who consumed alcohol was allowed into any other part of the club. Ryan made
sure to keep all areas of Extreme separated and well secured. He underwent his
fire inspections and passed on all accounts. Getting to the BDSM part of the
club would require a secured pass, which only he approved.

“Everything is going well,” Bill Tanner, his head of
security, said. “I don’t see anyone causing problems. It’s actually going

“Good. I want you to keep an eye on everything. There’s no
way I’m letting this place get fucked because of our lack of observation. I’ve
heard other clubs having to close due to not watching what’s going on.” Bending
forward, Ryan stared at the screens. Just the other week he’d heard another
tale of a sadist abusing subs within a club claiming to be a Dom. Ryan hated
all people who abused the lifestyle, giving Dom and subs a bad reputation.

BDSM was not for everyone but for those who lived it or
wanted to be part of it, they should be allowed a place to feel safe. There
were too many monsters out there waiting to take advantage of someone to naive
to know the difference. Ryan was determined to keep his club safe. Extreme
wouldn’t be tarred with any bad press.

“I think you’re worrying for nothing, mate. This club is
fucking clean. Jake deals with that.”

Jake Smith one of his best
worked the main floors making sure no one tried anything funky. He trusted the
man with the clubs reputation and so far Jake hadn’t let him down.

“You’re worrying too much. Go, have a drink, let loose and
check out this fantastic club you’ve built.” Bill shooed him out the door,
giving Ryan no choice but to leave.

Heading downstairs, he walked over to the bar, stopping in
his tracks when he saw her once again. He didn’t know her name or why she
visited the club. The mystery woman always sat at the bar until Jake joined her
toward the end of the night. No man approached her and those who did left with
their tails between their legs, metaphorically speaking. She wore a plain black
cocktail dress that molded to every curve highlighting her flared hips and full
luscious tits. Every time he saw her all he wanted to do was strip her naked to
stare at every inch of her body.

No woman in all of his years being a Dom ever left him
feeling like this. His cock tightened painfully in his trousers. The need to
sate himself inside her body clawed at him, begging for him to make the next
move. Jake never talked about his time with her.

She twirled the straw inside the long stem of her glass. He
knew she never ordered anything alcoholic and always left around the back, not
that he’d been paying much attention to the young woman. He reckoned she was
about twenty-five years old and probably worked as some kind of personal

“Everything looks good here, boss,” Jake said, approaching

Keeping his gaze on the mystery woman, he listened to the
updates Jake went through. The Dom at his side never missed a single detail.

“Good.” He stared at the blonde with the full-figured body.
So many women were hung up on diets in this day and age. Ryan had a lot more
problems than a woman being a size zero. Before he could stop himself, he asked
Jake about the mystery woman. “What do you know about her?” He nodded toward
her, not wanting to be
obvious as to point.

“Jesse? She’s fine, harmless mostly. I wouldn’t ask any
other Dom to take care of her.”

Jake tensed and started to withdraw. Intrigued, Ryan stood
in front of the other man. They were both six feet tall but where Jake had an
air of teasing around him, Ryan meant all business. He hadn’t become one of the
wealthiest men in the country by being easily pushed about.

Every challenge he faced, he did so head on without looking
back waiting to see what would happen. The only way to live life to the fullest
was by never doubting a moment of how he spent his time. Ryan lived life to the
fullest but he never broke any laws, and he wasn’t known to the police.

“What are you not telling me?” Ryan asked. He saw past
Jake’s lies. The other man was a good Dom but an awful liar.

Jake stared at Jesse,
who continued to twirl the straw in her glass. “It’s not my story to tell. I’m
not breaking any of the club rules, Ryan. She needs me, and I’m doing my best
to take care of her.”

Before Ryan could question him further, Jake walked away.
His curiosity piqued he headed toward the bar.

Once he got closer to her, Ryan saw her hands shake as she
lifted her glass. Staying far enough away from her, he ordered a bottle of
water from Henri who manned the bar. She didn’t stare his way at all. He
watched men walk toward her. The ones who got passed Jake were brushed off by
her. She looked bored but also terrified as she looked.

What on earth was going on inside his club?

The hours passed and he spent his time at the bar watching
her. She didn’t make a move from her seat. Jake finally walked to her side.
Ryan saw Jake lean down and whispered something in her ear.

She looked up, catching his gaze. Nodding his head, Ryan
raised his bottle of water. Jesse turned back to Jake. He really wished he knew
what they were saying. Instead, they argued for several seconds before Jake
caught her arm and began leading her out of the room down toward the dungeons.


Taking his bottled water, he headed back to Bill. He needed
to know the secrets going on between Jesse and Jake.


* * * *


Jake slammed the door closed to the dungeon room he always
used. Jesse watched him waiting for him to explode. He didn’t look happy about
that man at the bar. She’d been aware of him looking at her for most of the
night. Out of all the men she’d seen, the mystery man was the first not to make
her terrified.

“We can’t keep fucking doing this,” Jake said, turning back
to her. They’d known each other for a lifetime. She trusted him with so much,
even to keeping her secrets.

He walked to the far wall and stared up at the camera she
knew stood there.

“What’s this about? Have you found a woman for your own
play?” she asked.

“Fuck, Jesse, this is not about that. The man at the bar is
my boss. His name is Ryan Carter and he owns this club.”


“So, fuck, you didn’t even see his interest in you, did you?
God, he’s going to fire me when he realizes what I’ve been doing.” He hung his
head, gazing down at the floor. “I’ve got a reputation to think about, Jesse.”

"We’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t see a problem.” She
rubbed her arms hoping he’d give her tonight. One week had passed since the
last time she saw him. No matter how much she tried, Jesse couldn’t find
release with her own hand. “You promised me you could help me.” Tears filled
her eyes. The shock wave of emotion threatened to pull her down.

“No, don’t cry.” He turned, going to her side and wrapping
her in his arms. “Shit, I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to say to him.”

Jake was her brother’s best friend. He’d been the man who
found her locked in the old barn over ten years ago when she’d been taken. At
fifteen she’d been walking home from school when a man pulled up behind her,
got out of the car and kidnapped her. He’d taken her to an abandoned farm over
thirty miles from where she lived. Pain consumed her at the memories and she
locked them out, terrified to let them appear in her mind. She’d been taken by
a man she didn’t know and raped. The man hadn’t hurt her though. He’d taken her
and made love to her, caressing her body.

No, don’t think about

She cut the memories of his touch from her mind. Since that
awful part of her life she’d visited a physiatrist regularly talking about her
feelings. The man had been shot down on the run from hurting other girls. Jesse
knew she would never be the same again. She wasn’t damaged anymore but whole.
At least that’s what the outside world and her family tried to believe. One
night she’d gotten drunk with Jake for her twenty-fourth birthday and admitted
she couldn’t bring herself to orgasm. She told him everything in her drunken
state of what happened with the man who’d taken her. The only time she’d been
able to reach orgasm had been when she caused a bite of pain toward her peak.
Ever since then she’d been terrified of what it all meant. She didn’t want
sweetness or lovemaking. The only thing she hoped to have
the ability to reach an orgasm.

Unlike everyone else Jake listened and the following morning
he’d tried something different. He’d taken her home down to his basement where
she discovered a whole new world. Jake talked nonstop about bondage,
Domination, submission. Taking a chance she’d agreed to play the part of his
submissive within the basement. That day would stay with her forever. He didn’t
push her boundaries as he worked her body over. What he’d given her was the
ability to reach orgasm without a single thought of
touch invading the moment. There was nothing sexual between
them. Jesse wasn’t even attracted to Jake but his ability to bring her pleasure
made her feel indebted to him.

When Extreme opened Jake asked her to come to him here. The
club provided everything for her and stopped her and Jake from getting too
close. She didn’t want a sexual relationship with him. He was her brother’s
best friend and her savior when she needed him.

Wiping her eyes, she stared up at him. “I’m sorry. We should
really stop this.”

“It’s not you, Jesse. Crap, seeing my boss I suddenly
realized I’m not fucking helping you at all. What would your parents say? What
would your brother say?” Jake walked away, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“You’ve given me enough already.”

“No, I’ve not given you everything. There’s nothing between
us. I’m not going to marry you, or be able to vet every man who enters your

“One year has been more than enough.” She’d gotten more
pleasure in the last year than she had since she’d become old enough to legally
have sex.

“You’re not making sense. It has taken me too long to open
my eyes.” Jake looked at her. “I love you, honey. I really do and I care about
you. You’re a great friend, but I wouldn’t be a good friend if I let this

“It’s okay.” She turned toward the door. “Will I see you
Sunday for dinner?” Every Sunday her parents went the whole hog of making a
full roast.

“Don’t go yet. I’m not leaving you alone with this.” He
turned her back to look at him. “Do you trust me?” he asked.

“You know I do. It’s a silly question.” She smiled up at
him. "See, not broken or damaged."

“Then trust me to find someone who can help you. I know
he’ll be able to give you what you need when I cannot.”

She made to protest but Jake was out the door. Putting her
purse down on the counter, she took the seat in the corner. One moment she’d
sat waiting for Jake to bring her to the dungeon then the next he was looking
for another man to give her what she needed. None of it made any sense.

Running fingers through her hair, she blew some of her
fringe out of her eyes. A haircut would be on the agenda in the next week. She
worked as a receptionist in a lawyer’s office. One of the lawyers offered her a
job as a personal assistant, which she turned down. The man in question had
been trying to get her to go out on dates with him. She refused to give men the
wrong signal, especially when she wouldn’t go through with it.

What on earth had happened to Jake?


* * * *


Staring at the screen, Ryan took a seat while Bill finished
dealing with some issue on the main floor. From the looks of it one guy tried
to hit on another’s girlfriend. He zoomed onto the girl in the dungeon who’d
been sitting at the bar. What was it about her that intrigued him?

She sat on a chair, her hands rubbing up and down her
thighs. Her head rested on the wall behind her with her eyes closed. What was
she thinking? His curiosity rose even more. What was she thinking? His thoughts
stayed on her even as the door to the office banged open.

“Ryan, can I have a word?” Jake asked.

Bill entered the room before he got chance to answer.
“Everything is okay now, boss.” Ryan watched the other man take a seat,
returning his attention back to Jake.

“I could really do with that word.”

Glancing toward the man, Ryan zoomed out of the room, giving
Bill a nod before he left.

Ryan led the way into his office and took a seat behind the
desk. “What do you want?”

“I need your help.” Jake took a seat.

“Then get on with it. I’ve not got all day.”

“It’s about Jesse and everything she’s been through.”

For the next ten minutes, Ryan listened to everything Jake
had to say. He got a complete run down of the blonde woman who caught his
interest. Anger consumed him at learning about her past.

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