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“This is so wrong, Christie,” I whispered, trying to convince myself more than her.


“You don’t really think that, Daddy,” she whispered, rolling one of her nipples between her thumb and forefinger teasingly as she spoke. “I can tell that you want me.”


“That’s not the point,” I tried to reason, desperate for some way to stop myself from doing something I might regret for the rest of my life.
This could ruin my whole marriage—my family,
I thought. Sure, my wife wouldn’t be home for hours, but if she caught wind of this…


But Christie’s luscious lips and pretty white cunt were proving just too good to resist.


“C’mon, Daddy. You don’t have to be shy anymore,” she said, looking into my eyes as she slid two of her fingers nice and deep into her pussy. “Come over here and show your little girl how to take a cock like a good slut should.”


Something inside me seemed to break at that moment. The part of me that had been doing its best to argue that what was happening was immoral and utterly wrong had gone quiet, and all that was left were the parts of me begging for a piece of this girl’s ass. I could just imagine what it’d feel like to drive my shaft inside of her, and there it was, ripe for the picking and already soaking wet.


My little girl needs her Daddy,
I thought, rising from the bed.
What kind of man am I to tell her “no?”


I touched her tentatively at first, running my hands over the creamy white skin of her thighs and letting out a soft “oh…” as our flesh connected. She squirmed a little, the ministrations of her fingers only intensifying as my dick prodded the inside of her hip.


“Daddy,” she whimpered, flicking her poor nub furiously. “Oh, it feels so good… and you’re so big…!”


I grunted in response, letting my dickhead press into the tight hole just begging to be filled. I didn’t enter her—not yet. I wanted to get the tip nice and wet first.


Christie thrashed, scooting closer to me as if trying to impale herself on my dick. I chuckled at her impatience, though I couldn’t deny the shiver creeping down my spine. It was hard to hold back around her.


Another thought seeped into my mind: maybe I didn’t need to hold back at all…


It had been so long since I’d cum inside a woman. My wife rarely ever let me, even though she was on the Pill, and it wasn’t like I made it a regular habit of cheating. But this fucking girl… well, she was innocent, naïve—maybe even a little gullible. Maybe I could get away with shooting my load deep inside her wanting cunt. Fuck, if she got pregnant, I could just blame the whole thing on Mark.


I shuddered at the thought. Oh, yes. I was going to fuck my little girl without protection, and then I was going to fill her ripe pussy up.


“Daddy,” she begged, “put it in me! Please! I can’t wait to see how it feels.”


I smirked, barely able to contain my excitement as I placed both my hands on her hips and drew her closer to me across the bed.


“Now, just relax, princess,” I murmured, lining my cock up with her tight hole. “You’ve never had a cock, and a big one like Daddy’s is going to hurt. I’m gonna have to open you up…”


“Come on Daddy… Fuck your little girl…”


God fucking damn… My little girl…


She squealed with glee as the first inch of my dick slipped inside her, and I threw my head back, letting my little girl’s cunt grip at my shaft as she wailed for me.




“Oh, shit,” I gasped, sinking inch-by-inch into my little girl. “Oh, fuck, Christie! It’s so wet… so tight…!”


It was true. Her cunt had a vise-grip on my dick, already milking it for all it was worth. I knew I wouldn’t last long inside a cunt as tight as this, but I had to try. I had to fuck my little girl right.


I spread my legs wider and gritted my teeth as I sank up to my balls inside of her, tearing straight through her hymen and impaling herself on my thick shaft. She squealed with a sound that was equal parts delight and pain, and all I could do was breathe a sigh of relief as her walls enveloped me completely. Christie squirmed, moaning as her fingers worked even harder on her buzzing clit, circling and tapping it as she wrapped her legs tight around my lower back.


“Yes!” she cried, arching off the mattress. “Oh, Daddy! Give me your big black cock!”


I slowly slid out, watching as my dick reappeared from within her depths. Then I pushed back in, letting her take me again, letting her pussy get used to a real man fucking it before I began to buck. I could tell it was hurting her, but the look on my little girl’s face made it clear she wouldn’t let me stop…


She was loving it, never mind the way she was practically screaming so loud her parents would hear us two houses over. She writhed and squirmed, opening her legs even wider so that I could get a look at her pretty pussy while I ploughed it, her fingers dancing in a frenzy over her clit as I took her pulsing cunt for my own.


“Oh no,” she whispered after a moment. “S-something’s getting all tight… ooh, my pussy feels…”


“That’s it,” I breathed, pumping mercilessly into my little girl as she neared her climax. “Let it go, baby. That’s a girl. That’s Daddy’s sweet, sweet girl…”


She closed her eyes, her face contorting as the feeling began to overwhelm her. I reached down to help, grasping one of her tits in my hand as I worked the nipple between my big, dark fingers.


“Oh no!” she whimpered again. “Oh no, here it comes…!”


I stared right down at her quivering pussy as she burst all over me, watching it work my dick for my hot load as she shivered and screamed. I grinned, licking my lips as her juices flowed over me, coating my dick in her thick, musky lust as she flailed in ecstasy.


“Daddy! Yes! Yes!”


“Ohh, shit,” I groaned, my toes curling as her muscles clenched around my shaft hard enough to bring a font of cum to the tip. “I think it’s Daddy’s turn now, princess… keep cumming for Daddy… Daddy’s gonna…”


“You’re… you’re gonna pull out,” she breathed, looking up into my eyes. “Aren’t you, Daddy?”


I raised my eyebrows. So someone
told her.


But that didn’t change anything. It was too late. I had my little girl right where I wanted her, and I was definitely not going to give up on my dreams of filling up her cunt just yet.


“No, princess. Daddy’s not gonna pull out,” I told her, savoring every new inch of her pussy I explored. I was so ready to cum that I felt like I would burst. “Daddy’s gonna fill up that sweet cunt instead. I’m gonna teach you how to take a big load of cum, princess. Are you ready, baby? You ready to learn what your Daddy’s big black dick feels like when it’s shooting inside you?”


Christie nodded feebly, biting her lip as she asked, “I… I want to, but… won’t you get me pregnant?”


I grinned. I couldn’t help it. She was just so cute.


“Only if you’re a good girl,” I told her, then began to pummel her g-spot.


She wailed in rapture as I thrust into her, pounding her pussy so hard the bed rocked against the wall. She planted her feet on my shoulders, granting me unfettered access to her swollen pussy as I delved in again and again, each new thrust bringing me closer and closer to nirvana. I looked into her face, watching my little girl turn into a cum slut right before my very eyes. In that moment, I couldn’t have been prouder.


“Oh God Daddy! It’s happening again! Oh My GOD!” she squealed, her pussy quivering around me wildly as I slammed my cock to the hilt, stretching her to the absolute limit.


“Shit,” I roared. “Shit…!”


I threw my head back as the first spasm overtook me, bringing with it a flood of my seed into my sweet little neighbor girl’s cunt. Christie squealed, mouth open as she stared in awe at my fat dick spewing a searing hot load right into her precious pussy. I rocked my hips, trying to see how deep I could get while I jetted inside her, my eyes rolling back as she spread her legs to get a good look at my pulsating cock.


“Daddy… it’s all spilling out!”


I lowered my head and watched as my cock throbbed again and again, emptying myself even as cum dribbled out of her, trickling down her ass and onto the bed. I shuddered in delight, my whole body shaking as I watched my little girl’s pussy overflow with her daddy’s white hot cum. I’d need to clean this up before Mark got home, or he would know exactly what fucking happened in here…


A few moments later my orgasm subsided, and my dick stopped gushing into her hole. I pulled out slowly, watching as Christie reached down to play with the silken load dripping out of her cunt.


“How… how was that, princess?” I asked her, still reeling from what we’d just done. “Did Daddy take good care of you?”


“Oh, yes, Daddy!” she said, her eyes wide as she nodded emphatically in agreement. “But…” She looked down at her dripping pussy again. “Now that I’ve had such a big cock, I don’t think any other will do. I can’t go back to Mark now, Daddy… And the boys at college won’t have your experience… They’re just not gonna make me feel as good as you do.”


My heart fluttered in my chest. “What do you mean?” I asked her.


“Well,” Christie said, biting her lip, “I was thinking… maybe I could just use your cock, instead? Y’know, for when I wanna feel good.” She smeared some of my creamy cum up her slit, cooing as she once again found that little nub I’d only just introduced her to. “I could tell my parents I want to stay home one more year… To volunteer in the church or something… You taught me such a good lesson, Daddy. And I’m sure I’ve got more to learn. Please don’t stop now. I wanna know
about being a good little slut.”


I felt my dick twitch in my hand as I watched Christie play with my cum. She was right. She had a lot to learn. And I would be there to teach her again and again, raw and without protection, filling up her hole every day if I had to. Hell, she hadn’t even learned how to squirt yet.


But we had plenty of time for that, I realized as I looked at my horny little neighbor. Now that she’d had a taste of her Daddy’s huge black dick, there was no turning back—for either of us.


“Sure, sweetheart,” I told her, rubbing my still wet dick against her lips as she looked up at me. “Daddy’s got lots to teach his little girl. For your first lesson, why don’t you open your mouth, baby… Daddy’s going to show you how to give a real man head… Listen close, and do everything I say…” I whispered huskily, my hand reaching down to cup her chin…


This wasn’t the end… I knew that. As the little slut licked my cock from base to tip I knew I’d never get enough of her…


As she swallowed my load a few minutes later, I knew she’d never get enough of me…


We were tied together, just Daddy and his little girl, forever.


And that suited me just fine.



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BOOK: No Pulling Out
13.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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