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Authors: Lola Minx,Ivana Cox

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No Pulling Out

BOOK: No Pulling Out
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Lola Minx

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4 Lola Minx

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Let Lola Minx fulfill your darkest fantasies…



What’s inside this FORBIDDEN TABOO book

I never expected to catch my stepson getting a blowjob from the innocent little 19-year-old girl next door. It was time for the big black man of the house time to establish a bit more control. The boy knew the rules. No girls in MY house.

I’d have beat his ass if he wasn’t so quick to run the fuck away…

But when the horny little virgin he left behind started calling me
? Well… Let’s just say maybe I should have been thanking him…


This story contains an INCREDIBLY filthy INTERRACIAL relationship between a big black man with a huge cock, and his white, nubile, innocent, and
19-year-old neighbor girl.


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I stood outside my stepson’s door, dreading what the next few seconds might bring.


He was in college now, so I’d expected him to do some “exploring” in these years, but not at home. Not in my house. That was our rule, and one that I was absolutely sure he was violating.


Kids push boundaries all the time. That’s part of being a kid—even a nineteen-year-old. And as he teetered on the cusp of adulthood, we did a strange dance around what would become of our relationship.


It’s easy when they’re younger. Parents have absolute authority then. I was lucky enough to have married his mother when Mark was only six, so he never really questioned my role in his life. His biological father had walked out long before then, and Mark took to me right away as a positive male role model.


Sure, my stepson was no saint, but our problems hadn’t really begun until he hit her late teens. That was when all sorts of lines began to blur, and now during his first summer at home, I began to feel like I no longer knew exactly how to handle him.


I could hear his bed squeaking gently in a rhythmic way, a sound I was accustomed to hearing from my own bed, but certainly not my son’s. I cringed at the thought of what might be going on in there, even though I all but already knew. I also knew that I couldn’t knock and give them a warning. If I did, they’d just make some kind of excuse.


I paused, listening for just a moment more to make sure they’d still be going at it when I opened the door. Then I turned the knob and burst in, letting the door slam into the wall with all the sound of a clap of thunder.


“What the hell are you doing
?!” I roared, half-hearted though it was. Mark was nineteen. This wasn’t exactly unusual for a man his age.


What was unusual, however, was what was going on in his room.


He had a girl in there, just as I’d suspected. I thought I recognized her. What was her name… Christie, maybe? Yeah, it was Christie. I knew I’d seen plenty of times before, but never quite like this. She’d been in the neighborhood for years. I’d watched her grow up into the hot little 19 year old girl she was today, but her parents kept her buttoned up so tight with their home schooling and church duties. Hell, I’d never seen the girl in anything except frumpy white ankle length dresses with that silver cross of hers around that pretty little neck. It was a bit of a surprise to see her like this…


Innocent little Christie was being a very naughty girl…


My stepson’s eyes were wide, his face contorted into a terrified grimace as he recoiled from my rage. He was scrambling away from me, trying to get a grip on the mess of sheets behind him, yet still sliding down the mattress and further into this little girl’s mouth.


Christie was on her knees in front of him. His long dick was between her lips. As her gaze shifted to me, she batted her long eyelashes in surprise. I heard her grunt around the fat rod of flesh jammed into her throat, something that might have been a word but was lost to the slurping sound she made as she went to pull away.


None of that, inherently, was odd. I was no stranger to blowjobs. But the way innocent young Christie was doing it was just… weird.


She wasn’t moving her head at all. Her lips weren’t very tightly sealed, either, so it was possible she was scraping her teeth all over my boy’s junk. Her cheeks were hollowed, so her suction was probably all right, but I didn’t see her tongue flicking and twirling like it ought to be.


For a moment, I was taken aback. Was the neighbor girl really this bad at giving head? What in the hell did my stepson see in this girl?


My reaction oscillated between confusion and anger. I wanted to yell at them both, but it almost seemed like Mark’s shitty blowjob was punishment enough.


I rubbed the back of my neck as Christie finally dislodged his cock from her throat, jumping up and covering her mouth with her hands as Mark finally got traction on the sheets.


“Mr. Devon!” she cried, her knees quaking beneath the pleats of her plaid skirt. “W-We were just…”


“I know what you just,” I snarled as Mark pulled on his jeans. I could hear his belt buckle clanking as he stammered:


“D-ddd Dad! It’s not what it looks like…”


I turned on him. “Come the fuck on! Do you think I’m stupid, boy? Get your goddamn clothes on and get the fuck out of my house! I don’t want to see you back here until dinner!”


Being that I’m a fucking big black man certainly put a spring in Mark’s little white-ass step. He bolted from the room, hurrying past me so fast the boy damn near left a speed trail. It was all I could do not to smack him in the back of his head as he skittered out the front door. We’d definitely be having a talk about this bullshit later.


I turned my attention back on Christie. Her ineptitude had rendered me woefully unsure of how to deal with the situation. On one hand, I wanted to lay into her so harshly and send her home so fast she wouldn’t even think of bringing her hot ass over to my house ever again. On the other hand…


…how was it possible to be so bad at giving head?


“Sit,” I said, gesturing to the bed where her Mark’s ass had been not a moment before. I shuddered at the thought. “We need to have a chat.”


“About what?” she asked. I glared at her and she sat, averting her gaze. I hated it when a girl tries to play dumb.


I sighed, rubbed my face with my hands, and closed the door to the room.


“Look… I’ve seen you around the neighborhood and I know you’re an adult now. I get it, my stepson is a smooth talker. You don’t want anything to do with that boy Christie. Besides, I have a rule here. Not in…”


“Not in your house,” she mumbled, scuffing her foot on the floor like a guilty child. “Mark told me. He tried to stop me… Look Mr. Devon, I’m really sorry about this. Please… Don’t tell my parents…”


“You should be sorry, and you’ll be
if I don’t tell your parents,” I said, sitting down on the bed beside her. “I can’t stop you two from having sex, but Mark knows damn well he’s not allowed to bring a girl back here to my house. Don’t you two have somewhere else you could go?”


“We don’t… I was just—” she started, but seemed to lose the words before they left her mouth. She seemed upset, almost to the point of frustrated tears.


“Is everything okay?”


“No,” she sighed, wiping at her eyes. “I’m sorry. Mark was just helping me. This whole thing is my fault… It’s just that I’m so lost when it comes to this whole sex thing,


The last word seemed to roll slowly off her lips. What the fuck did she think she was doing? I wasn’t this girl’s sex therapist, and I damn sure wasn’t her Daddy… But the way she said it just about fucking oozed sex.


“I’m not your Daddy, Christie.”


She started to cry, big crocodile tears running down her pretty little cheeks. I had to do something… I had to say something…


“It’s ok honey… I’m sorry,” I said, worried that this little girl had gotten herself into something she still wasn’t quite ready for… I remembered being her age, and I certainly remembered how girls were around that time too. Sex could be a wonderful, frightening thing, and this one was still all wound up on hormones. Still, was this girl too innocent and cloistered to know any better? She couldn’t just go around calling older men her Daddy…


As angry as I was, I knew I had to be open and honest with her, or the next time, she’d try to be even more sneaky about getting around my house rules. I could see virgin written all over this girl, and my fuckup of a stepson Mark was the last person on earth that deserved to sink his dick into this one… Maybe I could convince her of that, and never have to worry about this girl sneaking into my house again… Christie needed to trust me… If her parents at home couldn’t teach this girl how to properly respect herself, maybe it was best that she opened up to me... If she needed a Daddy, maybe I could be that for her…


“My parents never let me do anything Mr. Devon… I’m supposed to go to college this year. Everything is so new and exciting,” she said slowly, speaking to her knees. “I can finally get out of my house and away from my controlling parents… I can finally get out of this dress…”


She didn’t want to look at me, and in a way, that broke my heart. “You have to understand! I can’t go to college a virgin Mr. Devon… People will know. They will find out. I leave next week. Mark seemed nice, and I thought maybe I could talk him into it, and before I knew it, he was telling me to do things like suck his…”


She trailed off, finally lifting her gaze to mine. Her tongue danced around the word, but she looked as though she couldn’t bring herself to say it.


“His dick,” I finished for her, sighing. This was going to be harder than I thought, and I couldn’t deny the spark of anger that ignited inside of me when I thought about Mark demanding anything from this little girl.


“Yeah. But it wasn’t like I thought it would be,” she added, looking up into my eyes. “Mark liked most of it, but me…” She blushed. “I dunno,
... I just thought it’d be more… fun. Enjoyable. I wasn’t happy. All Mark ever wants to do is put his dick in my mouth. Do you know what I mean?


Ahh fuck. She was laying it on thick with that whole Daddy bullshit. Yeah… I knew exactly what she meant. I could imagine her prim and proper little lips wrapping themselves around my big black cock. I stared at the little white girl, trying to keep myself calm. She knew what she was doing to me. My cock twitched in my pants, but I managed to keep it under control.


BOOK: No Pulling Out
9.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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