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Authors: Lola Minx,Ivana Cox

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“He isn’t taking care of you?” I asked, indignation welling up inside at the thought that that little punk wasn’t treating this girl right. Here she was, trying to give my stepson a goddamned gift, and he was too busy looking after his own shitty needs to make it fun for her.


The look on her face told me all I needed to know—or so I thought.


“No,” Christie said, “but it’s not just that, either.” She paused again, winding a strand of hair around her finger as she cleared her throat and shifted uncomfortably. ”I…
don’t know how to take care of me.”


Everything seemed to freeze as I let those words sink into my head. That couldn’t possibly be true. Could this little girl really not know how to touch herself?


“Didn’t you learn about that when you were younger?” I asked, remembering how I had “discovered myself” in my early teens, horny with no idea what the thing in my hand was even for.


“No,” she replied, the look on her face one of shame. “My parents said God would punish me…”


I tried to move on, tried to stop the embarrassment from forming a rift between us. “Well, what about, um... videos?”


“My parents always had those kinds of things blocked,
,” she replied, and I cursed my neighbor’s fucking prudishness when it came to their daughter. They were sheltering this girl, something that could hurt her in her in the real world. I couldn’t let her keep going on like this.


Christie’s life had been wasted in the dark. She needed to learn who she was, what she liked, and how to have good sex – and the way she was looking at me, I was starting to think I knew someone well suited to teach her… It was no wonder she couldn’t please a man. This poor little girl didn’t even have the first clue about how to please herself.


“I guess I could teach you,” I said, heat rising up the back of my neck as I began to comprehend what I was actually suggesting. “It could be our little secret…”
God, I hope her parents never find out what I’m doing,
I thought.


“Don’t you think that’s kind of weird?” Christie asked. She gave me a sideways glance, almost implying that I was nuts, but she didn’t exactly balk at the idea either. I could tell she was curious.


“It’s really weird,” I agreed, “but…” I paused, taking a moment to collect my thoughts. “A girl like you deserves to get the most out of everything,” I settled on at last. “Even sex.”


Those words seemed to comfort her, and she gave me a little nod.


,” she said, giggling nervously. “Um, what do I do first?”


I took a deep breath before I spoke again. This girl wasn’t nearly as fucking innocent as she pretended to be. There was no need to beat around the bush.


“Take off your dress.”


I watched the girl awkwardly work to remove the constrictive garment, her body slowly coming into view as she pulled it up and over her head. Beneath the long white dress, a simple pair of white panties and a plain white bra were all that separated me from her flesh. She was pale, like her pretty little freckled body had never seen a lick of daylight. Maybe it hadn’t, the way her parents kept her all fucking buttoned up.


“The panties too...”


I loved the way this girl took direction. She shimmied her hips, letting her panties drop down her legs.
God fucking damn
. Mark had no idea what he was missing keeping this girl all dressed up. Why the fuck hadn’t he stripped her down right before sticking his dick in her mouth? Did he realize she had such a perfect little tight body under that frumpy old dress?


I did my best to stay clinical, telling myself that this was just a fact of life, one that she’d been woefully unaware of until now. I had to give her the tools to help her find a happy, healthy sex life. I couldn’t let myself think anything beyond the facts of what I was having her do. I’d show this girl how to please herself and I’d kick her right out. Maybe it would straighten her out a bit.


But damn if her pussy wasn’t the nicest thing I’d ever seen. It was definitely overriding my will to let this pretty little girl go…


Christie’s pussy was cute, if that was a word someone could use for a vagina. It was little, with rosy pink lips that were already glistening from her encounter with Mark. Glancing down at her panties laying crumpled on the floor, I saw that she had already soaked them through before I’d interrupted them.


I quirked a little smile. At least I knew this little girl enjoyed the
of a dick between her lips.


“You need to put your hand between your legs,
baby girl,
” I said, stumbling over the words as I started to walk her through the intricacies of pleasuring herself. “That’s it.”


“Like this, Daddy?”


“Yeah, like that baby…”


The neighbor girl complied obediently, putting her hand right over her pussy before waiting for more instructions. I tried not to stare at her too much, tried to avoid gazing at her pretty pink petals and her delicate fingers situated between them.


But I couldn’t help it, and something about the way she was looking at me gave me a little thrill. It started in the pit of my stomach, smoldering like a hot ember, and I did my best to douse it before it could grow into a flame.


“What do I do now? Do I move my fingers?” she asked me, ripping me from my thoughts.


“Kind of,” I said. “Uh… more like this…” Then, leaning forward, I helped her move her fingers so that the tips of her index and middle fingers were buried among the folds of her pussy.


She was spread wide for me now, and no matter how much I tried to tell myself this was nothing but a demonstration, I so desperately wanted to let my fingertips graze over her wet little cunt as I drew away.


I knew it was wrong to feel this way about this girl. But I couldn’t help it—knowing it was bad made it feel so fucking good.


“Now,” I said, my eyes glued to her inexperienced hand. “I want you to find something for me.”


Christie nodded, waiting patiently for more instructions. A blush rose in her cheeks that let me know that she felt as excited about this as I did. A hint of desire was sparkling in her eyes.


“There’s a tiny little nub around the upper part of your puss… er, your vagina,” I corrected myself, feeling like I’d almost cussed in church.


I watched as she slid her fingers along her slit, searching and probing until she jumped and gave a little yelp. Her eyes went wide and she blushed and even brighter shade of red.


“I found it,” she whispered breathily, biting on her lip as she set the tips of her fingers against her engorged nub. She looked like she’d melt into the bed if she had the option.


“That’s your clit,” I said, starting to feel that ember burn brighter as I watched my little girl’s body shudder in pleasure. “That’s what’s going to get you off— I mean, make you orgasm. You’ve got to play with it, rub it and tease it until it’s time.”


“How will I know when it’s time?” she asked, already starting to caress that hard, fleshy bump between her lips. She gasped, her eyes fluttering closed as she laid herself back onto her bed.


“Trust me, you’ll know,” I said. I was feeling the strain of my cock beginning to harden, a shameful feeling rising inside of my mind as I realized that my innocent little neighbor was getting me hard. There was no denying it now: I was turned on. I could barely take my eyes of that pretty little silver cross she hand laying on her chest between her plain white bra… I had to get out of here, and fast.


“Do you think you’ve got it from here?” I asked, about to stand and retreat somewhere I could sort through my thoughts.


“No!” she cried. “Stay, Daddy. Please,” she pleaded, looking up at me as her fingers teased clumsily at her pussy. “I need you to tell me if I’m doing it right.”


“You’re really getting off on calling me Daddy, aren’t you little girl?”


She didn’t respond. The girl was too busy. My eyes wandered down to her pussy, watching as her fingers worked themselves into a rhythm as they teased at her sensitive little clit. My pants were so tight, the swelling cock between my thighs growing as the seconds wore on. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.


The more she touched herself, the harder I felt my cock getting, until I couldn’t think of anything else but how I could escape and deal with the thoughts dancing through my head. I could feel every throb as my shaft strained against the denim fabric of my pants, pushing against the zipper, begging for release right into this little 19 year old girl’s cunt.


As I lifted my gaze from Christie’s drenched pussy, our eyes met and my heart nearly stopped. She was watching me as she teased her clit, biting on her lip as her eyes dropped down to where my pants bulged. I had no way to hide the massive outline of my cock as she stared, a hunger blooming in her eyes.


“Is that your cock, Daddy?” she asked me, her voice dripping with pure sex. I knew she knew the answer to that, but the way she asked it as if she didn’t made my dick lurch. I couldn’t help but feel even more turned on as she called me “Daddy” while she writhed on her bed.
I thought,
what kind of man am I?


The kind with a cock that needs to get wet,
my brain reminded me as I tried to put some distance between my desires and the sweet young teen fingering herself on my son’s bed.
It’s not like you’re her real daddy… Is it so wrong to lust after a young woman who wants a real man to pop her cherry?


“Y-Yeah, princess, that’s my penis,” I said, still making feeble attempts not to start talking dirty to this girl.


“No, Daddy,” she whispered, her breath husky and honeyed in her throat. “That’s a cock. A nice, big, thick cock.” She looked up into his eyes as she toyed even more eagerly with her pussy. “I think I might have an easier time if you took it out for me, Daddy. I’ve never seen a real man’s cock before, and it’d be easier for me to get horny if I could see one while I play with my clit for you.”


“Christie,” I breathed, trying to deny the tightening in my balls. “You’re not ready for this. This isn’t—”


“You promised you’d help me, Daddy. Don’t you want your little girl to have the best?” she asked, slowly running her tongue over her lips. “How can I have the best when you won’t let me see my own daddy’s cock?”


I don’t know what came over me then, but I found myself unzipping my jeans as the girl pleaded to see my dick. I unbuttoned them slowly, almost as if in a trance, and then slid my boxers and pants down past my hips and let them crumple on the floor, breathing a sigh of relief as I freed my cock from the constraints of its denim prison. It stood erect for young Christie to behold, girthsome and dark, a tapestry of thick veins winding along its shaft.


I heard her let out a moan of appreciation at the sight of my throbbing ebony dick. She writhed eagerly on the bed before whispering to me again in that sexy, breathless voice:


“You look like you need to be taken care of too, Daddy. Why don’t you stroke it? You can watch me while you do it.”


I had begun to lose all my self control, my hand wrapping around my eager shaft and starting to slowly stroke it up and down. I couldn’t stop staring at the neighbor girl’s pussy. It looked so tight and perfect, and it was cleanly shaven just the way I liked it… I wondered what her parents would think about that, but shook the thought away as quickly as it had come.


Christie smirked at me when my eyes lifted to meet her watchful gaze. She reached up and unhooked her bra to reveal her beautiful pale tits.


“That’s much better, isn’t it, Daddy?” she asked, bringing her free hand up to her heavy breasts and beginning to tease on her rosy nipples. “I used to play with these for so long, hoping it’d be enough to make me feel good... Now you get to watch your little girl play with her nice big tits.”


I closed my eyes, biting on my lip as I slid my hand along the rock hard shaft of my cock.
My little girl?
Christie definitely had some daddy issues… I’d never been this hard before, and the fact that this girl was teasing her cunt right in front of me—
me—made it so much more exciting than it had ever been with a woman. Truth be told, I was getting into her little fantasy…

BOOK: No Pulling Out
3.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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