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changed much, I bet they only let birds on in the first place so
they could look up their skirts.' Billy kissed her hastily before
she could expand on her theme. She kissed him back
enthusiastically, sucking on his tongue and prolonging the contact
till they both ran out of breath.

Her legs were
spread wide now and the juice was flowing as he diddled her hard,
waggling all four fingers deep inside her, working on her stiff
little clit with his thumb. The cock-frotting ceased as she bucked
her hips up and down in an ever-increasing tempo, her incredible
bosom shaking like a jelly, her breath coming in short hard

'Don't stop,'
she cried, 'don't stop, don't stop, DON'T STOP!'

Billy didn't
stop. It would have been most ungentlemanly, but by the time she
had finished coming he felt as if he had sprained his wrist.

She lay back
on the bed, her big titties still shuddering in time with her
ragged breaths, her blue eyes aglow. She smiled at him smokily.

'What's she
called?' she asked.

'Er—' for a
moment Billy was lost, right now there was only one thing on his
mind and that was sinking his enormous hard-on into some portion of
her glorious anatomy.

'What's my
character called in the film?' Tracy repeated.

'Juliet,' said
Billy hastily, 'Juliet Shakespeare - romantic, eh?'

'Oh yeah,
that's great. I could really get into a part like that. When do I
get to meet the Italian guy?'

morning. In the meantime...' he gestured towards his neglected


'Well—' this
was tricky, he couldn't spill the beans about Imogen just yet, at
least not before his immediate physical needs had been attended to.
'I've got to make a phone call. Tracy, do you think you

'Make the call
now,' she was grinning from ear to ear.

'I can't get
hold of him right now. Tracy...'

'You know, I
rather enjoy watching you squirm around with that big boner.'


'I suppose you
want to fuck my tits.'


'All guys want
to fuck my tits. They act nonchalant for a bit, do the missionary,
go down on me, all the usual. Then it's, "Would you mind, Trace, if
I put my chopper between your knockers just once?" and then every
bloody time after that they're spunking over my charlies while my
fanny is dying of neglect!'

Billy's heart
sank as he saw her getting steamed up again. She certainly had a
chip on her chest and there only seemed to be one way to stop her
losing her rag. He pounced. She screamed. He smothered and kissed
her. She kicked and pummelled him. They rolled over and over on the
bed. They hit the floor with her on top and, by accident, design or
bloody miracle, the mouth of her pussy landed smack on the helmet
of his upstanding cock and slotted over it like a warm and friendly
glove. She stopped fighting at once and began to kiss him with
furious passion, gripping his thighs between hers and grinding down
with serious intent. Billy met her thrusts happily, this was more
like it.

And then the
doorbell rang.





Spicer's cunt was very like her mouth; enigmatic and expressive by
turns, full in the lip and curling from a smile of menace into an
open kissable pout. She kept it smooth-shaven the length of her
slit, from the hood of her clit to the pretty puckered star of her
anus; above, her groin was furred with soft perfumed curls, a shade
darker than the hair that framed the commanding beauty of her

Sophie, on her
knees, contemplated the glory of the naked loins fully exposed to
her gaze beneath Ambrosia's now-upturned skirt. Her heart was
beating fast and a tick of nervous excitement pulsed in her belly,
the shameless exhibitionism of her own orgasm had simply whetted
her appetite. For once it was she who was being sexually coerced
and she loved it.

'Well, Sophie,
what do you think? Do I appeal to you at all?'

'Oh ma'am. I
think you are beautiful.'

chuckled, a low throaty gurgle that swelled into full-blown
laughter. 'Don't you know, Sophie,' she said eventually, 'that you
should drop the formalities along with your knickers? In these
special circumstances you can call me Ambrosia.' And she shifted
position slightly so that the mound of her pussy was thrust further
into prominence, the light from the table lamp falling on the
glistening wisp of pubic fur and the twin furled lips of her labia.
The vertical smile was mesmerising to Sophie and she leaned closer
to lay her head on the pale thighs thrust towards her in a
welcoming vee.

'May I kiss
you, please, Ambrosia?' she said, sliding one hand over the fleshy
curve of the other's hip, lifting the irrelevancy of DCI Spicer's
skirt out of the way to expose more of the smooth skin of her
stomach dipping down into that entrancing, bewitching sexual

'Oh do,
please. Be my guest. In fact, that's an order. Starkers.'

One that
Sophie had already anticipated, placing trembling lip to trembling
lip, tentatively tickling with her tongue between the delicate
folds, insinuating it gently into the hot musky mouth of Ambrosia
Spicer's sex. The taste of Ambrosia was subtle and complex, at
first briny and tart then rich and resonant, like full-bodied wine,
as she probed deeper with her tongue and sucked keenly at the
other's juices. The genital embrace was now urgent and open-mouthed
and Sophie circled Ambrosia's hips with her arms, grasping the firm
rounds of her buttocks in her hands and hugging the cup of
Ambrosia's cunt to her lips as she drank deeply.

As she did so
a groan rose from Ambrosia's throat and burst like a bubble into
the silence of the room. And somewhere in Sophie's head the thought
occurred that this was the first sound she had heard Ambrosia utter
that was not tainted by sarcasm, cynicism or anger. She liked that
and clasped the other woman feverishly, eliciting further moans of
unadulterated passion.

Sophie drew
back momentarily to flicker her tongue over the hard nub of the
clitoris and felt the shock wave of her caress ripple through
Ambrosia's loins.

'Oh yes,' she
cried. And she groaned louder this time. 'Oh yes, Sophie. Please,
oh please.'

Sophie was
playing with her now, teasing round the clit, sucking open-mouthed
and rolling the long lips between hers before plunging her tongue
deep into the bubbling honeypot between Ambrosia's legs. And now
the pot was about to boil over as Ambrosia's loins bucked
hopelessly out of control and her small strong hands, both buried
in Sophie's hair, pulled her head urgently into her crotch.

'Oh yes, eat
me,' she yelled, 'eat me, suck me, lick me out, you gorgeous
cunt-sucker... OH!' And the stream of obscenities melted into an
incoherent howl of sexual release as she came spectacularly in
Sophie's face.

'The funny
thing is, Starkers,' she said a few moments later as she stroked
Sophie's dishevelled mass of hair, 'that was only meant to be an
examination of your technique.'

Sophie lifted
her head from the other's lap, her eyes huge and glistening in the
dim light. 'What do you mean, Ambrosia? Were you testing me

'Of course, my
darling. You passed with flying colours.'

'But why? Have
I got to go to bed with a woman?'

'Probably. If
you want to track down Danny Fretwork you may have to fuck more
than one.' She laughed ruefully. 'Lucky bitches.'





At first Billy
didn't realise quite what was going on. There was a funny bonging
noise and, more seriously, Tracy had frozen in the act of humping
gleefully on top of his straining cock.

'Oh shit,' she
said forcefully.


'It's someone
at the door.'

'So? Let them
come back later. We're busy.' And Billy squeezed the pliant buttock
in his grasp, urging her to continue what she had been doing so
deliciously well.

But Tracy
wasn't listening to him, she was already untwining her delectable
limbs from his.

'I think I
know who it is and she won't go away. If I don't answer she'll get
the manager to let her in, I know it.'

'Well, get rid
of her, Tracy, tell whoever it is they're interrupting a very
important meeting, which they are. Apart from anything else we're
discussing your movie career.'

This last
remark was born of desperation as Billy watched the big-titted
nymph pull on a robe and tuck those gorgeous knockers out of view.
His cock seemed a yard long and made of solid steel. He gestured at
it pathetically as he wailed, 'For God's sake, Tracy, you can't
leave me like this!'

She turned to
him from the door and hissed, 'Shut up, you berk - she mustn't know
you're here. I'll try and keep her out but if she comes in this
room she mustn't see any sign of you. Or that's the last poke
you'll get out of me.'

Then she was
gone, shutting the bedroom door behind her and Billy heard her call
out, 'Coming!' as she rushed to answer the insistent ring.

'Wish I bloody
was,' he muttered to himself as he pulled himself to his feet and
padded disconsolately to the bedroom door. He could already hear
voices on the other side.

'Pandora -
what are you doing here?' said Tracy. Pandora - the silly witch who
had rung up while he was being drowned in Tracy's bath. He might
have guessed.

'Darling, are
you all right? What did that bastard do to you?'

That must be
her, Maurice's pal and obviously a wild hysteric. She sounded like
one, all cut-glass vowels with no pauses for breath.

'I was so
worried. When Maurice told me he couldn't make it and you said
there was a man in your bathroom I felt this stab in my guts. I
felt so responsible. I just dropped everything and you know how
difficult it is at the moment—'


'So what
happened? Who was he? How did you get rid of the swine? You've got
to tell me everything.'

nothing to tell. He was just a fan and I let him in by

'Darling, I
knew it. I wish I'd been here, I shouldn't have left you.'

'It's OK.'

'No, it isn't.
Have you reported it to the management? Did you call the

'There's no

'Well, I'm
going to do it right now.'

'No, Pandy,

Just the
thickness of a door panel separated Billy from this conversation
and he was a fascinated though somewhat perturbed audience. Short
of a miracle there was no way Tracy was going to get rid of this
busybody in a hurry. The chances of him resuming his delightful
acquaintance with the multi-talented Ms Pert were shrinking as fast
as his recently rampant cock.

There was now
silence in the other room. Billy was puzzled. Obviously Tracy had
found some way of shutting the silly cow up and he wondered what it
was. There was a keyhole in the door. Billy dropped to his knees
and applied a curious eye.

The view was
not brilliant but it was good enough to reveal Tracy's means of
shutting Pandy's mouth. She was kissing it.

Billy's mind
was boggled and his eye was glued fast to the hole which afforded a
view of the large chintz sofa on the other side of the suite.
Sprawling across it was a tall slender woman dressed in flat shoes,
a denim skirt and a floppy white shirt that gave no indication of
her superstructure. Her dark hair was tied back off her face which,
from what he could see of it, was oval-shaped with a long nose and
big black eyes. But it was hard to make out what she really looked
like through the small but energetic form of Tracy who was kissing
her with the kind of zeal that Billy had recently become addicted

This, as they say, was something of a turn-up. Billy could see
the headlines in his mind's eye: 'Nation's Number One Sex Symbol Is
A Dyke', 'Topless Tracy Digs Girls', 'Britain's Bustiest Beauty
Swings Both Ways'. The
Daily Dog
would have a field day.

The embrace
was continuing even as Billy's mind raced with the implications of
the scene. Tracy had now removed the other girl's big round
spectacles and they were settling in for a comfortable snog. Pandy
had her hand inside Tracy's dressing gown and, in a trice, those
heavy free-swinging boobs were out in the open again and being
squeezed and hefted and pawed over once more, this time by female
hands. Evidently neither man nor woman could resist them. It could
just be, thought Billy, that Tracy's tits were the answer to all
her problems. Evidently Pandy had been sufficiently mollified by
them to prevent her calling the police.

'If only I
hadn't got this special assignment,' she was saying between
alternate kisses, left then right, on the uptilted tips of Tracy's
boobs. 'But you know how important it is to my career. I'm not
supposed to leave that woman for a moment, otherwise I'd be here to
look after you.'

'You mustn't
worry,' replied Tracy, 'I'm fine. I can look after myself better
than you. He was a harmless sod and I got rid of him with no

'But Tracy,
suppose he'd attacked you! I bet he wanted to. I can't stand the
way those men look at you, stripping you naked in their heads,
polluting your body in their minds. I bet he wanted to sully and
ransack every inch of your beautiful body!' She accompanied these
remarks by redoubling her assault on Tracy's luscious form, pulling
the dressing gown wide open and feverishly thrusting a hand between
Tracy's perfectly proportioned thighs.

Tracy sprung
back as if scalded, pulling the robe tightly around her as she did
so. Pandy looked anguished. Billy knew just how she felt.

BOOK: Lust on the Loose
3.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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