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'Oy, Pandy,
layoff. There's no time for any of that now. Haven't you got to get
back to work?'

'I've got a
couple of hours, actually. To be honest she's rather a nice woman.
She's promised to keep her head down till I get back. So why don't
we go to bed, darling? I've got time.'

That brought
Billy up short. Here he was, stark naked, with his clothes spread
halfway round the bathroom and soaking wet to boot. Frankly, he
didn't care two hoots about Pandy and would have strolled out under
her nose if it didn't mean all chances of getting his leg over
Tracy again would stroll out with him.

Behind the
door, the conversation had taken a new twist. Pandy was demanding
boudoir rights and Tracy was denying access to that facility.
Hysteria returned to Pandora's voice as she drew the obvious

'You've got a
man in there, haven't you?' she shrieked. 'That bastard never

Billy was
quick on his feet when he had to be. In fact, he took a
professional pride in it.

'The things I
do for a good screw,' he muttered to himself as, thirty seconds
later, he lay on his back beneath the bed, his once-beautiful new
suit now sopping wet and scrunched up beside him on one side, the
empty champagne bottle and two glasses on the other. And not a
moment too soon.

He heard the
bedroom door crash open with a bang and the sound of raised voices
suddenly silenced. Tracy spoke first in triumphant tones.

'See, Pandora
Britches! You wouldn't bloody listen. There's nobody else here.
Where's all this sisterhood you're always on about? "Men are pigs",
"You can only trust a woman" - all that. You obviously don't have
much faith in me.'

'Oh, Tracy,
I'm sorry,' said Pandy in contrite tones.

But Tracy
hadn't finished. 'You haven't looked in the wardrobe yet,' there
was the sound of banging doors, 'or under the bed.'

'You bloody
fool!' thought Billy as a hand flicked up the valance in front of
him and there, for a split second, was Tracy's pretty pouting face.
For the second time that day she winked at him and then was

Tracy,' cried Pandora, thoroughly repentant by now, 'I don't know
what came over me, I'm so, so sorry, my darling, I didn't mean to
doubt you...'

'Oh, shut up,
you daft cow,' said Tracy in gentler tones, 'it's all right. Why
don't you go next door and pour us a gin? I'm just going to take a
crap.' And on that unanswerable exit-line Billy heard her disappear
into the bathroom. Doubtless to wash the spunk out of her pussy, he
thought to himself in admiration. It was a pity, he reflected, that
she'd never get the chance to play Juliet Shakespeare - she'd be
bloody good.

The bed above
him sagged dangerously close to his nose as the defeated Pandy
flung herself upon it. A moment later he heard a sob catch softly
in her throat. Then another. And then came a torrent of tears. As
she cried, the bed above shook with her every tremor and Billy felt
his heart softening towards her. He fantasised about appearing from
beneath the bed and telling her she'd been had. He'd then proceed
to lend a shoulder to cry on and, in due course, other vital parts
of his anatomy to soothe the anguished female breast. From there it
would be easy to demonstrate the pleasures of the male-female
connection, perhaps even with the help of the pneumatic Tracy - who
was certainly taking her time. Punishing the silly bitch above him,
he thought, returning to the uncomfortable reality of his present
position as he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening.

'Pandy?' he
heard Tracy say, concern in her voice as she registered her
companion's distress.

A wail of pain
split the air and the mattress above Billy began to shake once
more. She was off again.

'Come on,
Pandy. Don't cry, my love... there's no need.'

The crying
took on a new intensity and the mattress suddenly dipped further
towards Billy as Tracy evidently chose to comfort the bawling woman
at close quarters. It seemed to work for the howling ceased almost
immediately to be replaced by a lot of snuffling and sniffing and

'There, that's
better,' said Tracy. 'How about that G and T, eh?'

'No,' Pandy's
voice was tear-stained and pathetic, 'let's stay here a moment.
It's nice like this.'

'I bet it
bloody is,' said Billy to himself. The artful cow, he knew just
what her game was.

Sure enough
there was a suspicious silence, broken finally by a slurping,
sticky kind of noise, as of two hungry mouths coming up for air.
Then a kind of scratchy, slithery noise as of clothing being
readjusted to allow lustful fingers access to sensitive portions of
anatomy. Billy could picture the anatomy in question; it had a
powerful effect on him. His cock had once more resumed rock-hard
rigidity, which seemed to be its perpetual state when in the
proximity of Tracy Pert.

Pandy,' he heard her say, 'we mustn't, we don't have time, I don't
feel like - oh!' More twisting and slithering noises. The mattress
above him seemed to flex and ripple.

'Oh God,
Pandy,' came Tracy's voice again, 'oh you are wicked!' And the
groans of a woman approaching orgasm split the air.

Beneath the
vibrating bed, Billy also groaned out loud. His mind racing with
carnal images of the love-making he could not see but could picture
with vivid clarity. His cock was a stiff and swollen bar that
reached painfully to his waist and cried out for release. How long
could this torment continue?

Above him,
Tracy came in a cacophony of pleasure and smoothed her hands up
Pandy's long slim legs to return the favour...





For a small
woman Ambrosia Spicer had a very large bed. Sophie reclined on it
luxuriously, her mass of auburn hair spread across the pillow, her
blouse open to reveal the swollen mounds of her sumptuous breasts,
her knees raised and parted as instructed. She was watching her
superior officer slowly divest herself of her clothes, taking her
time to smooth out the creases from her skirt and hang up her
petticoat and put away her shoes. There was something rather
dangerous about her, decided Sophie, dangerous and sexy. Her pale
flanks and sloping belly seemed to glow in the dim light and the
smudge of brown curls at the crest of her slit made her pussy mound
look especially large and prominent. Sophie stole a hand between
her legs and began to gently fondle her own sex fur. She had only
been to bed with a woman once before, she'd been drunk then and the
whole thing had been just a giggle. This was different. It was a
bit frightening.

'What are you
thinking about, Sophie?' asked Ambrosia, finally removing her
brassiere and turning to face her.

'I'm just
watching you. You're very lovely.'

'You like my
tits?' She jiggled them with her hands. 'When I was your age I
wanted them big like yours. But now I like them because they're too
small to fall.'

Ambrosia sat
beside Sophie on the bed and put her arms round her. 'What's up,
Starkers? All this girl stuff getting you down?'

'What did you
mean about me sleeping with other women? I know we're... I mean,
this is great but I don't usually—'



Sophie, I don't either. And neither did Patsy Fretwork until

'What's she
got to do with it?'

as well you know. To get Danny you're going to have to cosy up to
Patsy, she's the only reason he'll come back. We've been through
all this.'

'I know, but I
didn't realise I had to seduce Danny's wife!'

'Well, you might not have to. But to get to Patsy you have to
suck up to that snotty dyke on the
who has got her stashed away


'Exactly. There's nothing La Britches likes better than to
break in new converts to her kind of sisterhood. My information is
that she persuaded Patsy to spill the beans to the
by putting her
head up her skirt.'

'Good Lord, I
didn't think Patsy was like that.' Ambrosia chuckled throatily and
slid a hand between Sophie's legs. 'We're all like that if there's
nothing better on offer. And where Patsy's concerned, there

'So I've got
to do her too?'

inserted two fingers into Sophie's sticky cunt. 'You do what you
like provided you get Danny. I'm just suggesting a line of enquiry,
one you might rather enjoy. God, you're soaking down there.'

'That's not
surprising, considering what you're doing.'

'You have an
insatiable quim, Sophie Starkers. How would you like something long
and hard up it?'


'Like a thick
meaty dick.'

'I don't
believe you have anything of that nature about your person,

'Look in that
drawer. On your side of the bed.'

'You haven't
got a vibrator?'

better. It's a piece of equipment that's more impressive than Danny
Fretwork's. It's the final test to see if you're up to this special

'Oh God,
Ambrosia,' exclaimed Sophie as she extracted the false penis from
the bedside table drawer, 'it's obscene!'

'Pricks tend
to be. So do dildos.'

Ambrosia took
the object from Sophie and strapped it round her so that, from out
of her loins, sprang the incongruous sight of a false penis curving
wickedly upwards beyond her belly button. It was bright pink,
fantastically veined and ribbed, capped with a puce head the size
of a fat ripe plum.

'What do you
think?' asked Ambrosia, waggling the great truncheon with an
experimental thrust of her hips. 'Think you can take it?'

'Do I have a

Ambrosia did
not reply but knelt between Sophie's legs and carefully spread
apart her swollen rose-coloured labia. Slowly and tantalisingly she
ran her wet fingers around the top of the pretend penis, then up
and down its shaft. Taking careful aim at the gaping pussy hole
before her she asked, 'Are you ready, Starkers?'

Sophie's big
eyes were smouldering with unspoken need and her whole body was
trembling with anticipation. But her voice was loud and firm as she
cried out, 'For God's sake, Ambrosia, get on with it! Shove it up
and fuck me silly!'

For once, her
superior officer was only too happy to obey.





Britches came many times before she went, though not nearly as
often as Tracy. In his uncomfortable position beneath the bed,
Billy reacted to every howl and moan of pleasure, to every shift of
limb and to every sticky sucky sound made by the two randy women
lying just inches above him. To be so near and yet so far was
torture itself. Each climax sent an electric thrill through his
aching cock and in the silence that followed he waited anxiously
for sounds to indicate that the lovers had had enough. But
inevitably the silence was filled by a giggle or a whispered
endearment, then by a kiss or a slap and the pair of them would be
at it again, moaning and growling and making those squishy sex
noises that drove him wild with longing. As he listened, a truly
captive audience, his cock twitched and drooled, the juices pooling
and drying on his belly in an itchy sticky mess. Above him the
awe-inspiring pageant of female lust played on interminably.

There was not
much conversation. Every so often Pandy said, 'I really must go
now,' causing Billy's hopes to rise - only for them to be dashed as
the grunts and gurgles of girl-fucking were resumed.

At last the
sound of breathless goodbyes, followed by the click of the bedroom
door, signalled Billy's liberation.

He crawled out
from his hiding place and surveyed the scene of the debauch. Tracy
was sprawled naked across the ruined bed, the sheets in a tangle,
the pillows on the floor. Her whole body was rosy and glowing, as
if marked with the fingerprints of her lately departed lover. Her
big beautiful breasts lolled seductively, the twin saucers of the
areolae dark pink smudges in the dim light, the nipples swollen and
erect. The sparse blonde curls of her pussy were plastered stickily
together revealing the pink and puffy folds beneath. The musk of
female passion was thick in the air. Billy felt distinctly left

Tracy gazed
blearily at him. 'I'm sorry, Billy, I just couldn't get rid of

'It didn't
sound as if you tried too hard. To be honest, Tracy, I'm a bit
surprised at you. The Working Man's Number One Wanton having it off
with another woman. I'm shocked.'

Tracy smiled feebly at him - at both ends. Billy gazed at her with
undisguised longing. Her behaviour had not rendered her any the
less desirable. Rather the reverse. His cock swung in front of him
like a boom, even more painfully stiff than it had been at any
point during the whole ordeal.

'You do look
funny,' said Tracy. 'How long are you going to stand their pointing
that great big thing at me? Why don't you come here and give me a

'I'll say this
for you, Tracy,' said Billy as he snuggled down beside her and
wrapped his arms around her delicious dimpled form, 'you've got
some stamina. It sounded to me as if that Pandora had finished you
off for good.'

'Oh, belt up. I'm partial to the girls if you must know but I
just can't do without
,' and as she said it she swung a
leg over Billy's hip and cunningly captured the bulb of his
cock-head in the nook of her crotch. Billy needed no further
invitation and slid sweetly inside her to the hilt in one smooth
rush till they were joined belly to belly.

BOOK: Lust on the Loose
4.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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