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Chapter Nine

The next day Glitterwings Academy was abuzz with excitement. First there had been the drama of Twink and the wasp, and now their projects were due! The Great Branch was filled with items of every shape and description – beautiful paintings, petal sheets of music, cunning new inventions. The fairies ran from one to the other, exclaiming with delight.

‘Oh, Bimi!' cried Twink when she saw her friend's completed project. ‘It's wonderful!' The tapestry seemed alive, sparkling with images that told the history of the fairies in bright, dancing colours.

‘It's really OK, isn't it?' said Bimi with a grin.

‘Better than OK – it's completely glimmery!' Twink ran a finger over Queen Mab's wings, admiring the delicate stitching. ‘I wish I'd had time to do a project, too,' she said wistfully. ‘I'm the only fairy in the whole school who didn't.'

Bimi laughed. ‘At least you didn't try to scrape something together at the last minute, like Mariella! She looks as sick as a fly now.'

Twink bit back a smile. Mariella was standing beside a hastily scribbled drawing with a sour expression on her face. Sooze high-kicked her way past her, showing off her dance. ‘What's wrong, Mosquito Nose? Doesn't anyone love

‘Oh, flap off,' snapped Mariella. ‘At least I'm not going to get expelled, like
fairies!' She and Lola collapsed into giggles as Twink winced.

‘Ignore them,' whispered Bimi.

Twink tried to smile. ‘She's probably right, though, isn't she?'

‘Your attention!' called Miss Shimmery from the front of the Great Branch. ‘Everyone be seated, please!'

The HeadFairy stood on a large blue mushroom that Miss Petal had grown for her. Her injured wing, though well on the mend, still looked slightly crumpled in the light of the glow-worms.

‘Now then,' smiled Miss Shimmery once everyone was seated. ‘I think we can all agree that the projects are an amazing success. Please give yourselves a big round of flutters!'

The fairies cheered, clapping their wings together. The flowers over each table danced in the sudden breeze, and Twink felt her breath catch. It was so beautiful here! How could she bear it if she had to leave Glitterwings for ever?

‘It's been a difficult choice, but we've decided on the winners from each year,' continued Miss Shimmery. ‘Mrs Lightwing, would you announce the first-year winners?'

Mrs Lightwing shot up into the air, hovering above the platform. Trying to hide her smile, she said, ‘The third-place winner for the first year is . . . Jani Sunbeam, who made a beautiful water fountain for the Common Branch! Come and get your sparkle mark, Jani.'

A small green-haired fairy from Snowdrop Branch flitted to the platform with a broad grin on her face. Mrs Lightwing handed her a shimmering silver star.

‘Well done, Jani – it's both beautiful and practical. Now, fly up and add the sparkle mark to your branch's flower!'

Jani's wings hummed as she took off. Hovering beside the white snowdrop that hung over her branch's table, she flung the tiny star at it. Immediately, the star started circling about the flower, leaving a gleaming silver trail in its wake.

The Snowdrop Branch fairies cheered loudly. Their sparkle mark would shine until the end of term, letting everyone know their branch had done well.

‘Second place,' said Mrs Lightwing. She paused, and looked down at the Daffodil Branch table. Twink froze as their year head's eyes met her own.

‘Twink Flutterby!' announced Mrs Lightwing.

The Branch went silent. ‘But – but I didn't do anything,' stammered Twink in bewilderment.

‘Come to the front, Twink,' said Miss Shimmery. Twink flew to the platform in a daze.

Miss Shimmery turned and addressed the school. ‘Although Twink didn't officially do a project, we've decided that what she
do – taking care of the injured wasp who you all saw yesterday – was just as much for the betterment of the school. Because of her, we've seen that wasps and fairies
be friends – and therefore, our old hatreds need to be challenged.'

Twink felt her cheeks redden. ‘But – but that's not why I did it. I just –'

Miss Shimmery smiled. ‘Of course not, Twink. But you've given us all a lot to think about, and you deserve your sparkle mark.'

She motioned to Mrs Lightwing, who handed Twink a silver star. Twink gazed in wonder as the star gleamed brightly in her hand.

‘Well done, girl,' said Mrs Lightwing, clapping her on the shoulder. ‘And by the way, that was a nice piece of healing magic you did on the wasp's wing, too!'

‘But – aren't I going to be expelled?' asked Twink. ‘I broke so many rules!'

‘No, Twink,' said Miss Shimmery gently. ‘Rules are extremely important, but you shouldn't follow them blindly. Sometimes they have to be broken to do what's right. You followed your heart, and taught us all something as a result.'

Twink nodded slowly, taking it in.

‘And I have this for you, too.' The HeadFairy handed Twink a rolled-up rose petal. ‘It's a letter to you from your parents. We wrote to them by special moth-delivery last night, to tell them what happened.'

Her parents! Twink gulped as she took the letter. ‘What did they say?'

A twinkle lit Miss Shimmery's eyes. ‘They were as amazed as I was at how wrong one's perceptions can sometimes be.'

Twink frowned in confusion. Miss Shimmery laughed. ‘They're very proud of you, my dear – as are we!'

Her parents were proud of her! A warm glow tingled through Twink. ‘There's just one thing I don't understand,' she said. ‘Why was Stripe able to call to me, when wasps can't do magic?'

Miss Shimmery squeezed her shoulder. ‘Friendship has a magic of its own, Twink. Stripe needed you desperately at that moment – and so you were able to hear him. Now, go and add your sparkle mark to your flower!'

Her thoughts in a whirl, Twink flitted into the air and tossed her star at the daffodil. It sped about the flower, leaving a shimmering trail behind it. The Branch erupted into thunderous wing-clapping as Twink flew back to her seat.



Bimi hugged her tightly, bouncing on her mushroom. ‘Oh, Twink! I'm so glad!'

‘Imagine,' grinned Sooze, flipping back her lavender hair. ‘All that sneaking about, and you get a sparkle mark for it!'

Twink glanced up at her star and laughed happily. ‘I know – daft, isn't it!' She clutched the letter from her parents, eager to be alone so she could read it. But for now, it was enough to know that they were proud of her.

‘Well, I think you deserve it, Opposite,' Sooze went on. ‘But I bet some fairies, who shall remain
aren't so pleased.'
Everyone laughed as Mariella and Lola scowled.

‘We still have one more prize for the first year!' called Mrs Lightwing. ‘The first-place winner is . . .' she paused dramatically, scanning her students, ‘Bimi Bluebell, for her wonderful tapestry!'

‘Oh!' Bimi started, covering her mouth with her hands.



‘Go on!' said Twink, pushing her shoulder. She watched proudly as her friend flew to the platform, looking stunned and disbelieving as Mrs Lightwing handed her a shining star.

‘It's a real work of art, Bimi!' said Miss Shimmery warmly. ‘With your permission, we'd like to hang it in the Great Branch permanently, for all of our future students to enjoy.'

Bimi's face blazed poppy-red. ‘I – yes, of course!' she gasped. ‘But – but not just yet. It's not finished.'

‘Not finished?' Miss Shimmery frowned. ‘But it's perfect!'

Bimi shook her head. ‘No, not yet. You see, I've shown the Great Wasp Wars, and – and now there's more to the story. I need to add a bit at the end, showing Twink and Stripe.'

Twink sat up straight, her pointed ears burning as she stared at Bimi. Emotion surged through her. She and Stripe, on a tapestry together for ever, for all of the Glitterwings students to see!

Miss Shimmery smiled in understanding. ‘Yes, please do,' she said. ‘And then we'll be proud to have it on our wall.'

The Branch cheered again as Bimi added her star to Twink's and then sat down, her face on fire.

‘Thanks,' whispered Twink. She couldn't say anything else, but she knew Bimi understood. Overhead, the two stars danced together, weaving silver trails.

‘Don't thank
,' said Bimi softly. ‘You're the one who was brave enough to rescue Stripe, no matter what the rest of us said.'

Twink nodded, unable to speak. She looked at the window, missing Stripe despite herself. Where was he tonight? Flying in the moonlight with his parents, perhaps, or maybe snuggled up safely in his home.

Bimi squeezed her hand. ‘He's thinking of you, too,' she whispered.

Twink smiled gratefully at her. And she knew with all her heart that it was true. No matter how old they got, or where their lives might take them . . . she and Stripe would be friends for ever.


The End


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BOOK: Friends Forever
5.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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