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Decatur the Vampire

BOOK: Decatur the Vampire
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Decatur the Vampire

Amarinda Jones


A vampire watches Marduk’s every move. Decatur wants her. He needs her, and not just because a madman decrees it. In the three hundred and fifty years he has walked the planet, no woman has ever affected him like Marduk. The lust Decatur feels grips him—he’s ready to take her, possess her, body and soul.

Marduk’s not sure what’s going on. A dream lover takes her in a way that leaves her gasping and crying out for more. And then there’s the vampire. Who is he? What does he want from her and why can’t she say no to the sinfully sexual pleasure he offers? Overcoming the odds against them for a love that burns like fire is her one desire.

An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication

Decatur the Vampire

ISBN 9781419924705


Decatur the Vampire © Copyright 2009 Amarinda Jones

Edited by Helen Woodall

Cover art by Syneca

Electronic book publication December 2009

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.


Amarinda Jones



Whosoever shall not fall by the sword or by famine shall fall by pestilence, so why bother shaving?

—Woody Allen


Exactly. So have another chocolate or seven.




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: Paramount Pictures Corporation


Chapter One

“Jeez, let this be over soon,” Marduk Howell mumbled under her breath as the man pounding his balls against her ass did not let up for one second. Her knees hurt, she was hot and sweaty and there was no way Marduk was even close to having an orgasm.
A woman just knows. This was a huge mistake.
Sex and loneliness did not mix.

“Oh man, I’m going to come.”

It’s good to know one of us is feeling something from this.
Marduk was sure that boredom and frustration were neither sexual nor orgasmic. “Just hurry up.”

“What’s that, sweetie?” the man asked as his body ground hard against hers as he sought satisfaction.

They had met in a bar about two hours ago. Marduk had been filled with the need to touch and hold and be held in strong, male arms. Normally she was not the type for meaningless sex but sometimes cravings could not be ignored. This man—
what was his name again?
—had looked pretty good and said all the right things, at least they seemed right after two glasses of white wine. While Marduk wasn’t drunk, she was lonely.
And clearly stupid.

Marduk gritted her teeth, waiting for this incessant pummeling to be over. How was it possible to feel nothing? Oh, he was inside her all right and while it was true she hadn’t had sex for a long time Marduk had a vague recollection that it felt better than this. This was just like someone continuously tapping her on the shoulder asking for attention.
You live and learn.



Decatur’s cock was hard as he watched the couple. “Oh darling, you are wasted on him.” He could see her gritted teeth and the bored look in her eyes. Decatur understood sex very well. All vampires did. He understood the need to be crazy and out of control but boredom wasn’t part of it. Bored was bad and a self-defeating waste of time. “So why are you with this loser, Marduk?” Decatur wondered what she would think if she knew that not only had he been watching her for over a week but he also knew her name and was contemplating her now. “It would probably freak her out.” Decatur assessed her round ass and bouncing breasts. Marduk Howell was the sort of lush, curvaceous woman he enjoyed pursuing. She was also sassy, sexy and smart—well, normally. That she had chosen this guy made Decatur wonder. “But she doesn’t know
yet. That will change. And, darling, you will never look so jaded again.” He ran his tongue over the sharp points of his fangs. Normally they stayed hidden unless he was sexually aroused or angry. It was impossible to be anything but aroused when watching Marduk.

Up until now, Decatur had only seen Marduk fully clothed and he had wondered what was underneath the layers she hid behind. It was better than he imagined. Full suckable breasts, hips a man could hold on to as he made love to her and thighs that made him want to bite and suck. “And how I want to suck you, darling.” Decatur could almost taste her sweet flesh and that first incision into her skin and the vein beneath. And her blood? “To savor you would be ambrosia.” He knew in his heart, once he tasted Marduk, he would never want another. The idea of that both puzzled and pleased him. It had been so long since any woman had moved him both physically and mentally. In his world, sex was abundant, but true lovers with minds that matched were rare.

Decatur barked out a laugh as he watched the man come against Marduk. She looked relieved as she blew out a breath that made her bangs lift. Decatur would never leave a woman to feel like that. Women were to be appreciated and savored and only when they were satisfied did a vampire seek his own release. But that was vampire code and not something all mortal men understood. “Don’t worry, my darling. It will soon be different.” Even as he said the words, Decatur wondered about them.
How have I gone from fighting the need for this woman to knowing it could only ever be her?
He clenched his fist and breathed deeply. As there were so many reasons she was right for him, the reasons she was wrong were equal in number. But now was not the time to think about the prison he had been forced into. “I will escape it,” Decatur declared under his breath as he watched Marduk scramble for her clothes, clutching them against her as she all but shoved the half-dressed man out the door.

Marduk slammed the door shut and leaned against it. “Never, ever,
will I do that again.” She smacked her forehead lightly. “You are an idiot. One cock does not an orgasm make.”

Unseen, Decatur followed Marduk as she moved down the hall mumbling to herself. He found that cute. Not many women of his acquaintance chastised themselves over a simple mistake. To Decatur, that’s all it was. She had felt the need for sex and it didn’t work out as she planned. “It will be very different for you soon, darling.” There were so many reasons Decatur knew he should walk out the door and never touch this woman. “But I like danger.” That was his biggest problem. Danger had a habit of finding him and Decatur liked to play with it.

He followed Marduk into the bathroom. There she dropped her defense of clothes and headed for the shower cubicle. “Damn, I want in.” That plump ass alone made his cock jerk in anticipation. With a wave of his hand, Decatur was also naked, slipping in behind her as she shut the clear glass door and turned on the shower. It would be so easy to make himself visible to Marduk, to take her in his arms and make love to her until she couldn’t stand without his assistance. “Oh yeah, I want that.” His heart beat frantically being so close to the lush body he longed to touch and taste. When he saw her reach for the long, thick, pink dildo that was on the shelf beside the shampoo, he smiled. “Oh darling, if only I could do that for you.” Decatur’s eyes locked on her gleaming, wet breasts as she turned toward him. “I love pink nipples.” Once more his tongue touched his fangs and he smiled. “I can’t let this lady go unfulfilled a moment longer.”



Marduk stiffened. She had the strangest feeling that someone was at her back. She turned around but no one was there in the cool, white shower cubicle. “Yet I can feel someone—and now I’m talking to myself. Great. Just great.” Marduk closed her eyes as the water gently massaged her back and ass. “To think I let that man—what’s-his-name—do that to me. What the hell was I thinking?” Of course Marduk knew the answer to that. “I wasn’t thinking. I was acting on impulse and that always ends messily.” She turned around so her breasts took the full force of the water. “I need a man. A real man and not one who learned sex by numbers.”

Marduk sighed and dropped her head back and that’s when she felt it. She jumped forward in shock. “What the—” A nice, hard, long cock was prodding her ass. She whirled around but no one was there. “I’m clearly so desperate I’m imagining things. Want cock? Dream cock. If only it was that simple.” It wasn’t like Marduk was looking for forever. “I just want a screaming, hot orgasm that drives me to my knees begging for more.” Marduk turned back and reached for her pink imitation cock and soaped it up. “Is that too much for any woman to ask for?” She looked at the soapy plastic in her hand. “I want so much more than pretend.”

And that’s when she felt the cock once more against her butt. There was no mistaking the feeling. Marduk shrieked and spun around on her heel. In so many ways she wanted to see a man all hot, wet and naked behind her. She wanted a cock but on her terms. But there was no one. Marduk blew out a sigh. “Get a grip, woman. It’s not like sex has ever been that good anyway.” Occasionally it had come close to being average but most of the time her faithful pink plastic friend had gotten her where she needed to go. “Okay, just shower, have another glass or three of wine and go to bed.”

This time when her ass collided with the cock that was not all she felt. There was also the warm, soft feeling of a man’s breath against her neck and large, strong hands sliding over her wet, slippery hips. Marduk was paralyzed by both fear and excitement. A more rational person would have snapped off the water and gotten out of the shower and assessed the situation. They would not have pushed their ass back for more. And she got it. Those unseen hands descended on her pussy, accepting her submission. “Who are you?” The words came out in barely a whisper as her legs parted instinctively. The hand holding the vibrator shook as Marduk felt the heat of a male body suddenly slam tight against her. “Oh boy.” This was what she wanted. Hard, male strength completely overwhelming her. Marduk wanted to be taken by man who knew what he was doing when it came to fucking a woman. She pushed back into the muscled expanse as what felt like long fingers began stroking her clit. Marduk moaned. She was so needy she was happy to give in to whatever this was. It was a dream then so be it.

“It’s not a dream, darling.”

Marduk gasped at the low, male voice that reverberated against her ear. “I—”


Did dreams shush you?

“Don’t think. Just be.”

That sounded so good. It felt so good.
And why am I accepting this?
Marduk didn’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural. Why now and why her?
Unless I’m dreaming. That has to be it.
“Who are you?”

“I am the only man who will ever love you.” He wrapped one arm around her waist as the fingers on his other hand stroked her clit. “Just give in to what you feel.”

Oh, I want to.
“This can’t be real.” Nothing this good could be.

“Why not?”

The tongue that stroked the skin of her neck made Marduk close her eyes and sigh.
Who cares if it’s real?
The talented fingers between her legs made her tremble with wet, hot need. “Because I’m going to come.” The sound of his amusement made her shiver. It was so possessive and sexy.

“Is coming a bad thing?”

“I never come.” Well, technically she sort of came when she did it herself but to Marduk that wasn’t sex. That was desperation fueled by hormones and too much chocolate had the same effect on her.

“Ever?” He stilled his fingers and sounded surprised.

“No, and it’s just typical I’m hallucinating.” Marduk’s butt ground against her invisible lover’s cock and balls.
Whatever that wine was I was drinking, I’m buying more of that tomorrow—maybe a case of twelve.
The pink vibrator fell to the floor and rattled around madly on the tiles.

BOOK: Decatur the Vampire
13.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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