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“I have been watching you,” he said out of the blue.

I looked up at him.

“With the men,” he continued.

I did not mention that I had suspected as much.

“I hated to see them with you, yet I could not take my gaze off you. Your body, the way it moved, your face, the pure joy written upon it as you found release.”

“My body is all yours tonight. Do with it what your heart desires.”

I opened his pants, pushing my hand inside his underwear. I kissed him and then playfully bit him on the lower lip as I teased the tip of his shaft.

He suddenly stood, pushing my hand aside. I thought perhaps he had changed his mind, but he eased his pants and underwear over his hips, letting them fall down his legs.

His cock and balls, as I had expected, were bigger than average. I reached up and touched his dick, wiping away a bead of his pre-cum. He was more beautiful than I had first thought.

I stood as he kicked away his pants, took off his shirt, and without protest, let me lead him to my bedroom. I lit two candles while he sat on the bed.

“Undress for me,” he said.

I unbuttoned my blouse, pulling each of the pieces to one side so he could see my lace undergarment. I slipped off my skirt and petticoats, letting them fall to the floor. He beckoned me over, grabbing me by the waist before I got to him.

Mark buried his face in my upper belly and chest. He grabbed my ass and then roughly pulled down my undergarments before reaching up and tearing my bodice from my body. I now stood naked before him.

“I heard one of the men ask you to pleasure yourself. Would you do that for me too?”

I pushed my hand between my legs, touching my clit with my index and middle fingers, watching Mark’s cock grow harder with each swirl I took.

“Do not come. I want to do that for you,” he said.

He reached out, pulling my hand from my thighs. I spread my legs as his fingers glided over my clit and folds and then into my pussy. I shuddered, because they were cold, and they were also large and long.

“Come for me, come for me,” he said as he finger fucked me.

I would do anything he asked. This time I did not have to fantasize about being with him because now I had the real thing. I held his shoulders. The muscles strained against my fingers as pleasure stirred in my thighs. I dug my toes against the wood floor, throwing my head back and crying when he brought about my wonderful release.

“I want to see your pussy up close,” said Mark, grabbing me and pushing me down onto the bed.

He stood, picked up one of the candles and held it above my body. I spread my legs, feeling him open my labia with one hand while he still held the candleholder in the other. He wiped away the juices that had seeped from me and then held his fingers to the light. They glistened.

“Was it good?” he asked.

“Your fingers have a magic touch.”

No lies, no playing games like I do with the men. This was real. This was the truth.

“Turn over onto your side.”

He put the candle down, and I turned onto my right side, feeling Mark get onto the bed and slide up beside me.

“My cock likes it when a lady is on her side,” he whispered.

“How many women have you been with, I mean, apart from your wife?”

“Four before I married her.”

He slapped my buttocks before sliding his hands over the right cheek and down my crack. Mark pushed my leg forward. The tip of his cock teased my pussy opening, exciting me in a way I never thought possible.

He kissed the back of my earlobe, flicking his tongue across it and then down onto my neck. Mark grabbed both my nipples, pulling them while he ran his tongue along my shoulder blade. This felt so different to the men who paid me to be with them. Rough but yet tender. A man who caressed my body as if he worshipped it and was not just paying for the pleasure. How I had missed this sort of intimate contact.

It seemed as if he were taking forever to enter me, his cock sitting at the entrance with me getting so desperate I wanted to reach behind me, grab his shaft and shove it inside.

And then it happened. He speared me, taking me by surprise, making me grab the bed clothes and bunch them with my fists. His body slapped against mine, and despite the chill in the room, his sweat dripped onto my back He was rough and hard, and he was a man in desperate need of release. Men are often like this when they hire my services while their wives are pregnant and they are in need of a fuck.

I closed my eyes as his cock touched the back of my pussy. It felt so right, so perfect, for me to be doing this with a man who was not a client, who was not paying me for the privilege of using my body for an hour or so.

I raked my hands across the bedclothes while feeling a stirring in my thighs. I was on a ride to the pinnacle of an orgasm. I tried to hold on to the feeling for as long as I could, but finally let my release wash over me. A tear ran down my cheek. I wished he could find me another way to make a living. And for him to be in my bed every night when I returned home from that job.

Mark slid out of me, turning me over onto my back. I reached up and stroked his face. He had grown even more handsome since the day I had seen him at Sir Michael’s house. He pushed my legs apart as he wedged his body in between my thighs. This time he entered me quickly and hard, riding me, pushing my body up to meet his. He was clearly a man who knew what he wanted, and I knew that was to find his own sweet release.

As I raised my buttocks and then wrapped my legs around his hips, his cock was forced backward, sending my body into dire need for more pleasure. I gasped as, not one but two climaxes, washed over me.

Mark’s breathing became labored, and he squeezed his eyes shut and then cried out before a warmth spread throughout my pussy. He did not move, did not slide out of me, but rested against my body, his cheek next to mine. I even heard his heart beating. I wrapped my arms around him, hoping this moment would last forever, and that neither of us would ever have to move.

However, he finally slid out of me and flopped over onto his back yet still close to my thigh. “Thank you,” he said.

“No, thank you,” I said. “You brought my body lots of pleasure, and it was nice to feel it without the pressure of having to make a man feel good.”

“You did make me feel good, both physically and mentally.”

I shivered, suddenly cold now that our bodies were no longer intertwined. He obviously felt the chill too, because he pulled the bed sheet up over us.

“Can I make you something hot to drink?” he asked.

“I should be doing that for you.”

“I am an expert tea maker.”

“Then yes, I would like that.” He got up to leave the room. “Mark, if you would like, you can spend the night in my bed.”

Chapter Ten


He made me toast as well as tea. Perfect, with lots of butter melting gently on the top. We ate, drank and leaned against the wall at the back of the bed.

“Would you do me a favor tomorrow?” he asked.

“What is that?” I pushed my shoulders down under the blanket for warmth.

“Would you take a day off and not be with one single man?”

Normally I would have said no, but my earnings had been high enough the last few weeks I could go just one day without money coming in.

“Very well, but it can only be for one day, and I would like to buy my son some toys for Christmas.”

I knew perhaps I should not have said it, because maybe it would make him think of the child he had lost.

“Christmas is an odd thing,” he said. “It can be a joyous occasion and yet it can bring sorrow to those without money or a family.” He downed the last of the tea.

“Then spend it with me and my son.”

He shook his head. “I could not. Thank you, but no.”

I hung my head, thinking for some stupid moment that he would be my knight in shining armor. Not only keeping me safe but whisking me off to a life I had only ever dreamed about.

He put his tea cup down and then got under the covers with me.

“You can have my body all night if you like. That was not just a one-time treat for you,” I said.


* * * *


This was what a normal life would be like? One I once had but had lost as easily as I had found it. I ran my hand over the tin toy solider, anticipating what my son’s face would look like when he opened the box on Christmas morning and saw this nestled inside. I glanced across the store at Mark, who looked at a jack-in-the-box, and I knew this was what my life could become. A family again. A man to keep me safe and warm at night. My little boy living with me every day. Him going on to do better things than I ever had.

Mark looked my way and lifted the jack-in-the-box and nodded. I had done well these past six months, and could afford more than the paltry ball I had purchased Sam last Christmas.

I walked over to Mark, toy soldier in my hand. “I think I will buy him this, the jack-in-the-box and a teddy bear. He has never had one of those. Every child needs one.”

“He is going to be a very lucky lad come Christmas morning.”


* * * *


Mrs. Siebert waited for me when we returned home later that day. My clients were once hers until she slipped under the hooves and wheel of a hansom cab on Regents Street. Her spirit had mended, but never her body. She still dragged her leg and hid the scar on her face with a half veil.

“How well you look, Emma,” she said, hugging me.

“And you too.” She looked at Mark. “This is a detective who is keeping a close eye on me. You probably heard about Sir Michael?”

“Yes, it does not take long for news like that to travel around town. Such a terrible thing, but at least you have a man to keep watch over you.”

“Mark, this is Mrs. Siebert, my mentor in the escort business.”

“So pleased to meet you, sir.”

“Will you not come in for tea?” I asked her.

“I cannot stop, but I just wanted to give you details about a new client who approached me. I told him you are now the young woman to see.”

I opened the door, and had Mrs. Siebert go ahead, followed by Mark. I took off my hat and laid it on the couch.

Mrs. Siebert took out a slip of paper from her bag. “His name is Edward, and he is a well-known banker in the city.” Mark left the room and headed back into the hallway as Mrs. Siebert continued. “I told him you would be happy to help him with his needs. He has asked that you call upon him tomorrow at noon. The address is on the paper, and he is very willing to pay the top price for your services.”

“Thank you for thinking of me yet again.”

“You know you were always my best girl in the business. A good friend to me as I recovered from my injuries. Now I must go as I fear it is going to snow again.”

I walked Mrs. Siebert out and then saw Mark sitting, looking at the toys I had purchased.

“I assume you will meet with this client tomorrow.”

I rested my hand on his shoulder. “It is my job like it is your job to watch out for me.”

“Then can I have you again before he does?”

Chapter Eleven


“I have never done this before, so I might not bring you any sort of pleasure,” Mark told me before spreading my legs wide apart.

“I think you will do just fine.”

He ran his fingers over my folds, spreading my pussy lips apart. Soon his mouth was upon them, his lips pressed up against my opening, his tongue snaking its way inside me. I bucked a little, feeling as if my body already experienced a new sort of thrill.

He flicked his tongue at the very edge of my pussy, causing me to run my nails along the bed sheets. Mark held down my thighs as if he sensed I would wiggle and buck again. He speared me with his tongue, which made me close my eyes. I saw stars as he licked and flicked, each little movement bringing me nearer to my release.

Mark rubbed my thighs back and forth, bringing about a tingling sensation that traveled into my pussy, intensifying its sensitivity. I climaxed, feeling such relief I held my hands over my mouth, then took a deep breath. For once in my life I was speechless. He rolled onto his back, pulling me up onto his thighs. He lifted his cock, enabling me to impale myself upon it.

We did not say a word, but held hands, our two palms facing one another and locked, as I rode him. It had always been my favorite position to have sex, but I had seldom been given the chance to ride a man quite like this. Mark pushed his fingers into my pubic hair and massaged my clit as I lifted my thighs and pushed down harder, whining and groaning while not being sure what would bring me nearer to release—his thumb action or his cock deep within me.

I almost could not breathe as my toes tingled and my pussy ached and almost pleaded with me to allow it release. I finally came, calling out and hoping none of my neighbors had heard me. No one knows my trade, so I did not fear them thinking I had brought business to their door, but I had always been a private person.

Mark lifted me, and soon I was on my belly on the bed, his hands roaming over my ass cheeks, separating them so he could enter my pussy from behind.

He rode me this time, hard and fast, stroking my back as his breathing became more labored. I caressed the pillow, finding the strength to lift myself to meet his thrusts. We were both hot and perspiration trickled between my breasts as another climax took control of my body. I made a fist and bit down on my knuckles.

Mark cried out, wailed almost, before filling my pussy with a warmth I had grown to love. I turned my head so my left cheek rested on the bed. He laid upon my back. I tightened my pussy, milking him until he could give no more.

He pushed my hair to one side and kissed my face. “Has anyone ever told you that you are the most beautiful girl in London?”

No one ever had, and that was what made his words so special.

Chapter Twelve


He did not want me to visit the new client the next day. He had not said anything, but I could read it in his face. Pain almost as I approached the door of the house.

BOOK: Copper
6.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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