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Teddy kissed me while Nigel ran his hands over my ass. They walked me over to the bed where Nigel sat and Teddy got behind me. Nigel leaned back on his elbows with his already erect cock sitting up, waiting for my mouth. I leaned over, resting my hands on the mattress, licking its head before slipping it over my tongue. Teddy ran his hand down my crack, quickly finding my pussy opening. His long middle finger went inside me.

“Is she doing her job well today?” Teddy asked Nigel.

“This girl can do no wrong,” said Nigel.

“In that case a reward,” said Teddy, slipping another finger inside me.

I once again thought of Mark as I took more of Nigel into my mouth.

“Steady on, you’ll bite the thing off, and then where will I be?” asked Nigel.

I had not realized I had almost bitten him until he had spoken.

“Is she hot and wet?” asked Nigel.

“Boiling,” said Teddy. He removed his fingers, and Nigel pulled out of my mouth.

He got off the bed and stood beside Teddy as the two spanked me. Would Mark like to do this sort of thing? I imagined him blushing.

The men stopped and climbed onto the bed, each setting their heads on pillows. I got up on it and crawled toward them and kneeled in between them, grabbing both their cocks and running my hands up and down their shafts.

“Who is going to have her first today?” asked Teddy.

“I am.”

Nigel grabbed me and flung me onto my back. He quickly entered me as Teddy lay beside us, pulling on my nipples. I brought my legs up and crossed them over Nigel’s ass, allowing him to slide deep.

Mark was inside me. I was positive I saw him over my body, driving deep within me. I cried out, as I came. And then my pussy pulled, and I could not catch my breath as another one built.

Someone watched us. The door was slightly ajar, and I was positive I saw someone’s eyes through the crack. Mark?

Nigel found his own release and soon Teddy was on his back, encouraging me to straddle him. He lifted his cock, and as always, I impaled myself on it, leaning toward him as I rode him. Nigel stroked my back as I bounced on Teddy’s legs.

I should have been paying attention to my clients, but instead I looked over my shoulder. Someone was definitely watching us.

Nigel slapped my ass, and I rode Teddy harder, my breasts bouncing up and down as I thought of Mark inside me. I tightened my pussy allowing Teddy’s cock to push against my walls, and my climax built. I lifted my chin and cried out, having one of the best orgasms since I had worked as an escort.

I could not continue and pulled off Teddy and then lay on my back, trying to get my breath back and my mind off Mark.

“I am sorry. I felt a little lightheaded,” I told the two men.

“Oh dear, how about some water? I can open the window,” suggested Nigel.

“No, and if you do not mind, I think I will have to cut our appointment short. No charge for today,” I said, getting up off the bed.

“Of course.”

I dressed quickly, looking at the door and seeing no one there. Was I so obsessed with Mark my mind played games with me?

Chapter Seven


It was now or never, and that night back at my house, I walked out without my robe and stood in front of Mark. He got up to cover me with his coat, but I stopped him.

“I want you to see what I look like.”

“And now I have seen you. There is no denying you are a beautiful young woman, but I would like you to put some clothes on.”

I looked at his crotch. He had an erection, which really did not mean anything. He was a man. That was how men reacted to seeing a naked woman before them. It did not mean they wanted her or had feelings for her.

“You can touch me,” I said.

“I do not want to do that. I might be a widower, but I still love my wife. She is the only woman I will ever love.”

“I understand that, but you have needs. I have needs.”

“And they are not met when you fuck men all day?”

His words stung me like a slap across the face. “Maybe if I had a man of my own I would not need to work as an escort.”

“I am sure there are plenty of men who are looking for a wife.”

I kneeled in front of him, pulling his hand before he had a chance to protest. I placed his palm over my right breast and held it there. He tried to pull it away, but I was determined he would not. Finally, he gave up, and I smiled when he wrapped his fingers around it, squeezing hard. He raised his other and touched the nipple of my other breast. He ran his thumb across it. Such a simple act, but yet it brought me more pleasure than any of the men who had penetrated me that day.

I closed my eyes, letting him play with each nipple, touching them gently and then rolling them between his thumb and middle finger. I opened my eyes so I could reach for his fly, popping each button. He looked at me, but did not protest. I glided my hand inside, feeling his cock, hard and hot. Judging by what I felt and having experience of many men, I knew it was larger than average.

I creamed, imaging it inside me. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, feeling him roll my nipples harder. I moved my palm up and down, looking at his face to see any reaction, disgust, lust or maybe the look of a man who truly wanted me. I could not tell what he thought despite the fact I had always been an expert on reading men’s faces and anticipating their needs.

As I caressed his balls, he drew in his breath. I switched back to his cock, teasing it, exciting it in a way all my clients loved. I flicked its tip and then drove my hand downward deep into his crotch. It pulsed against my palm, and he let go of my breasts, fell backward and widened his thighs, giving me access to him.

“God forgive me,” he mumbled as he bucked against my hand and found his release. He cried, and I got onto the couch beside him, cradling him like a baby.

“It is okay,” I whispered into his ear.

“I should not have touched you. I should not have let you touch me.”

“It is normal to want to touch and pleasure one another. You want to touch my pussy?”

“No, I cannot touch you ever again.” He stood and fastened his pants. “I will be back to watch over you, but I need a beer.”

He headed out the door. I placed the side of my face on my outstretched arms, almost wanting to cry. Tonight had been a start. Any man, even one like Mark, could be broken.

Chapter Eight


The first client of the following day was a country gentleman. Mark had not said much on the ride there. He would mostly looked out the window as the city turned to countryside.

“I might walk around the grounds while you’re… Whatever it is you will be doing.”

It was a cold morning, but he headed off to the side of the property, pulling up the collar on his overcoat. I hurried inside to be met by one of the servants.

“His lordship is waiting for you,” said the young girl taking my cloak.

I knew where he would be as I climbed the stairs to the first floor and then headed to the bathroom. Lord Davers was soaking in the tub, smoking his usual cigar.

“Ah, there is my girl.”

“Good morning, your lordship,” I said.

“Damn cold one.”

I took off my clothes as Lord Davers watched and puffed on his cigar. Once I was naked, I walked over to the tub and kneeled beside it, putting my hand into the water and immediately touching his cock and balls.

“It is raring to go today so I hope you are ready.”

I stood and put one foot on the side of the tub so he could see my pussy.

“Looks as if that is raring to go too.”

I climbed over the edge and got into the bath with him. The water was tepid, but I tried not to shiver. I sat opposite him. Lord Davers moved his foot so his big toe was placed over my clit. I put my arms on the sides and relaxed as he massaged it back and forth.

“You going to come for me soon? My foot is growing tired.”

I was not anywhere near ready so I pretended and cried out.

“Fake if ever I heard one,” he said, getting out of the tub. “When you come your tits stand up like soldiers. Look at them, they are floppy.”

I looked down at my chest. My nipples had given me away, and perhaps next time I should think of Mark again.

“Come along. Let us go to the bedroom where hopefully nothing will be fake.”

I followed him along the hallway, both of us naked, but servants were not allowed on the first floor while I visited.

He pushed opened the door to his room and walked over to the bed and stood by one of the posts. He took his riding crop from the chair and then came toward me. A memory of the other day flashed before me as he struck my buttocks with it.

“Such a naughty girl.”

He spanked me again. I turned around, allowing him to push the end of the crop between my legs. He drew it back and forth across my clit and opening.

“A proper one this time,” he said, moving it faster.

I closed my eyes and saw Mark. I had felt his cock, but had yet to see it. I visualized what it would look like, and what an orgasm brought on by it would do to my body. I found my release as I imagined it sliding into me. My legs quivered and I cried out.

“That is more like it. Assume the position.”

I turned around, and Lord Davers’ cock penetrated my pussy. I leaned over the bed, grasping at the bed sheets as he pounded inside me. He was never a man to find release quickly, and I would probably be in this position for some time. My mind wandered again to Mark. Was he still outside? Was he cold? Could I give up all this money, my son’s future, if that was the only way I might possibly have a future with Mark?

Lord Davers grunted and groaned and finally found his release. “Very nice,” he whispered into my ear. He pulled out and then slipped the money into my pussy. “Same time next week,” he said, slapping me on the ass.

I took out the money and held it, watching him walk away. An old man who did not excite me yet was part of the way I made a living.

“We will see,” I said under my breath, hoping he had not heard me.

Chapter Nine


Mark held open the door to my house, and I went ahead of him, taking off my coat before rubbing my hands together. Snow had started to fall on the drive home.

“Do you have a photo of your son?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, I do. Several, in fact.”

I was not sure if he had asked just to see if I had made the story up about the reason for doing what I did for a living, or if he wanted to see what Sam looked like.

I walked over to a cupboard and pulled them out. I came back to Mark and handed them to him.

He smiled when he saw my boy. “He looks like you,” he said.

“You think so? I have always thought he resembles his father.”

“No, he has your mouth and eyes.”

“And your wife? Do you have a photo of her?” I asked.

He handed me back the photos of Sam and looked at me. I wanted to see the face of the woman who had captured his heart and obviously still had control of it.

At first, I thought he did not have one or did not want to show it to me, but a few seconds later, he reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet and sorted through it. He offered the photo to me.

A pang of jealousy washed over me. She was pretty, petite and a blonde. I was not sure if I was really attractive. I knew the men I slept with told me that just to patronize me. And the words
you’re pretty
had never passed Sam’s father’s lips. One thing I knew for sure was I definitely was not petite, and I had dark hair.

“She was beautiful,” I said, handing the photo back. He bit his lip, looking as if he fought back tears. “It is going to be a cold night, and I do not have extra blankets for the couch.”

“I will just keep my clothes on and put my outer coat over me,” he said. I was about to turn away when he spoke again. “If you had another way to make a living, one where you could support yourself and provide for your boy, would you? Could you give up the work?”

I turned back. “I would, but the chances of that happening are not likely.”

“How about I make some inquiries for you?”

I nodded, knowing he was just being polite. “And then all I would need was a man to keep me warm at night,” I added.

I turned again, but he caught my arm, forcing me to face him. He looked at me, almost as if he tried to access what was going through my mind. Then he did the unexpected—he leaned in and kissed me.

The last time a man had kissed me like this had been Sam’s father. No, that was not true, because Sam’s father had never put this much passion into a kiss.

I opened my mouth, allowing Mark to pass his tongue over my own. They dueled for a few seconds and then he pulled away. He had sadness in his eyes, so I put my hand on the side of his face. He sandwiched it between his face and his own.

“I was not there when she passed, and I can never forgive myself,” he said. A tear dropped down his cheek. “She went into early labor, and I was working, and she and the baby were both gone before they could fetch me.”

I led him over to the couch and made him sit. Part of the job of escort is to be a good listener. A soother of pain, giving men what they wanted, which was not always about physical pleasure, but moral support too.

I wrapped my arms around him. Despite the chill to the air in the room, Mark was toasty warm. He slipped his arms around me.

“It is okay. We have all done things we regret,” I told him.

He buried his nose in my hair. “You smell like a spring day, not like the smoke and fog that is whirling around outside.”

I pulled away. “Would you let me comfort you in a way I know best?” I asked.

I realized I had a selfish motive. I wanted his naked body next to mine and his cock buried deep inside me.

“I could lose my job for fucking the witness to a crime. I am supposed to be protecting you not—”

I put my fingers up to his lips. “You forget I am the queen of discreet.” I winked. “No one will ever hear about this from my lips.”

I unbuttoned his shirt. I wondered if he would stop me or slap my hand away, but he did not. I opened the two sides of the material. My first sight of his chest took my breath away. Muscular and just the right amount of hair for my liking. I ran my hands over it before leaning in and kissing it. I pushed my hand down over his crotch, feeling his cock, hard and pulsating. I gave it a playful squeeze.

BOOK: Copper
3.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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