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“I live on the second floor,” I told Mark.

He followed behind me. I turned a few times to see him looking around the hallway. Tonight the smell of stew filled the area, making my stomach rumble and reminding me because of Sir Michael’s murder I had not eaten since this morning.

“Who lives on the ground floor?” he asked.

“An older couple, who I hardly ever see.”

“And you never bring your work here?”

“As I told you, I am not that sort of an escort, and the men I service would not be seen in the area.” I opened the door to my rooms and then quickly lit some candles. “Make yourself at home. I should tell you that I only have one bedroom and one bed.”
And I would like for you to be in it.

“I have slept on couches and the floor before. All part of the job of a copper.”

I took off my coat and hung it on the peg by the door. Mark did the same.

“This place is better than my own. I assume your line of work pays more than that of a policeman.”

“I know you do not approve of what I do.”

“Did I say that?”

“No, but you have implied it more than once.”

“So, Emma Snow, why do you give your body to men for money?”

“Two reasons.”

“I am listening,” he said, sitting on the couch.

“One, it is a way for an uneducated girl like myself to make a living, and two, I am a woman who actually likes sex.”

He blushed again, the red spreading from his neck upward.

“Is it really so shocking for a woman to enjoy pleasure? Or are you one of those gents who think it should be only your privilege when you take a woman to your bed?”

“You could find a man, find a husband, and he could give you all the pleasure you need.”

“I tried that, and he ran off and left me. Oh, and here is another reason I work this job. I have a son to support. He is in a home, and I do this so I can save up enough money for him to have a proper one and a life. One day, maybe one day, I will be able to avoid being a whore.”

Before I could stop myself, I burst into tears. It had been forever since I had done that. Something about this man thinking badly of me had made me cry.

He stood, rushed over to me and hugged me, running his arms up and down my back. I embraced him too, knowing what my job never gave me. Sex and pleasure, but never being held by a man who actually thought anything of me. That was what I wanted and craved.

Mark’s erection pressed into my belly. It excited me and made me wetter than any of the other men I had been with that day. There was something about him, his smell, his touch, and the fact that he wanted to watch over me.

As if he had guessed where this might lead, and what was on my mind, he pulled away and quickly ran his hands through his hair.

“I am sorry. That was not very professional of me.”

“It was not supposed to be. You were being kind and a gentleman.”

He sat on the chair.

“Can I get you tea and a sandwich?” I asked.

“That would be wonderful. I am suddenly hungry.”

“I will just change out of my clothes and then we will eat.”

I walked into my bedroom and then took off my dress and set it on the bed. I stripped off my underwear and laid it on the chair. I walked to my closet and pulled out my dressing gown before I wrapped it around my body.

I headed back out to the living room. Mark read one of the books I had on my desk. Although I had not had a formal education, I had always found enjoyment in books, and had learned to read all by myself when I had been five.

He looked up, smiled and got back to the novel. I made us tea and cheese sandwiches, then sat on the couch next to him, handing him the plate containing the food along with a teacup.

“How long have you been doing this?”

“I assume you are referring to my line of work and not making tea and sandwiches?”

He nodded.

“Two years.”

He took a bite of the sandwich. “There has to be some other way for you to keep yourself and to provide for your boy.”

“If you can come up with something, please tell me.”

“And the men? Are they always gentle or do they get rough?”

“Some are very sweet, like Lord Cedric, who I visited this afternoon. He enjoys touching and tasting my pussy.”

Mark almost choked on his sandwich.

“Sorry, maybe I am being too blunt, but I guessed you wanted to know everything.” I took a bite of my sandwich.

“And the rough ones?”

“Not really rough, but they know what they want.”

“And you always feel safe?”

“I am cautious. I will not be blindfolded, tied up or have sex with more than one man at a time if the client is new to me.”

“Two men at a time.” He blushed again.

“Have you not ever wanted to visit a woman like me? I mean, how are your needs taken care of now that you are a widower?”

“I do just fine, thank you. And if you do not mind, I am going to finish reading this book and then turn in for the night.” He handed me the cup and plate. “That was very nice, thank you.”

I stood, thinking I would retire to my room and pleasure myself while I fantasized about him.

Chapter Five


I had thought about him all night. I wanted him, but I doubted he would want a woman who made her living by having sex with other men. I washed myself in the tiny bathroom when he walked in.

I turned, not covering my body because I was not ashamed. I had actually wanted to strip and show him what I could offer him the minute he had stepped into my house.

He looked at me from head to toe, blushing as usual. “I am sorry. I should have knocked.”

“No apology needed.” I walked toward him, grabbing his hand and setting his palm on my breast. I molded his fingers over it, forcing him to squeeze.

He closed his eyes and his Adam’s apple bobbled up and down twice. I moved his hand around, making sure it glided over my nipple, hoping he felt it turn hard.

Mark suddenly pulled away. “Sorry, I should not have done that.” He rushed out of the bathroom, but I did not go after him. In time he would come to enjoy my body.


* * * *


My first client of the day was actually the medical doctor who checked on my health and well-being. We had come to an arrangement that he would do monthly exams on me, free of charge, if he could incorporate them as part of his time with me.

I went straight to the screen in his office, walked behind it and took my clothes off. The door opened.

“Good morning, Emma.”

“Morning, doc.”

I hung my dress on the peg by the screen and then took off my underwear. By the time I headed out from behind it, the doc stood by the examining table, waiting for me.

“Chilly start to the day,” he said.

He held out his hand and offered it to me. I took it, and he helped me get up onto the table. I dangled my legs over the edge as he pushed my hair to one side and checked my ears. Next he looked into my eyes.

“Open your mouth and say ah.”

I don’t know why, but that always made me laugh.

“Everything looks good,” he said. He took the stethoscope and listened to my heart and lungs. “You seem to be in excellent health. Lots of colds going around so wrap up warm.”

I spun my legs around and laid flat on the table, putting my head on the pillow.

He ran his hands over my breasts. “Feel fine as always, so soft and lovely.”

Doc pressed on my belly and then ran his hand over my pubic hair. This was where his appointment with me truly began.

I opened the buttons on his pants and pushed my hand inside. His erection strained against the material. I grabbed his shaft and rubbed up and down.

“Your hands are cold,” he said.

“Sorry, doc.”

“I am not complaining. I think I should check out your pussy.”

I removed my hand from his pants, knowing he was hard enough for what would come soon. I raised my legs and let him place my feet on the edges of his table. He snapped on his gloves and then ran his fingers over my folds before spreading my pussy lips. The doc placed one hand on my belly while slipping two fingers inside me. He tickled my pussy walls before finger fucking me.

I thought of Mark and wondered what it would feel like if he were doing this to me. I raised my hips, allowing the doc’s fingers to delve deeper. I ran my hands along the leather on the examining table, positive I was coming quickly because of the image I saw of Mark and not the doctor. I screamed, quivering on the table.

“My goodness, someone has a sensitive pussy this morning.”

He withdrew his fingers, and I smiled, not dare telling him I thought of another man and not him.

He took off his pants and underwear before he walked to the end of the table. I sat up, scooting to the end of it, opening my legs wide. It was the perfect height for our bodies. He lifted his member, aimed it at my pussy and within seconds was inside me, thrusting hard. I held his arms, pushing into him, once again thinking of Mark, wondering if his cock was big, small, long or short. Anything belonging to him would probably drive me crazy. I bucked against the doc’s body more, riding him, lifting myself, imaging doing this with Mark.

I whimpered as I held on to the doc. If I had to give up this profession so I could have Mark, would I? Could I afford to? Could I put my needs above that of my son?

I bit my lip, tasting blood as my pussy pulled and then I set my head back and cried out, knowing I had done the doc a big favor by tightening around his shaft. Within minutes, it brought about his own release. He pulled out, and I lay back, trying to catch my breath.

“I have never known you to be so vocal, Emma. My cock must be getting more skilled.”

“It has always been that way,” I said, sitting up.

“You are in fine health, and I will see you next month.”

Chapter Six


I did not know how to break the news to Mark that on the next appointment he would need to wait in the street, because my client was a Member of Parliament.

“I am right here on the pavement should you run into any trouble,” he said.

I leaned over and kissed him before hurrying inside.

It was not the MP’s house but his private place to meet me for our weekly appointment. Once again he was a creature of habit. He would be already nude and on the bed by the time I arrived. I quickly undressed in the anteroom and then went into the bedroom to find him reading the paper. He put it down when he saw me.

“You are five minutes late.”

“Sorry, I will make it up to you.”

I headed to the bed. He nodded for me to start. I spread my legs and put my finger on my clit and went to work pleasuring myself. He touched his cock, sliding his hand up and down the faster I rubbed my little nub and groaned.

“Come for me,” he said.

I was not quite there, but I called out and pretended I had. I climbed onto the bed, crawling to him, leaning over and taking his now erect shaft into my mouth. He ran his hands through my hair as I licked its tip and then took it back inside. He groaned, and he scraped his fingertips against my scalp.

“Dear girl, that is divine, but stop right now.”

I sat up and then flopped down beside him, him turning over so he could suck my nipples. I played with the curly bits of hair at the nape of his neck, drawing in my breath as he flicked his tongue at my tits before running downward and stopping at my navel. He pushed my legs apart before exploring my folds with his fingers.

“I think I would like you on your stomach today.” I rolled over onto my side. “Better still on all fours.”

I had barely gotten up onto my knees when his cock slid into me. He held my breasts, thrusting so hard he almost lifted me off the bed.

“Play with yourself for me,” he whispered.

I reached down between my legs, circling my pussy, purposely rubbing the edge of his cock. I turned my attention to my clit, teasing it as his balls smacked the base of my ass. I closed my eyes, visualizing the nub swollen, waiting for Mark to suck it, touch it, and then take me over the edge.

It was all I needed to do to bring about a climax. I tried to get my breath back while his thrusts were about to bring about another.

Would Mark make my body feel this way? I groaned, wanting nothing more than to fall flat onto the bed, dream and enjoy my fantasy about him being my lover. However, I was working, and this was my job to service my client, not myself.

I pushed my bottom backward, used all my muscles to tighten my pussy, and heard him pant louder. His thrusts grew harder, and then he found his release.

He ran his fingertips along my spine, resting his head on my back before pulling out of me.

“Stay in that position.” He slapped my ass and laughed. “I have to travel on Tuesday of next week so I need to change my appointment to Thursday,” he said, getting off the bed.

“That is no problem,” I said, sitting on the bed and letting my legs dangle over the edge. He handed me the money, which I took, knowing my little boy would be getting toys under the tree this Christmas.


* * * *


Mark leaned against a gaslight, reading a paper when I came out of the building. “It is freezing and I am hoping wherever you are going next I will be allowed inside.”

“You will love it. It is a big house on Camden Street. And both men will not mind you waiting by the fire.”


The next clients were two of my favorite. Young men, well endowed, orgasm a certainty for me. Mark blushed again, and it made me want him more.

Teddy and Nigel waited for me on the second floor. The servant had shown Mark into the library, and he had settled in on the couch with tea and a book.

“Are we going to have our usual fun today?” asked Teddy, unbuttoning the top of my dress.

“I hope so.”

Nigel lifted my dress and then took off my stockings and underwear. Teddy proceeded to unbutton my dress before letting it fall to the floor.

“I think you get more delightful each time we see you, dear Emma,” said Teddy.

The two were old friends, both in need of some sex despite having wives, and had decided ménage a trois was something they would like along with spankings.

BOOK: Copper
7.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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