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Club of Virgins



The establishment hires only women over 18 years of age.

The person signing this contract is solely responsible for their actions.

The contractor is responsible for the payment of 30% for the service in advance and the other 70% after it is completed.

The contracted individual must follow all the standards required by the contractor.

Standards required by the contractor:

The contracted individual must agree to undergo tests that prove they are in good health while providing services.

The contracted individual will have to undergo the requirements demanded by the contractor and by the clients of the contractor.

If there is a withdrawal of the contracted individual, this individual will have to return the 30% paid as a deposit and  10% additional.


I have read and agree to the above terms.


PLACE: _______________

DATE: ____ / ____________ / ____



Contractor's signature



Contracted individual name in print

I remained in a state of shock. Then, the well-dressed man with a white cuff shirt, slacks and black shoes, rose from his chair. He was the owner of  the
Club of Virgins.

“So, have you decided, girl?” He smiled slyly and lit an imported cigarette. “You will receive $17,000 if you accept the proposal. It will be just one night, but before that you will have to do tests to prove your purity.”

His eyes moved down to my breasts which were hidden underneath my thin strapped blouse.

“If you are in need of money this is the best place to get it without delay!” He added and smoked his cigarette.

The owner of the
Club of
Virgins was a man in his forties. He was handsome, had black hair and dark eyes. His skin was flushed.

“Hey, don’t you want to get into that?” He asked looking at my friend Denise. Her eyes widened and she blushed at the same time.

“W- Who? M- ME?” She stammered. “No, No, I'm not in need of money.”






Peta left the office by my side. She felt miserable. I could see it in her face. She had signed the contract of the
Club of Virgins. 
Now she would have to face her first sexual experience with a man she did not know.

Peta would have to wait a few weeks to face this man that would make her a woman.

My arm crossed around her shoulder and I pulled her to me. Peta buried her head on my shoulder and began to sob.

“I'm just doing this to save my mother's life, only for that.” She paused. “Oh my God, I’m living a nightmare!”


Chapter 5






As the days went by, many things occurred. Tests were performed to prove my good health and also my purity. If indeed I was really a virgin and was not a fraud just to get some money by cheating, I would get a huge sum of money in a club that offered its customers luxury prostitution.

Suddenly my cell phone rang. It was the voice of the owner
Club of Virgins.
He wanted to talk to me personally.


Hours later...

“Your exams were great! You are able to go forward with our contract.”

He smiled. There was a gold tooth in one of his front teeth.

“Within a week, I want you
Club of Virgins.
It is time
to fulfill the main part of the contract.”

“Yes, sir.” My voice could barely be heard. I swallowed.

“Great, young lady! Both of us will come out winning.”

He sat on the chair in front of his desk and tried to light another imported cigarette.

“Remember that!” He looked at me, realizing that I was alarmed. “You're not the first one and will not be the last!”




I left the nightclub office worse than when I went in. I was walking down the street. People passed by me. They did not know me, but they knew well that I was suffering. This was stamped on my face. I could not smile, I could not concentrate on anything good that would let some light in my life, make me go through it with great joy and desire to want more and more.

All of a sudden, I stopped and started looking around. In this moment I felt totally lost in the small town where I grew up. 




Chapter 6



A week later...





7:24 pm


My mother did not know I was only hours ahead of fulfilling the final part
contract. She would never be in favor of it. My mother would rather die than see me delivered into the arms of a man just for money. She would never understand that even though I was doing it only to save her.

Moved by the words ‘
and ‘

In all probability the word ‘prostitution’ would invade her mind and make my mother blind to anything except how vile it would be. She wouldn’t be on my side, wouldn’t support me as she always did for everything in my life.

I entered her bedroom. She was lying in bed. There were the night measurements on the table which had been already taken out.

“Are you going out?” She asked, looking at me, seeing me dressed up and wearing nice shoes. My hair was washed and placed up in a bun trapped by a thin rubber band.

“I will not be long,” I replied looking to the side. “I just came in to give you a kiss.”

I leaned on the bed and kissed her on the forehead. My mother closed her eyes.

“I love you, mom.”

She reached out to hug me.

“I love you too, daughter.”

I had a smile in my lips. I held back my tears and looked at the pale walls of the room. My hand held hers and I squeezed it firmly.

I just want you to know that anything I may do one day against your will, believe me, I will be doing it only for the love I have for you.”

My mother looked up at me suddenly then. She looked confused. I turned and left quickly before my emotions betrayed me.




9: 30 pm





“Good luck friend!”

I hugged Peta at the door of the Club. I had taken my father's car to bring her there. The place was still deserted. There were only two security guards standing in front of the club.

At that moment, I held Peta’s hands and shook them with excitement. I wanted to try and send her a dose of courage. After all, she needed it a lot.

“Everything will be ok!”

I tried to use positive words. She shrugged and seemed to tremble from head to toe. Her fingers were sweaty. Peta was very tense.

“You are a gold daughter!” I praised her and winked at her. However, Peta remained silent and gave me a forced smile. She lowered her head and I hugged her tightly. I really felt for her.





I entered the site through the back door. There was a security guard and several women who would be working that night, it seemed. 

I was immediately ushered in by a club employee. I was asked to accompany him to a dressing room where I would change clothes. The place was full of lamps and had mirrors dispersed through it on the walls. The place was busy with women getting ready in sensual and highly provocative clothing.

For a few moments I watched everything in silence. Some women there were already accustomed to that kind of scene. This was their usual job. They had adopted it as a profession. I could tell because they seemed calm and collected, not totally nervous and in despair, like me.



10.00 pm


I left the dressing room and started walking slowly alongside twenty other women, all of them over eighteen. Some were much older. Most of them were wearing only lingerie, garter belts, and on their beautiful faces they had masks to cover their identities.

Going down the hallway, I saw several dark doors with numbers on them. These were the numbered rooms intended for the VIP customers in the
Club of Virgins.

The hallway was softly lit.

My steps halted and all of a sudden I froze. My heart was beating strongly and I could feel it in my throat.

Within moments, I was in the great hall, on a stage in front of a crowd of men of all ages. The lights changed color every instant. Around the stage there were tables and chairs. Further down the back there was a bar which served various drinks. Waitresses circulated only in panties, their breasts were exposed. They were beautiful breasts that should be hidden and kept secure in a decent blouse, I thought.

In the distance I saw the owner of the nightclub. He came close to some VIP customers and whispered in their ears. Soon the five men looked in my direction at the same time. I swallowed but kept looking in their direction.

The men knew that I was a virgin because those were the rules within
the Club of Virgins.
Only those who wore white garter belts, white lingerie and white masks on their faces, were the ones that were pure. We were there for the sole purpose of offering our purity to the one who was willing to pay the most for it.



10:22 pm


“Ready?” Someone asked at my back.

I turned. His gaze swept up my body and he examined me. He moved behind me again. His dark eyes closely observed the tattoos of butterflies on my back. He ran his index finger  over one of them.

“Your butterflies are beautiful!” He said enthusiastically.

I shrugged and threw my body slightly forward. I needed to do this to feel more protected.

However, how protected could I actually be inside a luxury prostitution club? It seemed such a contradiction. There was no protection for the virgins...not in a place like that.

The Club’s owner‘s heavy hand held my arm and led me to a group of five men. They were all seated around a table. I looked around and saw women in dark lingerie, women with colorful masks over their eyes. They were around a snooker table, playing a game with some men who were dressed in fine apparel.

“This is the girl that I mentioned minutes ago,” the owner of the club informed his customers.

“Only one of you will take her purity, however, you will have to pay handsomely first,” he said and smiled at them.

During his speech my eyes widened under my white mask. I looked at the faces of each of them. There was a guy in his thirties, two men in their forties and one in his fifties. The last one was most likely in his sixties.


I wondered to myself which of them would be the taker of my purity that night.

The answer came minutes later. I was taken to a luxurious room in the dark corridor. The room was number 4.

When I opened the door, the customer was already waiting for me. 

Standing in the middle of the room, his coat was dark gray. His pants too. The scent of his aftershave had invaded the entire room. Closing the door, I walked slowly and stopped in the middle. The man turned to face me and I could clearly see his face.

He had a very wrinkled face. His hair was white. He was the oldest man among the five that I had seen at the table. Up close I was able to see he was more than sixty years old.

He walked slowly over to me and reached out. He took my hand. A friendly smile appeared on his face.

Soon he uttered something.

“Come here and make me feel alive again, my sweet!”

Immediately, I closed my eyes as my body slammed into his and his hands slid down to my rear.

After that night many things would change in my life, starting with the physical change in my body and ending with my emotional control. It would take a long time, perhaps my entire life to forget this trauma.



BOOK: Club of Virgins
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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