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Chapter Two


I was so glad that Arabella was able to put Kaleigh to sleep with a spell. I hated seeing my best friend’s daughter so upset like that. I wanted to kill my wife for everything she had done. What had happened to her that made her turn so evil? I really did love her. I know she had a rough go at school like our daughter, but was that traumatic enough to turn her into the witch she was now?

I am heartbroken about what happened to my baby girl. I should have been there to stop the hurt, most of which was at the hands of my brother, Dave. He will pay for what he did to her. I looked at Gabe, who was holding Kaleigh tight
and  just staring at her. Then I looked to my brother, Daniel, who was so distraught about what happened to his wife. They really wanted to have a baby; Lizbeth and he were trying for years. I looked forward to being an uncle as well, and I felt tears prick in my eyes. I shook my head.
I will not let this get to me.
I needed to be the strong person and get my loved ones to safety. As we continued to walk to Kaleigh’s house, I let my thoughts go to the day I laid eyes on Amelia. I swear, she put a spell on me that day.

As I
walked to my locker on the first day of my last year of school, I felt good. School in Ithaca was different. We learned how to control our powers, and learned what powers the dark creatures had. I really enjoyed going to school. I was the top of the class. I was the captain of the football team—yes, even we had football. I had a lot of friends and anyone could talk to me about their problems. I attended school with other white creatures, such as White Witches and Fairies.

After retrieving my books and closing the metal door, I noticed a beautiful girl walking in my direction. I’d never seen her before, so she must have been a freshman. She had the longest black hair and her eyes sparkled as she looked at me. My heart skipped a beat. As she walked past me, I smelled the sweet scent of vanilla waft through the air. When
I turned to look at her, I saw her fall to the ground. Everyone started laughing at her as one of the ‘popular’ witches retracted her foot and smiled. It was obvious that she found enjoyment in tripping the girl. The beauty stood and ran for the doors without looking back.             

I walked over to the group of people and got into their faces. “How can you be so damn mean?” I spat.

I ran after the girl. I looked for her for about an hour, before I was about to give up. But as I walked to the forest entrance, I heard someone crying. I looked behind the tree and there she was.  Even through the tears, her beauty shined through. I wanted to take her into my arms and just hold her, but I knew I couldn’t. She was a witch and I was an angel. It was forbidden and against the coven laws. I walked closer to her.

“Please just go. I don’t want to be a charity case for Dean Cassen, the most popular angel in Ithaca.”

I sat next to her. “How is it you know my name, but I don’t know yours?”

She raised her head and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes were a beautiful light gray. “Because I’m a freak. No one likes me, and I get made fun of because I come from
witches. Look at what I am wearing, Dean! This came from the secondhand store.”

I thought she looked pretty. She was wearing a beautiful white and purple sundress that made her curves look even more defined.  “Well I think you look great, even though I know nothing about girl fashion.”

That made her laugh. She wiped her tears from her eyes and stuck out her hand. “I’m Amelia Greyson, a White Witch.”

When our hands touched, I felt a sensation run through my body and I knew I would never forget that feeling. I almost felt like I was floating in the clouds. I looked at her and watched as her cheeks turned a rosy color. All I wanted to do was touch her face.

“I miss her being like that as well, Dean,” Arabella said, startling me from my reverie. “She and I were really good friends.” I looked at her and could sense her sadness.

Amelia, the real Amelia would always be a part of their past and their hearts. Even after the curse she put on
Arabella, making it impossible for her to have children, Arabella still wanted her best friend back. Which is saying a lot, because Arabella really loved children. But now, because of Amelia’s curse, she was labeled as damaged good with the men in Ithaca.

Lightning streaked across the sky and somehow I knew it was Amelia’s doing. When we finally made it to Kaleigh’s house, we all went our separate ways. Gabe took Kaleigh upstairs to put her in her bed, and I went to the kitchen to start some tea.
Arabella excused herself to be alone, and Daniel decided he needed to bury his wife. Watching him hold Lizbeth like that, knowing it was my wife who killed her, was too much. I really needed to end the woman before she hurt more innocent people.  

I remembered the day Daniel and Lizbeth had gotten married. I was the best man and Amelia was the maid of honor. Daniel was the first to have gotten married. They were both so young that a lot of people worried they wouldn’t last, but one look at Daniel’s face when he talked about his soon to be wife and I knew that his love ran deep.

I was standing in one of the rooms of the church in The White City, watching my brother tie his tie. In about fifteen minutes, he was going to marry his high school sweetheart, Lizbeth. He loved her so much; their love almost made me jealous. I had Amelia, but the love Lizbeth and Daniel had was so much more; so much deeper. Of course, they didn’t have to hide their relationship.

I walked up to Daniel and slapped him on his back. “You lucky bastard; marrying your woman and you can be open about it.”

Daniel laughed. “I wish our brother, Dave, could have been here.”

I sighed and looked out the window. “To bad he broke the laws of the coven.”

There was a knock on the door, and it was Amelia. She looked beautiful in a long, yellow, sleeveless dress, and she was wearing the pearl necklace I got her for the wedding. Her black hair was done up in a long braid, yellow daisies braided within the strands. She was also barefooted. That was Lizbeth’s request—no shoes allowed. It wasn’t going to be a big wedding, just us four and a High Priestess.

“Are you fellows ready?”

I walked over and picked her up and gave her a kiss. “Yes, we are.”

“Okay, Babe, you two need to take your places.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she skipped out of the room. Daniel and I walked out of the room and onto
the alter. Angel lights dance in the air; they were enchanted for the great event. We walked up toward the front and I looked around and saw the sword hanging in its rightful place. The music started to play and Amelia walked in. She smiled at me and took her place on the bride’s side. Then Lizbeth walked in and I heard Daniel gasp. She was breathtaking. She was in a bright, white gown that was lined with angel crystal, just like the angel sword. Her hair was done up in a bun, sparkling diamonds surrounding it. She looked like a queen. My brother was so lucky to have a woman like her. Once she made it to us, she smiled and kissed Daniel on the cheek. The priestess did what she was supposed to do, but I heard very little of it. I was staring at Amelia most of the time, even I blocking out the vows. She looked like an angel—I wished she was so we could get married and tell the world. I loved that girl with everything. Once the couple was pronounced husband and wife, they kissed and we danced the night away. I watched my brother with his new wife and I knew that their love would last for eternity. 

Gabe brought me out of my thoughts. “So, Cordelia was alive this entire time? Good one, Dean. You had us all fooled. Add that to the fact that people are saying she is the girl from the prophecy…” He paused and shook his head. “If I didn’t like you so much, I would have to kick your ass.”

“I just wanted to keep her safe. Amelia had showed signs of turning to the dark side before Cordelia was even born. I didn’t want my baby girl to know her mother like that.”

Gabe walked over and slapped my shoulder. “I understand the motive for keeping everyone in the dark. If I was in your shoes, I would have done the same thing. I am just so angry at Kale right now. The way he threw Kaleigh to the side like that, and then ended up
being Amelia’s boy toy. What a moron. One, if I had that beautiful girl I would break all the laws of the coven to be with her. She is gorgeous and seems like she could kick some ass if she wants.”

“Now now, Gabe, don’t talk about my god-daughter like that, but yes I want to kick that maggot’s ass.”

Daniel walked in, covered in dirt. “Whose ass are we kicking? I really hope it’s Amelia.”

Laughing, I got the teacups out of the cabinet, and poured us all a glass of herbal tea. “Kale; I can’t believe that he decided to be Amelia’s new plaything. It really just shows how messed up she is. Now with Anna alive as well, who knows what is going on in the castle? What were those creatures that she created?  Zombies? Mutant Vampires? Whatever they are, I don’t want to cross those suckers.

“Wait! Anna, Cameron’s first charge, is alive?”

I hung my head and chuckled. “Where have you been, Gabe? Yes, word is Amelia approached her and took her in.”

Kaleigh walked into the kitchen, looking more lost than usual. “Who did Amelia take in?”

Gabe ran to be by her side. “Are you okay? Here, sit down.”

“I’m fine. I just really want to get to that castle and save my brother. Please don’t treat me like I’m a broken glass.”

Daniel and I laughed. “Gabe, Kaleigh is the strongest girl we know. She can hold her own ground. Right now, we need to talk strategy. Here is what we are going to do: Gabe, you and Kaleigh will be on a team together. Daniel and I will walk around the back of the castle and try to enter in that way. We can both blast our way through. You two come in on the side. They will be expecting us to storm in from the front. I saw that she had True and Zane on her side.  So please watch out for them. They are the worst of the vampires in The Dark City. I don’t want you to get bit by them. They can’t change us
angels into vampires, which is good; it just hurts. After we leave here tonight we won’t have any communication with one another, so please be safe. Kaleigh, you are my goddaughter and I can’t lose you, so please don’t be stubborn and listen to Gabe. Do I make myself clear?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Yes, Dean, I will listen to him. However, he will need to listen to me, too. We will be a team.”

“Yes, Gabe, that goes for you as well. Okay, let’s get everything ready.” I grabbed Kaleigh up into a tight hug. “Kaleigh, you are like a daughter to me. I love you and I miss your parents every day.”

She hugged me back. “Dean, I promise I will be safe. I just want to save Cameron and Cordelia. We will make it out of this alive. I love you, too. Please stay safe. You are the only father I have.”

We all said our goodbyes, and then Daniel and I started to head out the door. “Daniel, I am so sorry for what Amelia did to Lizbeth.”

“I’m sorry to say this, Brother, but when I see your bitch of a wife, I will kill her.”

“Not if I get to her first. She has hurt my girl and I will not let her get away with this.”

We started our journey to the castle in silence. I prayed to the Gods to keep my girl safe until we got there and saved her. I felt like it was my fault that she was bullied and beaten her entire life. If I hadn’t faked her death and sent her to live with Dave, she never would have had to endure the type of life she had. I should win an award for the
father ever. I shook my head. Now was no time to think of that; we had lives to save.


Chapter Three


I watched Dean and Daniel walk out the door, and then I turned to Gabe.

“No funny business,” I warned him. “I am going in that castle and ripping your cousin apart, and then I will do the same to Amelia. I am seriously pissed off right now. Really, you all let
Arabella put a spell on me?”

Gabe started to laugh, making me want to punch his gorgeous face. Why does he have to be so hot, and why doesn’t he have a shirt on? Why did I suddenly want to touch
those abs?
This is annoying,
I thought.
I am not one to be giddy over hot boys like this.
Yes, Kale was good looking, but I was never giddy. The way he was laughing was pissing me off, yet still making me want to kiss him.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you’re adorable when you are mad? I don’t understand why he didn’t break the law to stay with you. You’re feisty, and I like that.”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you can be an arrogant ass?” I countered, rolling my eyes at him.

“You know it turns you on. Don’t lie to yourself.”

“You know what?” I paused, annoyed with the man in front of me, who was distracting me from the task at hand. “Never mind. Give me 20 minutes to change and shower. Stay out of my room.” With that, I stormed off.

I was so irritated. I couldn’t believe Dean would even team me up with Gabe. I knew nothing about him. What if he was a traitor like his dear ol’ cousin? It would be a shame to have to kill a guy with abs like his. That would be a waste of a hot angel’s life.

I walked up the black, spiral staircase to my bedroom. It was so beautiful here. My bedroom was so big; way bigger than the room I was living in at the cabin. My walls were a deep purple. I had photos hanging on my wall of my family and friends. I stopped at a photo of me and another girl who had long brownish auburn hair and bright blue eyes. Bridget. She was my best friend before I changed into a fallen angel. Her parents told her she was to never to speak to me again or they would have the Old Ones lock her away. Talk about strict parents. I really missed talking to her; she was my go to girl when I was feeling down. She warned me that Kale was a douche bag, but I didn’t listen to her. I owed her a big apology, if I ever saw her again.

I looked around my room, taking in the big Victorian style bed. It was massive and covered with light purple throw pillows. The matching quilt was made by my mother. I sat on the bed and wished my mother was here to help me. What if Cam was dead; what if I lost everyone that I loved? How could I even go on with my life knowing there is nothing left for me?
You’ll have Gabe,
some other wordly voice echoed inside my mind. Yes, I will have Gabe, even if he is the most annoying creature I’ve ever met. I decided I had better get ready so we could start the adventure to the castle to save my brother. I entered my walk-in closet and grabbed a pair of running shoes and yoga pants. I didn’t want my nice clothes to get messed up, so I threw on the first thing I saw. Why should it matter? I might not even make it. Why would anyone care what I wore while I faced my death?

As I headed out the door, the dream catcher above my bed caught my attention. I walked over to it and grabbed it off the wall. I remembered the day I got it like it was only yesterday.
It was my 9
birthday and I was so excited. My parents had made me a huge birthday cake. I remembered a three year old Cameron trying to sneak icing.

“Cam, you know that the cake angel will get you if you sneak icing.”

When he heard me say that, he stopped right away. He ran to me and gave me a huge hug. “Happy Birthday, Kaywee. You are getting old now.”

I loved how he couldn’t pronounce my name. It was so adorable.  “Cam, I am not getting old; I’m just getting wise.”

My parents walked into the kitchen, holding hands. I wanted to find a love like that one day. My parents loved each other so much. I watched as my father looked into my mother’s eyes, and she smiled at him. I watched as my father tucked a stray piece of hair behind my mother’s ear.

“So Kay, are you ready for cake and presents?” my mother said, catching me off guard.

“YES! I’ve been waiting all day to eat cake.”

Kaywee, can you open my pwesent pwease?”

He walked over and handed me a present that I could tell he wrapped, because there was so much tape on it. I couldn’t find a piece of paper that wasn’t free. I finally started to unwrap it once I found a place to begin.
              After battling the tape, I freed it and gasped.

“Cam, this is beautiful.” My fingers grazed the pink and purple feathers of the dream catcher. Crystal beads lined the leather straps that held the feathers. In the center of the catcher was a set of angel wings. I felt tears flow from my eyes. I got up and grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug.

“Cam, you are the best brother ever. Thank you.”

I held onto that dream catcher for hours, mesmerized by the beauty of it.

“Earth to Kay! Are you okay? You’re crying?”

“Gabe, what if it’s too late? What if Cameron is dead? I don’t think I can go on knowing my brother is dead.”

“Come here.” He wrapped his strong arms around me, and I inhaled his scent. He had a unique scent; the musty cent of male mixed with the spicy scent of some kind of cologne and the sweetness of the iced tea that lingered on his breath. Kale never held me like this. He didn’t even like to hug me in public. Yet, this guy I just met was holding me while I cried on his shoulder. Why did I have to meet Kale all those years ago and not Gabe? It almost seemed unfair.

I pulled back to look at his face as something hit me. “Did you call me Kay? The only person who ever called me that was my mother.”

“Yes I did. Is that okay if I call you that?”

“I guess so. It’s just weird, you know? Gabe, I really miss my mom. Hearing you call me that just makes me think of her.”

“You know I don’t have to call you that if it upsets you.”

I really did like him calling me that. Something about the way he said it gave me butterflies. “No; it doesn’t upset me. You can call me that.”

“Good, because I was going to call you that anyway, Kay.”

I yanked from his grasp and rolled my eyes. “Being a smart ass again, I see.”

He took the dream catcher out of my hands and stared at it. “Kay, where did you get this?”

“Cameron got it for me for my 9
birthday. Why do you ask?”

He just stared at it as if something was wrong with it. “Gabe, what is it? Is something wrong with it?”

“No, but I know who made this.”

Confused, I asked, “Whoever made it is brilliant; it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Who made it?”

He gave it back to me and stood. “My mother made that; she made those all the time.”

“Made; as in past tense? What happened to your mother?”

“Amelia has her as well. That’s why I was there tonight. I want to save my mother.”

“Gabe,” I said as I looked into his ocean blue eyes, “we will save your mother, as well as Cameron and Cordelia.” I handed him the dream catcher. “Would you like to keep this?

“No, Kay, you need to keep that. Cameron got that for you. Do you have a backpack? You can take it with us on our journey. Maybe it will keep us both safe.”

I grabbed a pack and a couple of other things from the closet, wrapping the dream catcher in a shirt to keep it safe. Then we headed for the door and out into the night. It was completely dark out. There was not even a star in the sky. I looked over at Gabe, and I could see the sadness on his face. I wished I could end that sadness. I grabbed for his hand and I gave it a squeeze, giving him the only comfort and reassurance I could.
He smiled down at me and squeezed back. As we began what we knew would be the hardest mission of our lives, he held onto my hand and didn’t let go.

BOOK: Broken Hearts: Kaleigh's Revenge (Broken Wings Series)
9.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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