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2 Weeks Later

When I had returned to my parents’ house, things had changed. Dean was not himself after killing The Old Ones. Kaleigh kept herself locked in our parents’ room, though I took food to her every day. Gabe would just sit there at the door, hoping that she would come out. Bridget and Jewel stuck together, both of them hitting the ground every time they heard something. They would never be the same.

After watching the love of my life turn evil, it felt like my heart had been ripped into millions of pieces, but I would not give up on us, or her. I would find her and bring her back to be the girl I fell in love with. Even though Arabella says there is no undoing that spell. I guess once the blood of Abigale is deep into her veins, it’s hard to remove. If we try to save her, it may just kill her. I just needed her back, and so did Ithaca. I would help her fight this evil, this darkness if she made it through being captured by her mother. But I knew she could beat it all.

I had to get out of the house, away from ever
ything. I decided to go and sit by the ocean; the one place I wanted to show Cordelia. I sat there thinking about  her smile. Her smile was to die for. I looked out on the horizon and my heart grew sad. I got a cold chill, like the temperature dropped twenty degrees, and then something happened that never really happened here in The White City—the sky went black and the wind picked up, making the waves grow larger. I stood up and turned and I saw her. She was covered in blood and her hair was a mess.  She walked toward me and fell to the ground, her wings coming to life. I fell to the ground and wept because they were not purple anymore; they were now black. Raven black. She screamed out in pain and looked me in the eyes.

“Help me, Cameron.”


To be continued……

Find out what happens next in:

Broken Prophecy

Coming August 2

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Here is a sneak peek into Broken Prophecy: Book 3 of The Broken Wings series.



697 Years Ago

The Seer Lavender


I searched the cave, high and low. I knew it was here. It had to be. I needed to hide it from The Old Ones. They were to never know about the prophet, which would end them all. I must protect the girl that would be born to this world as part angel and part witch. None but my own eyes have seen what will happen in the future.

“I know it’s here somewhere! I must get it before Abem and the others find it.”

Out of the corner of my eye, something was shining like it was calling to me. I walked over to it and picked up the container. It was beautiful. Red, green, and purple jewels adorned the sides, sparkling as the sun shone through the crack in the cave. I opened the container and lifted out a rolled piece of parchment. I unrolled it and sat on the ground where the light could hit it.

It read:


The Prophet of Ithaca:

I, Sir William Great, Sherman of the North Tower in The Great White City, has blessed a seed to be a prophet. She will be a creature more powerful than any other, with powers that
she will receive from an angel father and a white witch mother. I foresee that this will be true in the year 2013, month of the Samhain holiday. I foresee a lot of danger that will come her way. She will need to make a decision before the great holiday of Beltane on the blessed moon. It will be a hard decision, which will lead to bloodshed and war of the great city. Lives will end, the parents of this blessed child will have to die so she can stay pure. To the Seer that will find this prophet, you must burn this and lie to The Old Ones. They are not to know that their deaths will be in the hands of a powerful white angel.

Sir William

45 A.D

Winter Solstice


I did as he said. I burned it just as Abem showed up with his bodyguards.

“Seer, I know you have what I need. Tell me what that parchment said and I will spare your life.”

“Abem, you may kill me, but you will never know about the prophet.”

He walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat. “You tell me now, or I will kill your family.”

“Go ahead and do it.”

He threw me to the guards and one took out a dagger, raised it, and yanked my head back toward him as he pierced my eyes. I didn’t scream or cry out. I just hoped that the prophet would end them all and save Ithaca. With that thought, everything went black……





I have so many people to thank; I can’t believe how much love and support I’ve received from the first book.

To my family: Thank you for being there for me and helping me get through another book. I love you all. Amanda, you are my best friend. Thank you for making the teasers and helping me get my name out there. Brad: again, you are my rock and your support means everything to me. I love you more than you know. Charlie, you are my number one fan. Thank you for being the best son in the world, and thank you for thinking I am famous. You are my heart, Baby Boy, and I love you.

Genevieve Scholl, you are a genius. I love you like a sister. You have done so much for me and stuck by me through another book. Thank you. I love you so much!

Sandra Shrewsbury: What can I say? I love you, girl. You have helped me so much as well; you have become one of my closest friends. Thank you!

I want to give another special thank you to
Breanna Lester. Her review was so sweet of my book Broken. You are one of my favorite fans. Thank you, Breanna, for your love and support. It means more to me than you will ever know.

I want to give a special thank you to Liz
Spinelli Cicchini. She has done a lot for me. She has donated cool stuff for my events and giveaways. Love you, girl, and thanks so much for all your support.

To the many authors that have inspired me and helped me on my journey: I missed a couple in the last book, so I will mention you now. I love you all! Kristine Raymond, CM Wright,  Julia Mills, L Chapman, Rain Murphy,
Becca Vincenza, E.L. R. Jones, Susan Arden (Tayler), Skye Turner, Crystal Miles Gautheir,  Komali da Silva, Rachel Van Dyken, Andrea Michelle, Amanda Laboude, Christy Parks, Joan Duszynski, Susan Arden, Andrea Wood, Neil Orr, Simon Okill, Victoria Valentine, Devon Youngblood, Vicki Green, Hayley Barlow,  Rachel Kall, Samantha Jacobey, LL Collins, Margaret Taylor, Heather Kirchoff, AR Von, Karen Marino-Brueggeman, Melissa Collins, and many more.

Now, to all my friends: if I miss any of you please forgive me. Thank you all for taking time to get to know me and supporting me. Tina
Brimlow, Christina Abrahamsen, Kaleigh Jordan, Teresa Martini, Crissy Sutcliffe, Janet Gomez, Anne Coomber, Shellie Hodge, Angela Rasmussen, Helen Simpson, Mary Lowery, Kera Montgomery, Kathy Jones, Tracey Williams, Heather Holland, Jodi Murphy, Stephanie Mae, Caroline Hattrich, Melissa Wilkinson, Ebony Mcmillan, Shannon Burdsall, Denise Kirkland, Torhild Borg,  Jennifer Reeves, Nikki Maynardskaggs, Bridget Thomas-Parker, Jessika Harper, Rosemary Hendry, Jennifer Maikas, Becki Ford, Suzanne Wendolski, Claire Goodfellow, Carlie Sznober, Debbie Talbot, and many more.

To my street team: thank you for your help in
pimping my book. I really appreciate all your hard work.

I hope you all enjoy book 2, and thank you all. HAPPY READING!!!!

Broken Wings Series Playlist

Skyscraper by:
Demi Lovato (Cordelia’s Song)

Mean by: Taylor Swift

Wasting All These Tears by: Cassadee Pope (Kaleigh’s Song)

You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me by: Cher

Broken by: Seether and Amy Lee

My Immortal by: Evanescence

Anthem of the Angels by: Breaking Benjamin

the End by: Breaking Benjamin

Give me a Sign By: Breaking Benjamin

A Little Bit Stronger by: Sara Evans

Stay by: Mayday Parade

My Sacrifice by: Creed

The Reason by:
Hoobastank (Cameron song to Cordelia)

Broken by Lindsey

Forever by Papa Roach

Haunted by Taylor Swift

Invisible by Hunter Hayes


About the Author


Sandra Love is a mother of one son, Charlie. He is autistic and has ADHD, but it doesn’t keep her down. She resides in Michigan at the moment, with Charlie and her boyfriend Brad. She is a BIG cat lover. She has 4 cats, including a stray. Their names are Stubby, Odin, and Thor. The stray is named Louie. Sandra loves to read anything from Erotic novels to YA books to paranormal. She was inspired by many authors to start writing, and she finally taken the plunge. She attended Olivet College, where she studied Accounting and History. She doesn’t do much in her spare time but read and play with the cats. She’d rather stay at home then go out, and now she can spend her spare time with her characters as they get into whatever mischief they can.



BOOK: Broken Hearts: Kaleigh's Revenge (Broken Wings Series)
9.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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