Broken Hearts: Kaleigh's Revenge (Broken Wings Series)

BOOK: Broken Hearts: Kaleigh's Revenge (Broken Wings Series)
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Broken Hearts

Kaleigh’s Revenge



Sandra Love




Broken Hearts: Kaleigh’s Revenge

Sandra Love


Copyright © 2014 Sandra Love


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I want to dedicate this book to my editor Genevieve Scholl. She has been there for me through thick and thin. Thank you. Also to my son Charlie and
Breanna Lester for being my #1 fans.








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Reviews on Broken:

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The story was not a romance or sexy story, it was heart wrenching and sad to read about

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“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.”   

Marcus Aurelius



“In moments of pain, we seek revenge.”

Ami Ayalon




Chapter One


As all of us walked toward the castle, my mind was all over the place. What if we are too late to save Cameron or Cordelia? What if Amelia has killed them already? I really needed to stop thinking like that and hope for the best. I couldn’t lose them. They were both my family. Cameron was my brother, and we were as close as any siblings could be. And while Cordelia wasn’t biologically family, I considered her my sister now; and not just because she was in love with Cameron. Cordelia
found out that she is part Witch, part Angel, and she had been thrown into a war of the worlds almost immediately. She was who the prophet spoke of, and she could save us all. I couldn’t believe her own mother wanted her dead so she could have all the power. I really wanted to stab her in the heart and stop her from taking my new sister away from me, when I only just found her.

, The White Witch, put her hand on my arm. “Kaleigh dear, you should not think so negatively. I can sense that you are thinking of the worst. We will save your brother,

I stopped and turned to her. She was so beautiful and caring. I wished I could feel emotions like
Arabella. Maybe, if I could, I would feel more positive about saving my family. Even as the thought crossed my mind, an overwhelming peace washed over me; like all the doubt I had was lifted from my body. “Did you just do that?” I asked the witch.

“Yes, dear, I did. We need you to be on guard and not distracted. We have no idea what Amelia has planned. She is a dangerous dark witch. She and I were best friends before she went dark. I know how vindictive she can be. Even when we were always hanging out together, she showed signs of becoming evil. Trust me, no one wishes this wasn’t happening more than me. It breaks my heart to know we will have to kill her, but we need to stop her before Ithaca becomes a horrible place and we all become her slaves.”

I turned to give her a hug. Hugging her made me miss my mother, who died years before. I wished I were a necromancer so I could have her beside me. I needed her strength. “Dear, your mother was also my best friend. She would be proud of her daughter for doing this. Now, let’s catch up to the rest.”

“Thank you,
Arabella.” She smiled at me and we continued to walk toward the Castle.

As we entered The Dark City, I got an eerie feeling. It looked deserted and dead. The trees looked like the life was sucked out of them. There was no grass anywhere, it was just dirt. Crows flew around like they were waiting for death to bring them their next meal. They would swoop down every so often to grab something and fly away. The smell here was horrid, like rotten eggs mixed with death. I had to cover my nose and mouth; I could feel the bile building up in my throat. I looked around for any sight of life and noticed a flutter of beautiful white wings in the thorn bushes. They were as bright as freshly fallen snow.

“Dean,” I said to capture Cordelia’s father’s attention. He turned to me and raised his eyebrows in question. “I think there is someone stuck in the thorn bushes.”

Without waiting for a response, I ran toward the bushes. I heard something whimpering in pain. They were moaning a name I couldn’t make out. As I drew closer, I listened carefully, but still couldn’t decipher the name. Figuring the safety of the creature was more
important, I reached out to dislodge the wings.  

But before I could, someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me away. “No, Kaleigh; do not touch the thorns. They’re poisonous to Angels. Even fallen angels can be affected by the poison. I am a healer, but this is a poison I cannot heal.”

I turned to see it was Arabella, and she looked very concerned. “But there is someone stuck there; we can’t leave them.”

Dean and Daniel walked closer to get a better look. Daniel fell to his knees and started to sob.
Arabella walked up to the bush and opened her hands, snapping her fingers. I was shocked by what she had done. The bush completely faded away, revealing a beautiful lady in the moon light. She had long blonde hair and she was wearing the most stunning white dress. It was almost like a wedding dress. She was covered in blood and had scraps and gashes all over her body. I wondered who this lady was. Then Daniel got up and ran to her. He fell to the ground in front of her and put her head into his lap. Dean started cursing and yelling.

Arabella, who is that lady?” 

“She is Daniel’s wife, Lizbeth; she has been trapped into the thorn bush to die. This is Amelia’s doing, I’m sure. She never liked her. Lizbeth is with child.”

My hand flew to my mouth and I let out a sob. We needed to stop Amelia before she killed us all. I watched Dean walk over to his brother. He sat beside him and held them both. I watched as Lizbeth and Daniel looked at each other, speaking lowly to one another. I wondered what they were saying, but I decided to leave them be in their final moments with each other. Then I watched as she took her last breath and Daniel gave her a kiss on her forehead, and then placed her on the ground gently. He stood up and looked at me. The sadness on his face broke my heart. I walked over to him and hugged him. I got a huge lump in my throat, but I chose to keep my emotions locked inside. We all needed to be strong for Daniel so we could continue to fight.

“Why did she have to make her suffer; why not just kill her fast and get it over with?”

“Daniel, look at me,” I urged. “She will pay for this. We will get our revenge for what she did here today to your wife and baby.”

He stepped out of my grasp and looked around. “Listen followers, Amelia’s life will end tonight. She has taken so much away from us all. She will pay for the destruction of our city. We will save my niece, and she will put an end to this madness. We are in for a war. If you think you are not fit for this, you must leave right now. Do I make myself clear?”

As I looked around at the crowd, everyone stepped closer to Daniel. Some spoke up and said, “We will fight with you.” And some said, “For Lizbeth”

I stepped forward and cleared my throat. “Also, Kale is no longer a white angel; he decided to turn his back on good. I want revenge on him. He is nothing but a coward, and I wish to end him.  Leave him for me. Do not touch him.”

Everyone agreed and nodded their heads. “Now, let’s continue on with this journey to the Black Castle. We still have quite a ways to go,” I shouted to the horde.

I turned and started to walk toward the castle. In the distance, I saw the castle and it looked like Amelia had started up a storm. The Lightning streaked across the sky. Loud thunder echoed off the dead trees, reminding me of an old scary movie. The castle loomed, dark and dusky. I wondered what other kinds of creatures were locked away in the dungeons. I had no idea, but knew I would soon find out.

As we got closer to the castle, I noticed there were more angels trapped in the thorn bushes. The cries and screams were horrible. It almost sounded like they were crying to the Gods to end their pain. My heart was saddened by the doings of Amelia. Why would she want to torture us angels?  When we got to the opening of the castle, something caught my eye behind a huge willow tree.

Dean spoke up in a deep voice, startling me. “Who’s there? Come out and show your face!”

That’s when I saw the most gorgeous creature known to man. He was so tall; he had to be at least 6 feet 6. He had sandy brown hair that was spiked up in all directions. His eyes were a mesmerizing, bright green. He was shirtless, and I could see he was lean and had the abs of a god. I wondered what he was. He didn’t seem to be dark. I noticed he held a sword in his right hand that was lined with crystals; Angel crystals. Why hadn’t I seen this amazing creature before? Why was I suddenly drawn to him? I felt like I couldn’t breathe, that my heart was pounding a million miles an hour. He was looking right at me with an intense stare. I felt my face become warm.

“Like what you see, Kaleigh?” I turned to look into Arabella’s eyes. “That is Gabe, Kale’s cousin.”

At first, I thought I was dreaming when she said that. “What did you say? That is Kale’s cousin? Why is this the first time I’ve heard of this? Kale never mentioned him to me.”

He walked toward us. “Yes, Kaleigh, I am Kale’s cousin. I am here to help save him. He has caused a lot of trouble with our family.” He winked at me. “Well, I can see why he never brought you around. I would want to steal you from him. But I am confused, Dean. Why would he want to be a part of Amelia’s plan?”

“I am just as confused as you are. She has turned a lot of angels dark within months. I heard through a mole that she has terrifying creatures locked away in the dungeons. I don’t know if this is true or not.”

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

As we started to walk toward the castle again, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Gabe. He was so damn breathtaking, and my mind started to wonder if he was seeing anyone.
, I thought,
why can’t I stop staring at him? This is becoming embarrassing.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Yes, Angel, I am single.” Then he winked at me again and caught up with Dean. I swear my heart stopped when his breath hit my ear.  I shook my head to clear my mind. Now is not the time to be thinking about kissing him. I needed to save my brother and Cordelia, and in order to do that I needed a clear head. Like
Arabella said, no distractions.

We made it to the gate of the castle, and stopped as the doors opened up. I saw Amelia, and she had Cameron. I tried to run without realizing what I was doing. Gabe grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“Don’t; she will kill you.”

Amelia threw my brother on the ground, and I could see he was in rough shape. From what I could see, Cam’s face looked to be badly bruised, as if someone had punched him. His clothes were ripped, and I could see scrapes and cuts all over his skin. I wanted to cry.

“Welcome, visitors,” The Dark Witch sneered. The rest of her speech was muffled into silence as I stared at my sibling. My world had just been turned upside down. I felt like someone was choking me and I couldn’t breathe. She was going to kill my brother. I couldn’t let that happen; he was all I had. I caught something shining in the moon light. I looked up to see Amelia holding a dagger above Cameron’s body.

I stepped forward and yelled. “Please don’t hurt him.” She waved her hand, sending me flying in the air. Gabe and Dean ran to my side and we looked up as she turned to look at the castle doors. I was speechless. I looked around and saw people running from the castle, back into the woods. Dean was right; she had created some creatures of her own. They were horrible looking. They had green skin, were almost bald, and their eyes where bright red. They looked to be hungry, yet seemed to be in no rush to eat. Their clothing was ripped and tattered, barely hanging onto their bodies. Some looked very familiar, like I’d seen them before. Humans would have probably called them zombies.

“You see, I found humans that got on my nerves and I turned them into this. They are trained to kill anyone, or anything, that crosses my path. Now, pets, get them and bring them to me,” she ordered the undead minions.

Gabe picked me up and started to run back into the woods. I looked to see that Cameron was being dragged back into the castle. I could see where he had started to bleed from the stab wound. His shirt was soaking up the blood at an alarming rate. He was bleeding so badly, I didn’t know if he was alive or dead. My heart wanted to stop; I wanted to die. I couldn’t lose my brother. He was all I had left. I looked at the sky and started to pray to the gods. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if they had answered my prayers, or if fate was on my side, but everything went suddenly dark.



BOOK: Broken Hearts: Kaleigh's Revenge (Broken Wings Series)
13.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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