Boxed Set: Traitorous Heart Volumes 1-6 (The Traitorous Heart Series) (8 page)

BOOK: Boxed Set: Traitorous Heart Volumes 1-6 (The Traitorous Heart Series)
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“Katie. Katie Jayne.”

I loved the way he said my name. “Yes?” I searched his face, looking for clues to what he wanted, needed. At that moment I’d give him anything.

His hands ran up my sides, along my breasts, and stopped, along with my heart, on my pink scarf.

“This is beautiful.” He rubbed his fingers over the material. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a gift from my crazy parents. While they and I were as different as night and day, I appreciated the gift. It meant something coming from them.

“Thanks.” The word came out hoarse, like a frog had stolen my voice.

When the elevator opened whatever he’d been going to say was forgotten. Griffin picked me up, seeming desperate to keep me close. I clung to him while he opened his door and walked us into the bedroom.

Briefly I noticed his room looked the same. Clean. Perfect. It screamed of wealth and smelled clean.

Griffin sat me on his bed. He took the scarf from my neck and held it between his fists.

My heart raced. What were his intentions? It was a gift from my parents, so it couldn’t be anything sexual. That would just be weird.

“My parents gave me that on graduation day.”

He glanced at it again, and then took my purse and set them both on a chair near the door. Whatever his intent had been, he had changed his mind.  I was glad.

“I’m going to get you naked and make you come over and over again.” His words seemed to go straight to my core and I was immediately wet.

I nodded, waiting. He slid off his shoes then took off his jacket and his tie. Mesmerized I watched him strip, fascinated by his hands. He pulled his shirt from his pants and undid the buttons.

A part of me was screaming that I should be taking off my clothes too. The sooner I was naked, the sooner he could make good on his words. But I couldn’t move. His fingers were at his belt, unbuckling, unbuttoning, unzipping.

I licked my lips.

He took off his pants and his socks. When he straightened my eyes went right to his cock. It pressed against his boxer-briefs, straining.

I was drawn to it, to his sex.  I climbed off the bed. His eyes followed me as I kneeled in front of him.

“What are you doing?” He swallowed. There was a hesitation in him, which surprised me. On stage, when he sang, it had been like watching a magnificent being, a god who barely looked like a man, singing to those beneath him. Our night together he’d taken his rock god status to the next level.

Now again, standing before me, his naked body taut and oh so very lickable, I couldn’t understand how there could be even the slightest hesitation. He was the epitome of physical perfection.

“I want you naked, too.” I heard him, but didn’t respond. I wanted my mouth on his thickness.

I freed him from his boxer-briefs, taking his hardness in one hand. Keeping my eyes on his, I took the tip between my lips. My tongue swirled the ridge.

He moaned, brushing his fingers in my hair.

I dragged my teeth lightly over his tip. Griffin gasped, caressing my forehead. Then he took down my hair, pulling it free, allowing it to fall around my shoulders. I hadn’t even brushed it today.

“You’re beautiful, Katie Jayne.”

His words and the way he touched me made my thighs quiver.

My glasses slipped to the edge of my nose and I pushed them up with my free hand. I placed his cock against my lips and pressed it deep inside my mouth, getting him wet. I swirled my hand, letting my spit make it easier to slide my hand around him. He was huge. I pressed him in deeper until the tip touched the back of my throat.

“Fuck,” he moaned. His fingers wound in my hair. I rode him with my mouth, feeling him get harder and almost impossibly bigger.









I kept
going. Giving a blowjob wasn’t something I’d done a whole hell of a lot, okay it’d been one other time, but the guy said he liked it and I wanted to make Griffin feel great. Occasionally I paused to push my glasses up my nose. I could’ve taken them off, but without them I was blind and I wanted to see his face and every inch of his glorious body.

Griffin’s hands left my hair and touched my shoulders, his fingertips brushing against my neck. “Holy shit, you’re sexy.” Griffin pulled my mouth off him and lifted me. “Fucking amazing.” He took my glasses off.

I wanted to pout. He must’ve noticed. “You want to keep them on?”

I flushed, feeling my face heat up. Did I tell him I wanted to see everything he did with perfect clarity?

“No.” It would be okay. He gently took them from my face and sat them on top of my scarf.

When he returned he lifted my arms, placed them over my head, and slid my ratty sweater off. My skin prickled as his fingers trailed hot desire. He stopped at my plain white bra and unhooked it, exposing my breasts. He cupped them with the palms of his hands and lightly pinched my nipples.

My head fell back. “Griffin.” I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a tiny part of me that wanted to know what in hell I was doing? Having sex with strangers wasn’t me. But as Griffin kissed between my breasts and ran his tongue up to my neck, nipping lightly, I realized I didn’t care about who that girl was—at least not at that moment. 

He lifted me onto the bed, pushing me so that I lay on my back. I watched his body in awe. He really was the most glorious person I’d ever seen.

Griffin made quick work of getting off my shoes, socks, and jeans.

It was then that I remembered I wasn’t wearing sexy underwear. They were cotton and faded red. I froze, wondering what he’d think.

He didn’t seem to notice, just hooked his fingers at the sides and pulled them off. His urgency was intense, like I was his drug. His hands pressed my legs apart so that I was opened, exposed.

“God, Katie.” He moved his thumb over my clit, massaging it lightly.

I gasped with pleasure.

Griffin continued moving this thumb in a circular motion as he slid a finger deep inside my pussy.

I tilted my hips, allowing him easier access.

He bent forward and his warm tongue brushed against my clit, suckling. I couldn’t control my moaning. He was sending me over the edge. It wouldn’t take long to come undone.

“You taste sweet, like my favorite pie.” Griffin’s tongue dipped into my pussy.

“What kind is that?” I asked, barely able to focus on speech. My fists gripped the bed covers.

He didn’t answer right away, his lips and tongue giving me pleasure in a way I’d never experienced. The glorious tension of my orgasm was building, growing, getting stronger and more intense. I licked my lips. “Cherry,” he finally whispered just as my orgasm crested, causing my body to shudder. My fingers found his hair and I gripped it between my fists.

He kissed my clit. Licked it. It was the sweetest, the most tender thing I’d ever experienced with a man. Sure, I wasn’t a big sex aficionado. Maybe most guys did that, but for me—well, I think my addiction for the gorgeous rock god grew exponentially.

“Your pussy is my new favorite dessert.” 

A feral need I’d never felt before rose up and took hold. I wanted him. I grabbed him by the shoulders and tried to pull him up. If I had to wait much longer to have him fuck me, I’d go insane.


His eyes met mine, then he leaned down and kissed my navel, each of my hipbones and up my stomach to my breasts. His teeth grazed my nipple. My nails raked his back. I wanted him closer. Needed him.

He positioned himself between my legs. His muscled arms held him up. I turned and kissed his forearm.

“Katie, beautiful Katie.” His lips crushed mine. I met him, my tongue tangling with his. I tasted myself on him. I kept thinking of his words, that I tasted like cherries. “Hmmmm.”

He pulled back and I opened my eyes. He was studying me, his features hungry. “Cherries, right?”

God, he was sexy. “If you say so.” My throat felt parched. I took his face between my hands and gently bit his lower lip.

He growled and thrust his cock into me.

“Fuck,” he whispered against my mouth. He held himself still a moment, his eyes holding mine. What was he looking for? What did he hope to see? “You feel amazing.” He slowly pulled out until the tip of his cock rested at my opening and then rammed back inside.

I gasped, my hands winding their way up his back and into his hair. “You feel good.”

Our bodies found a natural rhythm. In and out. His lips were on mine, on my hair, along my jaw and my neck. His warm breath burning passion at every spot he touched. It was obvious neither of us wanted it to end anytime soon. My body hummed.





His teeth and lips nipped at my neck.

The experience, those minutes, were some of the best of my life.

His thumb found its way inside my mouth. I sucked on it. He groaned, pressing deeper inside. Then pulled out his thumb and caressed my face, touching my bruised lips. I kissed it. His movements sped up, became more intense. The quiver and desire within my belly bloomed strong. My orgasm built quickly. My hips pressed against his, our bodies slapping against each other. His breath mingled with mine. I felt him tense, knew he was close. My orgasm exploded and I leaned my head back, unable to help the moan that escaped my throat.

I felt him come immediately after. His forehead fell against my collarbone and I cupped his head in my hands.

After several seconds, Griffin’s head lifted. “That was amazing,” he said, his breathing heavy.

I kissed him, allowing my lips to linger. Sweat glistened on his upper lip. I tasted the salt.

Griffin lifted himself off and rolled onto his back. It was in that moment I realized something. Something fucking horrible.

We hadn’t used protection.

My heart stopped. Oh my God. I’d been on birth control when I first started dating Reid, but when I found out he and I weren’t going to have sex until we were married I’d stopped being so faithful about taking it. There hadn’t been a need.

Worse than that were my concerns about STDs. Just how careful was Griffin, really? Slowly, I shifted to face him. His eyes were closed. His arm rested over his forehead.

I watched him breathe, watched his chest rise and fall. I didn’t know what to do. We’d just had this amazing experience. Why hadn’t either of us thought to take a moment so he could put on a fucking condom?

“Griffin,” I whispered. Shit. How did I handle this? I didn’t want to make him angry but this was urgent.

He opened his eyes. In that moment I realized he knew. “We need to take a shower.” He stood and walked to the bathroom. I took in his backside. Damn he was gorgeous. He turned back. “You coming?”









I kne
by the look on her face Katie realized what we’d done. I hadn’t used protection. I’d never made a mistake like that. Ever. It fucking blew my mind. But it would be fine. It was one time. People, especially two strangers, wouldn’t get pregnant.

She seemed to be in shock too. Water trickled down her face and into her eyes. She wiped them away.

“Wash really good.” I handed her the body wash. She squeezed some of the liquid onto her hand and went to work. I did the same.

When we were both clean I helped her out of the shower and wrapped her in a large towel. She still hadn’t spoken. I didn’t know what to say. I’d told her the last time we were together that I was clean.

Fucking was an enjoyable pastime. I didn’t want to give it up because of STDs, or worse. But I wasn’t sure about her. I knew very little about her. When I’d first found out Reid was engaged I’d been curious about the kind of girl who would be interested in the motherfucker. I’d figured a total slut with a lust for money.

From what I’d seen of Katie, she was none of those things. The last time we fucked she’d said it’d been a long time. I’d heard rumors that Reid wasn’t fucking Katie. He only kept her as a token fiancée for the sake of his parents so he could have his fun. I’d known Reid for most of my life. Our families ran in the same circles. We attended the same schools and occasionally even went after the same girls. I knew for a fact he didn’t understand the meaning of the word

Katie looked at me, her eyes wide with fear and regret.

“It’s okay,” I finally said, knowing she needed to hear the words and wishing I could hear them from her. By the look on her face she didn’t believe me.

“I need to go.” She pulled away and dropped the towel. She quickly dressed with her back to me. I stood there like an asshole and watched. Every instinct I possessed told me to protect her, make her see that no matter what I’d be there for her, but I resisted. Again. It was in my nature. Every time I had tried to give a fuck in the past my effort was rewarded by disdain and contempt. I could blame it on my father, but there wasn’t a point. My life was my own. I made my choices—and I chose to stand there and watch her dress.

BOOK: Boxed Set: Traitorous Heart Volumes 1-6 (The Traitorous Heart Series)
11.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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