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“Let’s start the bidding at 10,000!” the leader announced.
“Do I have 10,000?”

“11,000!” called a male voice. Charlie looked into the
audience with fear.

“Do I have 11,500?” said the leader.

“12,000!” called a female voice. The friends were shocked to
hear a woman out in the crowd. Who were these insane people? Were they really
trying to sell Charlie to the highest bidder? Addison closed her eyes tightly,
praying that everything the was occurring to her was nothing but a horrible

“I’ll give you 15,000 for the boy,” said a pack-a-day
smoker’s voice from the back of the room, “The kid knows how to fuck.”

“15,000 going once,” said the leader “Twice...Sold! To the
beautiful woman in the back, there.”

Applause erupted through the audience, and Charlie cast a
terrified look back at his friends. What was going on?

“Gentlemen, if you would bring this boy to the processing
chamber, we can move on with the auction. Congratulations, ma’am! This is a
fine selection, indeed.”

The gunmen closed ranks on Charlie, taking him by either
arm. He began to thrash against them.

“Let go of me!” he screamed, as they dragged him away.

“Charlie!” Addison cried, lurched toward him. She lost her
balance, tripping on her chains, and fell forward onto the stage, landing hard
upon her head. She rolled over, the world fading to white around her. Grayson
hurried to her, leaning over her with tears in his eyes. In her shattered
state, she couldn’t even turn to watch Charlie be pulled away. She dissolved
into hysterical tears, lying there naked on the stage. Charlie being carried
off was like a portion of her body being severed from her. She halfway wished
that she would die there where she lay, suffer a heart attack or a stroke,
anything to escape this horrible place.

But she knew that she wouldn’t be so lucky. This wouldn’t be
over until they were all bought a paid for. And that, Addison suspected, would
only be the beginning of the horror.






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The following is an excerpt
from the next episode in the
Bound and Sold series: Sex Slave Auction Part 2


Addison realizes she is doomed to meet the same end as her
friends, she's to be sold to the highest bidder at an underground sex slave auction.
One of her friends is not so fortunate to make it to auction. Her number is up
now, and the bids are driving higher and higher. How sadistic will her new
master be? And what will she have to do to stay alive?


Read on for a small taste of what's inside:


“Adorable,” the leader sneered, “Now would you please fuck
this girl while we’re all still breathing? Come on, Grayson. Get moving.”

Grayson stepped down from his platform as the audience
cheered wildly. He knelt behind Addison and rested his hands on her quivering
flanks. She peered up into his eyes, and saw that he had set his jaw in an
expression of steely resolve.

“I’m sorry,” he said to her, hardening his eyes as he must.

“Don’t worry,” Addison said, “We’ll get through it together.
Just narrow your focus down to me, or you’ll never be able to go through with
it. Trust me. It will be fine.”

Grayson nodded, trained his eyes on Addison. As if in a
trance, he began to move his fingers up toward her tits. As they brushed
against her skin, her nipples stood up, pert and erect. His hands circled her
tender breasts with a delicacy she never would have guessed Grayson possessed.

“Very good,” said the leader. Grayson jerked his head toward
the sound, losing his concentration.

“Hey!” Addison said sharply. Grayson brought his eyes back
down to her, “Ignore him. Only think of me. Only think of how good it’s going
to feel to fuck me after all these years.”

She was using every weapon in her arsenal, and their lives
depended on it. She saw a streak of hunger surge through Grayson’s eyes, and he
wrapped his hands back around her breasts without flinching. She moaned as he
kneaded the soft mounds of her tits, rolled his fingers around her hard
nipples. Addison arched her back as he pinched he tender nipples, sending
little tendrils of pleasureful pain dancing through her body.

Leaning back toward him, Addison ground her ass into his
crotch as he fondled her dangling breasts. She could feel the bulge in the
front of his pants begin to harden, stretching at the fabric in which they were
encased. He wanted her, in that moment, no matter what the circumstances. Their
lovemaking was rich and forbidden in so many ways that Addison felt herself
become more than amendable, but excited for it.

What the fuck is the matter with me? She thought for a
moment. But Grayson moved his fingers quickly along her body, erasing any
second thoughts she was having. She could feel his hot breath on her back as he
forgot his surroundings. The firm press of his cock into her ass sent an army of
goose pimples dancing across Addison’s pale white skin. She’d always secretly
wondered what Grayson would be like.

He pushed aside the thin swatch of fabric covering her pussy
and drew in a sharp breath as he realized that she was already wet.




BOOK: Bound And Sold: Sex Slave Auction 1
3.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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