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The stars shone bright a clear above their heads as they
came into the cold night air. The sudden sight of space, the towering sky, made
a lump rise in Addison’s throat. She’d half expected to perish in that van,
waiting to see what he fate would be. A simple glimpse of the sky seemed like
the greatest luxury in the world right now. The friends, too exhausted to
resist, went limp in the arms of their captors. Even Grayson, the brute, was
too drained and shocked to put up a fight.

Addison glanced in the direction they were heading and
gasped. Towering before them was the most beautiful mansion she had ever set
eyes upon. No, it was more than a mansion. It was some kind of estate out in
the middle of nowhere. All around them were cresting hills, as if miles and
miles of space separated them from any other human being. She wouldn’t have
been surprised if that were the case.  The structure itself was massive
and sprawling, with columns and turrets and towering archways. It was something
out of Versailles, she thought. She wondered if the same fate that befell the
occupants of that fated palace would be waiting for her.

The dozens captors marched the friend toward the front
entryway of the mansion. As they climbed the steep staircase, the heavy front
doors swung open. To the friends horror, fifty more figures were waiting just
inside. Addison realized for the first time that the people were cloaked, their
faces and bodies covered by black robes. A shiver san down her spine. The
occult eeriness of the hooded people made her blood turn to ice in her veins.

As they reached the top of the step, the march halted
abruptly. The dozen bounty men lowered their charges, straightening them into
standing positions. Anna cried out sharply as she was forced to put her weight
onto the injured leg. Her sudden, primal sound shattered the stifling since
that had enshrouded them so for long. A long hooded figure walked briskly
forward, forward the girl. Addison realized that when this person walked, the
others recoiled. He must be the leader, she thought to herself. But the real
question is, what is he the leader of?

“What’s wrong with her?” the man barked. “Why is she crying

“I don’t know, sir,” an unsteady voice said.

“You don’t know?” said the leader, in deadly soft tones.
“How can it be that you don’t know?”

“I don’t...know,” said the man in absolute horror, “Perhaps
she was hurt along the way, sir?”

“Hurt?” snapped the leader, “How could she had gotten hurt?
Are you that careless, man? We can’t afford to have any damaged cargo!”

“Cargo?” croaked Charlie. The entire collective reared back
as he spoke. The friends stood alone in the center of the circle, Anna being
held up by Grayson.

“He speaks,” said the leader, clearly impressed. “So the
rest of you are good and functional?”

“Who are you?” said Grayson, finding is voice.

“My, my! They’re all waking up, aren’t they?” crowed the
man, “What a happy day this is! Why don’t we get out guests inside, then. I’m
sure that everyone is looking forward to the evening’s festivities.”

“We’re not going anywhere!” Charlie cried, but it was
useless. The friends were jostled into the mansion, Grayson taking Anna into
his arms. Through cavernous, candlelit halls they were herded, down into the
depths of the estate. Down stairs, through countless stories they traveled,
until finally a heavy door way thrown open at the bottom of the world.

Before them all stood what seemed to be a theater. A stage
was set for them, with four platforms. Stadium seats rose up all around, and
the space itself was ornate, beautiful, and flawlessly lit. A few enterprising
captors rushed the friends onto the stage as the others settled into seats around
the theater. Each of the four was manhandled onto a platform, though Anna had
to opportunity to sit. And as they were corralled, into place, heavy chains
fell upon their wrists and ankles.

The captors joined the others in the audience as the friends
traded terrified glances. They were there on display in front of the terrifying
council, like goods arranged in a market. As they struggled to make sense of
what was happening, the leader of the party leapt on to the stage and spread
his arms benevolently.

“Friends,” he cried to the assembled crowd, “Welcome, once
again, to our greatest of affairs. Our most important and glorious tradition.
Welcome to the annual auction!”

The crowd erupted into cheers, and the friends’ jaws fell
open in utter disbelief. Auction? What could that possibly mean?

“Let’s get started, shall we?” said the leader, retreating
from the stage to take a good look at the friends, “What have we here? A good
batch, to be sure. Before we clean them up, let’s have a little preview of
what’s to come?” The assembled crowd hollered their excitement, and the leader
smiled broadly up at the captives. “Who should we test out first?” he asked the
crowed. Voices erupted around the arena, until a unanimous voice came to a

“The one who spoke first! And the girl that’s not broken!”

“That sounds like an excellent idea!” said the leader,
“We’ll start with these two, to see what they’re made of!”

Charlie and Addison exchanged fearful glances. What did he
mean, see what they were made of? Two hooded figures came up from the audience
and approached the pair, undoing their chains and dragging them to the center
of the stage. Charlie and Addison cowered before the audience, and the leader
nodded enthusiastically.

“Wonderful,” he said, “You two will do nicely, I’m sure.
Move into position, men.”

The people who’d led them front and center took a few steps
back and produced two slick, heavy handguns. Addison let out a yelp, and
Charlie waved a bit on his feet. The leader laughed.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “They won’t shoot unless you don’t
obey. Now, before we keep going, please take off all your clothing.”

“What?” Charlie said. One of the men on stage undid the
safety of his gun.

“Take off your clothes,” the leader repeated. His chilly
voice was warning enough. Mortified, Charlie and Addison began to strip off the
layers of their clothing. They could hardly stand to look at each other. The
crowd jeered and whistled as Addison struggled to cover her breasts and pussy,
Charlie hid his dick behind his quivering hands. The leader seemed to be
pleased by what he saw.

“Excellent specimens, no?” he asked the crowd. They roared
their approval. “Now, why don’t you two get to it?”

“What do you mean?” Addison whispered. The other man cocked his
gun in their direction.

“I mean,” said the leader, “We need to see what you two are
made of. We need to see how you are, sexually, before we bid on you. This is
the annual auction, after all. We spent a good deal of time finding you among
the prize items around the region. You seem to be pretty excellent specimens,
maybe the best in years. But we have to be sure that you’ll be worth the money.
You wouldn’t want to disappoint us, would you? So, if you would be fine enough
to fuck for us, we’d be much obliged.”

Charlie and Addison stared helplessly at each other. How
could this possibly be happening? How could they be asked to do this mortifying
thing in front of so many people?

“I...I can’t,” Charlie said, his voice shaking.

“If you can’t,” said the leader, “We’ll be forced to kill

“No!” Addison cried, throwing her arms around Charlie,
“We’ll do it!”

“Good girl!” said the leader, and the audience agreed.
Charlie looked at Addison, beyond his senses with fear. They stood completely
naked before the assembled crowd, having fallen down the god-awful rabbit hole
into surreal terror. In a moment of connection, amid the Twilight Zone that
they’d stumbled into, Addison lay her hands on Charlie’s shoulder, turned him
to face her.

“It’s OK,” she said softly, tears prickling in her eyes,
“It’s going to be OK, Charlie. I promise. Just stay with me, just look at me.”

He latched onto her eyes, drawing her closer against her.
Miraculously, they locked eyes with each other, managed to quiet the roar of
catcalls amid the audience. They let themselves fall into each others’ eyes,
forgetting as best they could what their situation was, what the stakes were.
Addison drew Charlie with her beyond the realm of terror into which they’d
entered. For a brief moment, they fell away. It was just them, with no one else
in the world. Their lives depended upon this connection, this encounter. It was
the only way to stay alive, and to feel alive with each other.

Charlie pulled Addison against him, pressing his mouth
against hers. Addison threw her arms around Charlie’s neck and kissed him
urgently. Their mouths moved together, with a passion that went beyond sex,
into the realm of love. Addison began to cry softly as she slid her tongue
against Charlie’s, realizing only now that she truly did love him, that she had
all along.

Addison let her hands travel down the length of Charlie’s
body. She found his cock, realized that it was growing hard. She wrapped her
hands around that familiar organ and felt in swell between her palms. She rubbed
her fingers up and down the length of his cock, pumping his member as if his
pleasure was the most important thing in the world.

He buried his face into Addison’s neck, and she left his
hands cup her breasts. He circled her tits with eager, hungry hands, pulling at
her nipples until they stood erect. She groaned as her pussy grew slick. As if
Charlie could smell her getting wet for him, his hands flew toward her crotch.
He let out a guttural moan as his fingers sunk into the lips of her pussy.

Addison bore down on Charlie’s ever-hardening dick as he
thrust two fingers into her pussy. She gasped as he worked his fingers around
that intimate space, flexing this strong fingers inside of her. As he brought
his thumb to her hard clit, Addison nearly toppled over. Charlie wrapped his
arms around her back, steadying her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and
struggled to remain standing as her kneaded her clit. Her legs began to tremble
as the warmth of orgasm crept through every cell in her body. This was all that
was left in the world, this sensation, and she was desperate to experience
every moment of it.

Charlie slid a third finger deep into Addison’s pussy and
flicked her clit with precise marksmanship. She soared into a mind bending
orgasm, cumming grandly. She held desperately onto Charlie, the strength of her
orgasm rattling her to the core. She crested the sensation and immediately
needed more. As she regained control of her legs, she leapt onto Charlie,
wrapped herself around his body. He held her aloft, her legs wrapped around his
body. He poised the tip of his cock just before her wet, throbbing pussy and
met her horny gaze. They took a breath as one, and Charlie plunged his cock
into Addison’s body.

They groaned as his gigantic, swollen erection pushed
further and further into Addison’s pussy. She bucked against Charlie’s massive
member, taking as much of him as she could at every thrust. Charlie had always
been challenging to accommodate with so tight a pussy as hers. She threw her
head back and rode him like a stallion. His strong arms, flushed with energy
now that they were together, held her aloft. He brought her down again and
again onto his cock, sliding in slowly.

Finally, Charlie’s dick slid all the way into Addison’s
eager pussy. She screamed as his cock reared up into that most tender of spots
deep inside her, and she knew that she would cum again. She dug her nails into
Charlie’s back as he began to thrust into her quickly, and powerfully. Addison
could feel him lengthening and stiffening inside of her as a second even more
rattling orgasm encroached upon her body. The friction of their bare torsos
heated them from the outside in, the pleasure coursing through their veins took
care of the rest. Charlie’s cock grazed Addison’s pussy, and she cried out as
she came. At the sound of her cumming, Charlie let himself go, and came into
Addison’s writhing body.

He held her as his cum poured into her pussy. She perched on
him as he bucked against her, spilled every last drop of his seed deep into her
body. She dug her fingers into his hair, holding on for dear life and she felt
herself filling to the brim with his semen. Charlie dug his fingers into
Addison’s ass, pulling her as close into him as he could. Finally, he was
spent. They clutched each other for a moment, just the two of them, before the
real world flooded back in.

All around them, voices roared their approval. Charlie and
Addison glanced toward the crowd, which was seething with excitement.
Awkwardly, Charlie lowered Addison to the ground. She quivered against him,
hiding her face in shame. She’d done what she needed to in order to save his
life, but she knew that whatever else happened to her here, she’d never be able
to live down this mortification. The color drained from Charlie’s face as he
glanced down at her, feeling for the world like it was all his fault.

“Good show!” cried the leader, clapping warmly, “You two
were fantastic finds! Weren’t they, my friends?” The assembled crowed roared in
agreement. The leader smiled up at Charlie and Addison. “Truly, you two will
make excellent companions. The only question is, for whom?”

“What?” Charlie croaked.

“Let’s begin with the boy!” the leader called, “Since he
seemed to be the first to speak every time, he may as well be the first to find
himself an owner!”

“What do you mean, owner?” Addison whispered.

“Someone escort the girl back to her spot,” said the leader.
One of the gunmen approached and took her by the shoulder. She tried to hang
onto Charlie, but was quickly snatched away. Before she knew it, she was locked
up and naked on her platform, and Charlie was left alone in the center of the
stage. He stood there frozen, unclothed, and alone. Addison wept at the sight
of him.

BOOK: Bound And Sold: Sex Slave Auction 1
4.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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