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“Let’s head back to the car,” Grayson suggested, the triumph
in his voice letting everyone know that he had succeeded in getting Anna off in
his usual stellar fashion.

“I agree,” Anna said, beginning to gather up the layers of
blankets and sheets they’d spread for themselves. “I’m freezing my tits off out
here,” she mumbled.

Charlie helped Addison to her feet, and the four boozily
broke down their camp. It took far longer than it should have, or would have
had they been sober. Together, they trekked up the sand toward the boardwalk,
chattering all the way.

They’d parked Anna’s second hand Honda Civic in the empty
parking lot beside their favorite boardwalk arcade. In the summertime, this
entire neighborhood was swamped with New Jersey natives, sun-screened tourists,
and just about every other faction you could imagine from all across the east
coast and beyond. The Jersey Shore was famous after all, and not just because
of those orange bozos from MTV, either. The Shore did something magical to
people. It released their inhibitions and forced them to worry about nothing
but fun for just a little while. In short, it was the perfect place for this
particular foursome.

Anna struggled to unlock the car doors and her three friends
teased her. They’d all imbibed a bit more than they usually would. Chalk it up
to higher drinking tolerances earned in college, perhaps. Finally, they were
able to get the doors open and pile inside, collapsing into the well-worn seats
with peals of laughter and ribbing. Out of the wind, they instantly felt the
life return to their fingers and toes, and in the boys’ case, other
extremities. Addison eyed Charlie conspiratorially. The back seat was, after
all, all theirs.

“OK, let’s go!” Anna said, turning the key. Grayson looked
at her with a touch of alarm. It was shameful, but the friends were not
entirely opposed to driving with a few drinks in them on a typical day. It was
risky and very dangerous, but they rationalized that they didn’t do it very
often. What was the harm, anyway? But tonight seemed a bit different. Anna, who
was usually the best at handling her booze despite her tiny size, didn’t seem
to be doing very well. The other three looked on in concern. No one seemed to
be in a place to drive.

“Let’s just cool it for a while,” Grayson said, laying his
hand over Anna’s on the ignition. “We’re not in a hurry, right?”

“I’m fine!” Anna cried, betraying the fact that she most
certainly was not, “I didn’t even have that much. I’m fust jine!”

“Fust jine? Really?” Charlie laughed, “Get your hands off
the keys, little missy. I’m not in the mood to go up in a fiery inferno

“Screw you, Charlie,” Anna said, “You don’t know what you’re
talking about.”

“Anna, come here,” Grayson said, running his hand through
her hair, “I have something to tell you.”

He brought her mouth to his, kissing her deeply. Whether
this was an act of passion or a great distraction tactic, it was a good move.
In an instant, Anna had scrambled over to the passenger’s seat, straddling
Grayson on the worn-out material. With her free hand, she flicked on the car CD
player that was already loaded with one of their favorite mixes. As if they
needed mood music. Addison snuggled up closer to Charlie, who welcomed her
advances with open arms. She burrowed against his chest, still clad in all
manner of layers. Without wasting a moment, she lay her hand against his firm
torso and let it wander down his body.

Charlie leaned back in the seat, pulling Addison on top of
him. He not-so-secretly loved it when Addison found herself on top during their
sex play. It gave him a great view of his beautiful fuck buddy and meant that
he had very little to do but lay back and enjoy. Addison didn’t mind it one
bit, either. She loved being on top of anyone, but especially Charlie. He was
game for anything, and she’d never slept with anyone as fun as him.

“What am I doing up here?” she asked coyly, “Are you cold or
something? Do you need me to warm you up?”

“I most certainly do,” Charlie moaned. Addison could feel the
bulge of his cock against her still-throbbing pussy. The feel or his erection
against her sent a flurry of excitement through her abdomen. She and Charlie’s
dick knew each other very well, and it had been too long since they’d last
spent any time together, in her opinion. It was high time that they become
reacquainted, Addison thought, after all these long months.

Addison pushed up the hem of Charlie’s heavy sweater,
exposing the smallest bit of smooth skin. She loved the shape of Charlie, the
way his hips stood out with those tantalizing muscles that were just right for
grabbing onto. She ran her fingers lightly, right above the waist of his jeans.
Addison could feel him growing harder every moment that she kept her hands on
him. He was quick to rise, this one, but that didn’t mean that we was out of
control of himself. Addison had never met a guy more able to wrangle his
erection in a pinch.

She brought both hands to rent upon him, her small fingers
and palms working their way up his chest. She tweaked his nipples playfully,
and he bit at the air as if to bite her head off. He was a joker even when they
fooled around, and Addison wouldn’t have it any other way. She’d much rather
prefer a light-hearted love maker to some intense, poetic fraud who was really
just being self-indulgent. No, Charlie was the best. He connected with Addison
when they were together like this, never once just going through the motions,
and she appreciated it greatly.

She quickly undid the fly of his pants in one motion. She
was nothing if not experienced in getting Charlie’s pants off. With painstaking
slowness, she slid Charlie’s zipper down, pulled his fly apart. His erection
nearly burst through the new opening, standing at attention, as if Addison
could ignore it. With glee, Addison tugged down the front of Charlie’s jeans
and briefs, and said hello to her good old friend. Charlie’s cock was rock hard
beneath her, and they groaned in unison as Addison wrapped her delicate fingers
around its width. Some girls found hand jobs to be passe, but Addison loved

Addison worked her hand up and down the length of Charlie’s
shaft, bearing down with just the right amount of pressure. Charlie arched his
back as pangs of pleasure burst through his body. A loud groan escaped his
throat and Addison giggled at its intensity. She loved how unabashedly Charlie
expressed his delight in her touch. If he was only doing it to encourage her,
she had to hand it to him that that was a pretty excellent strategy. She
brought her spare hand to his dick, wrapping both sets of fingers around his
hefty cock.

She pumped her hands along the length of Charlie’s dick,
watching his face contort with pleasure. His features hardened into the silent
scream that they always took on when they really started to get into it.
Addison let a hand stray toward his balls, and cupped them gently as she
continued to work his cock. He gasped as her fingers tickled the
extra-sensitive skin, and she let her thumb glance across the glans. She could
tell that he was ready to cum on the spot, but wouldn’t just yet. Charlie and
his admirable self control, as ever.

“I know what you’re holding out for,” Addison said slyly.
Charlie tried to feign an innocent expression, but couldn’t do much when she
was touching him so exquisitely. Without pausing in her efforts, Addison
adjusted herself on the narrow backseat, always a delicate maneuver. As
practiced as they were at fucking just about anywhere, there were still some
operations that took more care than others. Addison slid into the bottom of the
back seat, among discarded fast food wrappers and cigarette butts, and pulled
Charlie up to sitting before her. His cock stood out, pleading with her, and
she was happy to give it some relief.

Addison brought her mouth to the bulging head of Charlie’s
cock and wrapped her lips around it. Charlie cried out in relief, like he’d
been waiting for this moment his entire life. Keeping her hands on the shaft of
his cock, Addison flicked her tongue against the head, and the sensitive
underside of his dick. He wrapped his fingers in her chestnut curls and let his
head fall back against the seat. She knew exactly where her tongue should touch
down, every single stroke that would drive him up the wall. And she wasn’t
afraid to employ her powers.

Charlie’s dick was far too big, far too hard, for Addison to
swallow completely. She gulped down as much of his raging erection as she
could, pumped her fists up and down his shaft to completely encompass the
lengthy organ. Charlie’s breathing began to speed up, and Addison caught the
sharp taste of pre-cum on her tongue. She looked up and met Charlie’s fevered
glance as she sucked hard on the head of his dick. She wrapped her lips tightly
around his cock and jerked her hands down toward his balls quickly. It was too
much even for Charlie.

He came into Addison’s waiting mouth, pulling her hair just
beyond the point at which it was painful to her. Addison drank Charlie’s cum,
felt it slide down her throat, coating it like paint. He came seemingly on end,
the stuff pouring into her mouth until she couldn’t swallow anymore. She felt a
warm trickle escape down her cheek as his cum overwhelmed her. What, had he not
gotten laid since they’d last seen each other? Addison swallowed loudly as that
possibility landed with her. She looked up at him, amazed. Had he been
exclusive without her knowing it?

A grunt from the front seat signaled that Grayson and Anna
were busy doing some version of the nasty. Addison and Charlie were essentially
alone in the backseat. Addison wiped away the stray trickle of cum and looked
up into Charlie’s eyes, searching for the truth. He met her gaze cavalierly at
first, then seemed to recognize her suspicion. Before he could utter a word,
Addison read the truth plainly on his face. Without her consent, Charlie had
moved them into the realm of being in a relationship. That simply would not do.
That would not do at all.

Charlie busied himself getting all of his clothes back in
the right place. He was very intent on his re-dressing, far too much so in Addison’s
opinion. She pulled herself up to the other seat in silence, letting Charlie
stew in anticipation of what she would say. She was disappointed with him, to
say the least. This sort of thing broke their unspoken agreement. He knew that
she’d be displeased by it, too, or else he would have said something. Addison
folded her arms over her chest, and Charlie became still beside her. They were
silent for an excruciatingly long moment.

“So,” Addison began with acid on her tongue, “Not getting
laid too much, are you?”

“How can you even tell?” Charlie said. Addison noted that he
wasn’t denying anything. Of course he wasn’t. She could tell when he was lying
before he even spoke. She could smell it on him before he even said a word.

“Since when are you fooling around with me exclusively?”
Addison said, “That’s not the way we do things Charlie.”

“No,” Charlie admitted, “It’s not the way that we’ve done
things. In the past.”

“Or in the present!” Addison cried, “We agreed that we would
never be in a relationship, Charlie. I don’t want to be restrained like that!
It would kill our friendship, don’t you see that? Monogamy is unnatural.”

“Oh, please,” Charlie said, “What are you talking about? We
made that pact when we were fourteen and fresh off our parents’ divorces. Of
course we were afraid of commitment then, and rightly so. But we’re adults now,
Addison. I want to start behaving like an adult, not some dumb kid.”

“I thought adults were frumpy and boring?”

“Don’t be petulant. It doesn’t look good on you.”

“Fuck off, Charlie!”

“Addison, please,” Charlie said, turning toward her, “Let’s
talk about this for real. I don’t see any reason why we should talk about maybe
making this thing between us something more...Official.”

“Ugh,” Addison shuddered, “I hate that word. Official. It’s
like we’re registering with the state or something. What kind of bullshit...”

“Look, I know that you’ve never been in a relationship

“Neither have you!”

“But think about it, Addison. What do you call what we are

“We’re friends,” Addison said, “We’ve always been friends.
And I’d like to stay that way for as long as we possibly can!”

“But that’s the thing,” Charlie said, “A friendship is a
relationship. And a friendship that included sexual attraction, well... I’d say
we’re mates, my dear girl. Like it or not. Now, all I’m suggesting is that we
do exactly what we’ve been doing this whole time, except we stop doing it with
other people. Can’t we at least just try it?”

“I don’t know,” Addison said, “I don’t see why we should.”

“Well,” Charlie said, “For my part, I simply don’t want to
have sex with other people. So I’m not going to. How about that, huh?”

“But...Then I’m being awful if I do!” Addison cried.

“Have you been with other guys lately?” Charlie asked,
“Since we saw each other last, I mean?”

“One...Almost,” Addison said. She realized then that she too
had been mostly exclusive to Charlie, except for one lackluster eating-out by
her TA. What was going on? Charlie smiled at her excitedly.

“See! You feel it too!” he said, “We haven’t talked about
it, but we’ve each felt it! So what do you say? Why don’t we at least give it a

Before Addison could answer, Anna let out another enormous
shriek, rattling the car on its tires. All four friends burst into laughter,
noticing the steamed up windows all around them. They were a caricature of
themselves, alright. Anna slid off of Grayson back into the driver’s seat,
shaking her head.

“Well, I guess I’m sobered up,” she laughed, turning the key
in the ignition. “You guys about reading to hit the road or what?”

BOOK: Bound And Sold: Sex Slave Auction 1
13.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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