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Encouraged, Riley drew one swollen sac into her mouth and stroked it with her tongue, while she toyed with the other with her hand. His hips thrust in response and she felt his hand rest lightly against her head.

, Riley, my lover, no one should do that to a man and leave him waiting, I beg you!”

Riley mentally rolled up her sleeves. Immortal he may be, and three thousand years old, but at his core Damian
still a man and she knew how to touch that core. He had just given her the key.

She stood up. “I’m just going to be a minute, okay? Don’t go anywhere.” She hurried over to the bathroom.

“I wish I had a video camera right now. You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen walking away from me in a long, long time, Riley Connors,” Damian called after her.

“Just how many women have walked away from you wearing a purple lace thong and not much else, lately?” Riley called as she shut the bathroom door. She opened the drawer she had explored earlier that evening, when she had made her minor discovery, withdrew the objects inside, made a few preparations and wrapped them in a towel.

When she returned to the quilts, Damian was standing exactly where she had left him. He eyed the towel in her hands. “You’re making mischief.”

“I don’t think there’s enough people in your life making mischief. You’re out of practice, big guy.” She put the bundle down on the edge of the quilts, by the foot of the sofa. “Lie down for me, up here, with your head by the sofa. Here, I’ll even put a pillow down for you.”

She reached for his robe lying on the sofa as he slowly moved to do as she asked. His eyes were narrowed again, but there was little arousal there. Just curiosity and suspicion. That was fine. She pulled the sash from his robe and picked up his big wrist as he settled himself on the quilt and pulled his arm up above his head, stretching it out. She wrapped the sash around his wrist and anchored it on the leg of the sofa.

“So that’s the wicked game you have in mind,” Damian murmured. He tugged at the sash around his wrist. “You realize I could snap this very easily, of course?”

“But you won’t,” she said, picking up his other wrist and pulling the sash from her own robe out of its carriers. She wound it quickly around his wrist and tied it to the other sofa leg, spreading his arms out. She leaned over and kissed him. “Just behave yourself for a change.”

He laughed, but there was a glint of deep arousal in his eyes. He was already loving this in a way that he hadn’t enjoyed himself in a long time, she could tell.

She trailed her lips over his chin and down his throat, taking her time to nibble and torture the stretched muscles over his shoulders and pecs, as she straddled his hips and rubbed herself over him. She made sure her breasts brushed against him. As she kissed and slid her tongue over his flesh, she slipped the clip of the bra undone. When she sat up, she let the bra fall down her arms.

Damian watched every move, his gaze devouring her.

Riley pushed her soaking, hot mons into his abs, grinding herself into him, genuinely aroused and hungry to have him. She cupped her breasts for him, keeping her eyes locked on his, and tweaked the nipples with her forefingers and thumbs.

Damian made sounds that were purely human, purely male. Hungry sounds. Beneath her ass she could feel his cock like a rod of iron, beating with a pulse that was as human as any other man’s.

Riley slid her hand down her stomach, heading for her pussy. As her fingertips slipped below the lace of her panties and closed around her own swollen, heated vulva, she couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips. She was desperately excited by this teasing display, by torturing a man so much more powerful than her. She was shaking with it.

Damian groaned, mirroring her. “More,” he demanded thickly, his accent strong.

Riley stood quickly to strip herself of the soaked panties and to spread Damian’s thighs and kneel between them. He drew in a breath as she leaned over him, her breasts brushing his body, and his cock lurched. “You will receive yours for this,” he muttered darkly.

“We’ve barely begun, lover,” she told him softly.

His eyes snapped open wide and he looked at her sharply.

“Does the threat or the name scare you?” Riley asked.

“It isn’t fear you see,” he said. “Just surprise at your adaptability.”

“You’re a liar of the first order, Damian.”

“Live only a thousand years and you’ll be one, too,” he told her, closing his eyes.

The closed eyes suited her. Riley reached for the towel-wrapped bundle and placed it by her knees, then unrolled it. Working quickly, she prepared the first item.

Then she returned to where she had left off before. She drew one of Damian’s testicles into her mouth, and stroked it with her tongue. She did it without warning and Damian’s eyes snapped open again and his head lifted from the pillow in a jerk. The tendons in his neck strained as he reacted. “All things holy!” he breathed.

She cupped and rolled the other sac gently in her hand and Damian sighed.

Riley slid her tongue upward, along the shaft of his quivering, steel-hard cock, and this time Damian drew utterly still. Even his breath stopped, until her tongue swirled over the tip of the head.

He groaned.

Riley curled her fingers around the shaft. They covered less than half of it, and didn’t reach around the width. She lifted it so that she could slide the head into her mouth, stretching her lips to take it all in. She caressed the head with her tongue, feeling the satiny ridge flare. With a moan, she sucked him in as deep as she could take him, feeling a wave of excitement build in the pit of her stomach. She wriggled her hips as she fed on him hungrily.

Damian bucked beneath her. The breathless and desperate sounds he was making were very human and music to her ears.

When she sat up, he clenched his fists, straining at the ties. “No!” he cried. “Riley, for pity’s sake!”

She smiled. “I told you, I’ve only just started.”

Damian clawed back his dignity, his control. “I will have you screaming my name for this, my lover,” he said silkily, but it took two breaths for him to speak the words.

“So you say,” Riley replied coolly. She picked up the dildo from the towel in front of her knees and stroked the flesh of his scrotum with it. She saw his breath catch again. “Know what this is?”

He licked his lips. “I can guess.”

She held it up so that he could see it. “I found it in the bathroom, shiny new and still in the store wrapper. I’m sure Nicholas won’t mind and I’ll replace it tomorrow. Guess what I’m going to do with this, hmm?”

Damian’s breath was coming faster. “How do you even…
, Riley, you’re a slip of a girl!”

“I know pleasure, Damian. I’ve had men chasing me for a decade and I’ve learned—sometimes the hard way.” She ran the tip of the dildo over the length of his cock, which jerked hard, then back against his scrotum. His hips jerked again. “I know you know a version of this game,” she said. “You and Nicholas were lovers for years, so you can take it. You

He was breathing very hard indeed. “But do you, hmmm?” His tone was dark, thick with arousal, shadowed by all sorts of implications and overtones. And there was hope there. She heard that above all.

Riley lifted her gaze to meet his eyes. “I accept all of you Damian. Not just bits of you.”

“You like it.” It was a statement this time.

She locked gazes with him and let herself smile, as in her mind she thought of Nicholas and Damian together. “Yes, I like it,” she said, as her clitoris throbbed in response and her pussy clenched hard.

“Sweet Dion…such a wicked smile,” Damian breathed.

Riley lubricated the dildo, letting Damian watch her do it. She knew it would add to his tension, to the suspense. Then she poured more of the lubricant she had found in the same bathroom drawer as the dildo into her hand and looked Damian in the eye once more. “I may look sweet, Damian, but looks are deceiving. Once you peel off the wrapper, well…” She teased his thighs and the flesh of his ass, separating the cheeks, sliding her fingers up against his anus and the highly sensitive ring of muscle surrounding it, spreading the lubricant.

Damian groaned, his eyes drifting half-closed in sensual delight.

Gradually, she worked the lubricant deeper, as Damian strained and panted on the quilt. With each sound and movement he made, her own pleasure rose. She clenched her thighs together, feeling the excess cream squeeze from her pussy and run between them. Her nipples were aching with the need for attention.

Instead, she picked up the dildo again and nudged it up against the tight ring of muscle around his anus. Damian drew in a shuddering, barely controlled breath and his neglected cock jerked where it lay against his stomach. He closed his eyes. His knuckles were white.

Carefully, she eased the dildo inside him, letting the muscles stretch and ease before pushing nearly the full length of the dildo in.

Damian’s body trembled. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

Riley pressed her lips to his and his tongue thrust into her mouth. “I will deliver such pleasure to you, you will think you have died from it,” he told her.

“Shhhh…I’m not done yet,” she told him.

He groaned and closed his eyes.

Riley settled herself back between his thighs. “I happen to know that a climax for a man, when he has pressure on the prostate, is the most powerful experience in the world. I’m betting it isn’t any different for you, despite being undead for nearly three thousand years.” She caressed the base of the dildo, which made Damian catch his breath. “Pressure,” she said with a smile. “And now, the climax.”

She leaned over him, and ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip, and was rewarded by his gasp. Her whole body was throbbing with excitement. She was incredibly aroused by having such a powerful man as Damian under her control, even though that control was nominal at best. She curled her hand around his cock once more and her mouth over the tip, opening her lips to accommodate the girth.

Damian’s hips shifted in response to her mouth on his cock, but then he felt the dildo in him and stilled himself with a breathless groan. The muscles of his abdomen rippled and quivered as she worked on his cock and he fought not to shift or thrust too hard. If he had been human he would have been sweating.

“Riley…” he said, his voice hoarse. “I will not be able to withstand much of this…torture.”

She smiled to herself and fluttered the tip of her tongue on the underside of the head of his cock, where the seam ran, and heard his helpless choking breath wheeze out. It shortened to a pant and his hips began to shift in little thrusts.

She felt his cock bloom and swell and the balls beneath pulse.

Abruptly, Damian stilled in a tight, hard arch, his back bowed, as his cock erupted in her mouth, shooting streams of cum. He cried out, words she did not know. She heard the ties on his wrists tear.

His hands slid into her hair as she fed on the last of his cum. He lifted her head up from his cock. “Look at me,” he commanded.

She sat up and licked her lips.

Damian rid himself of the dildo then sat up and caught her face in his hand, forcing her to look him in the eye. His black eyes gazed deeply into hers.

For a moment, Riley wasn’t certain what it was he wanted. Then she understood with a rush.
Looking a vampire in the eye is a challenge…subsumed sexually
. He was rousing himself after one climax by staring her in the eye, so he would be instantly ready for the next. Was a vampire roused this way
aroused? More heated? She didn’t know enough about vampires to know.


“Shhh,” he murmured, his hand coming around the back of her head. His gaze was still locked onto hers.

“I can wait.”

“I can’t.” His teeth had descended. “You have provoked me too much, Riley Carson. I must take you now before the blood boils in me.”

She pressed her hands against his chest, suddenly just a little bit frightened. This was the beast she had released by tormenting such a powerful creature. She had made the mistake of treating him like a man when he wasn’t.

His hands came up faster than she could follow and grabbed her wrists. They were pulled behind her. “Don’t fight me, Riley.” His eyes seemed very dark and were all she could see in her range of vision.

She wriggled against him. She couldn’t help it. The charge she was getting from being held against him like that, with her own aroused and naked body rubbing his, while Damian threatened erotic treats was too much. Riley moaned.

Damian’s lips seared a path down her throat and hovered over her carotid pulse. “You’re not afraid. You’re…aroused.”

She broke free of his loosened grip on her hands, shoved at him and ran.

With a growl, he came after her. She knew he would be able to catch her within three or four paces, he was that fast. He was a vampire and moving at vampire speed.

But she made it to the table before his arm snaked around her waist and she realized that he was trying to avoid hurting her, and that was the reason why he was so slow.

She was picked up and held against him and even though she struggled, she was so highly aroused, she knew she would climax with only a few quick slight touches to the right parts of her anatomy. Her breathing was fast and shallow.

Damian held her easily despite her struggles, turned her and laid her on the table. He held down one shoulder and his cock impaled her, making her cry out with the fierce satisfaction of having him inside her.

He lifted her legs to his shoulders, as he rammed his cock back into her again. “Fight me if you wish,” he said. “I will take you any way.”

“All ways,” she whispered, feeling her climax building deep inside her.

“If you wish it.” His cock was thick inside her, filling her and he laid his hand on her pelvis in a curiously possessive way. “Come for me, Riley,” he coaxed. His thumb separated the lips of her vulva and pressed against her sensitive and ready clitoris. She gasped at the contact and her climax gathered and leapt forward. Her hips lifted.

BOOK: Beauty's Beasts
5.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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