A Village in Jeopardy (Turnham Malpas 16) (32 page)

BOOK: A Village in Jeopardy (Turnham Malpas 16)
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Even more to learn about being Lord of the Manor. His brothers had teased him endlessly when they came to visit that time, but he didn’t care: this was where he belonged and he intended making a good job of being Lord of the Manor. He’d re-establish the annual things like the bonfire night party, the village show and the stocks day celebration, which had all been allowed to lapse in the last eighteen months. The older ones in the pub who sat at that table with the old oak settle down one side of it, they’d help him restart village traditions. In fact they’d be the very ones at the forefront reminding him. He heard a footstep close by, felt a warm, comforting hand in his. ‘Alice!’

‘I couldn’t let you come alone on such an auspicious day, so we’ve both come to be with you. Happy?’ Alice asked.

He put an arm around her shoulders. ‘Couldn’t be happier. And you?’

‘The same. It’s the right decision. I don’t know how I shall manage to change from a humble music teacher to Lady of the Manor but I’ll give it my best shot.’

‘Of course you will. We’ll both learn together. Not so much of the humble. You’re the best of the best.’

‘Thank you.’ She pressed his hand to her cheek in gratitude. ‘It’s getting too cold for Charles. Let’s get home; tomorrow is our new beginning.’

Full of pride, Johnny turned to look back at the house. ‘I wonder if Uncle Ralph knows we’ve bought his house back for him?’

‘I think maybe he does,’ Alice replied with a smile.

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BOOK: A Village in Jeopardy (Turnham Malpas 16)
2.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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