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WARNING: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.  No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews.


This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.





This one’s for my readers who like a little bit of kink in their books. Thanks for sticking by me while I experiment with my writing style.






I Dare You, 2


Jennifer Labelle


Copyright © 2016







“Hah! What did he do now?” Meagan asked as Zoey passed out the drinks.

“Why do you always assume it’s something Nathan did?” Heidi giggled and looked a little more relaxed now that they’d arrived for her much-needed night out. The poor girl.

They frequented this cozy bar often because the drinks were cheap and it was a middle ground from where they all lived—walking distance, really—and Heidi had said she really needed to vent. It was early yet for the bar scene, so it wasn’t packed, which was good so they could talk. Zoey smiled and took a swig of her drink as her friends continued on.

“Because I know my cousin, and he’s also a man, so that makes him clueless, especially when it comes to you.” Meagan took a sip of her beer and then leaned back into her chair to get more comfortable while she waited for Heidi to explain.

Heidi still looked a little lost so Zoey thought she’d help her out. “Our girl here is embarrassed because she jilled off while watching Mr. Clueless get it on with some dude in their living room last night.”

!” Heidi nearly spit out her Heineken and coughed after she finally managed to swallow it. Zoey looked at her innocently and then laughed because Meagan mocked a gag.

“Okay, without going into much detail about my cousin’s part in this, because let’s face it—um, gross…” Meagan shuddered. “I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like you got caught, right?”

“Actually…” Heidi cringed and took a big gulp from the bottle she was drinking from.

“Are you serious?” Meagan reached forward and squeezed her hand. “Oh, honey, I think you need to start from the beginning here, but please spare me when you can on the dirty details.”

Heidi’s eyes widened and then she hid her face behind her hands as she mumbled a shorter version of the events again to catch Meagan up to speed. “Long story short, I woke up hot and thirsty. Went to do my business in the bathroom, and I heard a noise coming from the living room. Nathan was there, of course, with his guy for the night, and, well…it was hot and I haven’t had any action in six months. So I stood in the shadows to watch, and I couldn’t stop myself. Did I mention it was scorching, and I’m not only talking about the humid weather here?” She peeked through her fingers while Zoey rubbed her back as she went on. “Nobody noticed me, or at least I thought that until the moment I got off and Nathan looked directly at me.”

“And then what?” Meagan asked.

Heidi struggled to continue. Seeing this again, Zoey stepped in. “The big part here is that when our boy Nathan looked at Dee he was just about to reach his own brink to ecstasy and called out her name when he finally did. Our girl then ran to her room and the rest is history,” she explained.

“Have you seen him since?”

“No.” Heidi finally looked up and put her hands down. She blushed so bad her face was now as red as a tomato. “I got up really early and left for work before he woke up. I brought some extra clothes with me and my makeup bag so I could change there before coming here so I wouldn’t have to face him until later. And who knows? Maybe he’ll be out again and I won’t have to worry about anything until tomorrow.”

“And if he’s not?” Zoey asked, picking at the label on her bottle.

“Well, then I’ll at least have a little liquid courage to help me get through it. I was kind of hoping you all could boost my confidence a little bit too. I always feel better when we get together.”

“Likewise, honey, and if I know my cousin as well as I think I do, he’ll want to talk about it because you’re important to him. You ran off, so he’ll know something’s wrong and want to make it right. Nathan can be a lot of things, but he’s loyal to those he loves. It might not be in the romantic way you’d like it to be, but he does cherish you and the friendship you’ve built over the years living together.”

“Not to mention, he may be curious,” Zoey said. “What? Ouch!” She rubbed the leg Meagan kicked, and Heidi laughed so hard she had to wipe away a tear.
It fucking hurt, though.
She shot them a glare.

“We all know how curious he can be. No need to go there, please.” Meagan downed the rest of her beer, and this time Zoey chuckled because although she loved Meagan to pieces, her uncomfortable expression was priceless.
Serves her right.
“And on that note, I need another drink.”

“Point made,” Heidi agreed as Meagan got up to get another round for their table. “And I guess I’ll have to take whatever comes, but until then I need to forget for a while and have some fun.”

“Here, here,” Zoey toasted.

A few hours later and enough drinks down to make them feel a little tipsy, they all seemed to be having a good time now. Heidi was even smiling again, so that was good. The place was packed, the bass was pumping, and they’d all decided to take a break from dancing the night away when Heidi said, “Three girls walk into a bar…”

“What?” Meagan asked.

“I said, three girls walk into a bar!” She spoke louder to be heard over the music. “In this case it’s not a punch line. This is how our story begins.”

“O-okay.” Zoey looked at her like she was out of her mind.

“Shhh.” Heidi put her fingers to her lips. “I think we should make a pact right here, now.”

“What are you talking about?” Zoey asked.

“I’m getting there.” Heidi shushed her again. “Have you ever wished you’d done something you’d never normally have the courage to do? A fantasy, anything like that? We’re all single, so I propose an ‘I dare you’ challenge. What do you say?”

“I say it depends on the terms here,” Meagan said.

“Hell, I’m in,” Zoey replied. She liked were this was going and was curious to see how far Heidi was about to go here. “How about we hash out the details?”

“Okay, here goes. We each think of a dare for each other, and we have to follow through within a timeline.”

“It sounds reasonable.” Zoey rubbed her hands together. “Okay, Heidi, we’ll do you first because yours is the easiest and I think Meagan will agree.”

“Nathan,” Zoey and Meagan said at the same time.

“I dare you to pull up those lady panties we were talking about earlier, and finally own up to your feelings for him. We dare you to make a move, seduce him, and see if you can finally make him yours,” Zoey said, because if this would be the push Heidi needed, then she was all for it. She wanted to see her friend happy, and Nathan seemed to be the one she wanted, so why not?

“Easier said than done.” Heidi grumbled but then took a deep breath. “Okay, it was my idea, so I’m game, but now it’s your turn, my friend.” She pointed towards Zoey, and suddenly her stomach was in knots. Meagan laughed. “We’ve all hit a dry spell in the love department, which is the reason for all of this, but it’s been especially hard for you. Time and time again, Meagan and I have heard you complain about all of those vanilla Joes you’ve dated. The men you’ve slept with who were either two-pump chumps, or didn’t know how to work it. So, I propose you move out of your comfort zone. Sexually. Zoey Appleby, I want you to get off.” She giggled. “I dare you to have a threesome, or join an orgy. Go explore and have fun.”

Well, shit!

“You go, girl!” Meagan snickered.

Zoey gasped before taking a large sip of her drink to give her the strength to agree. She hesitated for a moment and then nodded. It was hard enough for her to get one man, let alone two or more. It was almost comical, yet really intriguing at the same time. Her last couple of guys really had sucked in the sack, and she was past due for an orgasm that wasn’t caused by her own hand. Instead of speaking, she decided to turn toward Meagan, and Heidi did the same.

Meagan’s smirk faded away. “A-are you guys are serious about this?” she squeaked. “What happens if one of us doesn’t follow through?”

Heidi grinned. “Why the hell not? It sounds like a ton of fun. Look, Meg, there’s just something missing in our lives. Don’t you think? And I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. If one of us doesn’t follow through, then they have to buy us all drinks for a month.” They met at least once a week, so it wouldn’t be cheap.

Zoey snickered. “Make it three months, and we have a deal.” She held up her drink to salute the two women. Heidi might have started this, but she felt like they should go big or go home now that she was all in.

Meagan’s jaw dropped, while Heidi’s eyes sparkled with glee.
Holy shit, this is actually happening!

“I’m not sure.” Meagan hesitated and sighed. “I can’t believe I’m actually going along with this.”

“Good.” Heidi smiled. “Zoey what do you think we should come up with for dear old Meagan here?”

She thought about it for a minute, but then Heidi nearly bounced out of her seat when she answered her own question. “There’s that guy. You know the one. Mr. Hot in a sort of older-guy way. I know, totally clichéd, right? Anyway, it’s the professor she works with.”

“No way.” Meagan squirmed in her seat.

“Come on, Meg,” Heidi said. “He’s perfect for this, and you know you’d like to jump his bones!”

“I-I don’t know.” Meagan flushed as she stuttered and then chugged the rest of her beer. “But what the hell. I guess.”

“Then it’s settled!” Heidi exclaimed. “I get to seduce Nathan into having wild and crazy monkey sex with me, and confess my feelings for him…”

“I go exploring with multiple partners…”

“And my plans are to have my way with the sexy older professor I assist at work,” Meagan said.

“And since the bet was three months of buying everyone’s drinks, then I propose we have three months to carry all of this out.” Heidi put her hand palm down on the middle of the table, and Zoey and Meagan followed suit, one on top of the other.

“Here’s to spicing things up!” Zoey cheered, and soon they were all cracking up. Deep down, though, Zoey knew it wouldn’t be easy for her. She knew she was pretty, but she also lacked the confidence her other two friends had.

It would be interesting to see how this all played out.

BOOK: Zoey (I Dare You Book 2)
6.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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