Wolf's Surrender: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops Book 1)

BOOK: Wolf's Surrender: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops Book 1)
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Wolf's Surrender: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops)

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Wolf's Surrender: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops)


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Wolf's Surrender: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops) 

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Mandy M. Roth Featured Books

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Crimson Ops Series (Part of the Immortal Ops World) Coming Soon!

Wolf’s Surrender: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops) 

Book One in the Shadow Agents Series

Total surrender doesn't come easy to a natural-born alpha. Shape-shifting Special Operative Brad Durant has been held against his will by the enemy for nearly a year. He’s given up hope and is fast giving up his will to survive—that is, until a hot-tempered, redheaded succubus is placed in the cell next to his. She calls to his wolf on a primitive level and he won’t let anyone or anything harm her. Giving his body to the little minx is easy, but guarding his heart is much harder.


To every reader who has fallen in love with the Immortal Ops World as much as I have over the past thirteen years. Thank you!

Praise for Mandy M. Roth’s Immortal Ops World

Silver Star Award—
I feel Immortal Ops deserves a Silver Star Award as this book was so flawlessly written with elements of intrigue, suspense and some scorching hot scenes
—Aggie Tsirikas—Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Stars—
Immortal Ops is a fascinating short story. The characters just seem to jump out at you. Ms. Roth wrote the main and secondary characters with such depth of emotions and heartfelt compassion I found myself really caring for them
—Susan Holly—Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Immortal Ops packs the action of a Hollywood thriller with the smoldering heat that readers can expect from Ms. Roth. Put it on your hot list…and keep it there!
—The Road to Romance

5 Stars—
Her characters are so realistic, I find myself wondering about the fine line between fact and fiction...This was one captivating tale that I did not want to end. Just the right touch of humor endeared these characters to me even more
—eCataRomance Reviews

5 Steamy Cups of Coffee—
Combining the world of secret government operations with mythical creatures as if they were an everyday thing, she (Ms. Roth) then has the audacity to make you actually believe it and wonder if there could be some truth to it. I know I did. Nora Roberts once told me that there are some people who are good writers and some who are good storytellers, but the best is a combination of both and I believe Ms. Roth is just that. Mandy Roth never fails to surpass herself

Mandy Roth kicks ass in this story

Immortal Ops Series and PSI-Ops Series Helper

(This will be updated in each upcoming book as new characters are introduced.)

Immortal Ops (I-Ops) Team Members

Lukian Vlakhusha:
Alpha-Dog-One. Team captain, werewolf, King of the Lycans, mated to Peren Matthews (Daughter of Dr. Lakeland Matthews). Book: Immortal Ops (Immortal Ops)

Geoffroi (Roi) Majors:
Alpha-Dog-Two. Second-in-command, werewolf, blood-bound brother to Lukian, mated to Melissa “Missy” Carter-Majors. Book: Critical Intelligence (Immortal Ops)

Doctor Thaddeus Green:
Bravo-Dog-One. Scientist, tech guru, werepanther, mated to Melanie Daly-Green (sister of Eadan Green). Book: Radar Deception (Immortal Ops)

Jonathon (Jon) Reynell:
Bravo-Dog-Two. Sniper, weretiger, mated to Tori Manzo. Book: Separation Zone (Immortal Ops)

Wilson Rousseau:
Bravo-Dog-Three. Resident smart-ass, wererat, mated to Kimberly (Daughter of Culann of the Council) Book: Strategic Vulnerability (Immortal Ops)

Eadan Daly:
Alpha-Dog-Three. PSI-Op and handler on loan to the I-Ops to round out the team, Fae, mated to Inara Nash. Brother of Melanie Daly-Green. Book: Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops)

Colonel Asher Brooks:
Chief of Operations and point person for the Immortal Ops Team. Mated to Jinx, magik, succubus, well-known, well-connected madam to the underground paranormal community. Book: Administrative Control (Immortal Ops)

Paranormal Security and Intelligence (PSI) Operatives

General Jack C. Newman:
Director of Operations for PSI North American Division, werelion. Adoptive father of Missy Carter-Majors.

Duke Marlow:
PSI-Operative, werewolf. Mated to Mercy. Book: Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops)

Doctor James (Jimmy) Hagen:
PSI-Operative, werewolf. Took a ten-year hiatus from PSI. Mated to Laney. Book: Act of Surrender (PSI-Ops)

Striker (Dougal) McCracken:
PSI-Operative, werewolf.

Miles (Boomer) Walsh:
PSI-Operative, werepanther. Mated to Haven. Book: Act of Submission (PSI-Ops).

Captain Corbin Jones:
Operations coordinator and captain for PSI-Ops Team Five, werelion. Mated to Mae Bertelot. Book: Act of Command (PSI-Ops)

Malik (Tut) Nasser:
PSI-Operative, (PSI-Ops).

Colonel Ulric Lovett:
Director of Operations, PSI-London Division.

Immortal Outcasts

Casey Black:
I-Ops test subject, werewolf, mated to Harmony. Book: Broken Communication.

Weston Carol:
I-Ops test subject, werebear, mated to Paisley. Book: Damage Report.

Bane Antonov:
I-Ops test subject, weregorilla.

Shadow Agents

Bradley Durant:
PSI-Ops: Shadow Agent Division, werewolf. Book: Wolf’s Surrender.

PSI-Ops: Shadow Agent Division, dragonshfiter.

PSI-Ops: Shadow Agent Division, werewolf.


Culann of the Council:
Father to Kimberly (who is mated to Wilson). Badass Fae.

Pierre Molyneux:
Master vampire bent on creating a race of super soldiers. Hides behind being a famous art dealer in order to launder money.

Gisbert Krauss:
Mad scientist who wants to create a master race of supernaturals.

Walter Helmuth:
Head of Seattle’s paranormal underground. In league with Molyneux and Krauss.

Dr. Lakeland Matthews:
Scientist, vital role in the creation of a successful Immortal Ops Team. Father to Peren Matthews.

Dr. Bertrand
: Mad scientist with Donavon Dynamics Corporation (The Corporation).

Chapter One

Prologue: Rainforest, South America

Brad Durant ignored the rivulets of sweat dripping down his spine. The wetness pooled at the top of his ass, which wasn’t exactly a pleasant feeling. The humidity combined with the temperature had left most of his body covered in a sheen of perspiration. He was used to pushing hard, being soaked and exhausted. This was actually a welcome relief from the last time he’d been in the rainforests of South America, cutting his way through the dense vines of the jungle on a hunt for the enemy—whoever his government had deemed the bad guys at the time. That always changed on a dime.

Now he was just hot.

Well, hot and bored.

Bored out of his mind to be exact.

He’d always excelled at sciences and had truly thought his life’s calling might lie with the study of one, but there was no denying his nature. Underneath it all, he was an animal. He needed more to do than study plant samples or discover and classify new species of animals. While that cause was noble, it didn’t check all his boxes. He craved action and excitement. His animal needed the hunt—more than what he’d been getting since he’d dived headfirst into higher education. At least the move had been paid for by the government. Seemed the least they could do since he’d devoted so much of his life to them already.

Ironically enough, he’d walked away from a career that held all the danger and excitement he could ever need and more, thinking he wanted to settle down and start a family or something.

A family?

He nearly laughed at the idea of it all now. It wasn’t as if something like him—a freak of fucking nature—should have kids. Not without the risk that others would find out what he was or that he’d pass it onto his children. He didn’t even want to think on how he’d explain it to the mother if the kids suddenly turned into wolf pups. Funny enough though, when he had dared to let his mind wander on the subject, he would often picture a dark-haired boy holding the hand of a redheaded little girl—the two clearly siblings and both his. But the idea was foolish
and then there was the whole thing about not even knowing if he could have children. If reproduction was even possible.

It wasn’t like he’d gotten a handbook when he was in his teens and underwent his first full shift from a human into a wolf. No one magically showed up to walk him through the steps and stages. There was no mentor. No big brother there to lend a guiding hand. There had been fear, pain, more fear, and then shock and awe.

Nothing else. If he did ever find himself lucky enough to discover a woman who loved him even with his defects
and if they managed to be blessed with little ones, he’d be there for the kids every step of the way. Sure, he’d hope they didn’t get his abilities, but if they did, he’d help guide them. He’d walk them through a full shift. They’d never be alone like he’d been. They’d never be scared as he was once.

BOOK: Wolf's Surrender: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops Book 1)
3.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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