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Wet: Overflow

BOOK: Wet: Overflow
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Wet: Overflow

Zenobia Renquist

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Wet: Overflow

Zenobia Renquist



Between the devil and the deep.


Lulu and Hotsuma should be enjoying a happy married life but trouble continues to follow them. Masato is back and his reappearance puts Hotsuma in danger again. In exchange for his silence about his return, Masato makes an indecent proposal Lulu cannot help but accept. To make matters worse, someone else has found out about Hotsuma’s powers and is willing to end those powers, and possibly Hotsuma with them, if Lulu doesn’t meet his demands. She’s in over her head and the water is steadily rising. Luck and love won’t solve the problem this time, but maybe help from an unlikely option will.

Chapter One


Lulu held out a box of tissues to her boss and tried to pretend like he wasn’t crying. “Stan, it’s not that drastic. I’m not dying. I’m just resigning.”

“I know that,” he snapped, snatching a tissue from the box and blowing his nose. “I’m damn upset about it. You’re one of the best employees Voda’s got. You’ve been here since you were in high school.”

She smiled at the memory. “Yup. My very first job -- cleaning the locker rooms after school.” She might not be crying but she was as upset about her resignation as Stan. Voda had been her life until that moment. “I can’t work here now, though. It wouldn’t look right for the wife of the owner and CEO of Onsen to be working at Voda. People would talk.”

“No one has to know you married Masato Mizuno. We can keep it hush-hush.” His voice sounded hopeful, and he gazed at her over his tissue with large pleading eyes.

“Yeah, except my last name is now Mizuno and my address looks a lot like the address for Onsen since I live on the top floor. Oh and I invited half the Voda staff to my wedding, which was held at Onsen. Sure, hush-hush. I’ll get right on that.”

“You don’t have to be a smartass about it, Lulu.”

She walked around the desk and pulled Stan into a hug. “I’ll miss you too. And I’m sorry, but it’s your own fault for sending me there. If you hadn’t, I would have never met Masato in the first place.”

It was true. Stan had sent her to Onsen to act as a guest and spy on the competition. Voda and Onsen were two of the top spa resorts in the state. They were an hour down the road from each other, which made them close competitors. Whereas Voda struggled each month to keep its place, Onsen seemed to get by with ease. Lulu had gone to find out why.

What she found was an old Mizuno family secret involving a living good luck charm that blessed the family with health and fortune. Voda couldn’t harness that and it couldn’t compete. And Stan would have had no way of knowing that Lulu would be the catalyst to setting the good luck charm free as well as falling in love with him.

The events that led to her wedding to Masato Mizuno still boggled her mind when she sat down to think about them. For one thing, her husband’s name was really Hotsuma. But since he was currently residing in Masato’s body, that was what everyone called him. No matter what his name, he was the man Lulu loved and had married. He was also the man waiting in a limo for her downstairs.

She patted Stan’s shoulders and stepped back. “I’ll come visit as a guest of the hotel or you can come visit me. It’s not like I’m disappearing. And my replacement is great. I trained her myself.”

“I don’t want a replacement. I want you.” Stan pulled out a few more tissues and blew his nose. “It’s not fair. I had you first. What gives that Mizuno guy the right to steal my girl?”


“Bah, humbug.”

“I’ll tell your wife you said that.”

He sniffed and grumbled something under his breath she didn’t catch. He blew his nose once more and then straightened in his seat. Except for his red eyes and wet lashes, he looked like a businessman again, the CEO of Voda and a man to be reckoned with. “I’m going to miss you, Lulu Swade… uh… I mean Lulu Mizuno. I hope you’ll be happy. And if that bastard ever does anything to hurt you, just let me know. I’ll use all my influence to tank that hotel of his in a hot second.”

“That’s a lovely sentiment, Stan, but not needed. Besides, if he ever does hurt me and we end up divorcing, part of that hotel will be my settlement. I would like it to stay thriving.”


“But that’s not going to happen. We’re happy.”

“And I’m happy you’re happy. Now get the hell out of here before I start crying again. Damn shameful for a man my age.”

“Bye, Stan.”

He grunted and made a shooing motion with one hand as he pulled another tissue with the other. Lulu left the room without looking back. It was taking all her willpower not to cry along with him. Voda had been her home and her family for so many years. She had worked from the ground up to become a part of upper management. She’d thought she might even sit in Stan’s seat one day. If working at Voda wouldn’t be seen as a conflict of interests, she would never give up her job.

But it wasn’t like she wouldn’t be working. Her talents would be used at Onsen to help her new family grow bigger and brighter. She waved to people who called out goodbyes as she left the building. When the glass exit doors slid closed behind her, she breathed in a deep, cleansing breath.


Lulu smiled at Hotsuma, who stood against his limo looking suave, wearing a dark gray business suit that showed off his lean, muscled physique. His black hair was slicked back with mousse to hide the awkward in-between stage of being past his ears but not quite to his shoulders. A pair of dark, fitted shades completed the powerful businessman look that made Lulu’s heart rate increase. “Yes.”

“That took longer than I thought.”

“Stan was crying.”

“Were you?”


He walked forward and placed his palm against her cheek. “Not yet.”

“Don’t say that or I’ll start.” She wanted to push his hand away but stepped closer to him and laid her head against his shoulder.

He patted her head, burying his fingers in the thick curls of her loose Afro. “I’m sorry. I know how much Voda means to you.”

“I’ll be fine. In a few months, I’ll be totally okay.”

“I told you I could negotiate a merger with them and then you could stay.”

She shook her head. “No. I won’t do that to Stan or Voda. The competition with Onsen is what keeps it striving to be the best. If the two merged, then Voda would suffer, even with your powers.”

Hotsuma was a living good luck charm -- an
. Because of his powers, his family and all of his family’s businesses in the US and Japan prospered. They might have prospered without his powers, but having them was a guarantee. No strife had ever touched the Mizuno family thanks to Hotsuma and those before him who had held the

“As you wish.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Let’s go home.”

Lulu leaned against him as the limo drove them away from her old life toward her new one. She didn’t regret choosing Hotsuma over Voda. Nothing could ever make her regret that. But her heart still ached.

Hotsuma cupped her cheek and held her as he lowered his lips to hers. She welcomed his kiss and took comfort in it. But his hand on her breast made her pull back. “We’re in the limo.”

“I know.” He patted his free hand behind him and pressed a button. The dividing window between the driver and the back slid in place. “There.”

“That’s not very private.”

“It’s private enough.”

“Hotsuma, this isn’t right.” She said that but didn’t try to fight him when he pulled her across his lap and situated her knees on either side of his hips.

“Now it is.” He rubbed her clit through her lace panties. “And this wetness tells me you think so too.”

“You are the expert on wet things.”

“Yes, I am.” Edging her panties aside, he slipped two fingers into her hole. “Very right.”

She nodded as she bit her lip and started moving her hips so she slid against his fingers. “Oh, so right.”

Hotsuma unzipped his pants and freed his hard dick. After he scooted to the edge of the seat, he held her panties to the side with one hand and guided her down onto his length with the other.

Lulu sighed. All her sadness slipped away as pleasure took its place. “The driver deserves a raise for putting up with this.”

“Once he hears the way I make you scream, he’ll get one.”

She smacked his chest in a playful manner. “That’s not what I meant.”

“I’ll give him a bonus in his next paycheck. Happy?”

“I guess that’ll work.”

“Good. Now, then.” He hugged her waist, bringing her closer and pushing his hard arousal deeper.

She giggled when he used his teeth to unbutton her shirt and edged one of her nipples free of her underbust bra with the tip of his tongue. The man had skills. She loved when he used them on her. He flicked and suckled her nipple while moving her hips so she rode him.

The car hit a bump that made his tip bounce against the innermost part of her, sending a shot of pleasure through her body and making her moan loudly.

Hotsuma rumbled, “That’s the way. Let him hear you. He needs to earn that bonus.”

“I don’t want him to hear me.”

“Tough.” He started bucking his hips and sucked hard at one nipple while he tweaked the other.

Lulu couldn’t help the passionate sounds that left her lips. The driver had to be able to hear her. He had to. Even through the dividing window. That would explain why it felt like he was hitting every pothole and bump in the road. If she didn’t know better, she would think Hotsuma and the driver had conspired to work together so she came harder and faster.

Two men at once. The thought of it sent a thrill through her body that heightened the sensation of Hotsuma rubbing inside her. He gripped her ass, moving her so she took his full length with every stroke.

She hugged his shoulders and rained kisses over his neck and chin as she orgasmed. Hotsuma came soon after her, flooding her with hot cum.

He used his hands on her ass to lift her so she freed him. Before any of his semen could escape her body, he shifted her panties back into place. “Keep that warm for me.” He patted her pussy then trailed his hand up to her belly. His touch was gentle, almost reverent, as he caressed her stomach.

Lulu knew what he was thinking without him saying a word. She was thinking the same. They wanted children.

BOOK: Wet: Overflow
2.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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