Wet For Her Warriors (Book 5 of the WILD -- Warriors Intense in Love & Domination -- Boys of Special Forces) (2 page)

BOOK: Wet For Her Warriors (Book 5 of the WILD -- Warriors Intense in Love & Domination -- Boys of Special Forces)
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Chapter One


“Perhaps I
didn’t make myself clear the first time, gentlemen. If either of you moves, I
cut your balls off. Got it?”

The two men
sprawled at Lani Kail’s feet—and the end of her Bowie diving knife—gave instant,
silent nods.
. Why did she have to have trespassers stumble onto on
her West Kauaˋi beach tonight? And why did they have to be a pair of the
most beautiful males she’d ever laid eyes on?

gripped her again. Maybe they hadn’t “stumbled” at all. They were breathtaking,
the kind of hunks a resort developer bully like Gunter Benson liked on his “support
team.” The first of them, though clearly between three and thirteen sheets to
the wind, was a mesmerizing mix of rugged and beautiful. His blazing amber eyes
were framed by a messy head of hair in a slightly darker shade. The other
filled out the yin to that yang, his silky gray gaze and spiky dark hair no less
arresting. They were both built like the walls of Waimea Canyon, huge and hard
and covered in taut bronze skin. Their open shirts, thrown over wrinkled khaki
shorts, made it sinfully easy to confirm the conclusion.

Throwing them
into a comparison with her island’s stunning tourist attraction brought a warning
pulled straight from the canyon’s hiking brochures.
Distracted by the
scenery? Prepare to fall to your death.

She gulped, tightened
her grip on the knife, and re-firmed her face. No sense in letting the hulks
think their presence here was a shock, despite the fact that it was. Since the
main highway ended a mile away, the sunset-seeking tourists kept mostly to the beaches
south of the Barking Sands base, and thrill-seekers on their way to Na Pali
usually only made breakfast stops here. So where had these two come from, and
why had she found them in the middle of a fight that looked like a failed audition
for a UFC slot?

There was only
one answer that made sense. They had to be part of Gunter’s goon squad, sent
out here in preparation for the “casual meeting” their boss had requested for
tonight up at the ranch’s main house. And this move just screamed “casual,”
didn’t it?

She glowered
harder, though thanked the gods she’d discovered the intruders now, thanks to being
paranoid enough to conduct a preliminary property sweep. The only thing she
regretted about the decision was not thinking out her wardrobe better. With her
mind consumed by anxiety about the appointment, she’d walked out of the house
without thinking, still dressed in nothing but her bikini and thigh sheath—a
factor clearly noticed by her detainees.

Damn it

The gray-eyed
stranger tried playing chief negotiator. He raised a placating hand, as if her
knife was nothing but a quill pen. “We’ve got the message loud and clear,
sweetheart. So why don’t you just lower—”

“I’m not your
sweetheart.” She flicked the knife, making sure the blade reflected the light
back into his face. But that meant she had to meet his gaze once more.
did the man have to possess such mesmerizing eyes?

He lowered the hand.
“Fair enough. Maybe you have a real name I can use?”

“Nice try.” Like
he didn’t know her name already. The man’s persistent sociability, even with
her Bowie at his nose, answered that well enough. What the hell was Benson’s
game this time? Why had he sent in a pair of his “cabin boys” to act like drunk
frat brothers on the beach like this? Did he think she wouldn’t see through
this game? That she wouldn’t see him trying to “survey” the beach that wasn’t
even his yet?

She winced at
her mental default.


. This
battle was far from over, no matter what Benson believed or connived to make
believe. There was nothing on this ranch—
ranch—that belonged to Benstock
Development, including this sand. And she vowed, with renewed determination,
that no grain of it would. She knew what the man and his company did to the
lands they gobbled, to the people they took from their homes in the pretty and
so pretty ways.

Right now, Benson
was making a run for the “pretty” angle. Shallow, devious coward.

“All right,” she
snapped. “Stand up. Both of you. Slowly. Hands visible. No funny shit. I can
gut a blue fin in two minutes with this thing, and your testicles won’t be half
the challenge.” She rolled her eyes as Golden Eyes mangled his obedience, staggering
more than straightening. “Okay, the act’s going to get old real fast, pretty

“Huh?” It was
the first thing she’d heard out of the guy since she’d found the pair wrestling
out here, pretending they were out for each other’s blood, even hurling booze
bottles into her garden during the performance. But she knew better.

“The ‘soused and
stupid’ act?” she countered. “It’s all right to cut it now. I know what’s
really going on here, okay?”

“Oh?”  He managed
a sarcastic grin that looked lopsided due to a slightly crooked canine tooth. “Hmmm.
Maybe you can fill me in, dreamgirl, ‘cause I’m a little lost.”

He leaned over, forcing
her to deny better sense and steady his gait with a hand to his waist. He
really was solid as a granite cliff. Thanks to the wind, she confirmed he
really had hundred-proof vodka breath, too.
. She didn’t know whether
to slap him or laugh at him. Normally, guys who did “drunk with a twist of
cute” were more tempting than chocolate to her, but right now, she was much
more ready for a Godiva than
of Benson’s brutes. Still, a new
resolve took root. She’d have to keep her guard up with

“A ‘little lost,’
huh?” She shoved him away and pulled up on her stance again. “And I’m the
goddess Hina, newly awakened for my nighttime adventures.”

 “That explains
a few things.” Mr. Intense Eyes and Dark Hair—and, she observed now, Endless Legs—surrendered
that in a tone of a thousand nuances. She dared a glance at his face, to find
his stare still fixed on her, looking like he deliberated the pieces of an
intricate jigsaw puzzle.

She looked away
before the man evoked the pull of a god in his own right. Just as fast, she
added an angry huff.
? He barely should’ve gotten the courtesy of “man.”
Both of these hulks were on Benstock’s payroll, which placed them somewhere
between banana slugs and heroin dealers in the evolution chain.

“I’m taking you
both back to the house,” she declared. “Sorry to cut your romp out here a
little short, but since our friend arrives in less than fifteen minutes, you’ve
given me no choice.”

“We’re goin’ to
your place?” Golden Eyes cracked a woozy grin. “Suh-weet.”

To her surprise,
McDark-And-Dreamy was just as ready with his hospitality. “Like
said before,
we’re not here to cause trouble. And I’m sure any friend of yours will be a
friend of—”

“Save it.” She hardened
her posture, still baffled by the angle these guys were playing. Usually Benson
selected his groupies for the clean-and-cute image so he could be the alpha dog
with his fitted suits and expensive charm. These two apes didn’t fit an inch of
that M.O.. But Gunter had never sent any of his men to play real estate recon
on her beach before, either. The bastard was busting out an arsenal of new
tactics, which only made her queasier about his agenda for the upcoming meeting
itself. “Let’s go.” She pulled Gray Eyes forward by fitting the knife’s tip into
one of his shirt’s button holes. “You’re taking lead, Yin Man.”

Confused crinkles
appeared at the corners of his eyes. “Huh?”

“Yin and yang.
It fits you two, in a demented way.”

He smiled. The
look wasn’t a copy of his cheeky smirks so far. It grew from the middle of his
mouth then moved outward in an ocean-like undulation…wrecking strange havoc on
her stomach in the process. “Yeah. It probably does.”

His voice was
different now, too. A little more serious. A lot more velvety.

Guard up,

“The path to the
house starts there,” she ordered, “between the two papaya trees. Look for the
bamboo planks. Got it?”

“Had it scoped
about five minutes back, sweetheart.” He turned and trudged toward the trees,
flexing calves the size of hams. For once, Lani was thankful for his strange
cockiness. It made her consider the logistics of her order.
. The
path was only wide enough for single-file travel, meaning there was no way to
police both the men at once.

Or was there?

“Stop.” Her slam
on the syllable was sufficient to freeze them both.

Yang swiveled
his amber gaze back at her. “Dear Christ, I like the way she says that.”

“Down, T-Bomb,”
cautioned Yin.

“Well, don’t

Gray Eyes didn’t
say anything—until he looked again to Lani. Though his lips remained
motionless, his answer slammed through every inch of her body like a tidal wave
of fire.
. The man wanted her. To be honest, that part would be easy
to handle, if this was just a case of a jerk letting his dick control the
guidebook. But the way he took her in, as if he’d never seen a woman before and
marveled over everything about her, was something she’d never experienced from
a man before. From another

What the
was he doing this for? He didn’t relent, freezing her in place, binding
her—terrifying her.

And elevating
her next command to the stratosphere of crazy.

“Give me your

Golden Eyes slid
out another smirk. “I like the way you say
even better.”

Gray Eyes
glowered. “What the fuck?”

“You heard me.”
Lani jerked her chin, making sure to keep the Bowie directly in his view.
“Benson sent you down here ahead of the meeting for a reason. I don’t know what
that is yet, and I’m not going to risk finding out when one of you runs ahead
to warn the man. Your shorts are my insurance against that. Hand them over.”

Golden Eyes,
having already shucked his khakis, finished tearing off his shirt, as well. His
new outfit, nothing but his black briefs, left no doubt in her mind that every
part of him was mighty as a boulder. He extended both with another crooked grin.
“Do I qualify for extra credit?”

Hell. How the
man could make her want to scowl and smile in the same reaction, was a mystery
she didn’t have time to untangle. She diverted her attention by turning to his
friend, who still shifted uneasily on the sand.

“You sure about
this?” Gray Eyes finally charged. “You already have his. Do you really need

“Take them off
or I’ll cut them off. Your choice.”

The tension
continued in his face for another two seconds. When it suddenly disappeared,
she wondered why a thread of uneasiness dragged through
nerves now—thickening
to straight-up alarm as he drawled, “Your mandate, sweetheart.”

justified her anxiety the next moment—in hard, huge, and damn near erect detail.
And the man, with that sensual smirk again sliding across his lips, just let
her stare as he dropped the shorts, blatantly revealing he was a commando kind
of guy.



BOOK: Wet For Her Warriors (Book 5 of the WILD -- Warriors Intense in Love & Domination -- Boys of Special Forces)
2.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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