Wet For Her Warriors (Book 5 of the WILD -- Warriors Intense in Love & Domination -- Boys of Special Forces)

BOOK: Wet For Her Warriors (Book 5 of the WILD -- Warriors Intense in Love & Domination -- Boys of Special Forces)
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For Her Warriors

Angel Payne

For Her Warriors

W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces, Book 5

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you gone W.I.L.D. before this book?

and Bloggers across the world certainly have!


BY HIS SUBMISSIVE – The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces, Book 1

By His Submissive
is a wonderful, adventurous, suspenseful and erotic read
that will have you panting for much more. My emotions were all over the place…I
totally love military men, and Garrett is one hot man, but what makes him
hotter is his undying love for Sage.” –
The Romance Reviews

— “Wow. This
book was a total surprise for me. Truly, this was one of the most beautiful
love stories I have read.” –
The Delighted Reader

— “Keeps you
glued to your e-reader!” –
The Jeep Diva

— “After reading
Saved By His Submissive,
I have added Ms. Payne to the short list of
writers I will automatically buy a book from…the book provides a refreshing
change to the standard romance novel.” –
Sizzling Hot Books

— “I found this
was a book I just couldn’t put down. I got hooked from the beginning and then
couldn’t stop reading. Garrett and Zeke are…good dream material.” –
Romance Passion Reviews

— “The chemistry
between Garrett and Sage was scorching. It was very easy to believe how much
they cared for each other. This was a wonderful story. I can’t wait for the
next book in the series.” –
Night Owl Reviews

— “Angel Payne
delivers well-rounded characters, an action-packed storyline that is
overflowing with passion, and above all, a love that overcomes and flourishes
despite the darkness threatening to destroy the main characters. I cannot wait
to meet and fall in love with more of the W.I.L.D. Boys.” –
RAW Reviews


BY HER HERO – The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces, Book 2

— “I am never
disappointed with what Angel Payne brings to the table. She always rocks it out
hardcore in everything she creates, and
Handcuffed By Her Hero
 is no
exception. Zeke and Rayna…have a gritty, suspenseful, and incredibly sexy story
that will keep you on your toes and leave you breathless…I caught myself a
couple of times holding my breath, and trying to read faster and faster. It was
a very emotional read…a story of survival, growth, and love.” –
Renee’s Spicy Reads

— “Well-written…overall,
a magnificent book. I am hooked on this series!” –
Night Owl Reviews

— “Zeke’s power
and intensity are jaw-dropping and sexy as hell. He’s a knight in black leather
who…awakens impulses and desires that Rayna has never felt before. The book as
a whole is deep and passionate.” –
RAW Reviews

— “Grabbed hold
of my heart and never let go. Zeke and Rayna’s intense bond is forged in fire.
Thick with passion, smoldering looks, and red-hot dominant sex, Angel Payne has
created a sequel to rival its sibling. I am anxious for the continuation of her
addicting characters!” –
RomFan Reviews

— “I really
loved this book. Zeke is the epitome of the hot sexy military alpha man, and
Rayna is one of the strongest female characters that I’ve read lately. Both of
these characters are complicated, which makes for a great story, and it worked
in such a suspenseful erotic romance. This is one hot and steamy read. I’m
still waiting for the fog to clear on my Kindle!” –
Delighted Reader Book

—“Amazing from
beginning to end…full of suspense and creativity…I also liked the little
details that make the book more ‘real’ for me. The hotness of their ‘scenes’ is
off the charts!”
–Riverina Romantics


TO HER SERGEANT – The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces, Book 3

—“I think I’m in
love with Ethan. I have enjoyed this series, but really enjoyed Ethan’s story.
There’s action, explosions, espionage,
hot D/s sex, and even
heartbreak. These books are similar to the ‘Shadowlands’ series, but I have to
say if Ms. Payne keeps it up, they’ll be just as popular. I gladly give this
book 5 stars.”
–RAW Reviews

— “Steaming hot
chemistry, intense drama and plot twists like no other…secondary characters
weave their way into your heart as much as the hero and heroine…I loved the
BDSM elements that added more heat. I can’t wait to read the next book!” –
Reader Reviews

— “Ethan Archer
is an absolutely amazing man. He can take down a drug smuggler with only his
words, and can make a girl embrace her submissive side with just a look. He is
good. Ava knows that one command from him, and she’s putty in his hands. But
how can she say no to the man she craves and the Dom who brings her to her
knee? There is such a visceral need and a raw intensity between these two that
you feel it in your gut and in your heart. Five stars!” –
Shayna Renee’s
Spicy Reads

—”Wow! Just Wow!
Ethan and Ava sound like an unlikely pair, but the storyline is perfect. This
is a must read. Angel Payne is an amazing author, and I can’t wait to read the
rest of this series.”
–We Love Kink

— “An enjoyable
thrill ride with just the right amount of kinky sex…anyone who likes a good
action novel, mystery and/or romance will find the story interesting and
well-written. The love story is touching, realistic, heart-warming and
. With just the right amount of conflict between the two main
characters, the story builds tension without overdoing angst.” –
My Book
Addiction Reviews

—“I loved Ethan
and Ava together! They had great chemistry and just enough turmoil to keep
things hot and fulfilling for a reader. I highly recommend this story!”



W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces, Book 4

emotionally draining, and beautiful.”
–Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

—“I couldn’t
wait to catch up with all the couples…Ms. Payne did
disappoint! I
laughed, cried, and had to take a cold shower. This book is
Reader Reviews

—“All of these
stories are great reads, and…will pull on your heartstrings. I enjoyed
revisiting all the characters…the love they have shines through in everything
that they do.”
–BDSM Book Reviews




The author
acknowledges the following trademarked names in this work of fiction:


UFC (Ultimate
Fighting Championship)


Grey Goose






Super Bowl

Pop Tarts

Life is good


Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles




Bugs Bunny





additional note:

The purpose of
adding native words to Lani’s dialogue was due to a duality of reasons. First,
I truly wanted to honor the beauty of her Hawaiian heritage. Second, I felt
strongly about instilling readers with the same incredible feeling I’ve always
gotten from Hawaii and its people: that they are deeply tied to their past, and
proud of it. Many people of the islands attest that these words are no longer
used, so I’d like to say a huge
for the opportunity to take
creative license with these fun phrases, to add to the color of this work of






Now more than
ever, this work is dedicated with all my heart and soul to the man who makes it
possible. My Sir, my Heart, my Husband my
Mau Loa—
my forever love. Thank





I’ve been talked
down off more ledges than usual in creating this book. Thank you to the friends
who held my trembling hands through it all: Shayla, Tracy, Shannon, Laurie,
Cheryl. I have no idea how to ever convey my gratitude.


I cannot let
this opportunity go by without thanking the INCREDIBLE goddesses of my Angel’s
Wing Street Team. You ladies lift my days and brighten my smile more than you
can ever know! When the
USA Today
fireworks hit, you were all the first
I wanted to scream with (besides Sir…hee hee). Thank you for all the love,
laughter, droolicious hunks, and fun that you all provide!


And thank you to
all the new readers who have started supporting the W.I.L.D. Boys. It is an
honor to bring these men and their women to life, and every letter, note, and
email is deeply, profoundly appreciated.


As always, thank
you to the brave, selfless men and women of our nation’s military. Part of the
profits from this book will go toward giving back to you through donations to
the following organizations:

Operations Warrior Foundation

DAV Homeless
Veterans Institute


BOOK: Wet For Her Warriors (Book 5 of the WILD -- Warriors Intense in Love & Domination -- Boys of Special Forces)
9.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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