Werewolf in a Suit book 2 (Werewolf,Romance,Paranormal)

BOOK: Werewolf in a Suit book 2 (Werewolf,Romance,Paranormal)
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Copyright 2013 Kelly London


Werewolf in a Suit book 2


This Ebook is a work of fiction. Characters, names, and places are the product of the author's imagination and not to be projected as real. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead and events is purely coincidental.


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This 8300+ erotic story contains scenes of graphic sexual nature and is written for adults only (18+). This book contains shapeshifting, oral sex and very hot steamy sex with a werewolf and a young lady.




The sky was starting to glow orange as I turned around a curve in the road and found myself in a dead-ended street; the clump of too-green trees behind the last house took me by surprise. As my car got closer to the end of the road, a little rustic cottage came into view, right in front of the unusually located forest, and my heart thudded in my chest as I spotted the sign out front that read ‘Wilson’.


I was finally going to get to see his house.


Marcus and I had been together for just over a month now, but thanks to chaotic schedules and busy workdays, we’d only been able to see each other in short, fifteen-minute intervals. Granted, we’d almost always been naked during each of our ‘breaks’, but as much as I’d enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of his body, I’d been a little disappointed that I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to just hang out with him in private.


Then, earlier in the week, Marcus had invited me over to his place for dinner. I’d been too busy trying not to make a sound to fully appreciate the enormity of the situation – unsurprising, considering the fact that he’d had me pinned against the wall in one of the supply closets, right next to the managing partners’ offices. It had only been later, when I’d gone back to my desk, that his offer had sunk in; in all honesty, staying quiet in that moment had been a lot harder to accomplish than when I’d been in the closet.


I pulled up outside the cottage, taking in the wrought iron fence that ran around the front and the trees that swayed in the backyard. Unable to keep the smile off my face, I left my bag in the backseat and jumped out of the car; in my haste to get to Marcus, I nearly forgot to lock the doors.


Stepping onto his front porch, I inhaled the scent of freshly cut grass and turned to knock on the door, stopping short when I saw the windows were completely dark. Puzzled, I peered through the glass, searching for any signs of movement or life, and my mood deflated when I realized that nobody was in. A small voice in the back of my head couldn’t help but wonder if he’d changed his mind and forgotten to tell me.


My head snapped up when I heard muted sounds drift from the backyard, and determination steeled my spine as I walked off the porch and went around back. The noises started to sound distinctly animalistic, and as I got closer to the rear end of the house, I spared a brief moment to ponder the notion that I was about to get myself killed, just to prove that Marcus hadn’t stood me up.


The wolf was the first thing I saw when I rounded the house.


My hand shot to the wall next to me as I struggled to understand what I was looking at. The animal loped towards me, moving unhurriedly, and as its tail swished from one end to the other, I felt my knees tremble. Even though it should have been impossible, even though it didn’t feel the slightest bit real, the wooden splinters cutting into my palm told me that I was wide awake, and that this was actually happening.


I was locked in a staring competition with the werewolf from my dream.


I could still recall the image of my dream wolf with perfect clarity – and not just because I was looking straight at it. Glossy black fur, with a dash of white at the edge of its tail, the wolf moved forward, and when the light hit its eyes, my lips parted in shock; bright blue orbs glowered back at me, and I knew with unshakeable certainty that I’d dreamed of this very same animal.


“What the hell?” I muttered to myself, running my gaze over the length of its body, trying to find a single difference between my imagination and reality – I was out of luck.


Before I could come to grips with what I was seeing – seriously, did Marcus have no idea that there was a freaking wolf in his backyard? – the wolf snarled and dashed towards me. Shrieking, I jumped out of its path and ran across the yard, looking over my shoulder to see if I was safe. Panic surged through my body when I saw that it was catching up to me, and even as I tried to come up with a feasible way to get out of this alive, my shoulder slammed into something hard.


Pain radiated along my arm in pulsing waves, and frozen in place with my back against a gnarly tree trunk, I gripped my shoulder and closed my eyes; I wasn’t one to pray, but if there was ever a moment to turn to faith, this was it. I flinched when heavy paws landed on my shoulders, and my head angled to the side to avoid the wolf’s muggy breath. Exposing my neck to a snarling wolf was a decidedly terrible idea, but I took comfort in the fact that I’d die quickly if it chose to rip my throat out.


My eyes shot open when I felt something hot and wet slide along the curve of my shoulder, and I tentatively tilted my head towards the wolf. A choked noise slipped through out of me when I saw the way its tongue was lapping at my skin, its blue eyes focused intently on my face. A tremor worked its way up my spine when the wolf rubbed its snout against the base of my throat, before gently nipping at my skin.


Digging the back of my skull into the bark, I began whispering, “Please don’t kill me, please don’t eat me, and please, please, please don’t try to mount me.”


The wolf snorted, sending another wave of hot air in my direction. I barely had time to hope that maybe I wouldn’t be dying after all, when the air around the wolf shimmered, and I blinked rapidly as an ethereal glow surrounded its darker than black fur. When everything finally stopped shifting and sparkling, my gaze zeroed in on the person standing before me, and my jaw dropped open.


Marcus stood in the exact same spot the wolf had been less than thirty seconds ago; his naked body was covered in a slight layer of sweat, and he was breathing a little faster than he usually did, but it was definitely my boyfriend – my apparently supernatural boyfriend.


“Are you out of your fucking mind?” I yelled, ignoring his pained wince and my pounding heart. He clapped his hands over his ears, but undaunted, I went on, “You scared me half to death, you psychotic loon. What is wrong with you?”


Marcus frowned, looking put off. “Will you calm down? I wasn’t going to hurt you,” he mumbled, his lips curving in a petulant frown.


Crossing my arms over my chest, I demanded, “And how was I supposed to know that? All I saw was a wolf that chased after me!”


“I have to say, this was not the reaction I was expecting from you,” he informed me, sounding disappointed; I couldn’t help noticing the fact that he was neatly sidestepping my angry line of inquiry.


I shot him a disbelieving look, and my words were dripping with sarcasm when I said, “Oh? How were you expecting me to react?”


“I thought you’d be a little excited, to be honest,” he admitted, with a shrug. Scratching the back of his neck, he had the grace to look a little abashed as he added, “Considering the dream you told me about, I didn’t think it was that much of a stretch.”


Rearing forward, I smacked him on the chest and snapped, “It was a dream, Marcus! It was a product of my overactive imagination, and the wolf in my head didn’t chase me across a yard!”


“I hear what you’re saying, Lily. I really do.” His gaze turned speculative, and with a slight frown, he asked, “So you aren’t freaked out by the fact that I’m a werewolf?”


If I were being completely honest with myself, I wasn’t that surprised at the revelation; he’d dropped plenty of hints along the way, and this just felt like the last piece of a puzzle I hadn’t known I was solving. His dominant streak in bed was hot, but a dead giveaway – that coupled with how possessive he’d been with me over the past month made this a far less startling discovery than he’d intended it to be.


What was startling was how arousing it was to realize that I’d been dating a werewolf for so long – not that I planned on letting him in on the secret any time soon.


Something in my expression must have given me away – or maybe it was my fluttering pulse or my suddenly rapid breathing – because his eyes sparked in a way that was so familiar, it immediately sent a bolt of lust through my body; it had taken less than four weeks for Marcus to perfectly condition my responses to his more amorous intentions, and it annoyed the hell out of me.


He dropped his arms to his sides, drawing my gaze to his bare legs, and my lungs sparked when I saw his cock harden before my rapt stare. He stalked towards me, his steps precise and measured, and I blinked as he placed his hands on either side of my head. Canting my neck, I looked up at him, feeling like I’d just run a marathon when his fiery blue eyes dropped to my lips.


Leaning forward, Marcus feathered his lips over mine, his touch so soft and so light, and it made my mouth tingle. “I’m so sorry I frightened you, Lily,” he murmured, his warm breath fanning across my jaw. His hands dropped to my neck, and he trailed his palms up my throat and cupped my cheeks. Brushing his thumb around the edge of my lips, he went on, “I’ll admit I didn’t know how to tell you about this, but the last thing I wanted to do was scare you off.”


“Next time, you could try not pursuing me like a rabbit you want to eat,” I admonished, but there was no heat in my voice; all the heat had pooled in the pit of my abdomen, thanks to his firm but tender touch.


He nodded, but there was a smile playing around his full mouth. He slipped one of his hands to my back and found the zipper to my dress. As he tugged on the tab, his head bent lower, and with one last soft apology, he parted my lips with his. My dress slipped off my shoulders, and as it fell to the ground, his tongue darted into my mouth, sweeping across the roof before licking my lower lip.


Heat coursed through my blood and I tried to wrap my arms around his neck, but Marcus moved his hands over my waist and held me in place. Ignoring my muffled moan of protest, he dragged his mouth across my jaw, groaning as his palms drifted up to my bare breasts.


“Why,” he panted, sucking on the underside of my jaw, “aren’t you wearing anything else?”


He punctuated his question by tweaking my nipples between his fingers, and a delicious shiver crawled down my spine when his pulls became more insistent. My mind clouded over with need and heat and want, and as my head fell against the tree trunk, I murmured, “It’s not like I didn’t know we were going to get naked at some point.” He pulled my earlobe between his teeth, and splinters of wood dug into my back as I arched against Marcus. Slightly breathless, I went on, “I didn’t want to waste any time getting undressed.”


“How practical of you,” he purred, flicking his tongue against my collarbones. He dipped his head lower, pausing only to leave a bright red mark above my breastbone. “Why did you bother with the dress, then?”


“Needed to be decent for the drive over,” I replied, my words trailing off into nothing when his lips closed around my breast.


My fingernails chipped off the rough bark as he sucked my nipple into his mouth, lapping at my flesh with a greed that made me ache all over. Marcus squeezed my other breast, his grasp hard enough to bruise, and I threaded my fingers in his hair; when he rolled my nipple between his teeth, I pushed his head into my body, willing to let him suffocate on my flesh if it made the world stop spinning.


Briefly coming up for air, Marcus raised an inquisitive brow at me, something I almost missed due to the fog in my brain. “Why would you care about decency?” He bit down on the swell of my breast, pushing my hips into the tree when I bucked against him, and he sounded genuinely puzzled when he said, “All we’ve been doing since that afternoon in your office is have a lot of sex in some really public places.”

BOOK: Werewolf in a Suit book 2 (Werewolf,Romance,Paranormal)
13.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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