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Abby is in a hurry to meet her husband at home for
their anniversary weekend, but it’s the last thing she plans to hurry.
With two jobs and two kids, she and Tim have been rushing through their lives,
barely taking time for sleepy sex at the end of the day. The best anniversary
present she can imagine is time together – enough time to really make
love; to enjoy each other’s bodies like they did when they were first

Tim loves his wife more than he did the day he married
her, and he’s looking for a new way to show her. After fifteen years,
they know exactly how to please each other and how to touch each other. Without
intending it, their lovemaking has become almost
Tim wants to try something new, and if his plan works, they’ll have a
whole new kind of intimacy to explore. 

With three child-free days stretching out in front of
them, Tim and Abby have a chance to unwrap the best present ever and celebrate
an anniversary they’ll never forget.



title is intended for adult
audiences and contains multiple scenes of anal play and anal sex between
consenting adults in a loving monogamous relationship.




An erotic novella

Part of the Forbidden Fruit Series


Evelyn Adams

Digital Edition

Copyright 2012 Evelyn Adams

All rights reserved


distribution of this work without the express permission of the author is
illegal and punishable by law. Please purchase only authorized electronic
editions, and do not participate in or encourage electronic piracy of
copyrighted materials. Your support of the author’s rights is


work is intended for adults only and contains sexually explicit material that
may be considered offensive by some readers.



shot his hand out of the cuff of his white shirt and glanced down at his watch.
Half past two. If she didn’t get tied up at her parents, she should be
ready to get back on the road. Hell, if she was looking forward to this weekend
half as much as he was, she was already on her way. He’d made one stop.
This was the last one before he could head home, too.

long weekend, alone at home, without the kids, he’d been thinking about
it for weeks. And every time he did, he pictured his wife’s tight ass and
how much he wanted to slide his cock into it. He got hard just thinking about
it. All he had to do was persuade her to let him. He had a plan for that, and
he had the whole weekend to work on it. They had time. Even if she said no
– he fought disappointment at that thought – they’d still be
able to have better sex than they’d both gotten used to lately.
And if she said yes, well...

tired looking woman behind the counter called his number, and he shifted to
ease the tightness in his slacks. Thank God he could hold his suit jacket in
front of him or he’d scare the other deli patrons. He hadn’t felt
like this since he was a teenager. He gave the woman his order, and grinning to
himself, he watched her fill takeout containers with food and went back to
daydreaming about his wife’s ass.




had been in such a hurry to get back, she hadn’t stayed for lunch at her
parents’. She dropped off the kids, grabbed something at a drive-thru and
flew home, pushing the speed limit the whole way. She didn’t want to
waste a minute of their three precious child-free days. She wanted to be ready
when Tim got home, and she needed to shower and shave first.

off her shoes, she walked into the bathroom and stooped to turn on the water.
While the water heated, she stood in front of the mirror and slid open the
buttons on her white cotton shirt. The bra underneath was white, too. Maybe she
should have picked up some new lingerie for the weekend. She used to be more
adventurous, but two kids and fifteen years had shifted her priorities to the

stepped out of her jeans, letting them fall to the floor, looked at her plain
white cotton panties and grimaced. Crap, she thought. What kind of woman
doesn’t get new lingerie to celebrate her fifteenth wedding anniversary?
They’d decided to forgo the expense and hassle of a big trip, opting
instead for a quiet weekend at home, but still, she could have done more. Maybe
she could find something in the back of her drawer he hadn’t seen in a

body looked okay. She weighed more than she had when they got married, and her body
bore the marks of carrying two children, but she was still trim. She
her bra straps off her shoulders and reached behind
her to undo the clasp. She let the bra fall to the floor and even in the steamy
bathroom her nipples pebbled to tight rosy peaks. Watching her reflection, she
cupped her breasts in her hands weighing first one then the other. Her breasts
were high and tight, if a little smaller than she wished.

it had been so long since they’d had time for more than sleepy end of the
day sex – fifteen minutes, an orgasm for each of them, and then too few
hours of sleep before they started the day again. She wanted more: more time,
more variety, just more. Tim was great; she loved him more than when she
married him. She just wanted time with him, just the two of them, the way it
had been when
first fell in love and spent hours
in bed together. She wasn’t even looking forward to dinner out tonight.
It was another step between her and sex with Tim, and she was already ready.
She didn’t want to wait.

thumbs brushed her already sensitive nipples, sending a jolt of desire deep in
her belly. Teasing her tight nipples, she pinched and rolled them between her
fingers. She could barely make out her reflection in the steam covered mirror,
and she let her head fall back as she played with her breasts, alternating
between stroking the sensitive skin around her nipples and tugging on the rosy
peaks. Her breasts felt hot and swollen, and she imagined Tim’s mouth
pulling on her nipples, licking and sucking until she couldn’t stand it.

had a great mouth – full lips and a talented tongue- and after fifteen
years, he knew exactly what she liked. Just thinking about it sent heat
flooding low in her belly. Maybe if she hurried she’d have time to finish
herself once before he got home – warm things up for him.

made quick work of shaving her legs, letting the razor glide over her skin. As
excited as she was, even that felt good, and she took her time, sliding her
hands over her smooth legs feeling for any spots she might have missed. The
water and soap combined, making her skin slick.

let her hands roam over the rest of her body, sliding over the soft mound of
her belly to cup her breasts. With her soapy hands, she didn’t feel the
stretch marks or ridges. Her skin was smooth and tight and aching with need.
She couldn’t wait until they got back from dinner. She’d have to
convince Tim to make love to her before they went out. Smiling to herself, she
doubted that would be a problem. He had to want this as much as she did.
He’d been dropping sexy little hints for weeks about what he was going to
do to her when they were finally really alone.

her soapy hands, she
her breasts, gently
squeezing, and then sliding to the tips to stroke and tug on her nipples. She
tipped back her head of short blond curls and felt the shower spray pulse
against her throat and chest. The heat and the tiny needles of water made her
skin tingle. She arched her back, relishing the feel of the water on her neck.
On impulse, she shifted so the jets of water sprayed directly on her nipples.
Her breath caught in her throat and her nipples stood out, practically begging
to be sucked. It wasn’t as good as Tim’s mouth, but if she used her
hands to lift her nipples to meet the spray, it started the familiar tightening
low in her belly.

the spray played across the hard peaks of her breasts, her hand drifted lower,
back over her belly to soap the curls at the v of her legs. The soap mingled
with her slick heat as she slid her fingers over the swollen lips of her pussy.
With a slippery finger on either side of her clit, she stroked back and forth,
letting the pressure build. The water felt so good on her nipples and her hand
was so slick against her swollen lips. God, she wanted to come. She’d
never make it until after dinner. If she took care of herself, it would take
the edge off the desperate need building inside her.

reached up to unhook the hand held shower sprayer. Wedging a foot against the
shower wall, she spread her pussy lips and directed the spray right at her
swollen clit. The muscles of her cunt tightened around a cock that wasn’t
there, pulsing with need. Holding the shower head with one hand, she let the
water pound against her clit while she slid two fingers deep inside her.
Curling her fingers, she stroked the spot just inside her opening while the
water pulsed against her clit like a tongue.

breath came in shallow pants and she gave herself over to the sensation of the
water and her hand.




put the bag with the food in the fridge and called out for Abby. Her car was in
the garage so she had to be home somewhere. He hadn’t expected her to be
back already, and it made him smile to think she was as eager for their weekend
as he was. Hopefully, she’d think eating in was a good idea, too. He
didn’t want her to think he didn’t want to take her out. He just
didn’t want to waste a minute of the time they had together out in public
around other people. He walked to the base of the steps and heard the shower
running. Perfect. Picturing his wife naked in the shower, he took the steps two
at a time.

tossed his jacket and the small black bag on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt.
He could smell the peach scented
body wash
Abby loved
and he moved faster, dropping his pants to the floor and stripping off the rest
of his clothes.
He pushed open the bathroom door and
stepped naked into the steam filled bathroom. Abby obviously hadn’t heard
him come in. Her head was tipped back, mouth open in pleasure and she was using
the shower sprayer and her hand to get herself off. His cock, already hard,
turned to steel. He’d been married to her for fifteen years. How was it
possible to want her so much? But watching her give herself over to her
pleasure, he couldn’t imagine anything sexier – unless it was him
making her come.

heard her breathing pick up, coming in gasps as the orgasm took her. He stepped
closer so he could see her better through the steam and spray. She must have
sensed him because she straightened quickly, sliding the glass door open to
look at him. Her expression shifted from startled to guilty.

couldn’t wait," she said sheepishly.

stop," he said. "I love watching you."

made a disbelieving face, and he reached out and caught her hand. "Don’t
believe me?" He took her warm wet hand and wrapped it around his cock.
Her eyes went wide with pleasure at the evidence of his arousal. He leaned in
and kissed her, licking the water from her lips.
"Is there
room for me in there, too?" he asked.

she said, grinning.

climbed in, blocking the spray, and she reached for him, feeling the water slip
between them as her hand grasped the hot hard length of him. He felt like iron
covered with velvet, and the water made everything smooth and slippery. She
stepped closer to lick at the trickle of water that ran down his chest. He bent
his head and caught her mouth with a kiss. She tasted mint and the familiar
taste that was Tim. Running her hands across his chest, she let them slide down
his belly to his hips. His hands cuffed her wrists, stopping them from moving.

BOOK: Unwrapped
2.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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