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   Without a word they all stood. Hands linked, fingers entwined, hips and thighs bumping, they made their way to Eden's quarters.
   Moonlight streamed through her undraped windows, her sparse furniture lighter shadows than those falling along the walls.
   ―Venus has no moon,‖ Kaliq blurted.
   ―Not a true moon, no,‖ Eden agreed. ―But when first terraformed and colonized, the settlers missed their moons.‖ She shrugged. ―Sedna has no moon either.‖
   ―It does,‖ Kaliq insisted, earning a glare from his brother.
   ―We aren't Sednan,‖ Kamal said, a hint of seduction in his low voice. He plucked the ivory combs from Eden's hair
then ran his fingers through the loosened tresses.
   ―Y-you aren't? Where are you from?‖ Kamal's fingers on her neck sent hot shivers down her spine. Savoring his touch, she leaned into his hand.
   ―Most recently we're from Pluto,‖ Kaliq whispered and Eden suddenly discovered her ears were an erogenous zone.
―P-Pluto doesn't have moons either. Does it?‖
―Yes, it does.‖
―You're confusing Pluto with Mercury.‖
   ―Besides, we're not originally from Pluto either.‖
   ―Oh!‖ she choked out. They were doing wondrous things to her body, but she needed them…needed them…to ―Stop! Stop or you'll spoil my surprises.‖
   They stopped kissing her ears and neck. Looking like very young boys on their birthdays, they said together, ―Surprises? More than one surprise?‖
   ―Oh, yes. But we'll need a little more light.‖ Before she could order soft lighting, her companions pointed and a dozen candles flared
then subsided to a golden glow. ―Neat trick.‖
   ―Aye,‖ they said in unison, each capturing one of her hands.
   Laughing, she pulled away. ―Gentlemen, please. I've worked very hard on these surprises. Please allow me to present them to you.‖
   They seemed more interested in surprising her—which pleased her a lot. Still…she wanted to show off a little. ―Please,‖ she said again, puffing out her lower lip. Other courtesans—Colette sometimes, Azura often—pouted. Eden considered pouting beneath her talents to persuade, but now…her body urging her to hurry, demanding fulfillment
made a pout seem a useful expedient.
―Very well,‖ Kamal said.
―Begin,‖ Kaliq agreed.
   Eden whispered something neither man could hear. Two pillowed divans rolled into the room, followed by a low, pounded-brass table. The table tilted from its edge to settle between the divans within easy reaching distance of each.
   ―Please make yourselves comfortable,‖ Eden said, sitting tailor-fashion on an ottoman and pulling her skirt over her knees. ―You may recall that you noticed a specific dish you had not tasted the way I prepared it tonight.‖
   Nodding, his eyes half-hidden by long, thick lashes, Kamal said, ―And you mentioned that food is sensual.‖
is s
ensual. You see it. If artfully displayed, it encourages you to taste it. But first you inhale its aroma. If it smells good, you take a bite. Sight, scent, taste. Depending on the food, you're aware of its texture on your tongue and how it feels when you swallow. Touch. Four of your senses engaged.‖
   ―What about sound?‖ Kaliq wanted to know. He looked pleased that he could stump her.
   She smiled, the merest curving of her lips. ―Remember when I put the scaloppini in the sauté pan? Or before that, the butter and oil? They sizzled, didn't they?‖
   ―Aye,‖ Kaliq looked more disappointed than he sounded. Then he laughed heartily. ―All five senses.‖
   Eden briefly bowed her head, savoring the small triumph. She murmured. A cart rolled across the thick carpeting
then settled within her reach. ―Here, under these domes, you'll find some of those foods you found remarkable. You must decide between you, which you want to sample again and in what order. You may, however, reconsider at any time. But remember, all your selections must involve all five senses.‖
   With that, she left the room.

* * * *

For a long moment, dumbfounded, the men just sat. At last Kamal said, ―I guess we should see what's on the menu.‖
   ―I was hoping for Eden.‖
   Quirking his brow, Kamal chuckled. ―Eden, my dense brother, is appetizer, entrée
dessert. Remember what Tante said earlier?‖
   Grinning, Kaliq said, ―Where's that Alfredo sauce?‖
   After looking at all the sauces, fruits and vegetables on the cart, they returned to the divans.
   ―First,‖ Kaliq said, staring thoughtfully at the furniture, ―we need to put these together.‖ He pushed his divan toward Kamal's until the two were side-by-side. ―That's better.‖
   ―Not if we can't keep them from rolling around. They could separate, dump us on our asses at a critical moment.‖
   ―Maybe we should do away with them altogether. Eden must have a bedroom and we could use her bed.‖
   ―Considering the juiciness of the food, I think Eden would dislike the mess.‖
   Kaliq groaned.
   A brief examination around and under the divans solved the problem. With the casters locked so they couldn't roll and the divans linked together so even the most strenuous activity would not divide them, the men sat.
   ―We need a plan,‖ said Kamal. ―We've studied battle tactics and Eden herself gave us hints how to proceed.‖
   ―Sight first. Eden naked?‖ Kaliq, looking hopeful, waggled his eyebrows.
   ―Getting her that way might disrupt the order of things.‖
   ―Do we care?‖
   ―Hell no!‖
   ―Okay, we get her naked.‖ Kaliq stared at Kamal expectantly.
   ―Then we let her get us naked,‖ Kamal said, improvising.
   ―Scent. Bananas, strawberries, melons.‖
   ―Fruit salad for an appetizer? Not.‖ Frowning, Kaliq folded his arms over his chest.
   ―How ‗bout tomatoes and cream cheese with a hint of basil? And a champagne chaser?‖
   ―Works for me. I'm getting really hungry.‖
Kaliq looked down. His shaft poked out, tenting his pantaloons.
   ―For the entrée, Eden slathered in Alfredo sauce.‖
   ―Agreed. And for dessert…‖
   ―Fruit salad,‖ they said together.
   ―With cherries.‖ Kaliq rubbed his hands together and licked his lips.
   ―At least one,‖ Kamal suggested, a leer in his voice.
   They sniggered.

* * * *

When she returned to her living room, Eden first noticed her men. How could she fail to notice when they stood like twin gods at the sides of the enlarged, single divan? They'd shed their vests, giving her another opportunity to view them bare from broad shoulders to narrow hips. Just the sight of them electrified her nerve endings.
   They, on the other hand, looked very…displeased? Disappointed? Dismayed? Had they expected her to return to them stark naked? Given their frowns at her now, they had.
   Their scowls deepening, they sat. Soft music played in the background and the candlelight grew a little brighter. She began to dance, flirting with them from behind her fan and saying, ―Unlike our sisters who must sell their bodies to survive, we courtesans are trained to arouse all our lover's senses. This—‖ Her wide sash fluttered to the floor. Her heavy satin robe parted, revealing
then concealing a strip of her body as she slowly turned in a circle ―Is but the beginning.‖
   They groaned, but scooted to the back of the divan, pillows supporting their backs. As if dining in ancient Rome, they popped grapes into their mouths, their eyes intent on her.
   She took up another fan, larger than the first, which she discarded. When her robe slipped off one shoulder, their eyes darkened as if shadows had fallen over a stand of pine trees. Streaks of silver arced like lightning in those green-black depths. She willed herself not to look at their cocks, knowing she would lose her rhythm if she did. Their faces sheened and she could smell a hint of male musk in the air, mixing with the faint aroma of her own arousal.
   Taking up two enormous fans made of peacock feathers, she allowed her robe to slip to the floor. A brief glimpse of her naked body was all she gave them. Then she unfurled the fans and used them to hide her nakedness.
   ―By the Goddess, Eden,‖ Kaliq growled, nostrils flaring, ―if you keep tormenting us, we'll waste our seed on our own bellies.‖
   Kamal chuckled. ―Continue, Eden. I can bear this delightful torture a little longer.‖
   Smiling, she went on. Dancing on her bare toes to emphasize her delicate feet, wafting the fans with the music's faster beat, offering them more and longer glimpses of her naked body, she swung her head so her hair became a third fan that revealed
, t
hen concealed. As the final chords crescendoed, she tossed away the fans and stood before them with only her hair to cloak her.
   They sprang to their feet, tore away the skimpy fabric concealing their cocks and stalked toward her.
   Sweet Goddess, they are enormous! she thought, a twinge of fear lancing down her spine, but soon replaced by growing triumph. She had caused that increase to them. Soon—
sweet, sweet
Goddess, soon—t
hey would pierce her and bring them all to ecstasy.
   Aware of her swelling breasts and aching nipples, of her juices dampening her mons' curls, she felt weak with need. Her knees buckled. Her men caught her, lifted her
, t
hen carried her to the divan.
   ―Let's eat!‖ Kaliq crowed.
   Cream cheese coating his hands, Kamal spread it over her breasts and said, ―Aye, let's. Lie still,‖ he commanded, his gaze on her face, his hands now stroking cream cheese down her torso.
   ―Very still,‖ Kaliq added, starting at her toes and slathering cheese up her calves, working his way toward her thighs and mons.
   Eden wiggled. ―The cheese is cold and your hands tickle.‖
Not to mention that your cocks rubbing
against me are driving me to the edge of frenzy.
   ―We need to cover you completely so the tomatoes and basil will stick.‖
   ―Aye. And basil.‖
   ―Texture, remember? And contrasting colors to attract our eyes.‖
   ―And scents to tickle our noses.‖
   ―Never mind what they do to our taste buds,‖ Kamal finished, smearing cheese on her lips
then swiping it off with his tongue.
   A sigh parted those lips and her tongue darted out, lapping cheese from Kamal's tongue.
   Kaliq, placing cherry-size tomatoes on her fingertips, squished one into her bellybutton
, t
hen sucked it into his mouth. ―Sweet and tart,‖ he muttered, crowning her nipples with tomatoes while Kamal put a few basil leaves around her breasts.
   Sitting on their heels, they examined their handiwork. With perfect synchronicity, they put a spring of mint near each of her ears.
   ―Aren't you going to feed me?‖ Eden asked, her voice smoky, her gaze fastening on one cock
, t
hen the other.
   ―Later. When we've eaten our fill of you.‖
   Moving as one, they nuzzled her ears. Their breath warm, their tongues hot, they laved the shells, nibbled on her lobes
then sucked up the mint, chewing gently on both lobes and herb. Eden moaned, caught somewhere between contentment and lust.
   The men kissed, nibbled and licked their way down her neck and collarbones. Reaching her breasts, each lapped up a basil leaf
then sucked the tomato and cheese from her engorged nipples. Eden tangled her hands in their hair. She heard the juicy tomatoes on her fingertips squish, felt those juices squirt through the men's silky locks and her own fingers, and smelled the tang. She arched her back, urging the men to suck harder. They obeyed, using teeth, tongues and lips until she writhed with pleasure and her pussy clenched with tiny spasms.
   ―Are you cold, Eden?‖ Kamal grinned down at her while Kaliq tongued more basil and cheese from her breasts.
BOOK: Untitled
3.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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