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“Okay, I was avoiding you.” she admitted. “I didn’t know what to say.”

“Anything Angie. Anything would’ve been better than waking up in a cold empty bed. I sat there for almost an hour waiting to see if you were gonna come back.” he told her. “A fucking hour and nothing.”


“You could’ve called! You could’ve sent a text or left a note, but you didn’t either. So don’t try to blame it all on me. You left!”

Isaac crowded her space forcing her back a step and then another until she felt the wall pressed against her back.


“What should I have done? Did you expect me to beg Angie?” his fingers ran over neck. “Maybe I should have told you that I was addicted to the sweet taste of your pussy on my tongue.”


She gasped at the graphic words and his rapid change in tactics.

His fingers brushed over her lower lip. “Maybe I should’ve told you how I could barely sleep that night imagining the feel of your lips wrapped around my cock.”


“Ok. You win.” he told her.


“I win?” she asked confused. How could he expect her to concentrate when his body was pressed so tantalizingly against hers?


“I’ll beg.” he whispered against her lips before gently biting her bottom lip. His fingers found the top of her blouse and with a quick motion he ripped the two halves apart. The small buttons popped loose and the shirt halves hung limply at her sides leaving her body open to his view. He let his gaze roam over her body as though memorizing her curves before leaning in once again.




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ISBN 978-1-62890-164-1


The cover art was created by LaNayia Cribbs, with permission, from materials provided by curaphotography, phrysphotos and BigStock Photos

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Disclaimer: The characters and events in this book are completely fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. Portions of the book you are about to read may contain EXPLICIT, UNCENSORED material of a MATURE, ADULT nature that may not be suitable for all parties or that may otherwise be offensive. By downloading this book you assert that you are of legal adult age (18 in most states; 21 in AL, MS, NE, WY), and that the viewing, reading, and/or downloading of this does not violate the community standards of your locality, city, town, county, state, province, country or other community to which you belong. Please store this book in a secure place not accessed by minors.


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Published by Iawia Publishing of River Falls, Wisconsin.

2013 Smashwords Edition

First Edition




From Friends to Lovers


By LaNayia Cribbs






I’d like to dedicate this book to Alexandria Marie. You helped me realize that I don’t need to apologize for my strength and that I should never be ashamed of who I am, or where I come from. You inspire me to reach for the stars and push to make my dreams a reality. Thank you to my family and friends for all of their support. With love and affection…



LaNayia Cribbs



Chapter 1


“Got it!” called Angela as she launched her body through the air, her hands clasped in front of her. The volleyball careened toward her colliding with her forearms before sailing straight into her teammate. She turned over in the hot sand, determined to see the end of what she hoped was the final play. She rubbed absently at her tender reddened forearm as she watched her teammate jump into the air and strike the ball down on the opposite side of the net. When the ball struck the sand, well within the boundaries, she surged to her feet in celebration.

“Why do you insist on doing that horrible celebration dance?” asked Marcella as she ducked beneath the volleyball net that divided the two teams.

Angela smiled and continued dancing. Her hips wiggled side to side while she pointed her fingers in a pathetic semblance to disco dancing. “Whatever this dance is sexy!” she proclaimed. “You’re just mad because I stole your prom date!”

Marcella rolled her eyes and playfully pushed her friend. Angela laughed and once again, began doing her celebration dance.

“Good game Angie!” boomed Charles before he clasped her hips and lifted her into the air. He swung her around in a large circle and gently set her back onto her feet. “Aww, C’mon Marcie! No pouting, a deal is a deal.”

“Easy for you to say,” complained Marcella. “I’ve got to find a new date to grandma’s fundraiser. You know how she loves matchmaking.”

Angela snorted and gently elbowed her best friend in the side. “Oh she has already tried to marry me off to a few of your cousins. I’ve given up on bringing dates to anything NEAR your family. The minute she notices me with a man she doesn’t know, she tells me how handsome her grandsons are. Then she asks why I would ever want to date anyone else!”

Charles grinned engagingly. “Well, it’s true. We are one extraordinarily sexy family.” He wiggled his eyebrows comically and flexed his bicep muscle.

“Is there a release valve for all that hot air?” Angela poked Charles in the chest. If she were being honest she would admit that he was a very handsome guy, but unfortunately, he knew it. She certainly was not going to confirm his words, no matter how true the statement was.

The whole family was indeed blessed with good looks. Was it possible that amazing abs were hereditary? Even Marcella, with her thick, chestnut colored hair that reached her slim waist, was tall and athletic with abs that Angela had always envied.

Angela’s own thick curly brown hair never stayed in place and she could never seem to keep it straight for longer than a week at a time. She had cut carbs and exercised with Marcella for weeks on end, but no matter how hard she tried she could never lose the extra 10lbs. She was resigned to wearing a size 10 and having a soft stomach. Since her stomach was mostly flat, and she had an hourglass shape, she was willing to let it pass.

Sometimes it was difficult not to be jealous while standing amid the sea of perfectly sculpted bodies. It must be hereditary.

“So, what’s the deal with this whole prom idea anyway?” asked Angela as the trio headed towards the tables loaded with all the food from the grill.

Charles shrugged and Marcella rolled her eyes at him. “You know how grandma is with her fundraising schemes,” She responded. “I guess they figured a prom theme would get more people out for the event in a couple months.”

“Why would they choose the prom? Who would want to do that twice in a lifetime?” Charles asked, swinging his arm across Angela’s shoulders.

“The fundraiser is for a good cause.” Marcella reminded him.

“What cause exactly? I’m always being forced to go to fish fries, pancake meals and blood drives. I still don’t have a clue what in the world I am supporting!” he exclaimed.

“I’m with Charles,” chimed Angela. “I’ve given a lot of blood, set up a lot of booths, and painted a lot of faces at carnivals. I still don’t have a clue. I think Granny is scamming us for free labor.”

“We are giving back to the community!” Marcella wagged a finger at her companions. “Plus, grandma keeps inviting me and there is no way I’m going to those events by myself. The older people keep asking when I am going to get married and pop out a baby. I’m only 23 years old. If I have to go, then I’m dragging you two down with me!”

Charles frowned. “I’m so happy that I’m not a chick. I’ve got plenty of time before I have to straighten up.”

Marcella snorted and disbelief colored her features. “I give it five years. Aunt Clara and Grandma Lila will both be throwing sweet little homemaker types at you from every direction.” She turned and winked at Angela before adding, “Personally, I can’t wait!”

Angela felt him shudder in revulsion and muffled her laughter.

“You’ll make it to the alter before I do,” he countered. “Should I get you a slow cooker or would you like some nice china for your dinner parties?”

Marcella’s eyes went wide with horror and she curled her lip in disgust, “Can I just have the wine instead?”

Angela’s mirth spilled over. Her previously silent humor shook her body and laughter bubbled from her. The matching looks of sincerity on their faces rendered her helpless with laughter. “You two are taking the single life far too seriously. There is nothing wrong with falling in love and getting married.”

This time it was their turn to laugh at her. They began teasing her, yet again, but their voices blended into the background just like the sound of the water behind them. Angela had looked up and noticed the tall handsome muscular man just ahead of them. He appeared to be staring right at them but she couldn’t be sure since the sun was behind him hiding his features.

She didn’t need her vision to tell her who it was standing before them. The electric feeling coursing through her veins and forcing every inch of her exposed flesh to tighten in the breeze told her exactly who it was. She’d spent too many nights dreaming of him to mistake who it was that stood before them. Her heart was thudding in her chest so hard she was sure they must be able to hear the sound as loudly as any drum.

When she noticed Marcella giving her a weird look, she licked her lips and cleared her throat gently. “I didn’t realize your brother was here.” She noted lamely.




Isaac had shown up to the family picnic late intentionally. He was hoping to make some type of excuse about needing to finish unpacking and disappear after an hour. He loved his family but sometimes they could be a headache. Particularly since his relationship with Lauren had ended about four months ago. Add to that the fact that he’d bought a small house near his family and everyone seemed confused as to whether they should congratulate him on the new home or lament over the break up. Most people tended to do an awkward jumble of both before trailing off in the middle of the conversation.

It didn’t take long for him to spot his baby sister, Marcella and Charles standing on the beach with Angela. He had hoped that she would be here today, but he couldn’t be sure. The two of them hadn’t spoken much in the past couple months but he hoped that would change soon. So far, his presence had gone unnoticed by the three of them. He watched in silence as Charles lifted Angela into the air and swung her around in a circle. He tamped down on the spurt of jealousy he felt as he watched Angela flirt with his younger cousin.

Isaac took a few steps closer when he noticed Charles put his arm across Angela’s shoulder as they headed in his direction. He briefly considered waving toward the trio but he changed his mind, choosing instead to give him a moment to notice him. Suddenly Angela ceased her laughter and locked gazes with him. He noticed her lick her lips and self-consciously smooth a hand over her swimsuit clad hips.

“Isaac!” called Marcella, bounding over to him and throwing herself into his arms, forcing his attention onto his only sister. “Hey! You finally decided to stop working so much and pay some attention to us huh?”

Isaac raised a brow as he set his exuberant sister back onto her fee. “I haven’t been traveling that long. It has only been a couple months. Besides, Dad doesn’t like having to be away from Mom for that long.”

They both glanced toward their parents who were standing together near the grill placing trays of fresh burgers on the table. They’d been married for almost 35 years and were still happy and in love. His father started the family’s construction company almost 20 years ago and occasionally the need arose for him to travel and meet with business contacts and renew business contracts with new housing developments. This year Isaac volunteered to go in this father’s steed.

“I suppose you volunteering had nothing to do with your break up with Lauren huh?” asked Marcella with a raised brow.

Isaac just laughed and shook his head. “I guess nosey and annoying are two of those trait’s a person never grows out of eh?”

“Stubborn and abstinent are also traits that people tend to never grow out of.” she countered.

“I’m not stubborn,” he told her lightly. “Determined, perhaps, but not stubborn.” Isaac Whitman allowed his gaze to roam until it landed on Angela laughing further down the beach.

He was 15 years old when his little sister brought, a quiet and withdrawn, Angela home for the first time. The young waif, thin girl had lost both her parents in an accident the prior year and moved to the city with her Aunt Dorothy. The two sixth-graders, however, were fast friends and spent every waking moment together. Marcella and Angela grew closer and closer over the years until there were more than best friends. The two girls would be more aptly described as sisters. Their family had taken to Angela as though one of their own and she bloomed amid the loud chaotic atmosphere filled with his boisterous cousins.

BOOK: Unknown
2.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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