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The Introduction)
Book 1

Isabelle Connors
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by S.D. Jean

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This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever been told that you couldn’t do it. This book is for the underdogs. This book is for anyone who isn’t afraid to love. This book is also dedicated to my loving husband. You don’t even realize how much of Skylar I see in you. Thank you for not divorcing me while writing this book. You are the real MVP.



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It’s so amazing when someone comes to your life and you expect nothing out of it, but suddenly there right in front of you is everything you need.




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Once in a Lifetime Love 9

Hello 13

Confident 18

Chains 21

Running 25

Unfaithful 29

Take Your Time 33

My Best Friend 37

Leave Your Lover 41

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Life is so unexpected, especially when you’re a teenager. Nothing ever happens when or how you plan it. I never thought at seventeen I would fall in love. Not
any type of love either, I mean the timeless kind of love. Through thick and thin, through distance and time.

I didn’t recognize
in the beginning. It came to me a little later in life. I guess I should have suspected how
our love was. We weren’t supposed to be, yet we inevitably became … “Us.”

his wasn’t like those fabricated love stories in
romance novel
the girl
I loved tried
her hardest to persuade
we weren't
meant to be. Having lived through everything, you would think I wouldn’t do it again
if given the chance
. But, I would do it
heartbeat. Just so I would
get the
chance to hold her in my arms. She’s worth it. All the heartbreak and
the tears—she’s worth

Fate brought us together, but life tried to keep us apart. I loathed moving to Gulfport. But now, I could not imagine not moving there, or else I would never have met her.


It’s late January. I arrive home from school. I walk into the kitchen and drop my keys on the counter on my way to the refrigerator. I grab a bottle
of water
and I gulp it down.

“Hey, honey.” My mom says while she breezes
the kitchen.

“Hey, Mom,” I say as I throw the empty bottle away.

She stares at me for a
moment. “Sky
we need to talk.”

The way she says, “We need to talk” makes my stomach drop.

“Okay …”

“Your dad called and he has
some n
ews …”

“Okay, shoot.”

She sighs. “Well, your dad is being promoted. But, if he accepts it, he has to move to Florida. Which means we’re moving …”

My eyes
out of my head. “You’re kidding me. You realize that my whole life is

“Honey, I understand. I’m not happy about it either but what else can we do? We need the money.”

I groan. “Come on. Let me at least finish the year.”

“No, Skylar you move with us and that’s final.”

I don’t utter another word. I walk out of the house and to my car.


Chapter One

Once in a Lifetime Love



I'm in the backseat of my family's SUV with my headphones on. I’m trying my best to ignore them because I didn’t want to move. They ripped me out of my life all because dad got a promotion. Why couldn't they wait until the end of the year to move? Or,
better yet,
left me with my grandparents.

My mom turns around
and waves her hand
to catch my attention. I slowly remove my headphones.

She sighs, "It’s going to be okay. I promise you Sky. You don’t have to look as if we killed your puppy."

I force a smile at my mom even though I still think this whole thing sucks.
"Well, what do you expect? I didn't want to move. But I was forced so … I’ll probably look like this for a while."

My dad sighs in the front seat
"I didn't want to move either, but it's my job; I don't have
much of
a choice, unless you would like to be homeless?”

I roll my eyes and put my headphones back
and close my eyes.


"Wake up Sky. We're here." My mom says as she tries to shake me awake.

I open my eyes and yawn, and I do a quick survey of my new home. It's a nice two-story house with ample yard space with a two-car garage. I turn to my left and I notice a few kids playing basketball, and a guy across the street washing his car. The lawns all appear well taken care of, and all the houses seem to have almost the same design. After I feel less like a zombie, I get out of the car and I take my bags inside.

When I come back for the rest of my
stuff, I notice
the guy who was washing his car is heading straight towards me.

"Hey man, I see you're moving into the old Sinclair house,”
he says when he's a few feet away from me.

I run my hand through my hair. “Yeah.”

“My name is Abel by the way."

"Skylar, but you can call me Sky for short."

"Cool. So where are you moving from?"
Abel asks.

"New York."

He laughs. "Oh! You must love it here

With a sigh, I stick my hands in my pockets. "Right, what is there to do here anyways in Gulfport, Florida?"

Abel smiles with a sinister look on his face. "There's always the beach, movies, parties … you know normal teenage fun. It may be on a smaller scale compared to what you’re used to, but it’s still fun."

I gaze across the street at his car and ask, "What kind of car is that, anyways?"

Abel’s face lights up. "That is my baby. A 67 Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake."

“It’s nice man. She's a real beauty." It's an all-black, two-door car and from what I can tell, it was painted not so long ago.

"Yeah … so since you’re new, I can show you around and get you acquainted with everyone.
That's if you want to.

I rub my hand behind the nape of my neck. "Ugh … sure why not. Let’s say around six?"

With an amused look on his face Abel says,
"Yeah, that's cool."

"Okay, I’ll see you later then."

He crosses the street back to his car and I continue to move my things into my new home. I’m kind-of nervous having to make new friends, but I’m not worried. This should be easy enough. Right?


Around ten minutes after six I hear
knocking at the front door
. I run to the door and it’s Abel.

"Hey man, you ready?

"Yeah, let me grab my keys."
I walk back to the foyer and grab my keys off the table.
I shout,
"Mom I'm heading out."

"Okay, be safe honey."
She shouts back.

With a laugh I say, "I will."
I walk back to Abel and say,
"Okay let's go.”

We head to his car and we drive toward the coast. As we pass the coastline,
I notice that
on one side
there is nothing but
the ocean. O
the other side, there is
nothing but green. It’s nature at its finest, and it’s calming. A lot different from what I’m used to.

When we arrive at our destination, I see a group of kids hanging around the beach parking lot. In the distance, I can make out a bonfire burning brightly.
Abel says hi to a few people as w
e head towards the flames. We're stopped on the way by a guy Abel calls Jimmy. He gives both of us a drink. W
hen we
get to the shore, I find a bunch of kids laughing and hanging out. It seems like a cool crowd.

As we get closer to them, I scan the crowd and that's when I find whatever it is my heart has been searching for.

Everything stops.

I don’t hear the music, the laughter, the waves of the ocean, or even the crackling of the fire. Everything and everyone fades away
into the background
. The rate of my heartbeat increases. I've never seen such an angelic

When she looks in my direction, I get a strange sensation. Something I’ve never felt before has awakened inside of me. My whole body tingles and I get this inexplicable feeling deep down in my soul. It’s as if I've been living all my life for this single moment, and it's
to meet her.

She's with the crowd, but she seems all alone. The way she’s staring into the fire
as if she's waiting for someone, and I pray it's me. With the headphones on, she’s tuning everyone out. She seems preoccupied in her own little world, and because of this, I study her without abandon.

She has
the most beautiful honey
I've ever seen. I can't tell what color her eyes are, and I'm dying to find out.

When Abel sees me staring at her, he shakes his head. “No.”

I sip my drink so that I don't tell him how stupid I think he's being.
"Why? Is she your girl?”

He looks away from me.
"She's different … She's special and I care about her like a sister."

"I can tell she's special, but why are you saying no?"

"I've known her all my life. I don't want her to get hurt; she's been through enough

I take a deep breath and say, “Abel I understand. But what makes you think I'll hurt her?"

Abel clenches his jaw. "Who knows, but I'd prefer to not take that risk.”

I press my lips together and narrow my eyes. I murmur, "I see."

Abel looks
me dead in the eyes.
“We just met and you seem cool. But she’s been in my life way longer than you have. I look out for what’s mine, and she’s family. So let me introduce
to everyone
, but you need to let go of whatever fantasy you have in your head

BOOK: Undying Love (The Introduction)
2.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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