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Two Masters for Alex

BOOK: Two Masters for Alex
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Two Masters for Alex

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Two Masters for Alex Copyright © 2008 Claire Thompson

Edited by Mary Moran.

Photography and cover art by Les Byerley.

Electronic book Publication February 2008

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


Claire Thompson

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Chapter One

“Here’s a possible one,” Liam said, circling the ad with a red marker.

“What does it say?” Daniel asked.

“‘Seeking Master for an erotic exchange of power. Submissive masochist, eager to please the right man. I live in Danbury, Connecticut. Willing to relocate if the connection is real.’ There’s an email address—[email protected].”

Daniel looked up at Liam with a shy smile. “I like that. Erotic exchange of power. I wonder if he’d be interested in
Masters for the price of one.”

Liam laughed and gently cuffed Daniel’s head. Daniel, naked, was kneeling on the carpet in front of the sofa where his lover sat. The narrow silver cuffs at his wrists could have been mistaken for jewelry.

They had spent the last hour perusing the BDSM personal ads of several gay fetish magazines. The idea of inviting a third person into their D/s relationship had come about as a result of Liam’s desire to satisfy Daniel’s as yet unexplored dominant impulses. While he was completely submissive to Liam, Liam knew he was restless at times, fantasizing about being at the other end of the whip, instead of the one to always taste its stinging kiss. A few times early on in their relationship he’d tried to turn the tables, playfully of course, on his lover. Liam had been amused but not interested.

It was Liam who actually brought up the idea of inviting a third person into their play. He knew Daniel was eager to find out if he had what it took to successfully dominate someone. At first, the discussion was hypothetical. They talked about it extensively—the responsibility that went along with the power of being a Dom, as well as the potential complications introducing a third person into the relationship could cause. Yet Liam knew Daniel loved him with the kind of utter devotion only a submissive can lavish on a Dom. He loved Daniel as well and liked the idea of giving him a “toy” to play with, one willing to submit to them both.

Liam and Daniel lived together in a rambling old Victorian home in Westport, Connecticut, about fifty miles from New York City where Liam went each day to practice law. At thirty-four, he’d already made partner in a small but very profitable firm that specialized in handling the assets of the extreme wealthy. As a result, he’d become rather well-off himself.

Daniel, age thirty-one, had sold his landscape design company for a sizable sum in order to devote himself more fully to serving his Master. He still kept a finger in the small operation, acting as a consultant when they needed it, but primarily he stayed home, finding deep fulfillment in tending his gardens, cooking, cleaning and waiting naked on his knees each evening in the front hall for Liam’s return.

As they reread the short ad, Daniel remarked, “Well, he can’t be any worse than the last one!” They both laughed if somewhat ruefully at the memory of their last “interview”.

Liam didn’t like using the Internet and emails to get to know potential lovers—he’d found people too easily misrepresented themselves online, chatting glibly about what they thought one wanted to hear, writing clever emails that had little to do with who they really were, sometimes posting pictures that weren’t of themselves. Even on the phone a person could come across differently. He preferred the old-fashioned way of doing things—meeting the person face-to-face, looking in his eyes, getting a sense of his character by verbal and nonverbal cues and nuances that couldn’t be conveyed any other way.

They’d had two potential candidates to the house already. Alonso had seemed promising at first. He was tall and handsome with dark eyes and curling black hair. His manner was soft-spoken and polite, and he seemed to be a true submissive, eager to serve one or both men at their pleasure. Both of them had liked him, their shared glance conveying their approval. Liam had been about to suggest Alonso strip and submit to a light whipping, just to see how he handled both the command and the experience.

Unfortunately their visit had been interrupted at that point by someone banging loudly on the front door, demanding to be let in. When Liam looked through the small glass windowpane set in the door, he saw a large woman with frizzed blonde hair, her face mottled with rage. She turned out to be Alonso’s wife and had been following him, expecting to catch him in the act with another woman.

Then there was Brian, a burly man who worked in construction and was “into pain”. He proudly informed them he could take a caning that would leave other men unconscious and got off on the sight of his own blood. He said if they took him on as a slave, he’d want to be tightly bound and caged whenever he was not being “used”. He had been thanked for his time and sent on his way within a few minutes of that comment. While Liam and Daniel enjoyed the intensity of a sensual whipping, the idea of drawing blood did not appeal. Nor did they wish to dehumanize someone. They were looking for a genuine third partner—someone they could connect with on many levels, not just for kinky play.

Daniel suggested, “I could send this Alex guy an email about what we’re looking for. He doesn’t live that far. Maybe he could even come by this weekend!”

“You’re just itching to get your fingers on that whip, aren’t you?” Liam retorted, grinning. “I’m going to have to keep my eye on you. Heaven protect us from a sub turned Dom. They are the evilest of sadists!”

Daniel laughed and flushed slightly. “I would never be anything but submissive to you, Sir,” he said softly. As he spoke, his cock began to rise. The use of the word “Sir” was his subtle cue he wanted to play. Daniel never asked directly for what he wanted. He didn’t find it seemly in a sub, he had told Liam. Instead, he would duck his head, call Liam “Sir” and sometimes bend down to kiss the tops of Liam’s feet, which he did now.

Liam looked down at Daniel, his heart surging with love. Daniel, at five feet ten, was sleek and powerfully built, his muscles strong and toned from working with his hands and back all his life.

Liam recalled the first time he’d met Daniel. A colleague from work, after observing Liam’s overgrown gardens and lawn at the house party he’d thrown for a few friends to celebrate the purchase of his first home, had recommended Spencer’s Landscaping. “They worked wonders at my place,” he was assured. Liam carried the card the man had given him in his wallet for several weeks before getting around to giving them a call.

At first, the guy said he was very backed up—it would probably be a few months before he could actually start work on Liam’s property. However, he agreed to come out to get an idea and give a ballpark estimate of the cost. Liam had been outside on the open, wraparound porch when Daniel pulled up in his bright red truck, the words

s Landscaping
neatly painted in black on its side.

He’d been expecting an older man, someone with the time and capital to establish his own business. When Daniel stepped out of the truck wearing faded blue jeans and a thick white T-shirt with

s Landscaping
printed in red, he assumed Daniel must be a hired hand or perhaps the son of the owner.

He was at once taken with Daniel. Blue-gray eyes in a tanned face, his hair a mixture of colors, not quite blond, not quite brown, but more a streaking of golden, white and wheat yellow with brown undertones not kissed by the sun. He had what Liam thought of as classically Roman features—the long, straight nose, the wide eyes beneath straight, thick brows, the curling lips almost feminine above a square, cleft chin.

Liam moved from the porch to the front walkway then broken cobblestones overgrown with weeds to greet him. When they shook hands, Liam held on just a fraction too long, not wanting to let go. When Daniel introduced himself, Liam asked, “Father or son?”

“Excuse me?” Daniel laughed when he’d realized what Liam meant. “No father in this venture. My dad wouldn’t be caught dead doing manual labor. This is my company. I have a couple of guys to help with the heavy stuff. I do all the design work myself and I’ll give you the best deal I can for the money.” He surveyed the front lawn and then walked around the side of the house, making notes on a clipboard as they moved to the back.

“This place has a lot of potential,” he said, smiling a big, easy smile that even then had caught at Liam’s heart before he’d known theirs would become so much more than a professional relationship.

“Potential is about all it has at this point,” Liam laughed, waving his arm toward the overgrown bushes and overrun gardens filled with wildflowers half choked by weeds. Daniel spent over an hour moving through the grounds, which sloped down
toward a creek at the back of the acre property. He made notes and small sketches as he talked about some ideas.

Liam found it difficult to concentrate on his words, captivated as he was by Daniel’s smooth, sensual voice and the way his Adam’s apple bobbed when he spoke. They stood close together, too close for most straight men’s comfort, Liam realized suddenly. Could it be…?

When he invited Daniel to join him for a drink on the porch before he left, to his delight, Daniel accepted. They talked of many things, eventually veering from the professional and polite to the more personal and real.

That first evening they both admitted to being sexually attracted to men. Neither had mentioned his passion for D/s. That would come later. The sky darkened as they sat sharing beer and conversation on that day in early spring, a pleasant sea breeze from Long Island Sound stirring the air. Liam’s impulse was to take Daniel directly to bed. But he’d learned to control such impulses, especially when the potential for something more than a simple one-night stand was so clearly there.

Instead they’d talked, establishing that neither was presently involved and both liked and were attracted to women but usually found their sensual and emotional connection with men. Daniel hinted somewhat obliquely of his submissive tendencies, looking up through his thick lashes in a gesture Liam would later come to know well as he said shyly, “I like a strong man. A man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it.”

Liam’s body responded, his cock rising as he had a sudden image of Daniel kneeling there on the porch, bowing his head as he waited for Liam’s command. He had to shift in his seat, crossing his legs to hide the erection he knew was pressing against his jeans. Daniel had not stayed the night, though he told Liam later he would have if asked.

The BDSM personals were forgotten now as Daniel’s lips moved from Liam’s bare feet up his leg, sending a trail of heat directly to his groin. He dropped the magazine and stood, permitting Daniel to unzip his shorts and slide them, along with his underwear, down his legs. He stepped out of them and remained standing as Daniel knelt up to worship his cock.

Lovingly Daniel’s hands cupped Liam’s balls as he licked in a circle around the head of his cock. Liam closed his eyes as Daniel parted his lips, taking his shaft gently into his mouth. Liam permitted him to use his hands at first since it felt so good, hands and mouth working together to create a heated friction from his balls to the head of his cock. But after a few minutes, he lightly tapped the top of Daniel’s head. As he had been taught, Daniel at once knelt back on his haunches, looking up expectantly at his Master.

Liam smiled down at him, pleased to see Daniel’s long, thick erection bobbing between his legs. “Yes, Sir?” Daniel said breathlessly. Liam knew he was eager to continue sucking his cock but would wait until Liam gave him permission.

“Hands behind your head,” Liam instructed. Daniel at once obeyed, his cock, if possible, hardening even more at Liam’s command. Liam leaned forward, attaching the clasps of Daniel’s silver cuffs to one another. “You know what to do,” he said softly.

Eagerly Daniel leaned forward, sliding his mouth over Liam’s shaft. Liam closed his eyes, sighing with pleasure as Daniel skillfully licked and suckled him, using all his considerable skills to please him. After awhile, Liam shifted, spreading his legs to an “at ease” stance. Daniel, who knew at once what was expected, released Liam’s cock and knelt down to lick his balls, gliding his tongue to the sensitive flesh below and then back up to his cock in a near frenzy of passion.

Liam opened his eyes, watching his lover with wrists bound behind his head, licking and kissing his cock and balls as if he were a starving man and Liam’s body was his sustenance. Liam’s cock raged with desire. It wasn’t only Daniel’s skillful attentions and obvious passion that fueled his lust, but the heady power of his position. He knew with a word from him Daniel would stop at once. By the same token, he would continue to please his Master with his mouth for hours, if that was what Liam decreed, and his own rock-hard erection would never flag.

Over the past few months Daniel had become so well trained, he could stop himself from ejaculating, even when teetering on the edge of climax. Conversely, he could come within seconds of Liam’s command. He almost never had to punish his slave boy, though they both knew what they called “punishment” fed Daniel’s masochistic soul and thrilled them both.

“Kneel up,” Liam commanded. At once Daniel obeyed. His chest was heaving, his lips glistening, his eyes over-bright. “Open your mouth and stay very still. Don’t move.” Daniel’s eyes fluttered shut and his breathing slowed. Liam recognized the near-hypnotic state his lover was entering, a place Liam sometimes envied but also delighted in watching. Obediently Daniel opened his mouth in a perfect O, waiting patiently, his hands still clasped behind his head.

Liam thrust his hips forward, guiding his cock into Daniel’s mouth. He slid past the warm wetness, not stopping until he’d lodged himself at the back of Daniel’s throat. Daniel remained perfectly still and Liam felt pride swell in him. When they’d first practiced this exercise, Daniel had sputtered and gagged repeatedly, his reflexes too sensitive to handle Liam’s sizable offering so far back in his throat. Over time, he’d learned to relax his gag reflex, taking Liam in to the hilt without resistance.

BOOK: Two Masters for Alex
7.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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