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Twin Babysitters I: Sherry

BOOK: Twin Babysitters I: Sherry
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Twin Babysitters I: Sherry

By Jessica Longstreet & Jodi Sylph

Published by Jodi Sylph at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Jodi Sylph


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This is a work of fiction. The people,
events, and circumstances depicted are fictitious and the product
of the author's imagination. Any resemblance of any character to
any actual person, whether living or dead, is purely



He forgot to call the babysitter. Shit.

He looked at his phone, and Chris would be
home in 20 minutes, no time for finding a babysitter. He flipped
open the calendar on the wall to the last page with the notes
section and a list of possibilities.

. He dialed the number and
waited. The voice mail sounded and he decided to not even
bother...surely there would be one on the list.

Martha, Darlene, Jackie, and Billi Jo… none
of them would even answer their phones. Really, he was a good
employer, he always tipped the girls and he always made sure they
were college kids, so he gave them more money.

Finally he found Mandy, and dialed her


“Oh…Hi, this is Mark Smith….I have you down
on my babysitter list as a possibility and was hoping you might be
open tonight. I’m sorry it’s so last minute, but I completely
forgot.” He sounded as pathetic as he could, “Do you think you
could help us tonight, Sandy?”

“It’s actually Mandy, and I’m at the Watson’s
tonight, but, there’s a couple new freshmen this quarter that
transferred here and are in the dorm. I know both of them were
looking for any kind of work they could find.” Mandy was polite and
gave him two numbers, one for Shelly, one for Sherry. He never even
noticed how close the numbers were as he scribbled them on the

He quickly dialed the number repeating it
back to himself, “4828, 4828…” He held the phone up to his ear and
heard a female voice say hello.

“Hi, is this Shelly?” Mark asked the sweet
young voice.

“No, this is actually Sherry, my sister is
named Shelly though.”

Dan looked at the calendar and he had written
Shelly beside the 4828. He scribbled out his mistake as he

“Oh, my name is Mark, and I just spoke with
Sand…. Mandy, and she gave me your number, she’s our
babysitter…well OUR babysitter, we’re a gay couple and we have an
adopted son from Asia.

“We pay well,” he threw in at the last

“Oh, well, I can totally babysit for you. Do
you need to see my references? I'm 18 and a student at the
University.” She sounded so nice on the phone that Mark was sure
his day was saved. He hung up after giving her directions and she
said she would be there in a few minutes. When Chris got him he
gave Mark a kiss and then went scurrying off to the nursery.


Mark could hear Chris talking to Sebastian,
and nervously waited for Sherry to arrive. Chris came out of the
nursery and announced he was going to take a shower, and Mark
poured himself a glass of wine hoping this girl was going to show
up. They had no-shows quite a bit; it was because they were gay. So
many people said they were ok with gay people and then when they
were presented with working for one as a babysitter, it caused them

Just then the window lit up and Mark put down
the glass on the counter and walked to the window over the sink. A
car pulled up and a young lady got out. She was beautiful. He
couldn’t tell how tall she was, but she wore her blond hair in a
ponytail, and wore shorts that seemed a bit shorter than he would
have worn if he was her.

“It’s a crazy world, thank heavens she showed
up,” Mark said as he went to the front door and welcomed Sherry

He walked her straight to the nursery to make
sure she knew where to find the baby. He was sleeping and would
sleep the rest of the night, Mark assured her, just give him a
bottle if there’s any trouble, or if he needs a change…

Chris was still in their room getting ready,
he walked out as he turned to be quickly introduced to Sherry, and
then they were off.

Mark and Chris left and Sherry sat down on
the couch to watch TV. They had every channel, and were doing
pretty well, obviously. She thought one of them must be a doctor
because the house was fantastic. They had money that was for

She stretched out on the couch. She should
try to study but watching TV was something she hadn’t done for
quite a while. It was Thursday night and she started flipping
through the channels. Chris and Mark would be gone most of the
night, not getting back until after midnight, and it was just now
7pm. She ordered a pizza and thirty minutes later the doorbell

Mark had left her a twenty to buy pizza, so
she had ordered a 2 liter jug of soda too; they only had wine. She
went to the kitchen and got a plate and served herself with a glass
of cola. “I could live like this,” she thought. In truth it was the
first pizza she had since she’d moved into the dorm, her mother was
a single mom and Sherry and Shelly were twin sisters going to
school together.


She checked the clock and saw it was almost 9
now, and she got up the check the baby again. He was so cute. She
thought of the irony and how lucky this kid would be, “Rich
parents…must be nice.”

She turned off the light and pulled the door
almost closed. As she walked to the couch, she reached down and
casually undid the button on her shorts.
So damn tight
, she

She returned to channel flipping and ended up
in the movie channels, and as she flipped through a sex scene came
on the screen. She caught herself staring and then changed the
channel, feeling her cheeks heat up. When she was about 5 channels
from that one, she found another sex scene, but this time she kept
it on just a little longer.

“I’ll stop if there’s another one,” she said
and hummed under her breath.

Sure enough, three channels later, she came
across another one. She looked at the TV, and then looked at the
clock again, 9:20.
Plenty of time
, she thought.

She put down the remote and leaned back into
the comfortable couch. It was leather and was worth more than the
car she shared with her sister. It felt great against her skin,
kind of tugging at it when she moved, like it was trying to hold on
to her.

Anything would want to hold onto her, she
knew, she was actually stunning. What Mark didn’t see was what Mark
never noticed in girls, her face was pretty and her hair was blond
and she had legs and boobs. In truth, she was a vibrant female with
quite a history with boys.

She slid her shorts down off her tanned legs,
and spread her legs open to reveal a glistening and tiny pussy. Her
delicate hands were moving down her breasts, both ample for her
frame, and teased the nipple through the tight little t-shirt. It’s
too bad Mark was gay…he was a sexy looking man.

She pushed her hand down the flat of her
stomach, getting to her bellybutton and continuing south slowly,
making little circular motions on her skin to appease her until she
got her hand on her hot pussy. Oh it was hot too. The scene on the
TV had made her nice and moist; or was she moist pretending she
lived here?

She had her eyes closed listening to the
sound on the TV, imaging Mark doing that to her, ravishing her,
intruding her, almost forcing he. She pulled her lips apart and
slid a finger into herself. She moaned as she did, feeling it slide
into her waiting pussy. He was so sexy. He was shorter, kind of
stocky, but built. There were pictures of him hanging all over the
place in tank tops and without his shirt on. He was hot, and so was
Chris for that matter, what would that be like…to make a gay man
want to fuck a girl?

She jaw clenched as she felt it coming on.
She enjoyed the rush over her body, smooth and easily she moved her
left hand to her bra strap and undid the clasp. Her bra fell
against her and she quickly pulled it out of her shirt through her
sleeve. Then she went back to pushing her finger into her pussy.
This time she used two fingers. Her nipples were standing up and
her tits already seemed like they were going to bust through the
shirt. She kept looking down at them and now and then would raise
her left hand to squeeze her boob. Here it came, feeling the orgasm
build. She swore she could do it forever.


Mark and Chris got home right at midnight and
walked into a flawless house. The dishes were all done, and there
was no mess at all anywhere. Little did they know about the mess
she had made on their couch. She’d cleaned it up, it had been quite
a puddle, and she was proud to have to use three paper towels to
get all the pussy juice she had expelled from her series of

“How did Sebastian do?” Mark asked as he
walked into the living room.

“Easiest sitting job I’ve ever had, if you
EVER need a sitter just call me. I’ll be happy to sit for you
anytime.” Sherry’s graciousness set him at ease and no nightmares
waited with in the house like they had found on previous occasions
of one-time babysitters.

“Sounds great!” Mark said, “We actually have
a party we’re supposed to go to tomorrow night, but Chris is off
tomorrow so we’ll be leaving a bit earlier than tonight. Could you
make it at like five?”

“I’ll be in a class at 5, but, my sister
Shelly will be around, I can ask her if she can come that early and
then she could watch Sebastian. She’s my identical twin.” Sherry
hoped the twin thing might spark a bit more manliness in him, but
it didn’t even faze him.

“Let me call her and see if she’ll do it, but
I’m sure she will.” She grabbed her cell phone and called her
sister. A minute later she hung up and walked back over to Mark.
“Yes, she can be available tomorrow at 5, but she can’t come get me
tonight. Is there a taxi service that comes out this far? I didn’t
even realize she was going to be busy this late.”

Mark insisted that she let them give her a
lift, and when Chris came in, Mark asked if Chris could run her
home. It was Sherry’s first good look at Chris; he was a handsome
man. He was taller than Mark, but he looked much more masculine,
Sherry felt herself go mushy inside when he said he’d love to give
her a ride home.

“You can ride me home,” she said as she
walked to the other side of his car.

“What was that?” Chris asked over the top of
his car.

“Oh, Thanks for the ride home,” she said,
like she said it the first time.

Chris thought back to fifteen years ago when
he looked at Sherry. She looked so cute and he hadn’t always been
openly gay. He had come out after college and met Mark and fell in
love, but every now and then, he still watched girls fucking men;
it drove Mark crazy. Mark always said that real women don’t act
like porn stars, just for the cameras.

Well, this little hottie had Chris stirring
in his slacks.

“You have a great house Chris, I hope you
don’t mind but I kind of made myself at home, I picked up though.”
Sherry turned in her seat and it made her breasts mash together and
created a gap in the top of her shirt. As soon as Chris turned his
head, she knew she had him. He looked down her shirt and licked his
lips for a mere second, but she saw him do it.

He tried to keep his eyes on the road, but
her tits kept distracting him. She squared herself in her seat, and
put her legs together with her hands on her knees. She dragged her
hands up her legs to the hem of her shorts, but she didn’t stop

Chris’s eyes darted between watching her and
the road. “You know I consider myself married to Mark, right? I
mean… not legally, but we’re in love.” Sherry continued to play
with her shorts, now moving to the front of them and undoing the
button. She grabbed her pantie band and pulled it up and then let
it slap back down against her midriff, and Chris started looking
for a place to park.


What a great night! Mark was so happy about
finding a good babysitter; he was excited to know they were finally
going to have a dating life again. Sebastian had been a blessing
and they loved him, but it was so hard to find good babysitters.
Still, just to make sure, he had placed a camera in the living room
to make sure no one else came in the front door. Well, that’s what
he told himself, after all he didn’t know Shelly (or was it
Sherry?) from Adam…and he didn’t know Adam either.

BOOK: Twin Babysitters I: Sherry
9.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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