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The Texan's Surprise Baby

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One night of passion with P.I. Andrew Walker and what does
Hannah Bell have to show for it? A baby bump that’s about six months along! No
longer willing to trust her instincts when it comes to romance, Hannah decides
to make a go of being a single mom. With her family rallying around her, Hannah
knows her baby will be welcomed with love and joy.

Accidental or not, Andrew wants to be part of his baby’s—and
Hannah’s—life. He prides himself on always doing the right thing…as long as he
doesn’t get too involved. But the more time he spends with Hannah, the more he
likes the idea of a family of three!

She refused to look like a coward in front of Andrew, despite the nerves quivering inside of her.

He rose as she approached. Bypassing a greeting, Andrew went straight to the question she had expected. “Why didn’t you call me?”

She cleared her throat, wishing she’d prepared herself somewhat better for this conversation. “What makes you think you’re—”

“Hannah.” He gave her a look. “Don’t even think about it.”

She sighed in surrender. “Fine.”

She’d simply been stalling for time, anyway. Even if she wanted to—which she didn’t—there was no way she’d convince Andrew he wasn’t the father of this baby.

“Were you going to tell me?”

She nodded slowly. “Yes.”


Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that I love writing about big
families and the loving, quirky and sometimes messy connections between
them. Once I get to know my characters, I always hate to tell them goodbye at
the end of a story, so I revisit them often in connected but stand-alone future
books. Andrew Walker, the hero of
The Texan’s Surprise
is the son of a couple first introduced in my long-running
Family Found series. Hannah Bell is a member of the Bell family introduced in my
most recent Special Edition title,
The Right Twin.
Now these two big families are about to become even more entwined when
Andrew discovers that Hannah is carrying his child after one passionate night
together neither had expected to repeat.

Just as I finished writing this book, our daughter notified
us that she and her husband were expecting our first grandchild. As I write this
Dear Reader letter, we’re still waiting for little Ephraim’s arrival, and we’re
thrilled about the pending addition to our own happy family. I’ve teased my
three scientist/physician offspring that I’ve often used their knowledge and
experiences for research for my stories, but this time I’d already almost
written the book when our daughter announced her pregnancy. Still, it made the
edits a bit more fun with the anticipation of our own new family member

I hope you enjoy reading about the newest Walker/Bell family
member. Visit me at my website,
, or on my Facebook page for
information about upcoming books.

Gina Wilkins

The Texan’s Surprise Baby

Gina Wilkins

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is a bestselling and award-winning author who has written
more than seventy novels for Harlequin Books. She credits her successful career
in romance to her long, happy marriage and her three “extraordinary”

A lifelong resident of central Arkansas, Ms. Wilkins sold
her first book to Harlequin in 1987 and has been writing full-time since. She
has appeared on the Waldenbooks, B. Dalton and
bestseller lists. She is a three-time recipient of a Maggie
Award for Excellence, sponsored by Georgia Romance Writers, and has won several
awards from the reviewers of
RT Book Reviews.

For my family, as always—my wonderful husband, three
extraordinary offspring, amazing son-in-law and precious baby grandson. There
aren’t enough adjectives to describe what you all mean to me.


” Andrew Walker figured the hard thud in his abdomen was his heart falling straight into his stomach. “Hannah is expecting a baby?”

“Yeah. That was the first thing I noticed when I met her this morning after she came home from visiting her mother’s relatives in Shreveport. I guess no one in the family thought to mention her condition to me before.” His twin brother, Aaron, sounded a bit surprised by Andrew’s apparent overreaction to a fleeting comment during an announcement-filled phone call.

“How, um, how is she?” Andrew asked, trying to wrap his mind around the news.

“Well, she nearly keeled over when I first saw her. Turned stark-white and swayed on her feet, scaring her family half to death. I thought she was startled by seeing me, for some reason, but it turned out she was just operating on very little sleep. Maybe a little dehydrated after a long drive.”

Andrew’s fingers had tightened so hard around the phone that he thought he heard the case groan in protest. “How, uh, how far along is she?”

His own uncharacteristic stammering annoyed him, but Aaron didn’t seem to notice. “Shelby said she’s due in mid-September, so about six months. I guess it’s a surprise to you, because you haven’t seen her in almost a year.”

Six months.
“Um. Right. And the father?”

“Not involved. No one really talks about it, but I got the impression this was sort of a one-time-thing accident, you know? Shelby told me it’s totally out of character for Hannah, but the family figures she was still stinging after the fiasco with her ex-husband and indulged in a little ego boost that left her with unintended consequences. She’s doing well, though, and everyone’s excited about welcoming the first member of the new generation of Bells.”

Not knowing what to say, Andrew just sort of grunted in response.

Aaron quickly changed the subject away from Bell family gossip. “Anyway, I just wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on here. I hope you’re happy for me.”

Andrew hadn’t been surprised to hear that Aaron had become seriously involved with a woman he’d known for only a matter of days. Even though he’d heard about Aaron’s adventures with Shelby Bell only by telephone for the past week, there’d been something in his brother’s voice that suggested Aaron had fallen hard and fast. Andrew had met Shelby the previous year and he could see how Aaron would be drawn to her. Apparently, the attraction had been immediate and mutual.

“Of course I’m happy for you,” he said. “So you’ll be staying at the resort?”

“Yes. Now that Shelby’s brother is down with a broken leg, they need extra help here this summer. The opening will become permanent when he leaves in the fall to start his firefighter training. Because I’m looking for a new career anyway, I’d like to try working in a fishing-and-camping resort. So far the behind-the-scenes part of it has been fascinating.”

“It’s hard work. I saw that during the two weeks I spent with them.”

“I’ve never been afraid of hard work. Just boredom. And I can’t see myself getting bored here with Shelby and the rest of her family. I can understand why they have so many loyal returning guests. It’s a great place for a getaway. A great place to make a home.”

Andrew couldn’t help thinking of his brother’s so-far limited attention span, so restless that at only thirty Aaron had already experimented with maybe half a dozen careers. Andrew, on the other hand, had worked in the D’Alessandro-Walker Agency, their family’s Dallas-based security and investigation business, from the time he was in high school and was now solidly entrenched to move into upper management when his father and uncles were ready to retire.

Through his job at the agency, he’d been hired by the Bell family almost a year ago to investigate a slick operator who’d been married to one of their own—Shelby’s beautiful cousin, Hannah. The ex-husband had been in the process of trying to bankrupt the resort after Hannah divorced him. Andrew had found evidence that not only was Wade Cavender’s legal posturing little more than a bogus extortion attempt, but he’d also been systematically stealing from the family for more than two years. Wade was now serving a too-short jail sentence for embezzlement. Andrew had thought he’d put his own complicated entanglement with the Bell family behind him—until his twin had stumbled upon a brochure for the Bell Resort and Marina in Andrew’s office and had impulsively decided to take a vacation there.

Trying to focus on the conversation, Andrew pushed thoughts of Hannah to the back of his mind. Yet he knew those images would lurk there in the darkness, ready to taunt him again as soon as he let down his guard—just as thoughts of her had been doing for almost a year now. “Have you told Mom and Dad yet that you’re staying there?”

“Just talked to Mom. Needless to say, she and Dad can’t wait to meet Shelby. Shelby and I are planning a quick trip to Dallas soon to meet the folks and pick up some more of my things.”

The Bell Resort was located on Lake Livingston, almost a four-hour drive south of Dallas. Aaron had planned to stay only a week or so, needing a chance to recharge and contemplate after leaving a job in which he’d been unhappy and unfulfilled. He couldn’t have predicted then that he would find a new love, a new home and a new career there.

“How does Shelby’s family feel about your moving in with her after knowing her only a week?”

“They’re—” Aaron paused as if searching for a word, then finished with “—adjusting.”

Aaron had saved Shelby’s life the day before when she’d been attacked and kidnapped by a criminal who’d been using the resort as a base for his stolen-goods fencing operation. Shelby had stumbled onto the scheme and had a knife pressed to her throat as a result. Fortunately Aaron rescued her unharmed, which made him the newest Bell family hero. Still, it had to be unnerving for her parents and grandparents to see how quickly she and Aaron, who was little more than a stranger to them, had become lovers.

As for Andrew himself, well, when it came to the Bell women, he was in no position to judge.

“I’d better go,” Aaron said. “Bryan’s waiting for me to help him repair an outdoor light fixture. A couple of punk kids broke it by throwing rocks at it.”

Aaron already sounded like an indignant resort property manager, Andrew noted. Had he not just been stunned by his brother’s unwitting announcement, he might have found it rather amusing. As it was, he sat for a long time after disconnecting the call, staring blindly at his work-cluttered desk and wondering what the hell he was supposed to do now.

BOOK: The Texan's Surprise Baby
10.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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