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The Right Time

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The Right Time

A Novel By

Natasha Marquis


































Right 2012

Natasha Marquis

All rights reserved.  The copying or use of the materials contained in this book without the written permission and consent of the author or the publisher is strictly prohibited.

















This novel is a piece of fiction.  All characters are fictitious.  Similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. 
























I would like to dedicate this book to my son who gave me the names for my characters I am not sure where you come up with the names, but I will say they are different.






Justin you remember I need to study for this math test. Unlike you I am not a mastermind when it comes to math. You recognize that I hate long division.

You realize if you take my advice and use the shortcut math will be easier.

You have nothing to worry about since you will go to Harvard.

Yea I plan to go to Harvard, but you are going to Yale.

Justin you're funny. My parents  are not rich and can't send me to Yale or any other private college. Heck I

ll be lucky if I get to go to the local community college.

Justin hated when Jasmine bought up their different lifestyles. He had known Jasmine since kindergarten. He still remembers their first day of school when she sat beside him and she wouldn

t talk. By the end of the day they had become friends. Now in the fourth grade and in different classes they still played together except G.I. Joe only boys played.  The rule no girls met no girls. Friends was something Jasmine lacked. He had no idea why the other kids snubbed her. Whenever her birthday would come around, she never had a birthday party. Every year he heard the same thing.

Why have a party. Only you and my family will come.'

Despite their differences, and he didn

t mean with them being of different races they became best friends, and they would always be best friends. They pinky promised on it.

Justin's family had money, but they treated everyone the same.  When Justin and Jasmine became friends, his family treated Jasmine as if she was their daughter.  If they hadn

t, Jasmine didn't think their friendship would have lasted this long.  

My dad mention scholarships and grants you don

t pay back to help you with college.

I asked about programs for people with financial difficulties to get into college.

Justin knew that what he just said could be considered a lame excuse, but he didn

t want Jasmine knowing he was discussing her to his father.

I don

t believe you.

Justin shrugs his shoulders.

Well since you decided I am going to Yale maybe you can show me how to do this short cut to long division.

Justine started smiling. Eventually she would start listening to him, and stop fighting him.  Sometimes she could be so stubborn.









Hey Henry where is Justin.

He left right after the party. His parents picked him up. His family went to spend Christmas at his grandparents.

Jasmine had completely forgot that Justin

s family was
going out-of-town for the Christmas break.

I thought you and Justin knew everything about each other.

I forgot Henry thanks.

Jasmine ended up walking home alone. Usually someone would come and pick Justin up and they would take her home especially if the weather was bad. Jasmine felt alone. She couldn

t tell Justin what happen until he returned. Jasmine wanted to cry, but she would wait until she was home.

When Christmas break was over, no one talked to her except Justin.  This went on for about four months.  Then out of the nowhere they started talking to her again.  She had a feeling that Justin had something to do with this.  She didn

t know if she should be happy about this change of events, or sad because Justin had to make people start talking to her.  I am such a loser, and I always will be.









Chapter 1
Twelve years later
Jasmine thought about those times when things didn

t work out for her, and when her therapist made her bring it up.  She started seeing a therapist her freshman year, and has seen her ever since.  Her therapist had helped her for four years.  Now that she was graduating this was their last session.  They both agreed that she was ready to go out into the world with self-assurance.   

Now that we have gone over what happen to me in the fourth grade again can you tell me why?

I figure since this was your last session I just wanted to make sure that you were confident with yourself.

Yea I get it people enjoy hating me.  I thought that we had both agreed that I was ready.

You are going to have to let this go. You are getting ready to graduate from college, and heading off to graduate school. You should be happy. Didn

t you say you were going to your friends graduation.
The mention of Justin made her smile.  She couldn

t wait to see him even though she had just seen him a month ago. 

Yes Justin graduates the day after me.

Is Justin going to your graduation.

No it will be too much. With his graduation the next day, and his family coming in to see him it is better if I go to him than he come here.

Did he agree to this.

I haven

t told him when I am graduating. Since no one is coming to see me I can leave right after my ceremony. I can make it to Cambridge the same day.

What time is your graduation?

It is in the morning early, and then I am going to catch a flight.

Where are you going to stay?

Justin said that I could stay at his place. His roommate will be with his family so I can stay in his room, or sleep on the couch.

How do you feel about that?

What sleeping on the couch it

s not as if I haven

t slept on a couch before.

I mean how do you feel about Justin.

We are friends.

Are you sure about that? Didn

t he miss spring break to come see you, and what about Christmas break he came here to pick you up.

Well yes. What are you trying to say?

What I am asking is has your friendship turned into something more?

You mean like lovers? Justin and I are friends. We have been friends since 5K. Actually he was my only friend even when it was not popular to know me. Justin didn

t care what other people said.  Everyone wanted to be friends with Justin Williams, and if they wanted Justin

s friendship they had to tolerate me.

"Is that all you feel for Justin."
and blond. Why would he be interested in me I am from a middle class family, and I will never be the poster girl for Miss America
female. All Jasmine knew was that
it would not be her.
      "What about you how do you feel about him?"

BOOK: The Right Time
2.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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