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The Ride

Book One


Jaci J.

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To my sister, my best friend, my partner in crime …

For your love of all books and an amazing book boyfriend.

For always lending your ear to my endless book chatter.

For countless hours spent discussing our favorite books and characters.

For your support, encouragement, and love.

Love you forever & always!




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            She’s a mystery. A fucking myth of some kind. She was more of an enigma than anything. She’s a God damn legend. I grew up all my life hearing stories about her. He never stopped talking about her. She is his God damn pride and joy. They all talked about
. In fact they never shut up about her. Knew more about her than what was probably necessary. They were always putting her in my head, in my thoughts. I don't remember meeting her. Pops had said I met her once but I'll be damned if I can remember. He might have been drunk when he said that. I grew up out of the area, a sister chapter of the club. My pops president of our chapter, under Low. I moved with the family into town about seven years ago. Bringing us all together, making us a fucking legendary club. A club no one fucked with. We were a force to be reckoned with. No one gets through us and lives to tell about it. My pops died a few years back and I got voted in. I took his place. Spent a good deal of time with Low before ever moving here, but never really meeting
. I think even from a young age I had some sort of a sick fascination with her. Fuck I've never really met her up until six months ago …

            “Sit down and shut the fuck,” Low's voice rumbles from the head of the table. Reclined in my seat, shit kickers propped on the table. Smoke hanging from my lips. Watching and waiting as my brothers filter in, handing over their pieces and phones as they come through the door. Puffs of smoke clouding Low's angry as fuck scowl from the head of the table. Waving his cigar wielding hand around pointing at chairs and shit barking orders at everyone. His bark's usually bigger than his bite. But don't let that fool you, piss that motherfucker off you're as good as dead. Like a second father to me in the recent years I've grown to respect him rather than fear him, but I'm still careful about when and what I say around him. Friday evening church, brothers gathered around an old scarred mahogany table. Settling down everyone focuses their attention on Low. Whacking the gavel he starts right in. “We all know there's trouble workin' its way towards us. Motherfuckin' Draco's lookin' for a fight, but that's shit we all know. We'll handle it later,” he grumbles looking around the table at everyone nodding in agreement. Shit needs to be handled soon before someone dies or ends up locked up. “Tonight's about internal affairs. Since Lucy,” his voice trails, choking up. There are only two people on this planet that could bring him down, make him cry. One's a constant figment of my imagination. The other he lost not too long ago. Lucy was Low's old Lady. Been together since before my time. He was the muscle, she was the heart. Sweet lady, kind as fuck. Isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn't bring her up. We all miss her. We lost her six months ago to a
car accident.
We know better than that though. Motherfuckers got to her. Inside job. They started it, but we
finish. Clearing his throat Low starts again, “we need someone to keep the books and do shit around the compound. Fill in for her. I've found a trusted,” Happy speaks up before Low can finish. Cutting the Prez of, stupid Happy. “Can't be nobody we trust cus I ain't heard 'bout no body in the family gettin' the job,” he states. Arms crossed over his chest looking proud like he solved some big ass equation. If he doesn't shut the fuck Low's going to toss his ass out. Elbowing his side I mutter to him to “shut the fuck up.” Low clears his throat shooting Happy a warning glance. “Any fuckin' ways. I've brought in a
” he shoots a look at Happy before continuing, “person. Knows this shit better than most of you pussies anyhow. ... Doll face?” Low calls out to the closed door. Every head at that table turns towards those old wood doors.

            Never fucking saw it coming. Hit me like a God damn truck. Every man at that table did a fucking double take. Double doors push open. Collective directed groans at the beauty walking into the room. I've been sitting at this table for seven years, our old table for years before that and not once in that time have I seen a woman aloud to set foot in chapel while we're in church. This one was something special. I’ve never seen a woman as beautiful as this one too. She's pure fucking perfection. Head held high. Long dark hair spilling down her back. Sexy lips crooked into a small smile. I'd love to see those plump beauties wrapped around my cock. Big brown innocent doe eyes looking up at me while I fuck her hard. Big perky tits, ass for days, banging body she is damn amazing. Jesus fucking Christ. She's wearing a tight white tee, some jeans that hug the fuck out of her juicy thighs and ass. The kicker. Her knee high black riding boots. A fucking biker's dream. Those would look pretty God damn hot thrown over my shoulders. God damn beautiful. Can't tear my eyes away from her. I watch her walk. The way her hips sway. Side to side, sex dripping from the body. The confidence in her body holding my attention. Adjusting my dick in my pants, that motherfucker wants a piece of that. The girl walks right to Low. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders he pulls her into his side, kissing her head. New old Lady? The idea makes me fucking sick. That shit isn’t right. She doesn’t belong with an old ass man like Low. She smiles up at him. Strange shit passes between them, but I'm not quick enough to catch it. Bringing her eyes back down she finally looks around the room taking in all of us. Sixteen leather wearing bikers leer at her. Damn near eye fucking her. Undressing her with our eyes. She doesn't cringe. She doesn't look intimidated or scared. Doesn't fucking look away. That bitch fucking smiles at us. Cocking that beautiful head side to side studying us. Fucking gorgeous. “Alright scum bags. This here is Lil. My daughter, but most of ya know that.” I almost fucking choke. Dropping my smoke into my lap, damn near burning a hole in my pants. Daughter? The word daughter bounces around my skull. It takes me a minute. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be meeting her, especially not today. Finally getting my eyes on the girl I've heard so much about. I can't look away. “She'll be handlin' our shit. Say hi Lil,” Low booms over the table. Sweet smile on those fucking lips she nods at all of us. “Lil, I'll have one of the boys take ya home. No women alone,” he tells her sternly. Looking around he nods at Stitch. “You take her,” Low orders. Stitch just shakes his head looking a little upset about it. Can't blame him. Lil smiles at him. Full watt, happy as fuck smile. He returns it with a wink. That motherfucker knows her? “Can't brother. Old Lady's got a damn doc appointment. Sorry sis.” Sis? Is there some shit I'm missing? Sitting across from Stitch Low looks at me next. That cold hard lump of flesh in my chest known as a heart actually skips a beat or two. Who knew that shit still worked? “You got her?” Low asks me. Nodding at him I stand up from the table. Do I have her? Fuck yes I do. “Lil I'll be home later. Be nice to him, yeah.” Be nice to me? Fuck...

            As we walk out of the room she reaches a small hand out to Gin. Taking her hand in his for a moment he squeezes and lets it go. “Sis,” he mutters quietly. Smiling again she winks at him. What the fuck was that? Walking behind her I fallow her to my bike still wondering what the hell just happened in there. Every person in that club waves, smiles, and stops to talk to her as she passes. She smiles and shit, but never really stopping to talk to anyone. Not looking at me or talking she walks outside. She thinks she's better than us? Stuck up bitch. Not a word spills from those juicy lips. Not sure how I feel about that. Sizing her up I look over her body. She's small. Lil fits her to a t. Tiny ass girl. Can't be more than five-five and a buck ten. Walking right past the bikes she saddles up next to a truck. What the hell she doing? “No angel. Some education for you?” She gives me a strange look and arches an inquiring eye brow at me. “I'll give it to ya if ya need it, sweetness.” Throwing her hand out impatiently she indicates for me to go on.  “We ride bikes, baby. Always bikes,” I tell her nodding to one of my bikes. She still doesn't say anything to me. Bitch a mute or something? Quirking one challenging eye brow at me again she holds fast anyways. Here comes trouble. Those innocent eyes not so innocent anymore. The devil in those deep dark beauties. Arms crossed under those lovely tits. Power packed into that beautiful little body. I don't even have to know her to know there is nothing, but power behind that face. “Come on. I ain't gunna bite ya.” I can't help the smirk. Bite her is exactly what I'd like to do, right along with sticking my dick in her. Shrugging her shoulders as if she could give a fuck she walks that sweet ass over to the driver side of the truck. Popping the door she climbs on in. Fucking women never listening and shit. Walking over to the truck I hop up in knocking her little body over into the passenger seat. Firing up the truck I pull out of the clubs lot. Three minutes in and this bitch has already got me pussying my ass around in a fucking truck. “You ain't gunna talk to me?” I ask looking over at her. “You scared of me baby?” I tease her. I can't resist. This is to God damn easy. Opening those pretty lips she smirks right back at me. That look right there is liable to bring a man to his knees. Oh fuck. “Don't you mean
aren't you going to talk to me
?” Her voice is like pure sex. Soft and fierce. God damn women corrects me. Mouthy little bitch. “And no I
,” she says dryly. That voice screaming my name is all I want to hear coming out of it. “You're a mean little crazy bitch ain'tcha?” That makes her laugh. Laugh real hard. That sounds hits me in the chest. Is this girl fucking crazy? “I'm a lot a things. Crazy might be one of them, depends on who you ask. … What's your name cowboy?” she asks, eying me. Finally looking me over. Took her long enough. Never had a bitch take so long to actual look at me. “Tank.” Eyes running the length of me she nods in agreement. That makes me laugh. Never had a dispute over my name, it just fits.

BOOK: The Ride
8.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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