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When he turned she saw the handle of the gun peeking out the back of his pants. Not once had he held it on her. He'd also said he didn't start the fire—strangely enough she believed him. His back was broad and solid muscle. The jeans he wore hugged his hips.

Rain gave herself a shake. How could she be attracted to a man who had kidnapped her? A lot had happened in the eighteen years they had been apart. She couldn't help it; every time she had danced it had been him she was waiting for—hoping for. She loved Telor; she was positive Telor loved her. Then why did her heart flip when Jaron looked at her?

Jaron flopped into a chair. His head dropped into his hands. When he looked up his eyes were tortured. Rain was drawn to him. She knelt before him and took his hands.

"Would it have been easier if I said I didn't remember, or didn't care?" she asked.

"I saw you dance, at the studio and tonight," he said. "Tonight you looked at me with the same dark eyes I remembered. You followed me everywhere when we were kids. I felt so betrayed, so hurt. But still…"

"You loved me," she whispered. No wonder he looked so tortured. When he hated her it had been easier for him. "Jaron, I…"

"Just go," he snapped suddenly.

Rain was so startled with his vehemence she almost fell backward. "Go where?"

"Leave, go home." His voice had grown louder, and he narrowed his eyes on her dangerously.

Every day Jaron must have thought about her. Just like Rain had thought of him. She'd known somewhere in her mind that he existed. Rain stood up; her gaze drifted from him to the door. She should leave before he changed his mind. But in the recesses of her mind she knew he wasn't a killer back then anymore than he was now.

Thunder crashed. Rain was still damp from being out in the storm. A flash of lightening lit the sky. For a moment Rain thought she saw movement.

"What about Carver?" she asked. It was an excuse to stay. Rain didn't really give a damn about the man. She'd let the cops deal with him.

"What about Carver?" Jaron got up and began pacing again.

"He's still after me."

"Not my problem."

Rain's mouth dropped open. His reply ticked her off. "You found me and put me in this mess. Where can I go in wet boxers and your shirt? I have no money, no phone."

It was Jaron's turn to look stunned. "I rotted in jail because you couldn't remember me."

"It's not my fault your thirst for revenge has gone south."

That pissed him off. Slowly he stalked her. "Do you have any idea how dangerous I am?"

Rain did, and she didn't care. As much as he felt she'd wronged him, she felt he owed her. How dare he throw himself into her life then just try and cast her out? All those years of fury-filled dancing, longing—and Jaron was the root of it. Rain would be damned if she was just going to let her feelings end before they had even begun.

Rain prowled around him—stalked him. Her gaze went from his squeaky shoes to his damp, black-as-night hair. Finally, after all these years of dancing in the dark, a beacon of light was shining with its brilliance. All this time she had burned for him. Year after year her sexual frustration had manifested into her dancing. She became the dance because she
the dance. Jaron had been the cause.

When Jaron stood inches before her, Rain put her hands on his chest, splaying her fingers. She felt the energy between them right to her core. His body was hard and unyielding, and Rain suppressed a shudder. There was warmth under her hands. A light spatter of dark curly hair begged to be played with. Rain tilted her head to gaze up at him. There was a snarl of fury on his face. But his eyes—
oh God, his
were smoldering. Rain's chest heaved.

"You're playing with fire," Jaron ground out.

Funny, she was thinking the same, only it was him holding a hot ember. She had sizzled too long for him. Rain couldn't stand the tension any longer; she lifted her hand and grabbed a handful of his thick, dark hair, rose to her toes, and ground her mouth over his.

His lips were wet and soft and just as tempting as they looked. If Rain could have, she would have claimed sanctuary in his mouth, wanting all of him on her, everywhere. Jaron tried to push her off at first. Then he obviously changed his mind. Rain was pushed back against a wall with heated force.

When her shoulders hit the unmoving obstacle she groaned and pressed her body to the long length of him. Power surrounded her, engulfed her. She felt his tongue search every inch of her mouth, claiming her, punishing her, driving her mad with desire.

When their kiss broke, Jaron's fury-filled eyes were locked onto her. "This is something you won't forget."

"As long as you don't leave me before it's over," she retorted.

With a low growl in his throat Jaron kissed her hard. Rain could feel her blood pulsing in her veins. Jaron's hands were all over her. The heat of his mouth could have dried her off if it wasn't making her feel so wet. Her teeth nipped his lower lip when he squeezed her breast under her shirt. His hand locked into her hair and pulled her face up, exposing her throat. Rain groaned when he bit her, then sucked on the hurt.

Jaron reached up and fisted his hand into the material at her neck. He ripped her shirt off. The garment was wet, and she heard the tear as it dragged its way down. Jaron sunk his teeth into her shoulder. Rain dragged her nails down his back. Jaron tossed her shirt and gripped her shoulders, pushing her to her knees. Rain looked up at him. Her fingers traced the zipper on his pants.

"You better be big," she said.

"Why don't you look?" he taunted.

Rain released his swollen cock from his pants. He was huge. She gripped him until he groaned. Jaron's fingers were in her hair, tightening his hold until she took him into her mouth. Rain felt him shudder. She ran her tongue firmly against the underside of his cock, drawing in as much of his long length as she was able.

Rain reached behind him. She dragged his jeans down and squeezed his ass hard. Jaron thrust his hips forward and more of him filled her. Back and forth he rocked, groaning and grunting, until Rain was certain he would come in her mouth. She didn't want that. Rain wanted something more.

It was hard to get him to release her, but she cupped his balls and exerted pressure. Jaron had no choice but to let go of her hair if he was to stop her assault. When he unclasped her fingers, Rain dropped his jeans lower around his ankles and, giving a shove, toppled him over. Jaron landed with a hard thump and swore, and Rain smiled down at him. Jaron kicked his pants and shoes off. Rain pulled her own shoes off and was on top of him. Jaron twisted her beneath him and settled his weight onto her.

Their eyes were locked as Jaron slowly stripped her of the boxers she wore. Rain could still see his anger and hurt, but she saw passion as well. She had a real tiger by the tail and she was ready for him. Rain could feel his hardness pressing against her. When he shifted, she lifted her legs around his waist. Jaron plunged into her. Rain gasped and bit her lip. He was heavy and it was hard to breathe. The floor beneath her was unyielding.

Rain said his name on a groan when he thrust against her cruelly. When she dug her fingernails into his skin, he caught her wrists and pulled them high over her head. She panicked for a moment, feeling trapped.

"I told you I was dangerous," Jaron taunted.

He was dangerous and wild and hard. Rain realized he was everything she'd thought he would be—her shadow man. She closed her eyes and clung tighter as he took her on the wildest ride of her life. This was no alley cat. Jaron thrust harder. The slapping of his thighs against hers was like claps of thunder.

Rain's eyes flew open when Jaron settled his mouth over a breast. His teeth and tongue were merciless and she wiggled under him. She cried out as her nipple puckered and hardened, pressed between his lips. With his other hand Jaron squeezed her other breast, making her gasp with his rough massaging.

When he released her wrists she made a grab for him, but he flipped her over. Rain tried to twist back but he was too strong.

Jaron had her hips in a vise grip and plunged back into her. Rain cried out. Her elbows buckled and she fell forward, her cheek pressed against the floor. She gasped for air as he thrust into her. Rain had never been taken so roughly in her life. Jaron leaned over her and fondled her throbbing breasts until she once more wiggled under him.

The hand that tortured her breasts was suddenly moving against her clit. Rain struggled to lift herself but she felt like Jell-O. She moved against him, her body begging for release. She dragged herself up, and her elbows shook until she locked them in place. It was blissful agony, what he did to her. Rain could feel her heart hammer as the sweat slipped across her back. She never knew sex could be so powerful it would make her legs shake.

A hand at her throat pulled her almost upright and still Jaron pumped into her. Rain was pressed to the back of the couch. With her fingers digging into the material she climbed higher. Her breasts were squished to the unyielding furniture. She cried out his name as his fingers at her throat tightened. His heavy breathing fluttered her hair. She felt his hand twist her chin to the side and he ravaged her mouth hungrily.

Rain came hard. Her scream was muffled with his tongue halfway down her throat. If he hadn't had her gripped so tightly she would have sunk to the floor. She moaned when he cupped her breasts and pulled her back against him. Her hands closed over his and this time she did scream when he bit her neck and she came again.

Jaron growled and groaned deep in his throat until he finally roared his release. When he slipped from her, Rain collapsed, her chest heaving. She curled onto her side. Jaron lay on his back looking at her. Rain was about to speak when an earth-shattering sound came from the door. She screamed when the door splintered open, thinking it was Carver.

There stood Telor, fists balled. His eyes were dark with fury. Rain had never seen him so angry.

Chapter Eight

It took two strides for Telor to reach Jaron. It was obvious Telor thought Jaron had raped
Rain. Telor had never in his life felt the need to hurt anyone. Rain knew that and her fear rose. Telor looked like he wanted to kill right now. A hard hammering fist connected with Jaron's face, sending him to his knees. Rain screamed for Telor to stop.

The way Jaron bounced back up made Rain's teeth clack together. After fifteen years of jail, Jaron would know how to defend himself. The blow he sent into Telor's stomach almost made Rain throw up. She couldn't get between them; no doubt she would be seriously injured. Both men were out of control.

Their fists were a whirlwind. Rain scampered back to move from their path of destruction. Every time Telor looked at her nude body it drove him to smash his fist onto some part of Jaron. Jaron in turn was a man gone crazy.

Rain grabbed the shirt she had been wearing but it was ripped. She raced for Jaron's and slipped it over her head. She was screaming for them to stop but they couldn't hear her over the foul words they were yelling. Rain struggled into the boxers and her shoes. She looked down. Jaron's gun handle was peeking out from under the couch. It must have fallen to the floor when she had pulled his jeans down. Rain snatched it up.

She stood looking at the gun, then to Telor then Jaron. She couldn't shoot it. What if the bullet went through the walls or ceiling? She might accidently kill someone. Neither man would think she would use it on them. Telor loved her, and she had just had sex with Jaron. Oh God, how was she going to explain that to Telor? Here he was only trying to protect her.

Rain's yelling did nothing to help either of them. Jaron had Telor up off the ground by his throat. Telor kneed him in the balls. Jaron dropped him and with a hard jab with his elbow into Telor's chest, both men stumbled back to regroup. Rain went flying into Telor's arms.

"It's not what it looks like," she raced to explain.

Telor didn't take his eyes off Jaron, who had yanked on his jeans and was zipping his pants. Telor was breathing hard and fast. Jaron was glaring at him. Rain had no doubt Telor was lucky to be alive. Both men were powerful and well matched in size, but Telor was not a cruel man. Just looking at Jaron, Rain decided it was best if she kept her hands on the gun.

"He raped you," Telor said, snarling. It was apparent he was ready to begin the battle all over again.

"He didn't rape me," Rain said in a quiet tone.

Telor did look down at her then. His gaze was awash with confusion. "But you screamed. It's how I knew what apartment you were in. I saw him drag you into the building."

Rain could feel herself blush with embarrassment. "Telor, Jaron is the one who saved my life when my parents were murdered."

"He shot your mother," Telor ground out. "What shit has he been filling your head with?"

Rain realized Telor must have looked up the tragedy. That must be how he had found her. It was just sheer luck on his side that Jaron would take her back to the scene of the crime.

"Jaron didn't kill my mother. I remember what happened. I know now why I dance the way I do in the storms. The trail I take is the same one I took with my mother that awful night. After my mother died, it was Jaron who came out of the shadows. He was only twelve. Jaron hid me. He wasn't strong enough to pick me up and run with me.

BOOK: The Rhythm of Rain
11.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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