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BOOK: The Next Level: A BWWM Billionaire Marriage And Pregnancy Romance
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you afraid your mom’s going to hear us?”

laughed. “Let’s piss her off some more. Who cares?”

tried to slide from underneath him, but he still wouldn’t let
her go. She squirmed. His hands traveled down her body, fingers
running over her skin, making her tingle. She gazed at him.

be extra quiet, babe.”

had lost the will to protest just as his fingers grazed her inner
thigh. He raked his nails over her jeans. The scratching of the
fabric loud in the silence of the room. He pressed his mouth against
her neck, ran his tongue over her sensitive flesh. Chelsea moaned

hand slipped between them. He unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down
her long legs to the floor. Black lace greeted his fingers as he
swiped them over her wetness. Pulling them to the side, he slipped a
finger inside of her. Another soon joined it as he began thrusting
his fingers into her wildly. It took all she had not to cry out the
way she wanted to at the pleasure. Through his pants, she could feel
his stiffened cock pressed up against her. She wanted him so bad she
thought she would burst.

his fingers out of her, he licked the glistening juices from his
fingers. He moaned. Chelsea shushed him, but secretly she was turned
on by the act. She watched as he sat up, shed his shirt and leaned
back over her. His fingers worked so smoothly she was out of her top
in seconds. He reached a hand around her back. Her bra fell away
before he began to feast on her breasts. Chelsea’s nipples were
already hard as he began to lavish them with attention. His warm
mouth made her shiver.

sound of footsteps echoed past the door. She tried to push Mathew
off, but he wasn’t having any of it. His hands gripped the
black panties before yanking them off of her legs. She melted. His
fingers threaded into her hair as he pulled her up onto her knees.

me,” he growled.

shivered at that voice. She worked quickly at his pants, her fingers
eager, but clumsy. Finally, she pulled his pants down his hips, the
boxers soon following. She wrapped her lips around his cock right
away, relishing the taste of him in her mouth. She could see the
pleasure engulf him right away. She loved taking him by surprise.
Since they weren’t at home, she kept her sucking quiet this
time. He threw his head back, eyes closed as she sucked her cheeks
in, twisted her head in a little rhythm. Reaching forward, he grabbed
her ass hard, giving it a tight squeeze. She let out a moan around
his cock. He gasped.

was almost taboo, fucking in his parents house. Loving the feeling,
but having to keep quiet seemed to drive them crazy. Matthew was
thrusting his cock into her mouth now, holding on to her ponytail to
give him more purchase. She could feel his cock throbbing within her
mouth. Chelsea knew it wouldn’t be long if she kept it up.
Slowly, she pulled her lips off of his cock. He groaned.

soon as his cock was free he laid on the mattress, pulling her on top
of him. She hovered over him for a minute, making him wait. His eyes
were serious though, she knew he wouldn’t have any of her
teasing right now. She was right. As his hands gripped her waist, his
hips thrust upward and he was filling her up. Chelsea’s fingers
curled into his chest, a small, whimpered moan escaped her lips. As
she relaxed, she began to raise and lower her hips. Her fingers went
to her breasts, rolling over her flesh as she gave him a show.

look of lust in his eyes was undeniable. He reached up, grabbed her
arms and pulled her close to him. Her face rested against his neck,
her breath tickling his ear with each little exhale. His hands
gripped her ass. Matthew began to thrust into her. His cock rubbed
against her spot making her whimper faintly. Her legs began to shake.
She could hear his grunting, powerful, but quiet in her ear.
Chelsea’s breath caught in her throat as she came, one orgasm
after another racking her body. As he felt her pussy clench down on
him, Matthew held her close. He gave a low groan as he came inside of

rested like that for a while, Matthew still buried deeply inside of
her. Wrapped in each other’s arms. Finally, Chelsea sat up.
Matthew gave her a grin. She covered her mouth as she giggled. Her
hair brushed her shoulders as she shook her head.

are you always getting me into trouble?”

love it. Every minute of it,” he said as he began to imitate
her whimpering.

slapped his arm playfully. Together they moved towards the bathroom,
showering together until the room became too steamy to even breathe
in. She wrapped a towel around herself as he got dressed.

going to catch up with my mom. Meet me downstairs and we’ll go
into town for a little bit.”

nodded. She returned his brief kiss as he left out of the bedroom.
When she was alone, she redressed herself. This time, she was going
to be prepared. She settled on a powder blue dress that stopped above
her knees. Since it was the weekend she wasn’t going to force
herself into heels, so she settled on a pair of matching blue flats.
She combed her hair back into a decent ponytail before she made her
way downstairs.

she’d just received the grand tour, Chelsea quickly found
herself lost again. She walked down the halls, before she heard
Matthew and his mother, arguing. Some part of her told her to turn
around, walk away, this wasn’t any of her business. She tried
to reason with herself that they could be fighting over anything, it
didn’t necessarily have to be about her. Still, she got that
same awful twisting in the pit of her stomach. A feeling she knew
meant something was up. She tiptoed closer, her feet making their way
quietly across the floor.

she approached the closed office door, she could hear their muffled
voices getting louder and louder. She lightly pressed her ear against
the warm wood. She closed her eyes so she could hear them better.
After a moment or two, the voices began to make sense.

don’t know what you could possibly be thinking, Matthew. I mean
really, a colored girl? This family hasn’t seen a drop of
another race in generations, why must we start now?”

because I love her. Why are you acting this way? You’ve never
said stuff like this before.”

could imagine Catherine turning up her nose as she replied. “I
haven’t needed to. I thought you understood who we were and
what we stand for. Whatever happened to that nice girl, Emily I think
it was?”

Emily? You mean, the woman who cheated on me, with my brother and who
are currently going out. Great parenting skills, mom.”

just don’t see why you need to marry
You can just see
the lack of proper upbringing. At least stick within your class.
There’s nothing wrong with being traditional.”

mean racist,” Matthew said angrily.

honey, that’s such an ugly word. I don’t hate them, I
just don’t want you marrying one.”

felt anger overtake her so fast she didn’t think about what she
was doing. She shoved the door open, tears of anger in her eyes. She
looked from mother to son, scoffed and turned around. Chelsea wasn’t
sure where she was going, but she suddenly had the urge to run.

Chapter 5

heard Matthew running after her, but she didn’t stop. She
pushed her way through the front door. Sunlight hit her hard, but she
didn’t stop. She had no idea where she was going, she just knew
she had to get away. Her first instinct had been to give the woman a
piece of her mind, but the hurt overtook that quickly. Her lungs
began to burn. Chelsea hadn’t ran since high school track. The
muscles in her legs were screaming. Finally, she stopped before she
gave herself a heart attack. She rested with her hands on her knees
as she tried to breathe right again. A hand pressed against her back
making her turn around quickly, almost losing her balance in the

stood there looking worried. At the sight of his face she became even
more angry. He tried to open his mouth to speak, but Chelsea held up
a hand to silence him once more.

don’t want to hear it, Matthew. I asked you if they knew my
race. I told you this was going to happen.”

didn’t think they were like that,” he said quietly.

Big old plantation house? All the servants? You didn’t have a
single clue?”

are staff, not servants. Everyone with a house this size has help,

tried to reach out, grab her hand, but she snatched it away from him.
The frown on his face showed how hurt he really was. She watched as
he slipped his hands into his pockets.

sorry, babe.”

Do you have any idea what it feels like to hear that? I was prepared
to bend over for that women, just to make you happy. You couldn’t
even do what I asked? You know what? I’m done,” she said
with a small laugh.

walked around his outstretched hand. As she walked back to the house
with him in tow, he tried multiple times to get her to stop, listen
to him. She wasn’t having any of it. Mud tracked in on the
bottom of her shoes. Normally, she would have taken them off so there
wouldn’t be a mess, but the only thought in her mind at that
moment was fuck all of them. She ran up the stairs, into her room and
slammed the door before locking it. Matthew stood outside knocking,
calling her. She ignored him.

was a testament to how pissed off she was that she packed so quickly.
She carried her bags downstairs one by one, refusing his or Jackson’s
help. Then she loaded them into the car. Catherine showed up at the
door, staring, but she didn’t say a word. As Chelsea slid
behind the steering wheel, Matthew reached over taking the keys out
of the ignition.

them to me, now.”

not going to let you drive when you’re this angry. I’ll
take you home if you want to go, but I won’t let you go alone.”

glared at him. “Matthew…”

man ignored her. She wanted to slap him, but couldn’t bring
herself to do it. Was it so hard to understand that she didn’t
want to be in that house for one more minute. She held out her hand,
but he shook his head defiantly.

least wait until Sangi gets back. How’s she going to get home?”

scoffed. “Now, you care about Sangi? That’s hilarious.”

she knew he was right. Sighing, she leaned her head against the seat,
wiping the remnants of tears from her face. He stood there examining
her. Gravel crunched near the car as Lyle and Catherine approached

is it alright if we talk?” Lyle asked.

ignored him. There wasn’t a single thing she had to say to him
or Catherine. What could he possibly say to reverse the damage that
was already done. No amount of words was going to erase her

I don’t think this is the best time…” Matthew

was talking to Chelsea.”

Well, now you’re talking to me. That’s my wife you guys
have hurt. Do you really think she gives a fuck what you have to

parents looked at him with wide eyes and open mouths. It wasn’t
often that Matthew went against them, but they could see the same
seriousness on his face Chelsea could. He meant every word.

am your mother, Matthew Jacob Rawlins! How dare you speak to me-”

up, Cat,” Lyle said pointedly, his eyes narrowed. Matthew was
the one to look shocked now. He rarely heard his father speak to his
mother that way. Lyle turned to Matthew and Chelsea. “I want to
apologize right now for my wife’s insensitive and rude words.
How she feels isn’t how I, Andrew and countless other family
members feel. I like you, Chelsea. I want to see my son with someone
who makes him happy. You do that for him. So please, don’t
leave just yet.”

looked at him closely, trying to see if she could find a lie hidden
in his deep blue eyes. There was none. He really did seem regretful
that his wife had hurt her. She turned her face to look at Catherine.

won’t stay where I’m not wanted,” she said staring
at her.

BOOK: The Next Level: A BWWM Billionaire Marriage And Pregnancy Romance
8.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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