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The Lion

BOOK: The Lion
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The Lion


The Black Land Series Book 1


D. Camille


This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, places, and incidents are products

of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. 


Any resemblance to actual events,

locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is

entirely coincidental.


The Lion

Copyright© 2016 D. Camille

Sable Sistars Publishing

All rights reserved. 


No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without

written permission, except in the case of brief

quotations embodied in reviews.



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Author D. Camille










This book is dedicated to my Lion.








I would like to give thanks to the Universe for provision, creativity and power.

To the Goddess Team for keeping me focused and on track.


Leo Zodiac Sign – “The Lion”
Fire sign; ruled by the Sun.
Generous, organized, protective, beautiful.
Chapter 1

  Orion Shaw entered the new restaurant on the city’s east side. The cuisine consisted of what the owner had termed “hood healthy”. The establishment served traditional dishes made with healthy alternatives yet remained tasteful to the palate of the cultural patrons.

  His phone rang as he walked towards the counter. Looking down he glanced at the name then quickly sent the call to voicemail, Rhonda….again.

  Damn, he’d told her to fall back but she hadn’t gotten the message. Rhonda was beautiful, sexy and down for whatever, but she was also bougie, high maintenance and stuck up, he’d found. When he’d told her about his plans to return to Detroit and start another Major League Baseball franchise, she’d balked and walked out of his life.

  Rhonda wanted nothing to do with Rion’s hometown. From all the news reports and statistics she’d read, she wondered why anybody chose to live there. To Rion though, Detroit was home and unless you were born there, you’d never understand how deep the ties go to the city and the people. He had always planned to come back and help his community and now he was in the position to do so.

  Rion had been drafted in both major league baseball and football. He could have starting playing baseball right out of high school but his parents were proponents of higher education and wanted Rion to experience at least one year of college. Rion had agreed, since to him one year didn’t really matter because either way he was going to be balling out.

  Rion completed his one year of college at Stanford University because he’d wanted to show that he was more than just a warrior with exceptional physical ability. He was a young god with superior intelligence as well. Their mother and stepfather had raised him and his younger brother in the Khemetic beliefs. Rion knew who he was and what he was destined to become.  He had come from this incredible city and embedded inside of him was the determination to see it flourish once again.

  Rion knew there were many issues that needed attention in the city right now and while he was focused on one, his brothers from around the way would be focusing on others. They all had a deep love for this place they called home.

  Rion smiled as the owner, Lance came from the back dressed in jeans, a white T-Shirt and Timberland boots. Lance came over quickly and they gave each other some brotherly love.

  “Rion, what’s up young god?” Lance said smiling at his friend. “Finally, all the Negus are here now.”

Rion nodded. “Yeah, where's my brother?” he asked looking around.

Lance laughed. “He's out schooling the young warriors on who they are.”

  Rion laughed thinking about his little brother. Corvus was four years younger than Rion and had become a real estate mogul in the city and surrounding areas. Corvus took his Khemetic culture and beliefs to one hundred and was the most popular dude in the hood next to Lance.

Rion looked around the restaurant some more. “This is nice man.”

Lance glanced around as well. “Yeah, although it wasn’t my idea, it’s worked out really good.”

Rion lifted a brow. “Who’s idea was it?”

  Lance grinned naughtily. “Katydids, that sweet chocolate caramel candy.” He described the childhood treat they'd eaten as kids and the nickname he'd used for the little girl he'd adored.

Rion shouted in laughter. “Man, you still in love Khayla?”

  “Man, ain’t nobody in love with Khayla. I’m just saying this was her idea,” Lance corrected. “You know how she is about health and community stuff.”

  Rion laughed again. “Yeah, and I know her brother and parents are Black Panthers, so you’d better step correct man.”

  Lance frowned. “Nobody’s stepping to Khayla. I got females lined up on the bench waiting to get on this team.” He nodded at him. “I know you the young god but you ain’t the only baller Bro.”

  Rion stuck out his fist and the men pounded. “I hear you man, you’ve done your thing. I’m proud of you.”

Lance nodded. “Let’s get a seat before your brother gets here. He acts like he owns this place.”

  Rion laughed knowing what Lance said was true. Corvus acted like he owned the world and always had. He was a ram that came into any situation and took charge.

The two found an empty booth and sat across from each other.

  “How many businesses do you have now?” Rion asked.

  Lance shrugged. “Two restaurants, three barber shops, a gas station, a beauty supply store and a nail salon.”

  “A nail salon?”

  “Man, do you know how much our women spend on nails and hair?” Lance asked. “That’s a damn gold mine!”

  “Where is the love for the natural black woman?” Rion asked.

  “Hey, if they buying it then we should be owning it too,” Lance replied.  “I’m not complaining, if she looks good…she looks good, whatever she had to do to make it happen.”

Rion shook his head. “I don’t know about you man.”

  Lance laughed. “See that’s you and Corvus with all that natural goddesses from the heavens above sent by the Universe….”

  “Hey, don’t play like that,” Rion warned and Lance laughed some more.

  “One thing we all agree on is that the black woman is the most exquisite being on this planet,” Lance said as he looked up and saw Corvus joining them.

  “See what I taught this boy?” Corvus said smiling at the men. He greeted his brother with a hug before giving Lance a manshake.

  “Well you need to keep teaching him because you know how he be tripping,” Rion commented.

  Lance and Corvus were the “babies” in the crew at twenty-seven. The two had been thick as thieves growing up and still were the closest to this day. They shared all of their secrets with one another and they had many.

  “Who’s tripping? Not the baddest entrepreneur in the city?” Corvus smiled at his friend and Lance gave a smug look nodding his head slowly.

Rion shook his head. “You two, I don’t even know.”

  Corvus laughed then turned all his attention to his brother. “So you’re really about to do this?” he asked.

Rion nodded. “Yeah, I am.”

  “This is big balling Bro.” Corvus told him.

  Rion sighed. “I know. There are a lot of people who don’t want to see this happen; an African-American brother owning a major baseball franchise.”

  “There are a lot of people who don’t want to see a brother owning anything,” Corvus said grimly.

Lance agreed. “It takes double the money, effort and customers to stay in business.”

  “But you’re doing it,” Rion complimented.

  “Not on the scale you’re about to attempt,” Lance pointed out.

Rion nodded. “I’ve got some heavy hitters behind me in case I need them.”

  Corvus watched his big brother who he knew better than anybody. “What’s up Rion? I can tell something's wrong.”

  “There’s more corruption in the game than I thought.” They both watched as Rion pulled a paper out of his suit jacket before unfolding it and placing it on the table. Lance and Corvus looked down at the wording.

It read:
This ain’t the Negro leagues boy. You’ll be dead before you own a team.

Corvus jumped from his seat. “Oh hell nah! What the hell is this?”

Lance followed him. “Who sent this shit Rion?”

  “Both of you sit back down,” Rion instructed. He should have known how these two were going to react and when he told Khalil it would be a wrap.

  “Listen, black men have faced this all throughout history. We know this type of stuff is coming,” Rion explained. “But I’m not taking it.”

Lance and Corvus retook their seats. “What are you going to do?” Corvus asked.

  “Find out who it is.”

  “Have you talked to B?” Lance asked referring to Brandon, another member of the group.

  Rion shook his head. “I’m meeting with him later. He’s the Head Prosecutor so I want him to be ready to put this guy away for a long time.”

  Lance shook his head. “This is some bull man. I can’t believe they still think they can get away with this shit!”

  “Oh, they’re not getting away with this right here.” Corvus vowed.

  Rion looked at them both. “You two let me handle this. I just wanted you to be aware of what’s about to go down.”

Corvus looked at his brother. “You need to talk to Mac.”

  “Yeah, I’m on my way there now.”

Lance smiled. “Tell Mac, Lance said hi.”

  Rion laughed. “Boy, Mac will beat your ass like Khayla used to when you were little.” Corvus laughed too.

Lance frowned. “First of all, Khayla didn’t beat my ass. Those were love taps...”

  “Then she loved the hell out of you,” Rion cracked and Corvus laughed louder.

  Lance slid out of the booth. “Okay y'all can get your sage burning, meditating, chakra opening asses out of my restaurant.”

Corvus looked at Lance. “You mad, Bro?”

Lance looked at the brothers and walked away. When he disappeared, Corvus turned to Rion.

  “You want me to go with you to see Mac?” he asked.

  “I’m straight. I’ll call if I need you.”

Corvus smiled. “I’m glad you’re back Bro. I missed you and we need you here.”

  “I’m glad to be back. It feels good to be home again.” Rion smiled back at his sibling.

  “We about to take this thing to a…whole…nutha….level!” Corvus said before signaling for the waitress to come over.

  “Fa' sho.” Rion agreed in the urban vernacular.

  Lance returned and the trio had lunch before Rion headed to meet with Mac to discuss the letter he'd received. Mac was the police chief for the city and had the reputation of being all about the business. When Rion entered the Chief's office, a warm smile covered his face.

  “Chief Green,” he greeted.

  “Orion Shaw.” The chief came and embraced him warmly. “Boy, you came back.”

  “You knew I would.”

The chief smiled at him. “And handsome as ever.” She gave him a once over.

  “Mackenzie Green, you always knew how to flatter a man.”

She smiled. “That's all you'd let me do.”

  Rion laughed and looked around the nicely furnished office with plaques decorating the walls. “Congratulations Mac on being one of the few African American female Police Chiefs in the country. That's quite an accomplishment.”

Mac shrugged. “I had a lot of people helping me, including the Negus.”

Rion shook his head. “They're running things huh?”

  She laughed. “Hey, they are the kings in the city. Those guys do a lot in the community and they make my job easier.”

  “Yeah, I'm proud of all of them,” Rion agreed.

  Mac motioned for him to take a seat as she took the one behind her desk. Her five-nine voluptuous frame commanded attention in her pristine uniform as she gracefully sat and folded her arms.

  “What brings you here?” she asked.

  Rion reached into his pocket and produced an envelope. Silently he sat it on the desk between them before Mac picked it up and read it over quickly.

Her eyes lifted to his. “Looks like we have a problem.”

  “Looks that way.”

  “Any ideas on where this originated from?”

Rion shrugged. “Possibly, but no proof.”

  “Give me what you got and I'll take it from there,” Mac told him. “I don't tolerate this type of harassment, especially when someone is trying to bring jobs and money into our city.”

Rion smiled. “I know you'll handle it.”

  “You know I will,” she assured him. “I need to hold on to this.” She held up the letter.

  “Sure, that's the original. I have copies.”

Mac replaced the letter into the envelope. “Probably no prints, but I'll check anyway.”

“Thanks Mac, by the way, Lance said to tell you hi,” Rion told her slyly staring into her pretty face.

  Mac laughed. “Lance knows he can't handle all this woman.” She stood to her full height displaying her ample bosom and hips. “Hell he can't even handle Khayla.”

Rion laughed heartily as he got to his feet. “I keep telling him that.”

  Mac came around her desk and looked up at him seriously. “I'm not taking this lightly Rion. Whoever has done this will be dealt with.”

  “Thanks Mac. I have no doubt you'll handle business. You always do.” Rion bent and kissed her cheek lightly.

  “I'll be in touch,” Mac told him as he straightened. “And tell the Negus to let me handle this. I don't need them interfering.”

  Rion smiled. “I told Corvus and Lance already. I'll be sure to relay that message to Khalil when I see him.”

  “And Brandon?” she asked.

He shrugged. “Brandon does what he wants. We'll have to see about that.”

  Mac shook her head. “I know. Remind him he's the County Prosecutor, not the police. Let us do our jobs.”

  “I'll tell him. I'm on my way to see him now,” Rion informed her.

  Mac walked Rion to the door assuring him that she would use every resource to find out who was behind the threat. Rion left her office and made his way over to the Prosecutor's office to meet with Brandon who was the oldest of the group at thirty-three. Brandon had always been the one to keep all of them in check and out of trouble back in the neighborhood. Now he was the County Prosecutor and took his job of cleaning up the city very seriously.

BOOK: The Lion
3.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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