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The Last Betrayal
is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places and events are the products of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Cover model: Bailey Lee

Photographer: Eric Battershell

Agency: Uncovered Models

Cover Designer: Clarissa Wild





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About The Author




Firstly, I want to thank my amazing cover designer, Clarissa Wild -
- for designing my AMAZING cover. I love it. And because perfection is her middle name, she’s made it that way. Amazing talent and an amazing friend.

I want to thank my amazing friend, Sheila Kell. She’s been absolutely fantastic and has helped me so much with getting this book to get it as close to perfect as possible. She’s a valued friend and much like family to me. Without her this book would probably be a complete mess. Thank you! (FANTASTIC AUTHOR too!)

Kelly Hamley, you’ve supported me since I first started writing and without the encouragement you sent my way, I would never of even got passed the first book! (AMAZING AUTHOR too!)

My STREET TEAM, thank you so, so much for all your support, even before reading my work you showed untimely support, and I will be forever grateful.

Amy-Beth, you’ve been awesome since I started writing, and your faith in me is awesome. Thank you so much! (AMAZING AUTHOR too!)


Keren Hughes, by far my #1 fan! You’ve been nothing short of fantastic to me, making me swag, designing my bookmarks and telling me how much you love my book. Both of them, seeing as you read this one as I wrote it! I love ya to piece - remember you’re like a sister to me. Xx

My mum, Jacs Dugdale, for supporting me in my adventure into writing.

My auntie Liane, you’ve inspired me so much! When you wrote your first book, I knew I wanted to follow in your footsteps, and here I am! Thank you for always believing in me.

Lastly, my little princess. Sofia. I love you so much baby girl, you inspire me everyday to be a better person, to not slip off the deep end. I love you unconditionally, and I love watching you grow into your own little person. You battle your severe eczema with so much pride, that I envy you for your not letting other kids pick on you because of your face, and how brave you are through you asthma episodes. I love you so much, princess. <3 Here’s to our future! *raises can of coke*



I was unglued. Completely unhinged to the point of flipping everyone off and saying fuck this shit, packing my stuff and riding across the country where no one can find me.

My heart feels like it’s bleeding out of control pumping blood in the wrong direction. Cracked and shattered, it would take a lifetime to repair.

I may have known Lauren just a few months, but she flew in, wreaking havoc with her bubbly persona, latching onto me like I was her goddamn lifeline.

It was all fucking crap. It was just a bit of fun for her, she told everyone she wasn’t ready to settle down with the white picket fence and two-point-five kids. Did I ask for that shit? Hell to the fucking no. Never once did I mention I wanted all that. I just wanted her, as she was, but mine; only mine.

She broke me. Big bad biker dude and she fucking broke me.

My name’s Champ, and it’s my turn to fucking talk.



The last month has been difficult. Ever since we found out the reason behind the Hell Riders’ unlawful attacks against us, things have been a little tense, uncomfortable even. We don’t blame Cobra as such, but we don’t understand why he kept it to himself for all these years; harboring the guilt and risking this club was a dumbass idea. He also nearly lost his girl because of it. Luckily, she took him back. The world’s a happier place when Cobra isn’t a grumpy asshole.

We’ve had a couple of runs since the day from hell happened, nothing to get the blood pumping fast, rushing adrenaline through your body, requiring a good fuck afterward. Cobra hasn’t accompanied us on any since his gunshot wound is still giving him too much shit for him to ride.

Not only was Cobra out of action and focusing solely on physio, I was a grumpy bastard that no one wanted to be around. That blame lies with Lauren.

Even after saving her life and visiting her in hospital daily, she discharged herself without no one knowing, without telling me. I tried to call her, text her…fuck, I even turned up at her apartment, demanding the doorman to let me up and see her. She refused to see me even after I tried going through Alexis. What the fuck have I done that’s so damn bad that she can’t face me, left me with whirring thoughts and what if’s.

Just thinking her name in my head makes me fucking angry. The way she left me high and dry, knowing I loved her... I can’t even finish my train of thought. I see fucking red. I don’t know whether I love her or hate her anymore, what emotion comes before the other. They’re fused together like stitches on my broken heart. My fists clench on the bar in front of me, I ground my teeth and my jaw twitches. Fuck this shit, I need a beer.

“Yo! Brandy. Get me a Corona!” I shout across to her.

“Sure thing, gorgeous.” She winks at me as she turns to grab my drink from the cooler. She’s been trying extra hard to get into my pants since Cobra has made it clear he’s in love with Alexis. And it pisses me off that I have to deal with this tramp while I wallow in self-pity.

“Here,” she says, placing the cold bottle in front of me, condensation running down it to the wooden bar.


She stands there staring at me, waiting for fuck knows what. “What, Brandy?”

BOOK: The Last Betrayal
11.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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