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The Goblin King's Lovers

BOOK: The Goblin King's Lovers
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When Eva was thirteen, she
passed through the veil and became trapped in the goblin realm. She
wanted nothing more than to go home, but fate had other plans for


Lorne has loved Eva ever
since the first moment he saw her, but admitting his feelings to
anyone else has never been an option. As the prince’s companion,
and the future lover of both Davin and his chosen queen, Lorne
can’t choose whom to love. His heart belongs to Davin, and only his
prince can tell him who else may share in that love.


But Lorne will soon find
that his prince knows him better than he knows himself, and their
only challenge will be winning the heart, and the hand, of the girl
who has only seen them as friends for so many years…


The Goblin King’s




Marie Medina








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The Goblin King’s Lovers

Copyright © 2014 by Marie Medina


Edited by Howard Moore


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Author’s Notes


Elar – also known as the golden goblin
realm and the land of the white sun. A world separated from ours by
a mystical veil. Humans can enter Elar, but there is no way for
anyone to leave. This world is inhabited by goblins, the Elari, and
humans who have passed through the veil. It is a peaceful society,
but there is occasional unrest.


Yabito – the companion of male royals
in Elar. A yabito is his prince’s bodyguard, counselor, friend and
eventually, his lover. A prince and his yabito share a bride not
only to increase her fulfillment and protection but also to ensure
a child is born of the union. All children are recognized as being
of royal blood, no matter who the father is. All the people
involved in these relationships have equal marital rights and
recognition, and they are considered happy and blessed marriages.
And yet, the nature of these unions is not often discussed. Thus,
our heroine will not learn just how close this relationship brings
two men until they ask her to be their bride…

The Goblin King’s



Chapter One


Eva followed Nika into the palace’s
large kitchen and moved to her spot by the sink to wait for Nika to
pass her the dishes to dry and put away. She smoothed the skirt of
her simple blue dress and tried to smile as two goblin women passed
by and nodded at her and Nika. Her fingers fumbled a bit as she
tied an apron over her dress. Even after three months, Eva still
felt nervous around goblins. None of them had done anything to her,
but she still couldn’t get used to them. She had to admit they were
far prettier than the goblins in books and movies back in her
world, yet her unease remained. Most of them stood only a little
shorter than the average human, and each of them had either green
or blue skin. However, this skin was smooth and flawless, not lumpy
and coarse, as she had expected. They hard large round eyes and
slightly sharper teeth as well. The Elari, who ruled this world, at
least looked entirely human.

Eva had tried to make friends with
some of the other humans who had become trapped in Elar, just as
she had, but most of them ignored her because she was so young,
having just turned thirteen a few days before getting lost in a
thunderstorm and waking up in this strange land. Some of them had
been helping her learn the Elari language, which was very beautiful
to Eva’s ears, but beyond that they spent no time with her. Nika,
who had taken Eva in, was one-fourth goblin, but the only sign of
this was a slightly green tint to her skin. Eva felt at ease around
Nika, as she did not have sharp teeth or round eyes. Eva kept
telling herself to stop being prejudice—she wasn’t sure if “racist”
was a concept in Elar or not—but her fears still lingered. Even
though she had not been happy in her foster home, at least it had
been in the world she’d been born in.

Nika had been gently trying to allay
Eva’s fears for months now. Eva had at first had a very hard time
believing that there was literally no way back to the human world.
If there was a way to enter Elar, there had to be a way to exit it.
Yet she couldn’t imagine why they would lie, since there seemed to
be no reason to keep the humans captive. Eva worked with Nika
because she wanted to help, not because anyone forced her to. The
world of the Elari possessed abundant resources, so everyone worked
to keep life running smoothly, not to earn money. There actually
wasn’t any money at all—everything was accomplished by trading
goods and services.

Eva wanted to be happy, but she felt
alone because the other humans were all adults who were much older.
She had not made any friends among the Elari children because she
still felt awkward using their language and had not yet agreed to
go to school with them. Nika kept asking her every few weeks if she
wanted to go, but Eva continued to say she wasn’t ready.

Eva gasped when someone tapped her on
the shoulder. She dropped the crystal goblet she’d been drying and
felt as if she might be sick as it shattered. She immediately knelt
to clean it up, but the person who had tapped her shoulder grabbed
her and yanked her back.

Do you want to be sliced
to pieces? Those shards are far sharper than you know.”

Eva shrank back from the harsh tone of
the young man holding her. “I’m sorry,” she said to Lorne, the
prince’s yabito. She still didn’t know exactly what a “yabito” was,
but he was the prince’s constant companion and seemed to be more of
a friend than a servant, though he obviously did serve the prince
and take orders from him. Lorne was a couple of years older than
she was, and he constantly corrected her every time they were in
the same room together. He watched her like a hawk, as if he wanted
to see all the mistakes she made. He’d been checking up on her
constantly ever since she’d arrived in Elar. Nika insisted he was
trying to help her, but Eva couldn’t see it. He seemed to hate her,
as if he thought she was stupid.

Lorne sighed. “Stay right here and
don’t let anyone walk in this area.” He glanced down to her feet,
which were clad in sandals. “And don’t move. Some of the crystal
might have landed on your skin.”

She nodded slowly, and he stared at
her for a moment before walking across the room and opening a
cupboard. He and the prince did not seem to fit together at all.
The prince, Davin, had long blond hair and ethereal blue eyes. His
disposition calmed Eva, as he was soft spoken and kind. Lorne had
wild black hair and eyes such a dark gray they reminded her of
river stones. Those eyes often held a hardness that made Eva
cringe. He seemed so serious and moody no matter what was going on
around him. Even when the prince told jokes that made everyone
laugh, Lorne would only smile, looking at no one but the prince.
Lorne acted as if everything and everyone exasperated him every
single moment. Watching him, she saw that dirt stained his dark,
formfitting breeches and his dark brown doublet. He could have made
her clean up the mess, yet he’d done it himself. She felt bad for
thinking ill of him as he carefully cleaned the crystal with a
brush and dustpan, but that feeling faded when he scowled up at

Why are you so jumpy?
You’ve been here for months and should know no one means you any
harm.” He pointed a finger up at her. “Don’t move, even if this

I’m sorry,” she said
again. She was glad she had learned that phrase, as she felt she
had said it to Lorne a dozen times. Something soft brushed her
feet, and she angled to look down.

Lorne had a feather in his hand, and
he was swiping it over her feet. He shook it over the dustpan
several times, and then he rose, still scowling. “You had five
shards on your feet. They could’ve cut you.”

Thank you.” Eva lowered
her head. “I didn’t mean to break the glass.”

I know that.” He put a
finger under her chin and lifted it. “And stop acting so afraid all
the time,” he added, his voice a tiny bit softer but still

Leave her alone, Lorne,”
Nika said. She had continued to wash dishes the whole time. “Was
there something you wanted?”

Yes.” Lorne emptied the
dustpan and quickly put it and the brush back in the cupboard. The
feather, Eva noted, he put back into an inner pocket in his doublet
before brushing the dirt from his sleeve and breeches. “His Majesty
wanted to know how Eva was adjusting. He’s heard she’s still ill at

Nika stopped what she was doing and
leaned against the sink, her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.
“I wonder who told him that.”

Lorne’s jaw tightened. “I did. Why
would I be ashamed to admit it? I can’t see any logical reason to
tease me about it.” He nodded to Eva. “She’s the first human to be
trapped here in a long time, and one of the youngest ever. His
Majesty cares, and I keep him informed.”

Nika laughed, which confused Eva and
seemed to anger Lorne. “Oh, never mind.” She uncrossed her arms and
turned back to her work. “Does he wish to see her?”

He would like to, if you
can spare her.”

Fine with me.”

Eva swallowed, not wanting to be alone
with Lorne any more than she wanted to try talking to the king.
“Are you sure, Nika?”

BOOK: The Goblin King's Lovers
12.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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