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The Easter Egg Hunt

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The Easter Egg Hunt


Joannie Kay


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Kay, Joannie

Easter Egg Hunt

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Chapter One


was surprised when he walked inside the house and on into the kitchen. 
There was no sign of Megan, and nothing on the stove top or in the oven. 
He frowned; he’d had a long day at work and missed lunch, and it was already an
hour past their normal time to eat dinner.  Where was Megan?  Why
didn’t she have something ready to eat?  The rule was that whoever got
home first put something together for dinner, and the other one cleaned up
after.  She was probably on the Internet… again.  Frustrated, he went
to find Megan.

wasn’t in their home office, so he went upstairs, wondering if she was ill. 
Meggie suffered from migraines occasionally, but apparently not today. 
Where the heck was she?
he growled to
himself.  Finally, he heard her sweet voice, singing, “Here Comes Peter
Cottontail…” and Noah actually stopped in the hallway and lightly rested his
head on the wall, mentally counting to ten.  It was the perfect topper to
a lousy day, and he’d bet a whole dollar that he was going to have to march
into Megan’s craft room and turn her over his knee and give her a super hard
Just what he needed to
make the day perfect!
  It was no small wonder there was no dinner
ready to eat!  Resolutely he pulled himself together and headed for the
small bedroom she claimed as her craft/sewing room.

Noah!  You’re home early, honey!  How was your day?” she asked as
innocently as possible, her blue eyes wide as she glanced at him, and then
quickly darted to her work table. 

knew exactly what she was looking for.  He smelled the chocolate as soon
as he walked into the room.  “My day was a bitch, and I’m not early; I’m
He smiled at her as he
walked over to give her a kiss hello.  Megan gave him her cheek instead of
her mouth.  “Hmmmm.  Valentine’s Day is barely over and all the
Easter Candy is out, right?” He stated what was obvious to him.

found the cutest little plastic eggs today, Noah!  Look at these!” she
said excitedly, pulling out a bag with eggs in the form of soccer, baseball,
and basketballs.  Won’t the older boys love these?” she asked.  “I
found some cute Barbie ones for the girls, too, and…”

in charge of the Easter Egg Hunt again this year?” Noah asked, and then added, “What
a stupid question!  Who else would they ask?”  His wife loved Easter;
it was her favorite-most Holiday of the year!

know how much I enjoy Easter, Noah!”
She pouted.

know, but under the circumstances I thought that you might take a pass this
year and let someone else take over…?”

I couldn’t do that!  It’s a tradition!” she said with enthusiasm.

have already hit the candy, haven’t you?  More specifically, the chocolate

a couple of pieces.”
She knew
better than lie to him.  “Ohhhhhh, look at the time!”
Her blue eyes went wide as she realized
it was after seven.  “I forgot to cook!” she mumbled.  “You must be

am hungry,” Noah admitted, and then said, “But, dinner will wait.  I want
to see the bag, Meggie.”

bag?” she asked, again with the too innocent expression in her blue eyes.

bag you’ve been eating candy from.”

don’t be silly, Noah!  I’ve only had a couple of small pieces…! Let’s go
down and I’ll fix pasta and a salad.  That won’t take too long.”

Martson, I am not playing games here.  The candy bag, now!” he said

made a face and folded her arms across her chest.  “I’m not a child, Noah,
and if I want a piece of candy…”

is full of sugar, Meg.  You are a diabetic.  You can’t eat the stuff,
and if you’ve been eating chocolate, you are tempting a migraine.  We go
through this every year when all the Easter Candy hits the store shelves. 
Now, show me the bag or I’ll spank you and then you will show me the bag.”

stomped her bare foot meaningfully, but she opened a drawer and took out the
bag.  Her eyes went wide again as she realized she was in even more
trouble than she thought she would be.  Noah didn’t miss the guilty look,
and he sure didn’t miss the fact that there were only three pieces of foil
wrapped chocolate eggs left in the bag.  She’d eaten entirely too much
chocolate!  “Megan, why do you do this?” he asked in exasperation.

was busy making decorations and I didn’t realize I’d popped so many pieces,”
she said truthfully.  “I only meant to eat a couple!”

can’t keep doing this to yourself.  It was bad enough before you were told
about the diabetes, but indulging like this is going to make you ill.  You’ll
be very lucky if you don’t have a migraine before the evening is over.  Is
chocolate worth that pain?” he scolded as he reached for her.

Noah, must you?” she asked plaintively as he bent her down over the work table
and slapped her round bottom with his hand.

must,” he replied, and started spanking the seat of her jeans.  “You know
that I promised to spank you each and every time you indulged in chocolate… And
eating almost an entire bag is sheer indulgence!”  Megan cried out and he
hoped he was getting through to her.  After several minutes he undid the
fastenings on her jeans and slid them down her curvy body.  Her white
panties became the next target for his hand, and her howls of pain increased
while he continued to scold and make his point.  He waited until she was
crying hard and then pulled her up and marched her to the corner.  “You
think about this, Megan.  Think about what the doctor told you about your
diabetes and all the things that could happen to you if you continue to eat
sweets by the bagful.  Think about how ill you’ll be if you get one of
your migraines from the chocolate.  And, think about how sore your butt is
going to be after I take my belt to you… because that is precisely what I’m
going to do in a few minutes.”  He pulled her panties down to her knees
and said, “You stand right here with your butt on display and think about why
you are getting punished, Meggie.  I will be back in a few minutes.”

heard him pick up the nearly empty bag of candy and leave the room.  She
knew the candy was going in the trash, and a part of her wanted to stomp her
foot at the waste of perfectly good candy.  The other part of her wanted
to run and lock the door so Noah couldn’t get back into the room and give her
the promised strapping.  Her lack of remorse was due to the chocolate. 
It affected her in strange ways.  She craved the stuff, but tried very
hard to resist temptation.  Once she took that first bite she didn’t stop
eating until it was gone.  The resulting headache was enough to keep her
in bed, the curtains drawn to block any light, and she wanted nothing but
absolute silence so she could take her meds and sleep it off.  It wasn’t
fair that something so good could be so bad for her.  Other people ate
chocolate all the time and didn’t suffer!  And if it wasn’t bad enough
that she was already starting to feel the warning signs of a headache, her
bottom was smarting and aching, too, and Noah intended to add welts that would
make her body ache right along with her head.  Tomorrow she would be
miserable, and she would still have to go to work and pretend she was fine. 
Why did she do this to herself?
she asked.

stepped into the room and Megan heard the unmistakable sound of his belt
sliding through the loops of his pants and she shuddered at the thought of the
pain she was going to endure in the next several minutes.  “Why do you do
this to yourself, Meggie?” she heard Noah ask, his voice full of concern.

don’t know,” she told the absolute truth.  “I’m already getting the
headache,” she admitted, wondering if he would let her off without the

we’d best get this spanking over with,” Noah said, determined to make her
bottom ache right along with her head.  “Come here and lie over the table.”

you, Noah?” she asked tearfully.  “I’m going to suffer enough with the
migraine,” she insisted.

strapping is going to be felt a lot longer than the migraine, Meg,” he
promised.  “Now come and let’s get this over with.  I put water on
for the pasta,” he explained. 

don’t think I can stand the smell of oregano right now,” she claimed.

Megan, or I’ll add extras.”

knew she did not want extras.  Not only would he give them all to her sit
spots, he would give her lines to write, too.  She walked as fast as she
could with the panties around her knees, and bent over her work table. 
She knew it was going to be bad when Noah wrapped his left arm around her waist
to hold her down.  The first lick of the doubled belt landed on her left
sit spot and she yelped.  “Oww!  Not so hard, No---
!” she yelled as the second stripe
covered the first.  Noah was making sure this was a serious punishment
from the start and he wasn’t holding back, determined to make this a lesson she
wouldn’t want repeated.  Her backside was a flaming mass of welts when he
finally stopped strapping her and released her.

know this is your favorite holiday, Megan, but you will have to find other ways
to enjoy yourself besides eating candy.  Is that understood?”  He
didn’t wait for a reply, but continued scolding.  “If you touch one more
piece of candy, chocolate or otherwise, I will spank you daily until Easter is
over.  Am I making myself clear, Megan?”
He gave her still upturned bottom another hard spank with his
hand, feeling the heat radiating off her skin on his palm.  She was well
and truly punished, and he didn’t feel one bit of remorse for being so hard on

BOOK: The Easter Egg Hunt
12.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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