The Downlow Alpha (The Identity Crises Book 1)

BOOK: The Downlow Alpha (The Identity Crises Book 1)
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The Downlow Alpha

Linda Wythim

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Chapter one


The lights flashing from the disco balls were creating a surreal scene, as the music blasted through the air. My body was on autopilot, undulating to the bass beat that was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself talking over it. I still did not know the name of the man dancing in front of me. The only two things I was sure of was that he was super cute, and that he was going home with me.

              His smile made me self-conscious. A cocky kind of smile that left no doubt that he was aware of how cute I thought he was. Looking away nervously, my eyes quickly latched onto one of the most bizarre scenes I have ever witnessed. Over at the tables, there was a man whose head was thrown back in ecstasy, the result of the man on his knees under the table whose head was bobbing up and down in his lap. It was obvious what was going on, and I was not sure what shocked me more. The fact that a man was getting head in public, or the fact no one around them seemed fazed by it.

              Dizziness from the excitement filled my head, as my heartbeat grew strong in all of the excitement. I turned back in disbelief to look at the man who I was dancing with, as if he could somehow ground me. I had known my life was going to be exciting now that I had graduated from college and moved out of moms, but this was a world filled with promise unlike anything I could have dreamed of.

              His smile pulled me in again, and electricity shot through me as his strong hands grabbed my shoulders, and turned me to face away from him. His hands, never leaving my body, slid down till they found purchase on my hips, as I felt his loins press into the curve of my ass. His loins molded perfectly to me, and as his hardness pressed into the crease of my backside, I felt my prostate tighten with desire, as a chill of excitement burst through me. That chill one gets when goosebumps come tickling.

              His warm breath intensified my chills as it cascaded on the back of my ear, and as his hips began grinding with purpose into my ass, I felt his wet tongue begin lightly teasing the back of my ear. My hardness was almost painful now, as he worked his magic on me, and I suddenly felt the need to get out of here, and get him home where he could make good on the promises of his seduction.

              I grabbed his hand as my body squirmed under the flames of desire he was igniting in me, and led him back to our table where our jackets were. His eyes caught mine as I turned, jacket in hand, and the sheer animal desire emanating from them almost made me cum right there. My hand was trembling, my impatience to be taken almost to much to bear as I smiled at him nervously and headed outside, with him following close behind.

              The cool air hit me as I went out the door, and I was thankful for the shock as it helped ground me. As I turned to give him directions, his hands grabbed me. One at the small of my back, the other grabbing the throbbing mound in my pants, as his mouth crushed onto mine. I felt myself start leaking under his hands ministrations as the wetness of his mouth pulled me in, any last vestige of self-control I had now gone. I was his, and if he would have asked, I would let him take me right here.

              As his tongue continued making love to my mouth, probing every part of it with a sensuous sense of purpose, his need to know me burning as we connected, and his hand was massaging my hardness. The feel of my manhood as it slid in the growing slickness of my emissions was driving me mad with lust, and I broke off from his kiss, no longer able to pretend any modicum of self-control. I needed this man to fuck me, like yesterday.

              "Hey, why don’t we take this back to my place…," I said, suddenly embarrassed I had forgotten his name. He seemed to understand my dilemma, his laughter putting me at ease.

              "John. And that sounds like a wonderful idea. I want to see if that cute little ass of yours is as tight as it felt when you were rubbing it on me."

              His candor embarrassed me, yet filled me with a heady pride. I loved his assessment of me, of my ass. I have a very tight, perfectly shaped ass. It was my best feature. Despite the fact it was almost a virgin ass. Other than my dildo, only one man had ever penetrated me, and he almost didn’t count because of his size. Or lack of it. I could tell from when he was grinding on me he had a big cock, and I was excited to have him rub my prostate with it. To have him stretch me like only my dildo had before.

              I started to give him directions, and he stopped me.

              "Just give me the address," he said, as he pulled his cell phone out.

              "I have GPS on my phone. So if we get separated, I will not be far behind."

              His voice was deep and manly, I reflected as I gave him the address. I studied his mouth as he put the info into his phone, and examined his full lips. They were thick and full, and promised much pleasure as I imagined them wrapped around my pulsing member, tugging its way up and down in the slickness of his saliva. His voice broke me from my reverence, and I became embarrassed again as I saw that knowing look on his face. He knew what I had been thinking.

              "I…I will see you there," I stammered, cursing myself for coming off like a dork in my newness to all of this. Calm down or you're going to blow it, I commanded myself as I walked to my car.




              The music from the stereo was playing "Somebody I Used to Know, by Gotye as he eyed me with hunger over his scotch. My desire was beyond overdrive now, yet I felt frozen, shyness making me freeze like a deer caught in headlights. Relief flooded me as his glass clinked on the table and he made his way over to me.

              His hand reached down, and I took it as I stood. As his mouth found mine, I realized I was still holding my glass, and felt awkward as our tongues danced together. As if sensing my dilemma, he pulled away, and gently took the glass from my hand, setting it on the table.

              "Just relax," his deep voice said reassuringly as he dropped to his knees in front of me. Electricity shot through me as his hands began working deftly on my belt, and in one fluid motion, my pants were falling down my legs. I lifted my feet as he yanked them off, then slowly slid my underwear off.

              My cock was throbbing, and I felt proud as his eyes drank it in with approval. His hands gripped my hips, and I knew I was his slave as he turned me away from him, my ass now in his face. As shudder ran through me as I felt his hot breath in the crease of my ass, quickly followed by the wetness of his tongue as it lightly flicked inside of my crack.

              Deeper and deeper it probed, until I couldn’t take it anymore. My back entrance was screaming to be touched by his ministrations, and I found myself rocking back, trying to force his tongue onto my rim. A moan escaped me as his tongue finally began flicking across my rim, lightly lavishing it with delightful licks. After several minutes, my body was aflame with desire as his tongue slowly worked its way inside of my backside, slowly coaxing it into opening as he coated it with his mouths lubrication.

              I was beyond control now as his tongue was now frantically penetrating me, my hips rocking wildly as I tried to force his tongue deeper inside. His hands were rubbing me on the insides of my thighs, and when they made contact with my balls my body would jump with pleasure. I was incapable of any thought, lost in the feeling of pleasure he was creating in me, pleasure beyond my wildest dreams.

              I lost track of time, as I became one with the sexual energy cascading through me, and felt a pang of disappointment when pulled his tongue away from me, his hands grabbing my hips again, turning me to face him. I looked at his beautiful blue eyes. Eyes that were filled with that same hungry look from earlier. My prostate clenched as the energy of his desire registered.

              He was oblivious to my stare though. His eyes were riveted to the bead of excitement running from the tip of my shaft all the way to my balls. I watched with anticipation as he leaned forward, and a moan escaped me as his tongue reached out and made contact with the base of my cock. Seductively he slowly licked his way up my hardness, pulling in all of my emission into his mouth.

              As he opened his mouth to receive me, I felt his right hand slide between my legs, his hand sliding across the contour of my ass cheek, searching. As his mouth lowered itself onto my cock, I felt his finger begin massaging my rim, slowly working its way in as he began sucking up and down my shaft, his lips tugging at my cock flesh.

              His probing finger was circling wider and wider as he pushed and pulled it in my backside, and I yelped with an admixture of pain and pleasure as his finger roughly began rubbing on my prostate. It hurt so good.

              I began fucking his finger, as his mouth began sucking on my throbbing cock with more insistence, the sound of his wet sucking reverberating in the air seductively. No longer able to contain myself, I gripped his head in my hands, and began fucking his face with abandon, the sensations from front and back engulfing me in their throes. As if from a distance, I could hear myself half moaning, half crying out as the intensity reached the pinnacle, and my cock exploded in the warm wetness of his mouth, his finger pressing forcefully on my love button deep in my ass.

              I slowly came to my senses, realizing I was holding his face buried deep in my loins, my cock still hard from the pressure of his finger deep inside of me. The throbbing inside of me was so intense it hurt, my cock feeling weird. I realized I was holding my breath from the intensity of my orgasm, and slowly exhaled as I let go of his face.

              A gasp escaped me as he withdrew his finger, and the realization hit me I was smiling. He smiled back, and I felt myself melt inside at how beautiful he was.

              "Now it's my turn," he said, as he got to his feet. His cock was long and skinny, but the head was enormous, like a mushroom. I could see blue veins, more prominent against the reddish pink hue of his engorged member. As he turned me around and positioned me on the couch, one knee on it, the other foot on the floor, I steeled myself for his cock. It was longer than my dildo, and excitement flooded my chest in anticipation of feeling him deep inside. Deep inside as I had never been penetrated before.

              I felt his mammoth head press against my rim, and at first worried he was not going to be able to break through, despite the heavy lubrication of his mouths tongue lashing earlier. I yelped again as it broke through, his hips ramming forward in one quick thrust. I felt myself open to him, quickly losing my enchantment with his cock as it rubbed across my prostate, replaced with a sick fascination on his opening me up deeper than I had ever been touched before.

              Nerves I was unaware existed began singing as he pushed deeper inside, till I felt his balls smack against the back of my mine. His hands gripped my hips, and slowly he began working himself in and out, the tight confines of my ass pulling his cock tight in its grip.

              "Oh my God, you are a virgin," he said in between his belabored breathing.

              After a couple moments of his rocking, I began loosening a little, and he picked his tempo up. The feel of his smooth flesh as it rubbed back and forth inside of me was divine, and as if like an orchestra following the conductors lead, my moans followed the commands of his demanding thrusts.

              He fucked me for what seemed like an eternity, my loins screaming with life as I began howling like a bitch in heat, and the intensity overtook me as I exploded again, spraying my couch with my sperm as he kept thrusting. With each squirt of my release, my ass tightened, clamping hard on his throbbing cock. He began groaning, and I felt the weirdest sensation inside of me. It took me a few seconds to realize he was cumming in my ass.

              I squeezed hard on his cock, wanting to drain every drip of his man seed. He finally pulled me to his loins forcefully, burying himself as deep as possible as he cried out. After what seemed an eternity, he finally loosened his grip on my hips and let me go, sliding his long shaft out of me. I moaned again as his thick mushroom head worked its way out of my rim. I felt him sit on the couch as I collapsed onto it, exhausted from the most extreme fuck imaginable. The sound of the glass indicated he was sipping his drink, waking me up to the fact I was thirsty.

              Slowly I got on my feet, and turned to face him. His face was still covered with sweat from the exertion of fucking me, and I couldn’t help but smile as I bent over him and grabbed my drink.

              "That was awesome," he said as his breath became more regulated.

              "Maybe I will see you again at the club."

              His words said all there was to say. This had just been a casual hookup. Surprisingly, I was not upset with that. As intense as the sex had been, something was lacking. I couldn’t put my finger on it. But despite his prowess sexually, I just couldn’t see myself in a relationship with him.

              We made small talk for a bit, then he got dressed to leave. As I watched him walk down the stairs to the parking lot, it hit me what was missing. He was to effeminate. I had always pictured myself marrying a strong alpha man. John was anything but an alpha man. He was to much like me.

BOOK: The Downlow Alpha (The Identity Crises Book 1)
4.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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