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Chapter 7
“Saved by C”
“Come back home!” Jewel yelled as soon as she picked up the phone.
“Girl, you're crazy! I ain't even been gone but three days!” I laughed.
“I know, but I miss you already. So how's everything?”
“Well, I'm pretty much settled. I dropped my oldest boy off at his dad's house, and me and the youngest are comfortable here at my parents' house in Columbus. Girl, why this nigga have a big-ass five-bedroom house on a finished basement! He making major bread, and I'm up here struggling! That's some bullshit!”
“Don't worry about what he has. That's motivation for you to get your own shit together. Then you don't have to ask a nigga for nothing! You have your own and anything a dude wants to contribute is extra! Understand?” Jewel quickly shared some real knowledge with me.
“I feel you,” I replied. “I checked out a few strip clubs in Atlanta, and I think I found one I want to work at. It's called Bottoms Up. They have one chick there by the name of Juicy that is supposed to be like the star chick. She got a nice body or whatever, but she doesn't really do any shit that's so amazing to me. I don't feel like it's any real competition there, and the club stays pack. I figure I'll be able to stack dough and get back on my feet in no time.”
“Good! It sounds like a plan to me!” Jewel said.
“You know I've even thought 'bout moving out here. I noticed they are doing a lot of building up in Atlanta and the houses are dirt cheap. Plus, it would be good for me to be close to my baby father and parents.”
“You know I don't want you away from me. But what you saying is true. Just do what's best for you and your family, baby. Hell, it's a flight from Norfolk to Atlanta daily.” Jewel tried to make the best of the situation.
“Well, let me get off this phone. I need to go get my business license and go talk to the manager about a job at the club.”
“A'ight. While you at it, why don't you register with a staffing service.” Jewel always made me feel like I wasn't doing enough. “It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a job as well, especially if you plan on buying another house or getting a car.”
“Okay. I'll talk to you later.” I rolled my eyes then ended the call.
I rushed in the bathroom and hopped in the shower and threw on some clothes. I had an hour drive to Atlanta and wanted to miss the traffic.
By noon I'd already gotten my business license and was on my way to the staffing service.
The redhead lady called from the back, “Sasha Lewis.”
“Yes?” I stood to my feet and headed in her direction.
We shook hands as she introduced herself and directed me to follow her to the back. She reviewed my resume.
“Oh, you have so much experience in the healthcare field. It shouldn't be hard for you to find a job. I noticed you listed you were interested in medical front office jobs, but it says here you went to school for medical assisting. Why not pursue that route? You could make more much more money.”
“Well, I am not certified. I let my certification expire,” I said shamefully.
“Oh my! How could you do that?”
Well, if you must know, I was shaking my ass making ten dollars every three minutes, so at the time ten dollars an hour was nothing to me
. I told her, “I was in school working toward another career.”
“Oh, I see. Well, it's neither here or there. You have a great amount of experience, so I'm sure we can get you a position. You will be hearing from us soon.”
“Thank you very much.” I shook her hand once more then left the office.
I rushed to my mom's car that I'd borrowed and headed to the strip club. That was my final stop for the day.
I pulled up at Bottoms Up. It was only three in the afternoon, and there was already a small crowd at the club.
I walked up to the security and explained to them I was there to seek employment. They escorted me to the front door and told me to ask for Chastity. I walked to the bar and asked for her.
Moments later, a medium-height, well-dressed, light-skinned female walked out. “How are you?” She held out her hand as she looked me over quickly.
“I'm just fine.”
“You can follow me,” she said, and we walked toward her office.
I felt comfortable as I walked in. This was unlike any other interview I'd had for a strip club. Chastity was so welcoming, and her office was a professional setting. Unlike the usual let-me-see-you-naked interviews I've had with perverted club owners in the past. Maybe the mere fact that Chastity was a woman alone made me feel better.
“Please have a seat.” Chastity handed me a clipboard with a pen and application attached.
Wow! An application? Never did this for a strip club before
. I began to fill out the application wondering if I should give my real information. Giving false information was what kept me out of jail when I had my last strip club situation. A chick couldn't press charges if she didn't know a name. This bitch, Chastity, looked like she was about her shit though, so I figured, I'd better go with the real. After I was done I handed it to her.
“Identification and social security card please.” Chastity waited as I shuffled though my new Prada bag I'd received from Jewel.
I handed her my cards, and she went over to the copy machine and made copies. She handed them back to me then sat in her oversized leather chair behind her huge wooden desk.
“So you're from Virginia, Sasha?”
“Yes, I am. I just moved here last week.”
“I'm from Virginia myself. I have quite a few friends back home. It says here you danced at Purple Rain. I believe one of my friends use to dance there too. Do you know anyone by the name of Ceazia?”
My heart skipped a beat at the sound of her name. Before Jewel, Ceazia was my world. From the first day we met in the strip club she took me under her wing. We once shared that “little sister-big sister” relationship that Jewel swore she and Paradise had, but it turned to something more. Just like Paradise, I'd never been with a woman, but Ceazia changed all of that for me. She was my first and would always hold a spot in my heart.
“Yes, I do. She was a very dear friend of mine.”
“Yes. You didn't hear?” My heart raced as I realized Chastity had no idea.
“Hear what?”
“Ceazia passed.” I looked down as my eyes began to fill with tears.
“Damn, I had no idea.” Chastity paused as she stared into space. “Well, our work here is done.” She stood up. “You're hired. Welcome to the team. I have to tell you, I don't normally hire on the spot. Most girls who apply have to come in during the week on amateur nights until they prove they're ready for a scheduled set. But on the strength of C, you've got the job. When would you like to start?”
“Tonight!” I said, full of excitement.
“See you then.”
“Thank you!” I walked out of the office. “And thank you,” I said as I looked up to the sky. “I knew you were looking down on me. I love you, girl.” I sent love up to Ceazia.
Chapter 8
“Sex with You Is Like . . .”
I don't know if it was the six-hour plane ride from Los Angeles to Norfolk, or if it was the weed that I had been smoking on my way to Jewel's house, because I was so high, I drove past her house three times before I realized it. But whatever was the cause, all I knew was, I was horny as a muthafucka, and I wanted some pussy.
“So you like my place?” Jewel asked me as we walked into her immaculate home.
I had to give it up to her because, from a quick look at things, her spot impressed me. And I wasn't the easiest person to impress. “Yeah, I'm actually feeling it.” I smiled.
Jewel pointed out all the details and showed off at the same time. “I bought it brand-new about a year ago. So when they were building it, I had the builder put in all custom shit—Canadian maple floors, granite countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, all of that.”
I nodded my head, but I didn't verbally respond to Jewel. I walked behind her and followed her from the living room to the kitchen and then back toward the living room.
Jewel had on an Ed Hardy wife-beater, and I could tell that she didn't have a bra on, because her firm, full titties were packed so tight into her shirt that I could see the full imprint of her nipples. She also had on some black Twisted Heart sweatpants and a pair of Gucci slippers. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jewel's sexy feet, and as horny as I was at that moment, it didn't take much for me to get turned on.
As I walked behind her and watched her fat ass jiggling around in her sweatpants, my dick instantly got hard. “You ain't wearing no panties, are you?” I knew that my question had caught Jewel off guard, but I could tell that she didn't take offense.
She turned around and said with a smile, “Excuse you.”
“You and your sexy-ass feet.” I grabbed my crotch.
“Calico, stop playing. Let me finish showing you the rest of the house. Come on, let's go upstairs,” Jewel instructed me as she reached the base of the semi-spiral staircase that led to the second floor.
“But am I right, though?” I asked.
“Calico, please.”
“You owe me one.”
“What you mean?” Jewel asked.
“One sexual pleasure,” I said, reminding her of the bet she'd lost.
“Fuck!” Jewel yelled then turned toward me and smiled as she slowly pulled down on the front of her sweatpants, exposing her Brazilian waxed pussy to me. And just as quickly as she had flashed me, she pulled her pants back up. “Satisfied?” she asked, and she started to head up the steps.
“Oh, shit! That's what I'm talking about!” I said as I caught up to her and wrapped my arms around her from behind.
I started to caress both of Jewel's breasts and kissed on her neck. Jewel made a slight erotic gasp. I could tell that she was enjoying how I kissed and touched her body.
“Baby, you giving me chills,” she said. “We can't do this now. Come on, stop. Let's chill.” She removed my hands from her breast.
“I want chu right now,” I whispered into her ear, kissing on it at the same time. And without her permission, I slid my right hand into her pants and started massaging her clit with my middle finger. “Oh my God!” Jewel said.
I could tell that she was turned on because of how wet her pussy was. I slipped my middle finger into her pussy and I started to finger-fuck her right there on the steps.
Jewel began moving her hips as if she was dancing to a reggae song and she was getting more and more turned on by the minute. “We gotta stop, baby,” she said to me, while trying to remove my hand from her pants.
But I could tell that she wasn't really putting up any true resistance. She turned and faced me, and when she did, she dropped her cell phone on the steps.
I turned her back around so that her back was again to my chest, and I pulled her sweatpants down to her ankles.
“Calico, okay, wait, just let me get my phone,” she said to me.
My dick harder than Chinese arithmetic, I could care less about her phone. “Fuck the phone.” I stepped on it with my foot and slid it down to the next step below the one I was standing on.
While I palmed Jewel's ass cheeks with my left hand, I used my right hand to quickly unbuckle my LRG jeans. I was feeling like a dog in heat, so I didn't bother to take off my shoes, my jewelry, my shirt, or anything. I simply pulled my pants and my boxers down around my thighs so that my dick was fully exposed.
At this point, Jewel had slipped out of her slippers and had managed to fully work herself out of her sweatpants. I bent her over and slid my dick into her pussy from the back and started pumping like a porno star.
Jewel reached her hands forward and balanced herself by placing her right hand on the steps in front of her and her left hand onto the handrail next to her.
“Aaaahhhh fuck!” Jewel screamed out. “Calico, your dick feels so damn good!”
“Your pussy is tight as hell! I wanted to fuck you from the first day I saw you!” I steadily continued to fuck her.
I pulled her wife-beater forward so that her titties were fully exposed. I watched them sway back and forth as I hit her ass doggy-style. The sight alone of her big ass slamming against my stomach was enough to make me cum, but I knew that I couldn't cum before her. And from the way she was throwing her ass back at me, I could tell that she was really close to reaching her peak.
Jewel turned her head and said to me, “Baby, we ain't even using a condom.”
“I know, I know. Don't worry, though. I'll make sure I pull out before I cum,” I said, hoping that would be enough to persuade Jewel to let me finish fucking her.
Jewel didn't respond, so I took that as my cue to keep going. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled on it, and fucked her even harder.
“Oh, yes! I love that! Fuck me harder!” she screamed.
I complied with her instructions, and about thirty seconds later she let me know that she was cumming. And not long after that, I could feel myself about to cum as well. Her pussy felt so damn good, I didn't want to pull out, but I had given her my word that I would.
“Turn around,” I instructed Jewel as I pulled my dick out of her pussy. “I wanna cum on your titties!”
She turned around and sat on one of the steps and cupped her titties so that she was pressing them together. I stroked my dick a few times and then shot cum all over her breasts.
“Oh, shit! That was good! I needed that!” I said to her.
Jewel looked at me and smiled. And then she stood up and mushed me in my face. “Nigga, you better have a got-damn condom next time!”
“Definitely,” I said. I pulled up my pants and I began to fix my belt buckle. I watched Jewel use her wife-beater to wipe the cum off her breasts. I was satisfied that I had accomplished my mission.
My mission was to get her to totally trust me so that she would be willing to do anything for me that I needed her to do. I had already pacified her with a little a bit of bread, and seeing that she had let me so easily fuck her “raw dawg” with no condom, I knew she had to trust a nigga. But, then again, at the same time I had to be smart, because Jewel could've just as easily been a hoe-ass trick who was just trying to set me up to snake me somehow.
BOOK: The California Saga
5.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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