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Zack moved his hands from her breasts back
down to her panties. She instinctively lifted her hips and he
pulled her panties off. Her pussy had light blond hair which was a
contrast to the dark patch he was used to with Julie, so he spent
some time running his fingers through her bush and spreading her

One thing became evident very quickly –
Diane was a moaner. Julie was fun in bed and certainly wasn’t
quiet, but Diane was already starting to squirm and make all kinds
of moaning noises. This was something Zack wasn’t expecting from
Diane and it made his cock rock hard. Once she really started
making noise Zack sat up and removed his boxers.

Brian was shocked. Zack’s cock was huge. All
this time they had been discussing the rules it never occurred to
them that one of them might be endowed enough to give them away.
Zack’s cock hard looked like it was twice the size of Brian’s –
there was going to be no way he could stuff that thing into Diane
without her noticing a difference. But the die was already cast,
and there was going to be no way he could stop Zack now.

Zack looked over at him and saw the alarm on
his face but just motioned to him that it was cool. He got back on
the bed and started massaging Diane’s pussy to get her ready. Brian
was not a big foreplay guy so he knew Diane would appreciate this,
especially considering the monster that was in store for her.

Diane was moaning out load and squirming all
over the bed. Brian said “That’s it babe, let me get that pussy
nice and hot” in an effort to play it up. Zack was intently
manipulating her pussy with his fingers and she was squirming and
pulling against her bounds like a crazy woman. Zach went back to
sucking and playing with her nipples and she went nuts.

Zack got back down between her legs and gave
her pussy a series of thorough licks, all of which made her cry
out. Once we was satisfied she was slick enough, he slowly parted
her pussy lips and started to put the huge head of his cock inside

Brian could tell she was hesitating at the
size of his cock trying to enter her. He said “Baby, you feel so
tight – try to relax.” She panted back to him “yes, I’m tight, I’ll
relax, just go easy”. Zack took his cue and moved his cock back and
forth to get slick with her juices and then started to slowly push
it into her. Brian kept coaxing her “Just relax babe, you’re still
tight, just relax that pussy”.

Diane was breathing in hitched breathes and
saying “trying to relax, easy – trying to relax” as Zack worked
more of his huge cock into her. Brian had to get in closer to
actually see this thing going into his wife. He didn’t think it
would but he could see her pussy stretching to accommodate Zack’s
huge dick. He eventually got the whole thing in and Brian said
“Atta girl, that’s it, I’m inside you honey”.

Then she started to moan. She had never had
a cock stretching her out like this or touching her this deeply
before. Once Zack started moving in and out she thought her ears
would pop. Every time he slowly moved it out she would moan loader
and her chest would flush. She was living up to Zack’s expectations
of her – she was a great fuck.

Zack slowly started increasing the tempo.
Diane said “Easy honey, easy” in between moans but it was pretty
clear she was getting used to the pace. Zack slowed up a little bit
so she could catch her breath and started sucking on her tits again
– this just sent her over the edge again and the moans started even

Brian couldn’t believe he was watching his
wife getting impaled on this monster and she was loving every
minute of it. He was aching to whip his cock out but was trying to
restrain himself. Besides, Zach was picking up the pace again and
it looked like it wouldn’t be soon until they were both firing

Diane was moaning like crazy and started
with her “Yes, yes, yes”. Brian knew when she got to that point
that an orgasm was probably not far off. Sometimes he could only
get her to orgasm maybe once a month, but it was clear that Zack’s
donkey dick was going to get her off pretty easily.

Zack really started leaning into her now.
Her pussy was stretched open enough to allow him to saw his cock
back and forth. She tried to raise her hips up as much as the
bounds would allow and clamp her ankles around his thrusting hips.
And then it happened.

She started throwing her head from side to
side on the verge of coming. In the frenzy of flailing her head the
tie that was wrapped around her eyes came undone and fell off. She
was in the middle of her “yes yes yes” when she looked up and
realized she was getting fucked by someone who was not her husband.
She had already started to climax and was in the throes of her
orgasm panting “what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck did you
guys do?” as her hips bucked up to meet his.

Zack came at the same time, filling Diane
with his sperm as she lay there gasping in disbelief. It all
happened so fast that Brian was not prepared for what to do next,
and could only stand there with his rock hard cock in his hand.

“What the fuck are you guys doing” Diane
asked, while making a feeble attempt to cover herself up with the
blanket. “Why shouldn’t I call your wife right now you cocksucker”
she asked.

“Babe please calm down” Brian pleaded. “No
one was supposed to find out; no one was supposed to get hurt. You
girls are just so goddamn sexy we wanted to share you with each

“Wait” she said. “You’ve already done this
to Barb and Julie? Does either of them know?”

“Yes, you are the last one, and no they
don’t know” Brian confessed. “And you can’t say anything babe – I
know you’re mad but you can’t say anything to those two, it would
create a shitstorm. Can you promise me you won’t?”

She thought about it a second. “Well, that

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BOOK: The Bound Wives Club
5.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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