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Jeff could see from where he was standing
the dewey moisture on his wife’s swollen pussy lips. Brian reached
down again with his hand and parted her lips and she let out a low
guttural moan. It was almost too much for either one of them to
take. Just then, Barb started saying “baby I can’t hear you with
these goddamn headphones on but I want to feel your cock in my
pussy now”.

Brian had waited for a while for this and he
wasn’t quite ready to enter her now. Instead he moved forward and
scooped his hand under her chest so he could get his hands on her
tits. She pulled at her bounds to try and pull herself up on her
elbows but her arms were tied tight enough to the bedposts to not
allow any kind of movement. She was trapped with her blindfold on
and her breasts pressed into his hands.

Brian finally moved back behind her, stepped
off the bed for a second and removed his boxers. Looking over he
realized Jeff had already pulled his off and was staring glassy
eyed at his wife’s open pussy with his dick in his hand. Brian got
back on the bed behind Barb.

“Go ahead baby, please put it in me, my
pussy’s on fire”. Brian took one of the pillows from the bed and
put it under her hips to raise her ass a little further up in the
air. Then he ran his fingers over her sex again, spreading her lips
with his finger and gently rubbing the nub of her clitoris. She
started shaking and moaning wildly. He then finally lined himself
up and slipped inside her with a single, slow thrust.

Barb let out a squeal that was both surprise
and passion. She still had the headphones on and apparently didn’t
realize how loud her moans were, but it was driving Brian into a
frenzy. He grabbed her by the hips and started fucking her hard.
Barb was moaning like crazy and Brian couldn’t take it – he tried
to pull out of her just as her pussy spasmed and clamped down on
him. The last thing Brian felt before spraying her insides with his
seed was Barb’s sex grip onto his shaft.

He pulled out quickly and Barb flopped
forward in a sweaty sigh. Brian quickly threw his boxers and shorts
back on and lingered long enough to watch Jeff kneel in the same
spot he was in two minutes ago. He grabbed Barb’s hips, pulled her
ass back up into the air and thrust his own rigid cock into her
pussy. The last thing Brian heard as he retreated down the stairs
was Barb asking in a loud, panting voice “Jesus baby, what’s gotten
into you tonight?”

Chapter 4

The three of them met later that week after
work for a few beers. Brian still looked like he was still walking
on a cloud.

“Dude” he said to Jeff, “Your wife is
fucking spectacular”. One of their subtle agreements when they
commenced on their club membership was to not dwell on their
particular encounters, but Brian could not help himself. “That was
fucking awesome”.

The three sat and went over details about
what worked that evening and how they could repeat it again
successfully. Zack was on the edge of his seat throughout Brian’s
retelling of the story and it was obvious Brian was not the only
one at the table with a stiff dick.

“It worked perfect” he said. “We continue
following the steps and I think we’re good to go”.

Zach was chomping at the bit. “I think
Julie’s ready to go. I’ve already tied her up and blindfolded her
twice since we originally talked about this. I think if I just
waited a couple of weeks to play it cool and then we went for it
she would be ready”.


Jeff readily agreed. Julie sounded

Chapter 5

Julie was the quietest of the group, and on
the surface the most reserved. She was a great mom and the kind of
woman you could never, ever picture being unfaithful to her
husband. She was active in her church, sang in the choir and was
always the “room mom” for her kids at school.

Still, Jeff always looked twice at Julie
whenever he saw her. She never dressed provocatively, and was
always a perfect lady. But he knew she had an outstanding set of
breasts beneath that church choir robe. They had known each other a
long time and Jeff had seen her in various outfits during the
summer and always lusted after her voluptuous figure. Where Barb
was lithe and athletic, Julie had a great body and full chest –
just thinking about what lay in store for him made him start to get

Three weeks went by when Zach called Jeff
early on a Saturday morning. “I just found out our kids are doing a
sleepover at their cousins, we are going to have the house to
ourselves. If you can figure out a way to get away from Barb
tonight it’s show time”. The plan was simple because it had already
worked; Zach was going to take Julie out for dinner, go out for
after dinner drinks, and then come home for the finale.

Jeff didn’t hesitate in coming up with a
cover story for Barb – he had been thinking about this moment since
he watched Brian fuck his own wife. Once he got out of the house he
went to a bar of his own and waited for the text message. He had
been waiting for 2 shots of whiskey and one beer when he got the
first text – two simple, glorious words: “We’re home”.

He parked down the street from Zach’s house
and waited. He had been going crazy ever since watching Brian with
his wife. She never had any idea she had been fucked by another man
and something about that excited him even more. Their sex life had
kicked up a notch since this all happened – she had even made a
comment to him recently about it. Now he was sitting outside
thinking about Julie’s body when he got Zach’s second text.

Jeff got in the back door of the house and
waited a second. He could hear the music coming from the bedroom so
that was a good sign – he got to the staircase and made his way
upstairs. He peeked into the bedroom quietly to see if it was

Zach was on the bed with Julie. He was still
in boxers but she was completely nude, lying on her stomach with
her hands bound behind her back. She had a black blindfold tied
securely around her eyes and Jeff could tell by looking at her
hands that she was not getting them free. Zach put a finger up to
his lips to indicate ‘quiet’ and then made a drinking motion with
his hand to let Zach know she had a couple of drinks in her. Jeff
knew that Julie was not a regular drinker so that should have
loosened her up nicely.

“What are you doing baby?” she said to Zach.
“You going to fuck your naughty girl?”

Jeff wasn’t sure if he had ever heard Julie
curse before, let alone drop the F-bomb. His dick started to get
hard as he moved closer and got a nice eyeful of Julie’s body.

“Baby you just relax and stop with the
questions. Don’t make me spank that ass of yours” Zach said. Julie
just giggled.

Zack stepped up off the bed and motioned for
Jeff to get on.

“That’s right baby, get those goddamn
clothes off of you” Julie said when Zack got off the bed.

Again Jeff was taken back listening to this
choir girl talking like this - he was now as hard as a stone.

Jeff stripped and climbed onto the bed as
Zack moved out of the way. He started rubbing her ass and admiring
the view but what he really wanted to see were her tits. The dark
hair of her pussy was peeking out from between her thighs though,
so he decided to have a closer look. He started to spread her legs
apart and moved his hands over her sex.

“How’s that feel baby, you like when I
stroke that pussy of yours?” Zack asked over his should.

Julie just purred in response and arched her
ass further into the air. Jeff ran his fingers back and forth
across her wet pussy and she moaned contentedly. Then he buried his
index finger into her up to his knuckle. “Ooh” she squealed not
expecting his welcome digit. Jeff slowly worked it back out since
he still hadn’t seen what he came for.

Once he slid his finger out of her he got up
and rolled her over on her back. “What do you think you’re doing?”
she moaned from beneath the blindfold. Zack shushed her and Jeff
gazed at her breasts. She had perfect breasts and her nipples were
rock hard. Jeff reached up and started to massage them as Julie
moaned. He climbed up her body and started to suck each breast like
his life depended on it.

Jeff alternated sucking on each breast as
Julie squirmed with her hands bound beneath her. She was panting
and said “You better either untie me or fuck me soon before I lose
my mind”.

Jeff gave each one of her nipples a final
pinch and slid back down her body until he was staring at her
pussy. She had a beautiful dark haired pussy that was lightly
trimmed. He parted her lips with his fingers, bent down and started
to lick her. “Uuuuughh” she moaned and started squirming a little
more. “Whaaat are you dooooing?” She was moaning and squirming but
Jeff held on and licked her pussy while he reached up and started
milking her nipples again.

Jeff started to finger fuck her again while
she was still delirious from his tongue lashing. While he pumped
his finger in and out he turned around to look at Zack who was
staring at the action transfixed with a smile ear to ear. Jeff
returned his attention to Julie. He slowing pulled his moist finger
from her, and while simultaneously licking her slid the finger in
to her ass.

Julie went off like a roman candle. Zack
have never touched her there before and if she wasn’t half out of
her mind with orgasm that thought may have crossed her mind.
Instead, she started coming like she had never come before with
Jeff’s finger in her ass.

Once she slowed down Jeff quickly mounted
her and started to fuck her. She was still on the end of her orgasm
and could only lay there on top of her bound hands panting while
Jeff picked up his pace. Jeff knew he wasn’t going to last long
after ravaging her beautiful body and just fucked her for all he
was worth. When he felt himself ready to come he pulled himself out
and spurted all over her stomach and beautiful pussy. Julie
collapsed back onto herself as Jeff milked the last of himself onto
her and quickly got up off the bed.

“I’m sorry baby” Zack said from behind him.
“I’ve made a mess of you; let me go get something to clean up”.
Zack and Jeff both walked out of the bedroom. Jeff got dressed at
the top of the stairs and Zack motioned him out with a thumbs up.
Jeff started quietly back down the stairs. He was replaying in his
head what had just happened and felt himself starting to get erect

Chapter 6

They had the same follow up session after
work that week at the bar. Each was there promptly and ready to get
things going. After the last meeting it was agreed that whoever
played last would pick up the tab for the group at the “after
meeting”. There was absolutely no quibbling over this miniscule
investment in their club. Jeff would have paid for them all to
cruise the Caribbean after the way he just fucked Julie.

Zack could hardly contain himself. “That was
hot man. When are we ready for round three?”

Brian tried to calm him down and convince
him they needed to maintain their schedule. Level heads had enabled
them to pull this off successfully so far so they couldn’t afford
to be overconfident and careless.

Brian did confess that he had gotten pretty
kinky with Diane in the last couple of months though, and she had
taken to the bondage and blindfold thing like a fish to water. In
truth she was probably ready to go whenever they decided; it was
more a matter of slowing the pace down so they didn’t get greedy
and screw anything up. But the truth was, after hearing about
Jeff’s session with Julie, Brian was more than ready to step back
up to the plate again and take a shot at Julie himself. And he was
the next one on deck after Zack got a chance to fuck Diane.

“Ok, the kids have a sleepover with their
cousins in two weeks. Let me see what the plan is with that – If I
know for sure they will be out of the house, we can do it then.” He
was committed as soon as the words left his mouth, and Zack was
more than ready.

Chapter 7

Diane was going to be fun, Zack was sure of
it. She didn’t have a Crossfit body, but she had the body and the
attitude of a girl that liked to fuck, he just knew it. She had
some extra meat on her bones, but that also meant she had huge
breasts. She always like to joke around with sexual innuendo when
the couples were hanging out; in fact Zack thought she might screw
him without the blindfold on, but this made it all the sweeter.

Zack had gotten Brian’s first text and was
already sitting in his car down the street from their house. He was
thinking about watching Jeff fuck his wife. They had been married
for 16 years – he knew she was beautiful but after 16 years life
with anyone starts to get boring. Watching Jeff salivate over her
and fuck her like a teenager lit a spark in him he hadn’t felt in a
long time. Julie felt it too although was obviously at a loss to
explain it. He was ready to make Diane feel the same way.

He got Brian’s second text and his feet were
on the pavement before he had even looked down to see the message
on his phone. He went up the driveway to Brian’s house and let
himself in the back door. He didn’t even pause as he made his way
to the bedroom.

Diane was lying on her back on the bed. She
was topless in a pair of panties and had each hand tied to one of
the bedposts. She had a necktie double wrapped around her eyes. Her
tits were huge, at least D cups Zack thought. Brian was on the bed
massaging her thighs and Diane was just lying there crooning about
how good it felt. Brian had the TV on some kind of music station to
give themselves some background noise.

Zack stripped to his boxers and came over to
the bed. Brian motioned to him to get on the bed as he got up
himself. “Where you going honey?” Diane asked. “Just relax babe,
Daddy’s going to take care of you”.

Zack sat down on the bed in front of her
spread legs and started running his hands up her thighs. She
relaxed and went back to cooing at Brian. Zack immediately moved
his hand from her thighs up to her breasts. Julie had nice breasts
but nothing like the size of Diane’s. He spent some time squeezing
and playing with her nipples which started to make her squirm.

BOOK: The Bound Wives Club
12.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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